The USA’s 21st Century joke – Do little, spend little, achieve big results

The US$350b BRI project by China has stumped the Americans and the rest of the world for its massive infrastructure development, and in monetary terms even bigger than the American Marshall Plan after the end of WW2. Where did China find the money to finance such a mammoth international cross continent project?
After the launching of the BRI, according to Dr Bharath Gopalaswamy, director of the South Asia Centre of the Atlantic Council, “…the rest of the world was watching for America to articulate a vision and come up with a big idea, and Secretary Pompeo outlined what a big idea could look like.”

And this is America’s joke of the 21st Century. To counter or compete with China’s BRI, in a Straits Times report by Nirmal Ghosh, “The United States on Monday sent a strong signal of more robust economic engagement in the Indo Pacific, fleshing out a previously announced strategy for a region described by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as stretching from India’s west coast to America’s west coast – with Asean ‘literally in the middle’.”

What is this grand strategy and how many billions would it cost to rival the Chinese BRI? “The US pledged US$113 million (S$154 million) to support initiatives in the digital economy, energy and infrastructure in the Indo Pacific region, describing these as ‘foundational areas of the future’.”

What? S$154m! This is barely enough to buy Lim Kim San’s bungalow going for sale at S$100m! How is this going to compete with China’s US$350b BRI? Not to worry, leave it to the word’s craftsmen to tell you that this is really big and really a rival to China’s BRI. Before I list out the supporters of this grand American 21st Century initiative, let me ask the same question that was posed on the Trump Kim Summit in Singapore. Where is the meat, where are the details of this grand scheme of things? Or it is just words and pipe dream? KNN, what can $154m do?

According to an admirer of this grand American scheme, a Dr Aparna Pande, director at the Hudson Institute, it is about a targeted approach. “The US knows that it does not have the money to compete dollar for dollar with China,…What Pompeo has offered is that through a variety of measures…the US will provide targeted assistance to countries in the region and hope that those countries will then use that aid to build their capacities.” Huh, what’s that? See how clever is the use of words here to make a mountain out of a mole hill? And you know who are the admirers of the Americans and are in cahoot with them.

Another great words craftsman, a Nisha Biswal, president of the US India Business Council, said the US move was “a hopeful sign of a sustained strategy for engaging the region.” With S$154m to sustain a regional strategy? The amount is barely enough to buy a landed home in Singapore!

Another great words craftsman and supporter of this American joke, Singapore’s Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri said, “This was what was needed to complement the (US) security strategy.” He added, according to ST’s Nirmal Ghosh, “the US plans fit in with much of what the region, specifically Asean, was trying to do, including connectivity, energy infrastructure and smart cities. Anyone see how could this fit in?

This is the wonder of words craftsmen, on how a mere S$154m could do so much, could achieve so much, to be praised sky high, to rival China’s US$350b BRI projects. And of course Pompous, oops, Pompeo concurred, “This is a big one.” Yes, I concur, a big big joke.

If words or speeches can win a war, these words craftsmen would win every war they fought without weapons but words. See the joke and who are the die hard supporters of the jokers?

The Americans have no money and wanted to do a lot with a few penny?


Anonymous said...

Trump already kau peh pau bu about other countries taking advantage of the US and ripping off the US, so how can expect them to be generous so suddenly !??

Anonymous said...

Rb, how come all the people u quoted are Indian? Knn in all kind of positions

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All the names quoted were quoted by the author Nirmal Ghosh. The Indians are really great writers. Out of 7 sub editors in the ST, 5 are Indians. Maybe some of them are not even Singaporeans or new citizens.

Singaporeans got no one that can write serious news except writing about pets and hawker food or what underwear to wear.

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, please insert or post the photo of our Great LHL laughing away with his head toseed up in the Air and mouth opened Big Big to catch the Flies.

Is He laughing at the Americans Joke or is He laughing at the Joke at a Great American Banquet.

"You can have Free Smokes in Beijing when you opened your Windows or have Free Bak Kut Teh soup from the Rivers if yoy gian png"

Now who is laughing now?? Premier Li or Popeye The Last Days of Pompeii.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are fed with news written by angmohs and Indians. So readers would think like them, to hate China and Chinese.

The chap b is a typical example here.

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to be sodomized right?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam used a S$154 million carrot to lure donkeys and the Indians fell for it. What Uncle Sam has to offer is so pathetic compared to the Chinese. Even small countries with small projects may find Uncle Sam's offer rather ridiculous. Pompeo has not done his homework on the BRI. Little did he realise that Uncle Sam's reputation has been tarnished. The S$154 million is an indication of its decline as a financial powerhouse and its inability to compete with China economically on the world stage is clear for all to see.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Knock yourself out mate. Choose your favourite 🤣

Lee Hsien Loong Animated Gifs

@ all

America is a less centrally-planned economy than China.

China has to step-up its game if it is going to maintain and grow her significance in the world, and in the present time.

However, the growing debt in China is getting a lot of people worried, including and especially the Chinese themselves.

As with any "grand plan", there are potential profit centers, and known, calculable risks. There are also Black Swans, becuase we all exist in a probalistic, random universe.

It's still early days. The world has to clear out the "shit credit" (caused by wave after wave of QE) in all the bubbles, in every asset class, around the world. China has it's share of shit, unproductive debt as well.

Once that is out of the way, we can get another commodities boom (yay Australia!) as China buys buys buys all the raw material the need to bring these massive infrastructure projects (domestic and global) to fruition.

Anonymous said...

The real masters are PAPies for achieving big $$$$$$$$$ for doing little or nothing.

Like how ministers are earning multi-millions for sleeping in parliament & reading from scripts prepared by scholar lackeys below them.

Like how MPs don't even bother to turn up for parliament, unless got free pre-planned buffet & photoshoot with PAP bigshots.

LKY set the example by continuing to blatantly collect $16K every month while not doing any MP duties, not attending MPS, not attending parliament, not attending to any of his ordinary voters for 4 years.

PAPies are teaching US how to fuck, and US is listening attentively & this US$113M is just a homework assignment set by PAPies for US to do.

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

One F-35 basic cost is $117 million. Together with avionics, bombs, missles, and maintenance costs, it easily cost $300 million.

$154 million can buy a F-35 for display in the museum.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The little country Australia tried to punch above its weight, punching China like a hero. Now go blacklisted by China. Everything no deal. All the mines and minerals no one wants to buy, not China. China not even want to grant a visit to their ministerial team to China.

Australia can hope for the Americans to come buying their minerals or else can close shop.

By the way, banana, China got more debt or America? Why America got more debt no problem, China got lesser debt got problem?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam is condemned to play the role of a bridemaid vis-a-vis to China as far as money is concerned. Uncle Sam has squandered its huge fortune in pursuit of war adventures to make itself great. Money talks and China has plenty of it. Uncle Sam has resorted to threats and blackmail to get itself heard. All its allies and foes are aware that Uncle Sam is near to becoming a toothless dog whose bark is worse than its bite.

Team Singapura Harapan must be DELIVERED safely and allowed to grow into adulthood to have a chance to make peesai GREAT AGAIN. said...

// ... and in monetary terms even bigger than the American Marshall Plan after the end of WW2. //

The Marshall Plan otherwise called the ERP - European Recovery Programme was born out of necessity to thwart the enchrouching red tide and Western Europe from going red. Comprising a package of $4 billion per year, it was miniscule compared to the size of the Western European economies.

But why did it lead to the so called European Golden Era of high economic growth rate between 1950 and the early 1970s that led to many western European economies per capita GDP level converging with that of the US by the early 1970s?

The answer lies in the so called capital accumulation phase of economic growth and which is most clearly elucidated in the Solow's Economic Growth Model. However, the European experience may not be replicated in the some of the recipient countries in the BRI project due to some factors.

Secondly, why did growth stagnate in Western European countries after the Golden Era period of 1950 to early 1970s? The answer (again) lies in the Solow's growth model when the growth trajectory reaches a steady state. This also dovetails with the mathematical conclusion of the Inada Conditions which basically decribes how the production function works along the trajectory of a nation's economic growth and development path. As illustrated in the Inada conditions, the marginal products of capital (MPK) and labour (MPL) are very large when the quantity of inputs is relatively small and they become very small when the quantity of inputs is very large.

Mathematically, MPK and MPL tends to infinity when the inputs tend to zero and

MPK and MPL tend to zero when inputs tend to infinity.

Btw, Anon 9.25 pm of the previous post, don't again randomly come in to kpkb and say this is "off corkpick" or off topic hor cos it is relevant in terms of returns to capital and thus the likely outcome of Xi JinPing BRI (gamble and) project.

Any growth story, if there is, would have to undergo this phase.

This is where the flaws of Botaknomics (and LaoGoanomics) are laid bare?

They have not found an answer to circumvent the self-limiting oitcome of this growth model and thus explain the state of the peesai economy and why Big Bro Loong publicly declared some years back that the levers of economic growth have been MAXed out?

Botaknomics may be most likely stucked in his varsity days of the 1970s and had not refreshed his economic growth theories learned in those days where macroeconomic growth models since then have evolved and mutated by leaps and bounds and no lo(oooooo)nger stucked in the old tricks model of capital accumulation driven growth or half-baked Botaknomics pseudo technology driven AK model etc etc.

Ah Heng transformation model may be toO liTTle tOo laTe LE and thus probably needs the competition (of new ideas) to be provided by the potential timely birth of Team Singapura Harapan to herald a new era of sustainable economic growth in the form of possible true economic stalwarts such as Donald, Yeoh, Kenneth, Jee Say etc etc ...

In China, they are trying to circumvent and overcome this self-limiting capital-accumulation based growth story via many measures, one of which is the robotic revolution etc etc ...

Whether they will succeed eventually remains to be seen but so far the prognosis is "promising" ...

The rebalancing and restructuring of the Chinese economy is ongoing and has gone way way ahead and surpassed Botaknomics which seems to be stuck in time capsule buried under one of the old artifacts in the peesai Science Ctr compound.

Peesai needs new blood, new ideas, new competition to drive it ahead otherwise the rotting fish head will quickly spread to the body and tail and engulf in one huge rotting maggots infested carcass to be discarded into the historical dustbin..... Sigh ...

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro 11.04

Today your post Sober just like a Uni Lecturer. Put shame to so many ex Econmists.

Bravo, Cheers

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Aiyah, I dislike the Aussie Federal govt lah, so I'm not going to defend them. Like most other cuntrees, the Aussie govt is full of career politicians who have no problem embarrassing the nation or selling it's taxpaying residents out to the international banksters...just so the political class can entrench themselves in "easy money" off the backs of taxpayers who actually have to work for a living. I hate them all.

Funnily enough, I hate the PAP the least of all. At least they don't kachau too much if you want to make money in Singapore, or use Singapore as a base to make money elsewhere. PAP is an elite "tax-eating" class, but at least they leave enough "crumbs" for you so you can do reasonably ok. When they open their mouth, that's when they become unbearable and fucking annoying. If they just shut the fuck up and run the cuntry, no problem.

Ordinarily America would be one cuntry drowning in its unplayable debt. But the USA has the world's reserve currency, and the most liquid debt market of all for its "securities". So the USA can and does run "debt as a lucrative business". "When you borrow $100k, you have a problem. When you OWE $100 trillion, the world has the problem” 😜🤑

China cannot. It has debt, but not like the USA. It doesn't have the luxury of being the world's biggest debtor. 🤣
China's rich and now the middle class are taking their dough OUT, and buying assets all over the world...and the CCP hates this, and they've been trying to deal with this for years.

China still buys ALOT of Aussie iron.


Also, China's curb on pollution means it has to sell out HIGH QUALITY (high magnetite content ) ore which Australia has plenty of.


Don't worry. We can all rest assured that the Aussie govt will continue to insult the world, but our private mining sector will go bust to boom to bust almost like clockwork.
So you can make money, be wise, and allow the herd to go wild, then pick up bargains later when the herd kills itself and the market.

China may not like Aust, but they need Oz for the stuff they require for them to be a global superpower.

Similarly, Singaporeans may not like the PAP, but at least under their watch the nation can do A-OK.

Sometimes you need to separate your emotions from the facts, and do the thing which you dislike so you can realise a "profit".

... and who doesn't like PROFITS? 🤑💲💱💰💸

Anonymous said...

China got more debt or America?

China is USA's biggest creditor, holding the largest amount (more than a trillion USD) of US Treasurys !

Anonymous said...

What about India ??

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

Not only the US Treasury Bonds worth nearly US$2 trillion, China also owns most of the stocks of the big corporations and expensive properties in California, San Francisco, New York City, and many others.

The US Government also owed China more than $5 trillion in debt out of a total of US national debt of US$27 trillion and rising.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "Fan club of China"

Australia oso got OBOR plans!! Here come those fucking Aussies, punching above their weight...AGAIN 😂

Wah. the entertainment is just beginning folks!

Aussie Aussie Aussie 🇦🇺 𝕆𝕚 𝕆𝕚 𝕆𝕚 ❢ 🤣😜

BTW, there's of "unintended consequences" for China's push for BRI. One that immediately comes to mind is RENT SEEKING. Also India is not yet "onboard" with China. Modhi and Xi are still duking it out...India seems to be doing a classic "tarek harga". Some ASEAN cuntries will probably do likewise. I cannot see UMNO and Mahathir going along that easily.

These trade/ economic blocks, and now trade routes...they are all essentially Groups of States vs Groups of States aka "Economic and political GANG WARFARE"...which has definite costs, benefits, free-loaders, unintended consequences and externalities---positive and negative.

....whatever and however it turns out, it will be ENTERTAINING, and thanks to global casinos like the equity, debt, currency and derivatives markets...gamblers never have to fear being "bored" or have nothing to "bet" on.

Let's go lah! 🤓

Anonymous said...

Virgo49August 02, 2018 11:18 am
//Hello Bro 11.04

Today your post Sober just like a Uni Lecturer. Put shame to so many ex Econmists.

Bravo, Cheers//

Aiyo ... Uncle Virgo49, felt so malu by your kind words for a "5th rater"'s comment which darerick the cuiwahwah said should not be seen with Dr Tan or for that matter Prof Tambyah cos will diminish their standings being seen with lesser mortals? India got 4 caste. Now cuiwahwah said peesai have "5 castes" from 1st rater to 5th rater as stated in uncle rb's yesterday post.

As cannot be seen with the 1st rater or 2nd, so bor bian lor just kpkb in MSN occassionally to share some thoughts.

Have no intention and will not be applying to join the valiant Dr Tan's Team Harapan any time soon or in the future cos Cuiwahwah already hint hint "5th rater" will make Dr Tan "lau kui" seen with low class pple ... Like dat pple haven't joined already kena put down ... How to be part of it?

So can only wish Dr Tan's Team Harapan well from a distance ...

To tell you a sad truth ... Recently went for a hospital appt. Timing was early 9am. Was made to wait till almost the last patient and past noon when many other patients who came later at 10am and 11am went ahead of the queue. Asked the counter staff at first they said half an hour wait. After that almost 1.5 hrs later checked again she said next patient but ended waiting more than another hour before getting to see the doc. Like that how to go for the scheduled surgery ...? So bor bian lor ... Now need pay big bucks go pte specialist clinic le ... Sigh ...

Cannot wait for Dr Tan Team Harapan to take care of public healthcare lah by then ownself small surgery become big surgery le ...

So far detest going to public hospitals and has decided not to rely on them for medical problem le ... Pity the poor oldies though who has no choice but to go there ...

Appt early 9am wait till 12.30pm bef can see doctor? Siao ah? Might as well scheduled at 12pm and dun waste patients' time ... Not as if last min appt. Waited more than 3 months for the appt then still like that? How to have any confidence in the healthcare? Wonder how the oldies manage with such a system? No wonder many are surviving but suffering and quality of life at old age for some is (very) bad or terrible or horrendous ...

So can only hope 1st rater like Dr Tan and Prof Tambyah stand counted and do something GOOD TOGETHER to help the poor people and oldies ...

Mee can find my own way out ... Visiting public hospitals and making appts is just another way to find out first hand how bad things are ...

Have no confidence at all being treated in public hospitals but guess the poor people and oldies dun have much choice ...

Of course, some patients do get good treatment. Good for them. So far experience is very bad and getting worse upon each visit till no more confidence or faith in the system.

In Economics theory, underconsumption in healthcare is a "market failure" and thus supposedly very bad for the economy and lead to huge inefficiency.

But observing first hand how Healthcare Economics is being practised first hand on the ground will make listeners rolled eyes at uni lecturers or jc chers who are teaching market failures on healthcare Economics and the possible so called galbramen measures and intervention to lessen such market failure arising from the externalities associated with such possible underconsumption in the free market.

In peesai, with or without galbramen intervention, the market equally fails badly in many sectors including healthcare.

Con't in next part ...

Anonymous said...

... Con't from above

Often, their intervention probably worsen market failure when they said the want to help you by implementing even more schemes like the many compulsory insurance regulations that drained the cpf accounts like clock work but when it comes to claim ... Haha ...

Economics is taught so that the politicians know all the tricks to squeeze the last drop out of the poor. The teaching of economics ends up making the rich richer and the poor poorer? Economics is called the DISMAY SCIENCE since 100+ years ago not for nothing.

Ultimately a discipline that is meant to improve the lives of mankind but ends up enriching the top 10% to 15%.

It is a loaded system not unlike a loaded dice.

Education itself is blind and a market failure in itself. Inherently assymetric information in the form of moral hazard exists bcos between the producers (chers) and consumers (students), there exists huge information assymetry? When Economics knowledge is imparted to the future bad guy, it is akin to teaching the best shaolin kungfu to robbers? What would happen down the road? Will there be more or less people put in harm's way? Has not market failure occurs the moment kungfu is taught to a future hardcore robbers or gangster? When Economics are taught in a classroom, who would know which ones are the future "robbers and thieves" in the economy? As the chers will not be able to monitor the future behaviour of their students, moral hazard takes place and market fails. A government intervention to correct a market failure leads to another market failure? 2 wrongs make a right? How to correct a market failure in a measure that is supposed to correct an earlier market failure?

Unfortunately Economics (or rather the system) has no answer to it and thus Economics is called a Dismay Science.

Maybe it is the mother and root of modern evil?

Anonymous said...

US$113 million - that's around the costs of a F-35 - rich Singapore can buy up to 60 of these jets!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1240:

>> China also owns most of the stocks of the big corporations and expensive properties in California, San Francisco, New York City, and many others. <<

Actually you have to include Chinese individuals, not just the Chinese state. Chinese individuals (check the "official" outflows...and then realise that there's "unofficial" if not illegal outflows of capital) have been buying everything from property in China itself, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia....etc.etc to Bitcoin, foreign equities , even foreign hard currencies

The Chinese govt itself is "hoarding" gold, and sits on a mountain of FOREX reserves. It is clear that the Chinese love their money and are damn good at making and keeping it SAFE.

>> US national debt of US$27 trillion and rising. <<

Like I said, when you owe $1000 to your lender, you have a problem. When you owe million and millions, YOUR LENDER is the one with the scary scary problem. Your lender will do whatever it take not to see you fail. Because if you fail, they are the ones who lose BIGTIME. 😂

Trump has the luxury of scolding and insulting the Chinese, because the USA owes China TOO MUCH MONEY. China will not do silly things to fuck themselves up, and take them back 30 or so years. USA and China are "married" to each other...for better or worse, for richer or poorer This in itself, is FUCKING 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓭𝔂 𝓖𝓸𝓵𝓭 😹👍🏾

P.S. I consider the field of economics to be a bunch of hypotheses and models which ATTEMPT TO DESCRIBE what the fuck is actually going on...and it does so with MIXED RESULTS.

Those readers who are fans of Nicholas Nasim Taleb will "get it". At the end of the day, if you really believe you are RIGHT... put your money where your mouth is, and see how you fair. Otherwise theory is just theory, and anyone can make maths look like something "legitimate" is going on, when actually it is just nonsense. (or noise)

Matilah Economics? said...

@ Matilah eCONomics or eKONomics 1.20pm
>>>>> Otherwise theory is just theory, and anyone can make maths look like something "legitimate" is going on, when actually it is just nonsense. (or noise)<<<<<

If Economic is "nonsense", then can you tell that to your boss whoever they are be it botak, or catfish or keechiu?

According to Matilah, Economics = "nonsense" => Economists = "Rubbish"?

So those bankers who hire whole army/ team of economists must be siao ting tong?

And the educators who set Economics as a compulsory contrasting subject in JCs need go IMH get their kepala examined?

So who is right?

Matilah or the bankers?

Matilah or his boss(es)?

Matilah or the educators?

Matilah or the market?

Matilah or Harvard's Economics dept?

Matilah or LSW (who holds a PhD in Economics)?

Is Economics really "nonsense" as stated by Matilah @ 1.20pm in (inerasable) black and white?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "triggered" 207,

Wah, cry baby ah? Ooh aren't you the touchy, sensitive one today. 🤣😂

Eh cheebye brain, just my opinion lah. Relax and jerk off on your macro lah 😆

PS: put your money where your mouth is. I do. I don't win all the time.

Matilah - Matilah Singapura!!! said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️August 02, 2018 2:28 pm
>>>>>@ "triggered" 207,

Wah, cry baby ah? Ooh aren't you the touchy, sensitive one today.<<<<<

Ad hominem argument!

Character assasination/ personal attack!!

Totally not addressing any point im discussion!!!

Failed (BIG TIME)!!!!!

Next, pls ...

Anonymous said...

Just continue to print fiat money! They have done that for decades! It still works like a charm!

Americas infrastructures eg bridges, highways, hydro-electric dams, electrical structures, sewage systems etc are in very bad shape and it has been estimated that to rebuild them would cost a few trillion US$. Rebuilding their own homeland infrastructure is already so costly and unaffordable. At the moment they are basically doing 'patch and pray' remedial action. Where can they find the money to spend helping others in similar straits?

America is now an empire in decline amidst all the denials, and Trump is still trying very hard to make America great again, attempting to arouse patriotism by crowing loudly, standing on the dung heap.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Uncle Chua!

b said...

Actually both of them are controlled by group of bankers. They want to make them fight each other so they take on more debts and interest rate goes up and then bankers laughing all the way while the people of both countries worked until they die. Divide and rule strategy. Debt is dangerous, evil, bad and terrible.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Pompeo's offer of a tiny aid package of S$154 million by Uncle Sam won much derision and disbelief. It is hardly a game changer. Trump has tried military intimidation and political arm-twisting to reconfigure a US-centred world order with little success. Trade war has failed to crush China nor reduce world trade so far. Now Trump wants to impose tariffs of 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. China is forced to retaliate. This escalation may plunge mankind into a modern version of the medieval Dark Age unless there is a U-turn by Uncle Sam and a stubborn Trump returns to the negotiating table.

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

Trump's primary target is China. The US's primary target has been China since the end of World War II.

Previously, it was USSR but after disintegrating USSR by using Gorbachev, who was actually a double-agent like Puttin, the next target was China.

In order to be the World's ONLY Super Power, to rule the Whole world on behalf of Hitler, the US must do whatever it takes to weaken both Russia and China.

Trump's mother was a Scotish but Trump's father was a German Jew. Like Angela Merkel, Trump also has Nazi blood.

Angela Merkel is actually Hitler's daughter. She is now one of the most powerful human beings on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8. More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach.

Trump's grandfather worked for Hitler.

So, you see the connections?

Mat Salah said...

"Made in China 2025" is the cause of USA pressing the panic button. It is trying ways and means to prevent China from becoming too big for her own good.

Anonymous said...

I dont like Trump, but Merkel is Hitler daughter makes me laugh and laugh.
Spare the Jews also lah. Just too many people are jealous of their brilliance as a race & tiny nation. Anyone can cook up a story to blame the Jews for any ill in any part of the world....it had just been part of any narrative that lost its plot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 245

Ad hominem argument!

Wow! I'm not impressed but surprised. Someone's been boning up on The Socratic method and Logical Fallacies 😜 Steady lah..

>> Character assasination/ personal attack!! <<

Guilty as charged! 🕺👯‍♂️

>>Totally not addressing any point im discussion!!! <<

Totally! 🙉

>> Failed (BIG TIME)!!!!! <<

🤓 Er, no. This is an exaggeration, which in this case is a cognitive distortion on your part...i.e. you have overstated/ over estimated the degree of "fail".

For e.g. an example of a "big time fail" is the apparent lack of security prior to departure in the missing MH flight case.

My ad hominem cannot be a "big time" fail. It is actually a very small time fail, because this is a small time blog and none of the "small timers" here are really "making a difference" to the state of human existence. Fucking hell, they can't even deal with their own CPF-PonziScheme government for fucks sake. Small timers with internet connections. 🤣

>> Next, pls ...

After you...please (occasionally, I am a polite and charming chap) 😇

Anonymous said...

Matilar, can one still go to st Kilder at Melbourne for fun? U used to go there right? What is the cost now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to digress from Mr RB topic, but very perturbed to note one Bangla foreign worker robber takes so many days to catch, some more with help from a tipster.

2 million foreigners here in our midst - a ticking security time bomb! (Remember Little India riots??)

Anonymous said...

Without the tip, how? Liak boh kiu?

I just wonder what are the true purpose of all the security cameras in lifts, void decks, bus stops, shopping centres and around every nook and corners for!

Most escaped criminals, like Mas Selamat, were finally captured by neighbours up North and down South, and they were supposed to have inferior security standards compared to our first world police force. And we talked about becoming a smart nation?

Guess it is all fart and no substance, like the 'goal 2010', 'Swiss standard of living' and 'more good years'.

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

Population of Sinkingland (or Sin-King-Land) is now 6 million. But at any one time, there are another 1.2 million tourists (or people on tourist pass, some of them are actually prostitutes). So, in terms of total number of people on the island, at any one time, is 7.2 million - exceeding the targeted 6.9 million. That's why LHL said 6.9 million was for planning purposes only. What he really meant was that the population would be increased to not less than 6.9 million people.

The hidden target is actally 8 to 10 million.

That means local Singaporeans will comprise 3 million (only 2.2 million are eligible to vote). New citizens would be 3 million (all eligible to vote). The other 2 to 4 million would be PRs and people in work permits of various forms (excluding people on tourist pass).

That would also mean, in time to come, New Citizens .would easily out-vote local Singapore-born Singaporeans by 12%.

That spells troubles, grave troubles, in the future.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, here u go again posting nonsense. Time to get your medicine to be sodomized.😰