Anwar's daughter cried

"Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says a fixed period for his resignation would make it ‘difficult for me to work.”

In an interview with BFM, a business radio channel in Malaysia, the elderly statesman says he will keep his promises to hand over power, but at the same time he needs to ensure that the country is back on its feet before handing the reins of power.

“I promised I would be interim PM. I will do so. I keep my promise.”

He says giving him a fixed timeline will make it harder for him to achieve his goals."

The above is quoted from theindependent.sg

If anyone has any doubt about what speaking in fork tongue means, read the above slowly and intensely and then ask when would Mahathir hand over power to Anwar?  Would he keep to his promise to hand over in 2 years as agreed or would he sit it out until Malaysia is back on its feet. When would that be, how long would that be? When would Malaysia be back on its feet, under whose definition?

No wonder Anwar's daughter cried. Her feminine instinct could sense what was coming. She was distressed when PKR agreed to let Mahathir lead the coalition and be the PM.  she was distressed to see her parents so hapless and had to make a deal with the devil that spoke in fork tongue.

Her fear is becoming real and more real as they approach the two year handover deadline. Now everyone is watching how Mahathir would wrangle his way out of his promise to stay on for the full term without breaking his promise. The latest from his party stalwart, there was no written agreement about Mahathir handing over the PM to Anwar though this was widely reported in the media when Mahathir took over as PM. The moral of the story, the Malays are no match against a slippery snake.


Anonymous said...

He will keep his promise. His promise is to himself that he will make sure the Malaysian economy is okay (according to his judgement) before he hands over.

Anwar is already 73. In 3 years, he will 75 years old. If he ever becomes PM, he will have to serve for 5 years. That means, until 80 years old. If he serves two terms, that means, until 85 years old. The big question is:


Anonymous said...

The DM (Dirty Mahathir, or Dr Mahathir) is pouching MPs from UMNO and PKR to increase his party's seats in the Malaysian Parliament.

That means he has no intention to hand over to Anwar. He wants the Deputy President of PKR to take over from him as the seat warmer for his own son.

Anonymous said...

Ai yah, Anwar's daughter got no guts lah to tell Madhater off. She should be like that Greta Thunderbird who cried & scolded the world leaders "..how dare u? .. we r at the edge of mass extinction & u all come over here to talk about economic growth?...How dare u?..."

Anonymous said...

When?....Is really not the issue!

Can H still be the govt after next GE? Or U-P?


Anonymous said...

Mahathir is now 93. How long can he live?

How many more years does he has?

Or rather, how few years has he left?

At this age, he can balek kampong suddenly. There is no more spare tyres left.

The Maker may suddenly decide that his time is up.and that's it.

He should now try to repent for his wrong doings in the past and make amends. He should hand over to Anwar in the quickest time, before he drops dead.

He acts and talks as though he is going to live forever?

The more he tries to play dirty politics, the deeper hell he'll go. This, he has still not cinsidered, nor bothered.

Pathetic and Tragic!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1001am

Look at Dr M. Living beyond 1o8 for him not a problem.

Dr M.....wan sua!

Anonymous said...

Even if he can live to 108, by the time he reaches 98, his mental capacity will be very slow if not yet senile. Or may be bed-ridden?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

which daughter? Was it Nurul Izzah Anwar?

Wah hai...I used to fantasize about fucking her when she was a young chick....engineering student, one really HOT meenah lah

Now nearly 40 years old, ok lah boleh tahan but gotta lose the tudung...it's unbecoming.

Anyway, no way Dr M is going to leave the building quietly and gracefully. He will go out in a hearse or have to be dragged out kicking and screaming by a "coalition" of "the willing".

I think Anwar will have to wait. Dr M looks like he can go some more.

Meanwhile, I hope some sex video featuring the lovely Nurul Izzah leaks onto the internet. 😍😛

imho said...

They are all evil. They all are hungry for power and greed. They all wanna be the king. Who is the less evil? Does it even matter? Peasants will still be the one being screwed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for Mahatir to hand over the prime ministership ... is like Singaporeans waiting for CPF to return our CPF money.

It's going to be a long wait.
Tan Ku Ku.

But luckily for Anwar.
- Anwar does not need to collect cardboard boxes while waiting

- although Singaporeans have to collect cardboard boxes, clean toilets, and etc ... while waiting for COF

Anonymous said...

Rise of muslim-islam-fundamentalism in matland. If anwar wants to take over from mahatir, he'll need to bring in those fundamentalists to gain an edge. But mahatir also know, hence in recent months he's been more open & making peace overtures to the malay muslim supremacy groups & political parties including umno. See who's more daring.

Anonymous said...

Latest 2019 SG population: 5.7M

Mainly due to increase in foreign workers. Number of new citizens granted in the last 12 months also highest in 11 years.

Foreigners to citizens is now 2.21M to 3.5M

i.e. 38.8% of population are foreigners.

Anonymous said...

There was a crooked man, who had a crooked smile. He build a crooked bridge, to satisfy his crooked mind.

What we envisaged after GE2015 seems to be coming true. From two years to finish his job and handover, it is now until Malaysia is back on its feet. That is a game changing time frame.

How long can Malaysia get back on its feet? There is no time frame to speak of, so Anwar may not even last the agony of waiting. Next he will tell Anwar to wait until the Malays get back on their feet, which is going to take another 60 years. Give him another 20 years and the Malays will still have to need crutches, judging from the racial politics at play.

Do not discount the prospect of Muslim fundamentalism taking root in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government seems reluctant to put pressure on the Indian preacher spreading his divisive preaching in order not to anger the Malays, and that spells doom and gloom.

With UMNO and PAS tying up and now rooting predominantly for the Malays, whatever their denials, the Harapan Government cannot deal firmly with Muslim fundamentalism. They are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Either way, I think Harapan will perish and Malaysians of other ethnic races will suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is heading towards self-destruction fundamentally (Chinese base).

Malaysia is growing from strength to strength fundamentally (Malays and Muslims base).

The twain shall never meet. Ultimately, politically and legitimately, the two are heading towards never-ending conflicts and frictions.

Both countries also have foreign interference. One from the US and India (both are Snti-China and Anti-Chinese). The other is from China (at odds with the US and India).

In the long-term, Singapore's position will stand up like a sore thumb in the SE Asian Region. And Indonesia and Malaysia will gang up to take good care of this sore thumv. Llike 8Israel in the Middle-East, this up-start island will face endless attacks from the Islamic Fundamentalists.

Also, China's strategic long-term interests in the Region will grow bigger and bigger. The question of tackling the torn in her neck, that has been causing her much irritations, frustrations and anger, will have to be answered.

Also, the Bananas turning into Coconuts means China will see this as a hostil development. The status quo therefore cannot continue. There will be no having the best of both worlds, having the cake and eat it. No win-win situation.

Singapore will become a serious threat to Malaysia, Indonesia China. What will these countries do to counter this serious threat?

I don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

The world's biggest International Airport, the size of 98 football fields, with an orange star-fish shape single terminal building, has just been officially declared open in the opening ceremony today by President Xi Jinping.

Many new flights have taken off from here, in Beijing.

Congratulations to the Chinese People, for opening one more new chapter in the history of China.

Rise up to face the challenges ahead collectively as a 6000 year old civilisation!

Anonymous said...


Temasek doing well investing in local REITs.

It is cornerstone investor for 10 Reits, which have provided over 42% total returns in the last 3 years.

No wonder my local home-bias investor buddies so happy!

But like I said previously --- these high quality Reits with strong govt-related sponsors are VERY overpriced now. Then again, as long no major recession these overpriced Reits will still generate moderate returns going forwards.

BUT .... still no fight against my War Stocks --- over 85% returns in the last 3 years!!! HUAT HAAARRR!!!!

PS: These couple months going to be volatile .... expect some sharp drops.

Anonymous said...

Crying is a sign of weakness, of despair, of soft heartedness, of desperation. Not strength. Not compassion. Not sympathy. Not wisdom.