Hong Kong- Free enterprise

The 3 months of street demonstration and warfare have show how enterprising the Hongkongers were and how free is the economy of Hong Kong. While the western news media were churning up all the news about an oppressive police force, the threats to their political freedom and human rights, the reality is that the Hongkongers have never have life so good to them in their entire history. Under the British colonial masters, they did not have political freedom or human rights. They did not suffer much oppression then, saved from such brutal colonial oppression simply because they were too docile, accepted the rule of their colonial masters without protesting or rioting. They accepted the cramp and expensive housing that they are protesting today, the corruption of the colonial masters and the lack of political freedom and human rights then.

Today, the Hongkongers have many more times the political freedom and human rights under the Hong Kong govt. If they were to protest against the British colonial masters like they did today, they would have been machine gunned down like the British did to the Indians in India.

The grievances against poor housing were not the doing of the present govt, but the legacy of the colonial rule. This can be easily resolved by a massive resettlement programme with new cities in the neighbouring provinces. With the improvement in high speed trains they could be in Hong Kong in less than half an hour, free from the jams in crowded Hong Kong and living in spacious and reasonably priced housing. Their quality of life could take a quantum leap for the better, and they could have all the economic freedom and the new political freedom and human rights under a China that is racing ahead in economic growth and prosperity. They could travel the world freely like the Chinese and enjoy the growth and prosperity of a new China. But they chose to protest, to riot, to get themselves criminalised, harmed and maybe killed or deported eventually, when the good life is theirs to make.

I have digressed from the topic of free enterprise in Hong Kong today. Look at the following pictures of the police riot wear and those of the rioters. Both are equipped to the best they could get, money could buy, in free enterprise Hong Kong.

Hong Kong riot police wear. Pic from CNA

Rioters' riot wear.  Pic from SCMP

Another rioter very well equipped and protector from tear gas and other material thrown at them by the police. Pic from SCMP

From the above pics, the rioters are just as well equipped and protected as the riot police. I can't call them protestors anymore. They have turned into rioting and bordering on being terrorists. They could buy all their protective gears easily from the streets of Hong Kong. There is apparently no control on these items. Even the dangerous laser lights could be purchased freely to be used against the police.

Where else would a govt allow such equipment to be sold on the streets like toys, easily available to the rioters, to be used against the police? Oops, someone told me another story. The rioters could get their gears easily because some parties are supplying them and the police or some quarters of the govt are closing an eye to this business.

What is real? Is the Hong Kong govt so stupid to allow these gears and dangerous equipment to be made available so easily, in abundance to the rioters? Is this free enterprise in Hong Kong or a conspiracy involving some parties in the govt, and the whole thing is a big wayang?

The best thing for China to do is to declare an emergency and remove all the colonialists in the govt. The Hongkongers are Chinese and should not be ruled by foreigners that filled the bench in the Supreme Court to rule against the interest of Chinese people, Hong Kong and China. This is the time for China to clean up Hong Kong from colonial rule. Hong Kong is not ruled by Hongkongers but by foreigners, with high court judges that are not Hong Kong citizens, not Chinese citizens, some holding dual nationality, some simply foreign citizens. This shameful existence of foreigners in the Supreme Court has to be cleansed immediately. Hong Kong is China and not a part of the British Empire.


Virgo 49 said...

Should see the videos of the HK police running away from the Rioters.

They, the Rioters can have all these protective gears and equipments just like the HK Police Force and fought fiercely against them

Sinkieland government is Smart to ban all these gears even just a simple pepper spray.

So that they do not have these to riot on somewhat equal terms.

My suggestion; Have the HK Police with a company of Flame Throwers.

The Ones the Army used to flush out the Bunkers rats and snipers.

Not water cannons. Just simply face them and shoot the flames into the skies as first warning.

See whether they scattered as rats or else be B-B-Q Satay or Chicken or their HK Famous Siew Orr. Or Turkeys or Suckling Pigs.


Virgo 49 said...

Chinese State Media warns 'end is coming' for Hong Kong protests.



imho said...

All are/were horrible rulers whether east or west. All treated people like scum.

Anonymous said...

Give them plenty of ropes to hang themselves.

When government is strong, citizens are weak.

When government is weak, citizens are strong.

southernglory1 said...

During the British colonial rule especially during the last few years before 1997 the high end developers collude with the colonial robbers to acquire land banks cheaply. But they did not sell the housing cheap but reaped hundreds of billions of dollars in sinful profits to their benefits and to the benefits of the British officials who colluded with them.

During the last few years before the hand over of Hong Kong to China, Christ Patten the rogue and colonial thief and robber illegally transferred hundreds of billions of dollars from Hong Kong to the British exchequer in London. That was pure daylight robbery which went some way to impoverish the ordinary citizens of Hong Kong. That negative legacy still has a great bad impact on the present situation in Hong Kong. But instead of pin pointing the blame on the evil British colonial masters the idiotic servile Hongkies were brainwsashed and propaganized to lay the blame on the present local SARS Adminisrration. In fact during the last twenty over years under China's rule via the SARS Administration Hong Kong prospered even more from having close business and commercial ties with the fast and high rising prosperous industrial and commercial activities in China.

Redbean is right, the left over colonial British administrative officials especially those working in the high courts should be booted out immediately. They have benefitted with high pay of millions of dollars and yet they commit treason by colluding with the satanic United States via CIA, FBI and its sinister NGOs to undermine China with Umbrella Revolution to destabilise and destroy China with Hong Kong as a catalystic point.


Monday, 2nd September, 2019

Anonymous said...



Just more opportunities to make more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ when I can buy when there's blood in the streets.

Sep & Oct will be very interesting months.

In the meantime, my War Stocks keep on chionging.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 11:15am

Hi! numbskull, if you have nothing to contribute please stop defiling this intellectual blog with your utter nonsense and rubbish. Redbean should bar or delete this type of no brain rubbish comment and show him good riddance.

Keen observer

Anonymous said...

I still kept my old British passport when left home Spore to HK. Three yrs later forced to replaced British PP with M'sia PP. My old British PP don't permits me to claimed British residents even as it stated "British Subject: Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies" Strange Huh?

One more point of interest. I am now retired was a Licensed aircraft engineer before switched careers. Certified on many types FAA and CAAS registered aircraft. It was reported Cathay Pacific’s empty oxygen bottles on three occasions. As far as I can remember: oxygen, hydraulic's leaks, damaged seat belts and etc. were considered FAA and CAAS "No Go" items. Therefore I strongly suggest don't fly Cathay Pacific. It’s unsafe. Most likely Cathay Pacific's flight cabin crews are sabotaging their company. I just told my brother in Aussie to his daughter fly Qantas instead Cathay Pacific.


Sun Tzu said...

The situation in Hong Kong is highly suspicious.

The riot control methods by the Hong Kong police is also suspect.

The ready availability of protective gear, face masks, gas masks and other paraphernalia is also suspect.

The court system is suspect with trump down charges that are bailable.

If the same kind of chaos and vandalism happened in Singapore, those rioters would be rounded up within a matter of days and all their ring leaders detained under internal security laws. After what happened in Hong Kong, I am thankful that we still have the internal security laws here to protect the rights of other citizens to a peaceful life.

It boggles my mind when I see thugs vandalizing without being stopped and arrested. A simple expedient of having plain clothes policemen mingling with them and fully armed would nap these thugs immediately. When caught beat them senseless to send a message to other would be rioters that crime does not pay. Equip the Hong Kong police with sub machine guns. Bring out the dogs specially trained to deal with rioters.

Next, close all media showing bias reporting against the police and local government. Cancel all press credentials because most of it are fakes anyway.

Having said all the above, my impression now is that the riots are still tolerated because it was decided to be so.

Anonymous said...

Southern Glory. Do you have any links to documents to substantiate your statement that Chris Patten looted the Hong Kong Treasury of billions of dollars prior the handover of Hkg?. This is very serious accusation which I am not aware.

Virgo 49 said...

Right, yesterday's one bitch CNN reporter chastised the HK Riots Police why they checking some Press Crops peesonnel.

Wah lan eh, bomabarded the Officer with her machine gun CHOW ANG MOH langaugae thinking they are superior.

The poor officer kept repeating we have rights to check for any rioters.

Learn from China. When the bodyguards of Obama were in China after landing at the Airport, the Chinese Security Officers pushed away the Americunts Security personnel who had pushed away the Chinese Proctocol Security upon landing.

Even taking off their arms saying You are now in CHINA.

Don't fark with us

Anonymous said...


Normal scuffles with Cheena security by various countries, not just the US lah.

These are all usually kept quiet.

Last publicised one was in Nov 2017, when cheena security team tried to block the US delegates from entering Beijing parliament with a briefcase. A cheena soldier grabbed the arm of US CoS, who shoved the soldier's hand away. Then one US security guy slammed that cheena soldier on the floor in armlock. After that friend-friend & all go drink Kweichou Moutai.

Initially all kept secret until revealed by western press in Feb 2018.

That's the beauty of western press ... all the shits & secrets eventually come out!!

Anonymous said...

If these riots are happening in New York or UK, or Australia and Canada, what would their police and governments have done? For three solid months?

Virgo 49 said...

The REAL reason for the Riots been tolerated.

Chinese investors brought or Mop up 5.1B Hongkies shares.

Just reported by BBC.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 3:20pm

Hi! Virgo 49 , please don't be naive and fall into the US/UK conspiracy propaganda trap. The west headed by US/UK cannot stand the tremendous scientific and technological as well as the terrific economic advancement of China so they try every way and means to take down China. The Hong Kong riots is part of the conspiracy by US via CIA, FBI and its insidious NGOs. The whole thing had been planned, organised and funded for some years by CIA which worked in collusion with local treacherous Hongkie traitors. China should close down the American consulate in Hong Kong in which venue the traitors meet often with their evil American masters.

The Chinese people have stood up and will never be bullied or trampled by the West headed by the evil empire and UK.

The Evil Empire, USA is totally bankrupt and headed for self destruction soon in potential self make choas, instabilities and civil war within the next few years.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Do you have any links to documents to substantiate your statement that Chris Patten looted the Hong Kong Treasury of billions of dollars prior the handover of Hkg?. This is very serious accusation which I am not aware.
September 02, 2019 1:19 pm

So what, I also accused him of looting HK's Treasury. You not happy is it? Is he your father?
See my middle finger?

Virgo 49 said...

Ya, Eagles Eyes.

Knew the Americans and other Whites had nothing good to report on China.

If China Investors were to swept or mopped up the Hong Kong free fall shares then it's their plans better to shore up their own than rather let others have the benefits.

Also, their gains to support their own when calamency returns.

Afterall, its also one of their own nation.

Just posted with a pinch of salt.


Virgo 49 said...

Right Bro, this guy posted as though he is Boris Johnson or the Queen of England demanding proofs.

Or also sound like the Papies with the same odour.

Right, b4 HK returned to China, the Brits looted billions if not trillions FROM Hong Kong.

One example is the what's Liap Cheong Airport or similar name to that effect.

They purposelt built this new airport coating billions to their own kind.

You think Ang Moh also NO sapuloh dua?

Ten percent or more into their pockets.

They are also just as greedy as any human beings.

If NOT they would create chaos round the World

Knn said...

If the rioters doing what they did in sg, surrounding police stations. Pressing train emergency button, they will be in jail double quick no small bail by anen woman judge in hk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19pm
may like to take Eagle Eyes to the lnternational Court to make the Latter substantiate his claim that Chris Patten looted Hongkies billions of dollars. The Anon should also bring another commenter that said trillions were looted by Chris Patten too.

does not know how intellectual or well informed Anon 1:19 pm is, he leaves the Impression that he or she is better than Google, Wikileak, the Combination of the Two and Better.
This Person must be a knows all of everthing in the Universe, lol.

It also seems that Anon 1:19pm also commented about China Security Officers responses to US Security Personnels, made by Virgo49. Said Anon must could have eyes sharper than eagle to have seen everything happening under the Sky.

Anon 1:19pm
should just do humanity a favour. Please tell the World briefly, how the World shall end.
And yes,
please tell us some big events that are going to happen in the next few months.
Thank You very much.

Anonymous said...


I dont care who loot who.

All I know is that my $1.3M war stocks still chionging & another $550K cash waiting to buy blood in the streets.


Anonymous said...

Cheenas are buying hongkie listed stocks hand over fist --- US$9.2B in just the past 1.5 months alone. I think they're too early but probably they're richer than me so can slowly start buying.


Keechiu says in parliament that SG still need to import more foreigners. Too bad for jobless or underemployed losers here.


CPF has beaten most other countries' pensions in 2018. Now is over S$399B .... more money for GIC to play.


Anonymous said...


Further to Keechiu's exhortation that Sinkieland needs to import more foreigners:

Tech@SG scheme to allow tech companies to bring in more foreigners, as long as got cumulative VC funding of US$10M.

In today's multi-hundred million VC & PE fundings, US$10M is chicken feed lah. That means MANY MANY MANY small, medium & large "tech" companies here can bring in MORE foreigners!! SHIOK!!!


Read the above ... Companies in sinkieland keep on complaining to govt that :-

(1) Sinkies not good in programming (as I've said before) .... so need more Ahneh programmers LOL!!

(2) Sinkies not good in marketing & product management to scale up roll outs & maximise revenue streams --- this is where angmoh with "soft" degrees come in. Remember I said many of the top earners in tech industry have degrees in humanities, arts, marketing, social sciences??!?

Frankly Sinkies can step up on (2), but are mostly brain-damaged by PAPpy education system.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies sure to die one. Left, right, top, bottom and centre - every direction kena sabotaged.

PAP secretly, subtly, slowly is replacing Sinkies with new VOTERS, who are beholdened to the PAP Gabra-men.

Sinkies habis liao!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies Cheena the most stupid and cannot cure. That's called IDIOTS!

imho said...

HKee also silly. Protest for what? Wait kena jail. Better waste time to migrate to anz/can/usa lah.