Evil Empire is a warring state

How many of you believe the attack on Saudi Aramco oil facilities is the act of Iran? My question is about believe, whether you believe it is or it is not. But your belief is not important, the beliefs of the evil Americans and the Saudis are important and good enough to attack Iran.

This is a quote from Reuters posted in thenewpaper. “‘There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!’ Mr Trump said on Twitter.”

The bold emphasis above is mine. They do not need any factual evidence, they do not need any white lies like the invasion of Iraq. Now they just need to believe and that would be good enough to kill the innocent Iranians. They did not want to believe that it was the Houthis who claimed to be responsible, a revenge counter attack against the Saudi for attacking them. The evil Americans just want to find a reason to attack Iran and any slim excuses would be better than white lies. So Iran will be attacked. The added reason, they believe the drones were from Iran.

This evil Empire is a rogue state, a warring state, everyday trying to start a war. Who suffers, the poor Arabs and the Iranians, made to fight among themselves and to buy more weapons from the Americans to kill themselves. The evil Americans would be the main beneficiary in this war.

The only hope is for Allah to be on the side of the Iranians and rain their missiles on American bases in the region and to sink the two aircraft carriers and all on board. This would be heavenly justice. May Allah and God strike at the evil Americans, the warmongers, the murderers of innocents. 

Evilness is now so stark, so blatant, so forthright, so vicious, so aggressive for all to see. But there are many with eyes but cannot see. To them Americans are peace loving people, protectors of human rights, protecting peace in the world. 

PS. The attacks on the Saudi oil refinery were undetected, meaning the drones were too small to show on radars. The evil Empire are spreading more lies, claiming that cruise missiles were used, but could not produce any evidence, because they have none. Just pure white lies and fabricated truths. The so called intelligence reports claimed the attacks came from Southwest Iran. If they knew, if they have seen them, they would have told the Saudis or taken action themselves. Now after everything is over, they are spreading white lies to create mischiefs so that they can attack Iran or cho cho the Saudis to attack Iran. 

Lets see how smart or how stupid would the Saudis behave. Would they foolishly take the bait and start a war with Iran?


Virgo 49 said...

The Truth is that the CIA is the culprit to bomb the Saudis.

Just an excuse to start a war with Iran.

Americunts Oil reserves up up up.Gian png liao. Mahathair also happy happy.

Soon SIN$ to RM1.00..Star Paper reported that increase US1.00 could bring revenue increase 500M to Mats Land coffers.

Soon Sinkieland everything also up up up.

Increase five cents hawkers increased one dollar.

Finishing whammy to the Enconmy.

Anonymous said...


Very very very very quiet here!

Where are the fans here?

Must be the HAZE!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This world is just too funny...

John Bolton was the champion for war with Iran. Now he's gone. And then, just after he left...fucking Saudi's kena wallop by a swarm of cheap toy drones made in China, but modified and weaponized in ways that only resources from a State-sponsor can achieve.

Goddamnit! Saudi's Aramco is just about to IPO....the biggest IPO in the history of the world, bitches! So I would say there are a few Oil Sheiks who are very fucking pissed off now

Like I said, this shit is just too funny. 🤣😂

We all know, but rarely ever mention that the role of the USA in the Middle East is to be the paid bitch of Israel and Saudi Arabia. In return, the USA gets all the oil it needs, plus a bunch of rich families to buy up US Trash-eries and keep the good old Petro Dollar from going extinct. The Petro Dollar has been criticised, maligned, cursed and there's even suggestion that it'll be "obsolete" as China is stepping up with it's "gold-backed Petro Yuan".

Yeah right. Maybe someday, but the Petro Dollar is still king shit, bitches!

The Pentagon has urged "restraint" from the White House. I think maybe Trump will peddle a bit, save face, and not go to war with Iran. He doesn't like war. Far better to keep some non-violent scam going so that Jared and Donald Jr can become "friendly" with Iran and open up Trump business there. At the end of the day Trump is about "empire"---his empire, not American empire. *BTW he has raised over $500k for his KAG campaign from selling Trump-branded plastic drinking straws @$15 for 10!

Anyway, let's see if he ends up the rent-boy doing the bidding of Crown Prince Muhammed "Bonesaw" Salman.

Well, amid all this hilarious shit-fuckery , War Stocks Guy must be thrilled to bits! Good call, WSG!

Anonymous said...

@Matilah, @All,

Yeah man, war stocks really went up these 2 days ... war stocks ETF, Lockheed, Northrup, L3 Harris, Raytheon (Tomahawk missiles anyone?), BoozAllenHamilton, Mercury Systems, fuck even Boeing got a boost.

Bone-spur Trump's a wimpy airbag (he freaked out at a bleeding homeless guy at an atas charity dinner for homeless guys) .... his "locked & loaded" BS is just to kawan kawan with his sheikh buddies. He's never gonna commit large ground troops. Even small-scale specops must have triple chop guaranteed sure thing with 0.00000000001% casualties before he even considers it.

At most US will lob a few missiles, and more likely just to provide AWACS & logistics support to the Saudis if they strike. Saudis are also more likely to increase daytime mass bombings in Yemen (where it's much safer) than to try a 3am surgical strike into Tehran (probably only the Israelis can do it at this point in time).

But War Stocks will still chiong!!! HUAT HARRR!!!! LOL!!!!

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Virgo 49 September 18, 2019 8:40 am
///Finishing whammy to the Enconmy.///


What is "Enconmy"?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:10am,

///Very very very very quiet here!///

Coz most fucker losers are desperately trying to wayang at work & pretend to be busy. Employers are cutting staff & looking for ANY infraction or unproductivity to fire / terminate (which won't need to give retrenchment benefits).

Should be more like me (WSG) or Matilah .... eng eng cheng cheng walk here walk there, hungry eat tired sleep!! LOL!!!

Digesting a late brunch self-grilled 300g of fatty goodness wagyu Mb4+ steak done almost rare (got it at good price of $5+/100g from supermarket), accompanied with large dollops of self-grated spicy horseradish. (fuck it ... I cooked it so I can eat it any way I like!! Hahaha!!!)

Later going to meet a couple of stock buddies for yum cha at one of the Chinatown restaurants. Too bad they're not into overseas investing & much more heavily into REITs on SGX (what's it with all the home bias?!?). But still good to pick their brains on their perspectives.

Or you can be like another loser, who also professes to be eng eng cheng cheng, but scraping by on $500 a month in Melaka & gets orgasms from city in the cloud with loose floosies. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the American dare attack lran
this time.
lran dare to take more actions against US and its' Allies,
the US could become civil like the Way
it is behaving towards North Korea.
lt is obvious to the World that the US had done enough evil and it is time to rein in the Waning Empire.

it is better for the Americans to rein in their own Evil Leaders than for others to do it.

Anonymous said...


This is too good not to share...

PAPies using your CPF & taxes to buy beer & bring in more FTs!! LOL!!!

GIC to invest in Budweiser IPO (happening on HKEX --- smell my fart SGX!!! LOL!!!)

TechSG on overdrive to bring in more people of the dark sort LOL!!! But also more angmoh managers, marketing & sales people --- which will make my rental condo-owning friends very happy.

EDB invests in US customer service software firm Zendesk for regional tech talent development

AI start-up DataRobot raises another $283.4m in funding; EDBI joins as new investor

Hey loser sinkies!!! Can you say Ownself Fuck Ownself?!?! LOL!!!

I'm loving it!!! Hahaha!!!

Virgo 49 said...

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What's nonsense braggart you harping?

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Only can go Chinatown tai pai tong drink na cha.

Poor beggar.

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Anonymous said...

The Saudis were thought to have the US Patriot Missile System, so how did they not shoot down the drone or the attacking missiles in the first place?

It would be interesting to hear the explanation but if what the Russians are saying is true, putting the Patriot into action takes a pretty long time, by which time the attack will be over.

Now, that will make countries having the Patriot Missile Defence system at very great risk of becoming obsolete. And they may be going to find out that they have been fooled by all the hype of the reliability of the defence system, which is going to turn out not as what it was taunted to be.

Anyway, immediately after the attack the fingers were pointed at Iran. Very fast, certain, and confidently without any shred of evidence or taking time to carefully analyse the evidence on the ground. Like the attack on the oil tanker, the actual evidence eventually poked into all the holes in the American story.

America can no longer lie with a straight face and expect other countries to believe them. But that is obviously no longer important to the. What they believe is what stands.

Anonymous said...

The US could lose it's clout veru soon as the World at large sees through its ruse and evilness.

As it is, many are not intimidated,
North Korea, lran, Syria, Venezuela etc are showing the US their middle fingers and more shall join them.

There is also the Possibility of the US imploding if its economy falters. Americans are used to good living base on their high tech and huge primary production. And of course living on credit as well. lt also prints money with impunity.
others have perform better over the Years, especially Japan, South Korea and now China giving it a run for the Money and may overtake it soon.
India and lndonesia could also catch up fast if both are stable and run by capable leaders.

The US can only retain its clout if it behaves benignly. Should it carries on with its evil ambition,
it could become the Enemy of Humanity World-wide.

Anonymous said...

Some are starting to suspect that the attack was a false flag operation and done to cause oil prices to shoot up. Now who would stand to make a killing in the oil business?

And Trump is obviously doing someone or even himself to reap the rewards of his erratic behaviour, that caused stock markets to go on a roller coaster ride since he took office.

If any clue can be gleaned from his actions, just recently he said something about people will be highly surprised by his massive wealth when eventually all is revealed. What does that tell us? The biggest transfer of wealth to the super rich is or has already been taking place right before our very eyes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The evil Americans are like the boy crying wolf once too often. No one is going to believe them anymore, not that they believe in them in the past. In the past they have no choice but to believe or be attacked by the Americans. Today there are China and Russia to make sure this would not happen. So they can tell the Americans to fuck off.

But in Asean the Americans have a hard core believer in Singapore. Singapore still believe in the good and peaceful American white God. OK, it is the Stupidity cannot cure disease, but this disease is not going away.

Singapore die die will believe in the evil Americans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Who is the main beneficiary of the attack on Saudi oil refinery? The Evil Empire of course. Now they have the right to send in more soldiers and more military weapons into Saudi Arabia to defend Saudi Arabia from attacks by Iran, spelt USA. And who is paying for it? The Saudis of course. As long as the Americans are able to export their soldiers and sell their weapons, they have achieved their objective to prop up their defence industry. And other Arab countries are also 'requesting' for more American presence. Big money, big money for the Americans.

And would the increase in American forces do any good for the Saudis or their allies? Read this from CNA.

U.S. Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said officials were still hammering out the best array of capabilities to defend Saudi Arabia, noting the difficulty combating a swarm of drones.

"No single system is going to be able to defend against a threat like that, but a layered system of defensive capabilities would mitigate the risk of swarms of drones or other attacks that may come from Iran," Dunford said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/saudi-arabia-oil-attack-united-states-send-troops-11929702

After all their hypes about how good is the Patriot System, they now admitted they could not defend such attacks. And the attackers did an extremely well conducted attack on the Saudi refinery with modern technology and modern warfare. Who could conduct such precision strikes? Who could make the American defence systems hapless?

The Evil Empire of course. They have all the advanced technology to hit the Saudis when and wherever they wanted. Period.