Education for our children

Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally talked about the importance of educating our own children and also about the slew of measures and subsidies to reduce the cost of education for our children. These were well received and were cheered by his audience at the rally. 

On the other hand many who knew how much had been spent on the education of foreign children here would at best said better late than never. The financial burden of providing a good education for our children for the past decades was fully on the shoulders of parents with some pawning or selling their homes or emptying their savings just to do so. And while making these financially very painful decisions, they were seething with anger at the free millions and billions being thrown at children of foreigners that have not contributed a single cent to our economy and country, people that have nothing to do with us.

The parents of children that are in schools and tertiary education could now breath a sigh of relief somewhat at the recent announcements of additional subsidies for our children. No matter what, every dollar saved is a dollar saved and in terms of education fees, this can come to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

I have posted a link above to a video clip of Lim Tean's views on what the new education subsidies are all about and a different take on this issue. It gives a completely new and contrasting perspective of things from another angle.

It is only 10 minutes. Happy viewing.


Anonymous said...

When you have people who think that they are smarter than you and become too smart, or overly smart, they automatically become detrimental to their own people.

This is what is happening in Singapore, especially at the elite level. Think of Wee Shu Min, the poker-dot fat daughter of ex-PAP AMK GRC MP.


Anonymous said...


So.......you think pap will be 49.9% at next GE?

Hello! Stop dreaming! Don't waste time lah!

Not that I am repeating repeating repeating here.....the masses will only kpkbsssss and tcssssss.....but when come to voting..., the masses will DIE-DIE DIE-DIE vote for pap!

Sg is already like that loong loong ago!

Don't believe? We shall see!


imho said...

Election is coming so must deliver some angpow.

Virgo 49 said...

Don't raise your hopes too high.

They always have a catch in their too good to offer policies.

Paid millions to keng a hundred ways to skin Sinkies.

Now, even exemption for those not taking Second Language as subjects for criteria to admissions of higher institutions.

Why? Because now we have so many other Nationalities of diverse mother tongues.

So how to insist that they also have to take their Mother Tongues Second Languages for qualifying into Polys or Unis?

Previously, so many Baba or Perkanans Chinkees are been hit badly by this policy.

As many can speak Malay better than Mandarin. So they are disadvantaged in quantifying for Higher institutions.

Thus, many like our Great Matilah has to seek refuge in Auss and other Land and became true blue bananas.

Later, they found that they are also scorned by the Whites scurried back to their native lands.

Those who stayed behind have to hypocritically behaved like them with great stress that made many of them insane.

Now, the daft Hongkies wanted to be their Residents and Citizens thinking that the Brits will sayang them.

Kena screwed until koyak front and back then they will want to sing the CHINA's national anthem.

Also, many chinkee Sinkies with eyes pasted with stamps married the White Locusts and Bkack Ants.

Thinking that they are more wealthy and dependable than their own yellow men.

After also kena screwed left and right, top and bottom by them, they will want to be yellow again.

Their chauvinistic spouses will haranged them why must our children study mother' s tongues when we are the bread winners and you are just maids or some sexual outlets for us?

They should be studying our First Language NOT your bullshits second mother's tongues language.

That time, your LKY just wanted to unite your MFs diverse squabbling idiots into one and also foreseen the rising of China as a Potential Trading partner that he implemented that Chinkees Sinkies must study Chinese.

Firstly to galvanize your dafts and also as an advantage in dealing with China.

But all my hard work and foresight just KAPUT because of these third or fourth generation dafts.

Pui. Thought the future generations be smarter than us but more like kena sai.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all the cry babies

Those who are looking for a "political solution" will end up sorely disappointed. IMO, it would be better...wiser...to direct one's efforts toward the best possible outcome for oneself.

I can't even count on the number of times I've written this:

If you want to earn more, make yourself more valuable and create more value than others

If a boss wants to hire a cheap "Asian import" for less than he's willing to pay you, then it is the boss's perception that the "cheapie" produces "better" value. His money, his choice.Your money, your choice.

Another example is budget airlines---again: Your money, your choice. If you want to pay more and have those "extras" you can. If you just want to get from A to B, you have a choice of doing so whilst paying LESS for it.

Singapore has to remain an "open meritocracy" (aka "freemarket capitalism") in order to survive and prevail in the LONG TERM.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Degree Inflation

a related phenomenon is DEGREE INFLATION. The number of degrees and the institutions offering them has exploded due to PUBLIC FUNDING of the educational systems in most cuntries.

Because of degree inflation, there has been a rise in other forms of "accreditations" from certificates to diplomas. In a cuntry like Oz/UK/ Canada etc you now require institutional training, accreditation thru certification if you want to be a cleaner! Of course, all training has to be paid for by FEES, which are partly or fully funded by TAX,

This TAX FED educational system is avaricious...its appetite has grown year on year; decade on decade. In cuntries like Australia and the USA, young people start out their professional lives INDEBTED by "degree debt"...

...because every cuntry has been churning out degree-holders, every graduate now competes with not only his own country peoples but internationally as well, as governments have removed barriers for labour, and borders are becoming less relevant.

So if you go to uni you will:

1. Spend 3-4 or more years of your life not earning or getting ahead professionally
2. Get a qualification which will be out of date in 5 years and totally worthless in 10
3. Enter the job market with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt, which could take 20 years or more to pay off
4. Enter a job market BIASED to labour which is willing to work for LESS than your expectations
5. Probably have to accept a job at lower pay in the "service economy" as you continue to apply for jobs in your chosen field...or just give up
6. Be really pissed off that you got "cheated", and take out your anger and frustration on your spouse, your family....and this part I like the best: your children 👍🏻👍🏻

But fear not, LHL has assured everyone, that every kid will have the opportunity to embark on higher learning.

Anonymous said...

Education cost coming down, more subsidies for healthcare, more angpows for pioneers and a string of handouts for most Singaporeans and PRs. Election must be just round the corner. My prediction - 80% for PAP and 20% for others.

Anonymous said...


Imho, at least 24.9% of the places in the polys and universities should be reserved for foreign students!

We should have more than enough bugdet for this! If not enough $ can consider to increase fees or taxes!

What say you all?

Anonymous said...

What day you all?

I cannot speak for all.
I Can only speak for myself.
And this is what I have to say:

Sinkies are fucked. Totally fucked. Fucked from right to left, from top to bottom, front and back. And also in the centre. All directions, Sinkies are fucked and doomed. So, enjoy while you can. Or best still, emigrate to another country that you like.

Anonymous said...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
- Goethe

Goethe must have been writing about Singaporeans who voted PAP.

Anonymous said...

Democracy of the Western model is rigging the election by the rogue rich and powerful for the election of their most incompetent very small minority to tyrannize over the vast naive apolitical majority. We see this happening before our eyes in USA, UK, France and other little USA countries.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Carrie Lam said to a group of top business people:

"I have not been on the streets, not in shopping malls, can’t go to a hair salon. I can’t do anything because my whereabouts will be spread around social media."

Hongkong is on fire because of her and she is more concerned about going shopping and having a hair-do.

What the fxxk? This is the type of leader HK has!

No wonder, the protesters turned into violent rioters, then turned into lawless mobsters and finally transformed into vicious wild animals let loose by their handlers!

I think China will have no choice but to move the troops in to arrest a few thousands of these wild animals and send them to the wilderness - Gobi Desert for nuclear radiation testing.

Anonymous said...

///rigging the election by the rogue rich and powerful for the election of their most incompetent very small minority to tyrannize over the vast naive apolitical majority///

This is the modus operandi of elites since caveman times, no matter what country, race, culture or religion. It's the same today in US, China, Oz, Russia, India, Bhutan, M'sia, S'pore.

It's human nature. So don't be naive & be a vegetable head. Your job is to play the elite's system to improve condition for yourself and family. Of course if you're born into elite family then much easier lorr.

Knn said...

Matilar based on what you posted is that why you treated your daughter that way? Knn motherfucker

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition and the education policy towards Singaporeans will get even better.

Anonymous said...

True or not?

Wildlife in Singapore.
- but no PAP Millionaire was injured
- only a Singaporean was injured
- 10 million target remains unchanged


Anonymous said...

Many years ago PAP means People's Action Party.

In the last 15 years PAP means Papa Authorised Power. That's why die-die must keep OX-Tail Soup for posterity?

Anonymous said...

Prata Action Party

Anonymous said...

/////Ancient Chinese Astrology 81 January 02, 2019 3:04 pm

Uncle RB >>>2019 a very good year<<<

Based on ancient Chinese astrology interpretation, 2019 is "⼰亥" 年

The top (⼰) suppresses the bottom (亥)
Top means "天" (interpreted as heaven or ruler)

Bottom means "地" (interpreted as earth or the ruled)

But 亥 is more than just having element of water only

It is not pure water but a mixture maciam alloy

Beside the strong water (壬), 亥 also have the strong wood (甲)

The ⼰ is a weak element maciam mud so when 壬 floods, the weak mud cannot keep the banks from breaking

On the other hand, the strong 甲 is too much of a match for the weak mud

So it can be a case of 阴沟⾥翻船 (aka ship capsize in a lokang)

Indeed then 2019 is a good year as exclaimed by uncle RB

Good for who?

Unless you are daft, it is as clear as daylight?

PS This is maciam a hobby and personal interpretation/ opinion so dun be daft and take it seriousLEE./////

Anonymous said...

Opposition so useless how to vote Oppo?

Anonymous said...

// Opposition so useless how to vote Oppo //
- 6.56am

Opposition is NOT in parliament.
Oppo cannot be blamed for PAP's fuck ups if they are not in parliament.

It's PAP that is the useless bunch of fuck-ups in parliament.

imho said...

Forget about oppo. Singapoor so small how to oppo. Oppo can kena jail. Better not encourage others to oppo. Better waste time to migrate to anz/can/uk. Angmo rulers bad also not as bad as asian rulers. Less of two evils. The world will be more peaceful if only angmo rulers and no nonangmo rulers.

Anonymous said...

Angmo rulers are good only after they exterminated the natives to extinction and when they are in full control, taken over everything, the whole country.

Then they pretended to be generous and kind. Sent the red Indians to the reservations, free land. Gave free food to the poor natives after stealing their land and killing their forefathers.

Enslaved the African negroes until they became rich, then set them free and be champions of human rights to protect the weak.

Anonymous said...

Don't emigrate.

Vote them out instead.
Fuck up their million dollar lifestyle.


King David said...

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