The best Asean Meeting held in Singapore

The three day Asean Foreign Ministers Meeting and Summit with the big powers just ended. The happiest man was Vivian Balakrishnan. He was so pleased with how the meetings went that he announced in the press briefing that this was the best and least quarrelsome meeting Asean ever conducted in recent years. The big powers bickering and fighting were left to themselves to fight with Asean remaining on the sideline as non participants, absolutely neutral, and Singapore being a small country, played the role of an honest broker, not taking sides, not acting as proxy for any big powers.

Why was it that the last few Asean meetings were so hot, so aggressive and unfriendly and so heated? Anyone wants to give the answer?

Asean was set up by the founding fathers to be a neutral organisation of South East Asian countries. That was the key principle of Asean. But in recent years, not this recent meeting, Asean meetings were like a boxing match for he big powers with Asean countries taking sides and some Asean countries arrogantly stood up as proxies for the big powers. Asean neutrality was like a ghost of the past, forgotten. The proxies were so proud to play their role to provoke and agitate for the big power masters, taking sides and firing at other big powers, acting like braggarts and hooligans.

This recent meeting is a big change. The little proxies somehow did not do what they did best, behaving like barking dogs of big powers. This time they meekly stood on the side lines. Without these monkeys jumping up and down at the biddings of the big powers, the big powers could not do much. They could not go yelling around like the little monkeys used to do. See, big men knew that behaving badly is bad. So they let the little monkeys to do such silly things, and some silly monkeys really loved their roles, punching above their weights, to punch at big powers.

They punched and punched until they kena blue black instead of the big powers. So they wise up this time, and play low key. So the meeting became more proper for serious discussions with a little bit of chest thumping but not going too wild.  Instead of mischievous rhetoric, many things were done and achieved in this meeting.

Let's hope future Asean Meetings would be just as polite and respectful without the little monkeys jumping all over the place. As long as Asean remains neutral it is easy to take a common position and he big powers would have no leverage to stir shit and turn Asean Meetings into a circus for their private agenda.


Anonymous said...

Knn u are right man. As Long as little monkeys don't punch above their weight, all is well.

Virgo49 said...

They now felt the Heat between the rivalaries of the Big Boys.

When Elephants made Wars, the Grass suffered the most.

Now, they saw the REAL Ugly Faces and Arid Odour of the Americans.

Hello, ASEAN don't need One Hundred Over Miserable M illions from now a Papuer Nation for what's Defence against an imaginery Super Belligerent Power.

Also, the Non-Threatening Posture of the Chinese.

So, they woke up.Hope Sinkies also woke up to see the REAL Faces and Bad Odour of the Papers.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN members can jump till their dicks drop on behalf of the big warmongering powers, but when the shit hits the fan, it is they who will suffer.

China plans ahead by developing new trade routes far north, just in case the Straits of Malacca becomes a difficult channel to navigate, if ASEAN leans too far towards the West.

The fucking MSM has just made another fake news that China is becoming too hot to be liveable. What kind of fucking stupid study is that? China has existed far longer than the evil empire through all kinds of disasters. They have even reclaimed lands from encroaching deserts and used them for farming. What has the West been doing? Conducting more wars and destroying the environment with chemical weapons used on the sly.

There were heat waves killing hundreds in Japan and elsewhere as well, but why are these countries not singled out for liveability? What is the motive of the Western MSM for targeting China? They want to put down everything when it comes to China, even using climate fear mongering. Who is behind all this?

Anonymous said...

If Trump is the last President of USA and Francis is the last pope of the Catholic Church, it must mean the end of this cycle of human existence is ending.

It is time for a reboot, what with all the greed, hatred and weapons of mass destruction created by mankind. It can only lead to extinction, what else?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The 3-day ASEAN meeting hosted by Singapore ended with Asian countries expressing concern over Sino-American trade war and protectionism. The meeting called for the setting up of the 16-nation RCEP to be expedited. Uncle Sam will be excluded as RCEP favours free trade. TPP will be no match when China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and NZ team up with ASEAN to form RCEP. Hence this year's meeting was less acrimonious as Uncle Sam was unable to stir shit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha Virgo, you also know that the Americans are paupers. I actually wrote a piece on that. Will post it in a few days time, or maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

China must not trust EU countries and Canada as well, as these countries are double headed snakes. The whites will always support the whites and China must still watch it's back, even with all the talk of EU countries wanting to increase trade with China in the wake of the trade war with the USA.

When push comes to a shove by the evil empire, the EU may turn around to bite China hard. The USA is already sowing the seeds of division by talking about exemption of some products of certain EU countries from the tariffs, and this is going to turn the picture of EU/China trade relations upside down.

All is well with the RCEP without the USA. The problem is, will the USA try using hardball tactics to scuttle the grouping in time to come? This grouping favouring free trade runs counter to the tariff war between USA and China, and gives China and the rest of the group, affected by the tariff war, some manner of relief, which the USA will surely not like. It is akin to breaking the USA sanctions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

ASEAN are definitely not neutral. None of them like what China's doing in the South China Sea...among other things.

Despite the "polite tone", ASEAN is most definitely pro USA. But because they have NO BALLS to blatant "pick a side" and commit to their conviction, they adopt a position of acquiescence when it comes to China to not "rock the boat" and upset the Dragon.

Useless dickheads lah. Forever they'll be pawns of the USA. ASEAN are a bunch of America's satellite states whose governments kow tow like "nice little Asians" to Washington, so that Global Cop will 6 protect them, and the US Federal Reserve will do favorable things for their debt, and their economies.

RB is writing a piece about the broke-ass Americans. I'm going to counter with the Fed. When you have the world's money, you have the ground.

People have hated the US dollar dominance for DECADES... ever since the end of WW1. Many attempts have been made to up end this "monopoly", so far unsuccessfully.

Anonymous said...

Asian nations, except India, are all fed up with the US.

b said...

"China must not trust EU countries and Canada as well" -

Its always difficult to trust someone with debts especially those with so much debts. Those with debts are all controlled by bankers. Their goals are to make them end up with more debts so they can control them - the politicians and the people. Debt is dangerous, evil, bad and terrible. Debt should be banned.

b said...

The only country that can punch is Russia. No debts and so the bankers are angry with them and try all means to sanction them.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 13:3 (for small nations)

"He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction."

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of VB!

Dont play play!

VB has PM quality.

How about VB for the next PM?

Yes! The next PM! The next PM!


Anonymous said...

Venezuela leader 'survives drone attack'

Who wants him dead? The main suspect is Dotard Trump.

There would probably be reciprocal consequences in the near future. Just watch the Next Change.

Anonymous said...

2.24pm, be careful not to cross the line in your posting.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:32 pm,

Cross what line? Green Line, White Line, Black Line, Red Line or the Maginot Line?

Are you the owner of this blog? If not, who the fucks you think you are?

Anonymous said...

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