Chinese Beidou global position system more used than American GPS

The Chinese version of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has overtaken GPS and the Nikkei Asian Review says
The growth of BeiDou has profound implications and is raising alarm in the US national security establishment. Unlike GPS, which only sends signals and cannot identify the location of receivers, BeiDou’s communications with the ground are two-way. According to Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation, the Chinese satellites can jam signals in specific areas and raise capabilities in cyber attacks.
S’poreans should be asking why the PAP govt is allowing this probable threat to national security. Don’t believe me? Mamaland and Japan, both rivals of China, also got a lot of these devices?
But maybe it all has to do with the use of Chinese-made smartphone handsets?

What do you think?

Cynical Investor

The above is quoted from Cynical Investor who is very unhappy that Beidou is now more welcome and used by more countries, including Singapore. And this banana is very unhappy because his American god is being eclipsed and questioning the Singapore govt for allowing the use of Beidou here.  Like all bananas, he accepted the American and Japanese allegation that Beidou's two way system would compromise the users. Whether Beidou or Huawei uses their technology to disrupt or spy on others is a separate issue as long as their technology could do it.

Why is the American system not built for this strategic advantage? Why is the American GPS unable to do so? Obvious, the Americans would want to do so as they are doing so in every field, everywhere and every moment now. Their GPS tech could not do so because it is less advanced than the Beidou system. It is backward, old technology.

But this is not the reason why other countries chose to use Beidou. Not only that Beidou is more advanced and more accurate, it is not politicised. And China is not using it to spy on others or to threaten others. If China is doing so, all the countries would find out, know about it and abandon it.

The Americans have politicised the GPS, used it to threaten and blackmail friends or foes. They have switched it on and off as they like against other countries. Iran, Syria, India, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and many other countries have their use of the GPS stopped and compromised when the Americans chose to switch it off at the critical moments. These countries became blind and the Americans could fly their drones into their countries to conduct military and air strikes. The Israelis are using this to their best advantage against the Middle East countries, particularly the Arabs.

Did I answer the uncomfortable question of this silly banana? Only the Americans can spy and jam on others, others cannot retaliate and cannot have the capability to do so.  Why would countries want to use an ancient and unreliable technology, be controlled by the Americans and be at the mercy of the Americans?

And he said this in the above,  'Mamaland and Japan, both rivals of China, also got a lot of these devices?' Mamaland and Japan always see China as a rival, a foe, but do not mind using Beidou. So what does it say?


Anonymous said...

Americans have all along the thinking that they are above everyone else, and nobody can give them a run in technology. Their infrastructure, built after WW2, are all crumbling and they do not have the resources to renew. What they are doing now is just 'patch and pray'. Whereas Europe, China, even Africa and East Asia are in the midst of massive rejuvenation, America is being left behind.

Not only in infrastructure, they are lagging in technology development and that is why they are so intent on keeping the lid on China, to prevent China from overtaking them by 2025. China already had their own space station to be used by all nations. The Russian space station used by the US forbids the participation of China, so you know how evil the Whites can be.

Now it has been reported that Huawei is into 6G and others are still mired in the 5G pie and trying to prevent Huawei from having the lead. It all boils down to how the US can continue to spy on others using 4G technology when others migrate to 5G that is making them nervous and envious of the new technology. Moreover, building new 5G infrastructure is expensive and migrating their spying system to work on 5G, which if controlled by Huawei, will no longer be as they wanted to, like in controlling Google, Facebook or Twitter and Microsoft.

China's Beidou GPS system if it can be used to jam specific signals from specific areas will be a military headache for the Whites.

Anonymous said...

With many of the technology chiefs embroiled in the Epstein issue, we never know if these guys have been under the control of the backers of Epstein, with all the blackmailing materials being uncovered. Who is Epstein really working for?

Some even suggest that Putin has Trump under his thumb with Putin holding damaging materials that could give Trump nightmares. All the spying going on the world, who knows. You spy on him and he spy on you, nothing good is the result.

imho said...

Not a surprise. Every leader wants to be spy king and they are all capable of extreme evil.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

The US GPS system originally used to aim and steer missiles to their targets, is tried and true. Occasionally it cocks-up, but most of the time works well, is reliable.

The GPS is over 40 year old. Indian, Japanese and EU (Galileo) are far more accurate than the US GPS...but most of the world still uses GPS. It is the "standard" and reliable.

Yeah, China tech...Recently checked out as much as I could...thy have some GREAT IDEAS and GREAT IMPLEMENTATION...however, in general, I found a lot of their tech to be "buggy", "laggy" and in places very "unpolished". Given time---and not very long (they work FAST), I'm sure they'll improve.

China (and every other cuntry) has no choice but to develop a Global Positioning System of their own because (the USA) GPS can selectively DENY ACCESS to users.

I dun know why petty fuckers like RB are fusing over this. the EU's Galileo is the most accurate and error-free system. It beat the USA's GPS nearly ten years ago already!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Southernglory and some of you guys called this Matilah an intellectual. I cringed.

This guy, despite his age, despite being able to read and read a lot, is just a tape recorder. He regurgitates everything he read without any value add. He cannot conceptualise, cannot distinguish facts from lies, he only believes what he wants to believe and very happy to read things he likes to believe.

His whole head of mush is filled with western propaganda and biased views of American and western so called idiot scholars.

At this age, we should be reading and analysing and making our own views on things based on facts and realities, not on make beliefs and propaganda and fake news and fictions fed to children at bedside stories.

Just listen to him quoting this fellow, that fellow like a typical unthinking school boy without adding anything as he accepts them as gospel truth to be use for proselytising the western agenda, spreading the good news like blind believers.

Grow up boy and do some thinking. Reading and repeating like a parrot are not going make you an intelligent person, just a tape recorder, an unthinking machine. You must be able to step back from the trash you read and sieve out the nuggets.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Listen to redbean. I agree with him. I am no intellectual. I have PSLE and am a beach bum. Jobless for the last 20+ years.

Redbean is a nut job. He thinks he's insulting me.

I suspect Alzheimer's dementia...early stages.. 😂🤣

Anonymous said...


The popularity of Beidou is due to the billions of cheap China handphones (very popular in India).

But in terms of worldwide big-boy navigation needs e.g. military, aircraft, ships etc, they're still mainly old-fashioned GPS with maybe backup using one of the newer systems.

Global navigation systems are no longer "rocket science" (it used to be long time ago).

They can always revamp & reconfigure old GPS with the latest accuracy & features of Galileo or Beidou or even more advanced IF it makes commercial and/or security sense. Currently there is no commercial or security sense.

Many existing military of various countries are already using their own proprietary super-encrypted navigation systems (or parts thereof) on top of current commercial/retail ones.

And as usual RB & the rest of the cock suckers are merely fair-weather friends cheering on the sidelines .... without even a fucking $1 invested in China tech companies, or their big 4 banks (which provides funding to many of these tech/engineering companies).

They don't even have the balls or integrity to invest in H shares which are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP (trading at 20% discount to mainland shares).

Unlike the balls & guts China mainlanders who have invested US$20B into HK market this year so far, on top of supporting Shanghai & Shenzhen listed stocks.

Anonymous said...

How many of you believe Matilar never use anonymous to post as he claimed?

Read 12:46pm and see Matilar's finger prints all over.

Knn said...

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Anonymous said...

What I really want to know.

Anonymous said...

What technology does PAP use to persuade 70% of Singapireans to vote for them?

Anonymous said...


Sinkie unemployment rate keeps on going up this year

"The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Singaporeans climbed for the third consecutive quarter to 3.3 per cent in June, up from 3.2 per cent in March."

"For residents - Singaporeans and permanent residents combined - the rate was 3.1 per cent in June, up from 3 per cent in March, while the overall rate was stable at 2.2 per cent in June."

i.e. Employers prefer harder striving & hungrier foreigners over Sinkies.

"Professionals, managers, executives and technicians continued to make up the majority of locals retrenched, at 77 per cent."

"But companies hired more foreign workers to fill gaps, especially in construction.
Foreign employment growth, excluding maids, overtook local employment growth for the first time in three years."

Anonymous said...

PMETs should vote PAP. If not their unemployment rate would be higher.

PAP is protecting their jobs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 346

There's no political solution lah.

Re: >> i.e. Employers prefer harder striving & hungrier foreigners over Sinkies. <<

It's not just about being hungry and motivated. At the end of the day, when all the accounting is done, it's all about HOW MUCH VALUE is created per unit input?

I'll say it again and again:
If you want to EARN MORE, make yourself and what you do WORTH MORE

Businesses are not charities. Their environment is a MERITOCRACY. ie. If they fail to deliver or perform, they'll be killed in the market. So businesses have to create value or they're soon gone.

We're not a socialist cuntry. We're a thriving open market meritocracy, smoking capitalist economy, one of the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

'Foreign employment growth, excluding maids, overtook local employment growth for the first time in three years' unquote.

Not a surprising thing. The construction sector seems to be pulling the economy along right now, and if you look around there are so many construction projects ongoing. Not only that, there seems to be excavators digging everywhere on every road, right left and centre.

Foreigners are the major manpower components of such construction activity, and with other sectors not doing as well, the obvious outcome is that more foreign workers are needed in the construction sector. Locals shun such jobs in the sun. Good or bad there is no escaping the obvious.

Knn said...

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