You fall, not I fall!

The 46-year-old housewife who were recently fined for failing to provide safe working conditions for her two maids, in addition to making one of them perform tasks as a scaffolder and maintenance worker, deserved what she got. But what she got was only a fine.

Willow Phua Brest had breached work pass conditions involving the work safety of her maids by making the two perch on a two-storey scaffold while cleaning the windows of her Cluny Park house.  Although they were provided with safety belts, the MOM prosecutor said they were not sufficient to reduce the severity of injuries should the maids fall. Neither were the maids trained to work at height.  As though that was not enough, when contractors delivered an unerected second scaffold, she had one of the maids erect the structure from the components delivered - never mind if she wasn’t trained for that either.  And on this DIY structure the maid stood, sanding, varnishing and painting a wooden wall at the back of the house.

For such callous disregard of the safety of a fellow human being, one has to ask:  Is a fine punishment enough?  And given the upscale address of the employer, is a fine an effective deterrent in the first place? My guess is $46,000 for the owner of a Cluny Park residence is probably loose change. No more than an affordable slap on the wrist.  So what is a more effective deterrent for such moneybags?  Jail time - and mandatory jail time at that.  Jail time with all its inconveniences - a cold cell, a cement bed, a shared toilet, a lack of privacy and freedom. In short, everything that moneybags dread. It would be wonderful if eventually they can experience the terror of working at height by having to clean windows from their own flimsily-constructed scaffold.  But for now, I suppose jail time will do.


Anonymous said...

That's why S'pore is good for the rich. You die your biz. What's wrong with collecting more money?!?!? Pro-biz laws. Laws that favour the rich & owners of capital. Uneven laws for the poor. Weak employment laws for the rich & biz owners to benefit.

S'pore legal system is uncorrupt & above board. True! Not fake news. But only the rich can hire the best & most expensive legal teams to navigate the laws, leverage on the minutest detail and precedence and smallest technicalities, persuade with the most nuanced arguments & aspersions etc.

For the poor & masses, the legal system is usually just a open & shut case with standard punishments meted out. They often get the most terok charge that the AGC or police can fit their circumstances, and if they cannot afford good lawyers to reduce the charges then too fucking bad.

b said...

Very sad that people like that around. Very damaging to chinese community. Make chinese community looks like bad people. Brest is angmo name issit?

Anonymous said...

Likely she married an angmoh Tua Kee and enjoy the deep throat and deep penetration. 😰 😰😰😰😰

Chronicle said...

Singapore has one set of laws but multiple interpretations and applications, depending on who you are, what you are and who you have connection with.

Virgo49 said...

All these Rich Skunks have no human feelings for Peasants.

Since time Immemorial, the Nobles and Lords plus their cronies had treated the poor and weak with disdain.

Just because they employed them with some miserable pittances, they make sure that they worked their flesh to the bones

That's why I do not sympathise some maids killing their employers kins due to whatsoever sufferings that they had undergone.

Also, the purge of some natives who slaughtered the Rich and Influential Farangs who resided in their countries.

Many Indonesian, Matland and Sinkie Land so called employers paying a pittance sum expected their maids,servants to be like slaves to them.

See the Indonesian indigenous natives of the past slaughtering the Indo Chinese who had made good in their countries and yet scorned them.

Likewise you see Matland Chenna ill treating the Indon and also their own Bumi natives.

Only those hawkers who employed the Mats or Indons may be not too harsh as they are also in the Noble category. Some, I seen in their eateries are Slave drivers.
Norm for Chinese Towkays. So sometimes you cannot help that the Mats had deep resentments against them.

Sinkieland maid employers most are also salaried men and woman and some even cannot even afford to have them in their employment but yet have them just for prestige sake or whatsoever reasons.

Just maybe a fifth of their salaries and many behaved as though they are Big Time MNC employers paying them the same as our Ministers salaries.

I had once told off an arrogant neighbour who with a maid behaved as though like Rosmah Najib.

I told her that my salary just for a Container Truck Driver in a fortnight can have three to four of her maid.

And still balance for their callcards to Indonesia.

That's the behaviours and evilness of human beans.

So, once a while you read the purgings and killings of these beans, it's a natural phenomenon when things really turned for the worst.

No sympathies for them.

Avant-garde said...

Justice must be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Many Daft When they first time pass by Clunny Park, they are shocked that there are such luxurious and spacious ginomous landed properties in ths tiny red dot? Just alight at DTL2 Botaknic station then exit at Clunny Rd turn left walked up. It will be a very very long walk? After about an hour, you will reach Napier Rd facing Dempsey Hill and further down at a junction is Tanglin Rd? said...

Virgo49 August 10, 2018 5:46 pm
///All these Rich Skunks have no human feelings for Peasants.///

Cluny Park area is a gazetted zone solely for GCBs (Good Class Bungalows)? GCBs are only located in the plush, high-end districts of 9, 10, 11? Each GCB has a minimum size of 15,100 sf with some many times this size? If not sure, mb can check with 1st rater BOCK BOCK ... He maybe living in one in the Holland area. But Clunny Park is even nearer to the city ctr at its fringe beside botany gdn? Most of the GCBs there have huge sprawling compounds and appear to be big enough or ..bigger to fit a football field and swimming pool inside? Unlikely many daft 69.9% have been to one and experience the opulent living inside? The ceilings are damn high and some of the paintings on the walls alone are bigger than the walls in the living rooms of the pigeon holes many daft 69.9% are shoe-boxed in? The living room area alone is already many times bigger than the entire unit of a pigeon-hole? Don't say 2 maids ... Even 10 maids also not enough to take care of the cleaning/ maintenance of the entire land area/ gardening/ cleaning? Another amazing fact is that if you need to find another family member, it can be like playing hide-and-seek? If that person doesn't check his/ her hp, after half an hour running from room to room and up and down the staircases, backyard etc ..., you still may not be sure the family member is at home or not? The daft 69.9% do not know what such people would become under such circumstances? When they go to HDB areas and tiny pigeon-holes that could probably be smaller than their rooms, how to feel at ease (and comfortable) with "3rd, 4th and 5th raters"? For exercise, usually just jog one or two rounds along the fence perimeter in the compound can le and could be perspiring like crazy?

b said...

The G should increase property tax of those living in GCBs. No need to tell the people that land is so rare here. WHat a load of bs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I have a mate who's now running his family's plumbing and aircon family business. Sometime ago he mentioned to me how fucked-up many of our rich locals are when it comes to parting with their money---i.e. paying people to do work. They always want "discount".

For some sick reason, they seem to get a "kick" out of winning 5 cent/ 10 cent games when it comes to paying their bills...especially to tradespeople, and now apparently to maids. If these rich assholes sense a "power differential" in their favour, they will---just for the hell of it---go and TEKAN people perceived to be "lower" (on some arbitrary scale in their sick minds) than they.

It is a damn shame that the law in this case did not allow for the ROTAN to be applied---especially to a 46 yr old CUNT of a woman.

The maids are significantly disadvantaged economically. There is definitely a "power dynamic" at play. Luckily, they didn't fall and die or sustain permanent injury like paraplegia or quadraplegia; resulting from neurological damage like skull fracture or a broken spine.

Virgo49 said...

Right Matilah, but with the farking Government, they are pussy cats.

Whatsoever they owe, be it even five cents, they paid without a whimper.

Own fellow tradesmen, they haggle