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These talking points is a follow up and continuation on the subject on Sunday, 5th of August, 2018

Christianity and Islam

With the advent of Jesus Christ a new religion , Christianity was founded  It is based on the teachings of Jesus who is claimed by his followers to be the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. In other words Christians claim that God appear in three forms and Jesus embodies being the Father, the Son as well as the Holy Spirit. Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it has historically been hijacked by the Jews as its own God and who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and are bestowed with all the blessings above others. Christianity the teachings of Jesus Christ was first proliferated by his disciples Peter and Paul and the religion spread to Rome, the Roman Empire and Greece. Christianity in the Roman Empire was known as the Roman Catholics and all Christians including kings and emperors in different parts of Europe were under the orders of the Holy See the government of the Roman Catholics in Rome under the charge of the Pope the head priest of the Catholics. All temporal powers and the people's  social life events and affairs come under the overseer or supervision of the Pope whose spiritual powers transcends those of the temporal powers of the ruling kings and queens and emperors, prince and princess. Soon the Catholic church indulged actively in carrying out missionary work when their priests travel far and wide to distant lands to convert non Christians known as heathens to Christianity. The dark side of the missionary work was that usually the missionaries were accompanied by the merchants and the military who indulged in force conversion and with negative consequence of occupying and colonizing non-believers lands.


Islam which  was founded by prophet Mohammad almost six hundred fifty years after Jesus Christ  and Christianity is based on the teachings of Mohammad in his book the Koran and his followers are known as muslims. As mentioned previously the tenets of Islam bear resemblance to the teachings of the Christian Holy Bible of the Old Testament and its monotheistic god is known as Allah which is also mentioned in the Old Testament. Like the earlier Catholic Christians Mohammad and his followers went on a wild rampage to spread Islam through both persuasion and by the might of the military to force conversion to Islam. As years gone by Islam spread very fast to almost all of Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Southern Europe in Kosovo, Spain and Portugal. The two militant religions Christianity and Islam soon crossed each others path in a catastrophic trajectory of life and death struggle for supremacy.

This contest for centuries between the European Christians and the Arabic muslims for supremacy has its everlasting negative ill effects on every country in this world. The European Christians have hijacked the militant Christian religion for their own political agenda of aggression and conquest. Similarly the Arab muslims hijacked Islam to serve the same chronic political agenda of force conversion, aggression and conquest.

Both the European Christians and the Arabic Muslims claim to be fighting for the love of their Gods. The European Christians have ever since been fighting in the name and honour of Jesus Christ while the Arab muslims have been fighting in the name of Mohammad and in honour of their God Allah.

The question now is are these two religions both surreal for good of mankind or have the European ( white Americans as well) followers of Christianity and the Arab followers of Islam perverted the two religions to serve their own selfish political interest and ego to the detriment of others. Are all the present ills and troubles in this world, the chaos, instabilities, aggressions and wars the result of these wild unholy contests between these two highly charged incompatible religions. Have the two religions brought more peace than wars, killings, genocide and destruction to this world after their advent or arrival or rather the reverse more of the latter. The white American christians have since the last hundred years taking over the vanguard to further rape, kill , murder, assassinate,genocide and destroy many other non christian countries. It seems such wanton callous American wars of aggression are not going to stop anytime soon. The free world must prepare for a long struggle against the savage ungodly white Americans. Netizens are encouraged to contribute their views on these talking points.


Monday, 6th August,2018


Anonymous said...

The true christianity of Jesus Christ was hijacked by the Roman govt & institutionalised as the Catholic religion. Christianity as recorded in the Holy Bible is fundamentally very different from the Catholic religion for eg:
1. Its about the kingdom of heaven n never about earthly kingdoms of man.
2. Its about a Person & never about rituals & sacrifices or control of people.
3. Its is based on the teachings n examples of Christ n to believe & follow Him n not anyone else including church institutions or any human including the Pope.
Given the standards of to love n do good against those who do evil to you n that sin is of the heart n way above that of physical acts, it just prove that very few people are true christians, true believers n followers of Christ. Indeed the road is straight n narrow and few find it. Jesus Christ said many who professed Him do not belong to Him in the Day of judgment.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The greatest fallacy that everybody must accept blindly concerns religion. The premise that religious faith is vulnerable and requires legislation to protect is pure holy shit. Salman Rushdie was threatened with death for his "Satanic Verses". X'tians were ordered to boycott Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code". There is not much difference between such books and holy ones. The former are modern fiction while the latter are ancient fiction.

b said...

Jesus most important teachings were ''love (respect) the lord'' and ''love (respect) one another''. At that time the roman emperor needed something to unite his people so he opted for christ teachings. He was a pagan but realised that christanity can unite his people. Roman still fell because he did not understand Jesus teachings.

b said...

After the fall of roman, the world was further divided into catholics, islam, protestants, communists, etc. Divide and rule still prevails. ITs the only way the bankers can make lots of profits.

Anonymous said...

/// Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it has historically been hijacked by the Jews as its own God and who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and are bestowed with all the blessings above others. ///

Dear readers.
I suggest you better fact check the above paragraph.

Who came first?
The Jews or the Christians?

Anonymous said...

Crusaders and jihadists are mass murderers. Killing thousands of innocent people in the name of god is a crime. The path to heaven is strewn with corpses slain by religious fanatics.

Anonymous said...

/// Both the European Christians and the Arabic Muslims claim to be fighting for the love of their Gods. ///

Dear readers.
Again, please fact check.

Do Christians and Muslims pray to the same God?



Anonymous said...

Do Christians and Jews pray to the same God?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ sothernglory

Methinks your dichotomy of Chrisitanity-Islam is far too broad. It fails to take into account the schisms and factionalisation within those faiths.

For e.g.: there are over 40,000 denominations of Christianity but the Roman Catholic Church claims that only they are the "one true Church".

The divide between Sunni and Shia Islam is the mother of all divisions. It is one of the primary causes of unrest in the Middle East---i.e. beyween the 2 "Big Dogs"---Iran (Shia---backed by Russia) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni--backed by the USA).

Recall, the failed USSR invasion of Afghanistan. The Taliban/ Mujahideen were ~90% Sunni. The 10% or so Shia mujahideen were supported by Iran.

Alliances in the Muslim world shift, especially when they are fighting a common enemy---like the USSR in Afghanistan and the USA...all over the rest of the world ;-)

Religious belief is "sticky" because we are natural-born "dualists"---i.e. very much prone to superstituous thinking. Even the most "rational" amongst us are prone to "magical thinking". e.g.: Linus Pauling, a Nobel Laureat and for all intents a brilliant scientist had "magical beliefs" in the virtues of Vitamin C, especailly in HIGH doses. That myth is still very much alive today. You can buy Mega Doses of Vitamin C off the shelves, even in 7-11's.

To this date, after decades of studies and testing, there is NO EVIDENCE that the claims made by Vitamin C pundits are actually true.

So if smart, rational people are prone to strong beliefs, which alter their thinking and behaviour, you can sorta get a picture why religion has been so successful in "infecting" the minds of most people on earth.

Whilst the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism and Hinduism appear to be the most robust, understand that they are mixtures of many ideas which came before.

Also bear in mind that 99% of all the religions and dieties have long gone...every culture had them...all sorts of gods. goddesses, angels, demons, part-animal part human, monsters, spirits, ghosts...every manner of mystical belief that are now defunct.

Religions are successful too because they bring people together...like tribal herding. As social animals we are driven to "belong". The visiccitudes, and often terrifying aspects of our experience of existence brings people together because facing these as part of a group brings some comfort.

Life is unpredictable. Religious belief gives believers something ABSOLUTE and UNCHAGEABLE for them to anchor to.

I used to be a card-carrying, outspoken atheist. Ever since Trump came into office, I have resigned from all the Aussie and international atheist organisations I used to be active in. The atheist community has gone down the shitter...and they are now MORE ANNOYING than the religious believers. The atheist movement now is hell bent on demonising and attacking Trump to the point of being boring. So I've flipped them off. Next to go are the skeptics...another movement I was so active in. They've become political now...so I'm making my exit.

These folks preach their gospel of "critical thinking"...but within thses movements lately, there is a sad paucity of that critical thinking they so loudly proclaimed.

There's nothing quite like POLITICS to fuck up any worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

/// Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it has historically been hijacked by the Jews as its own God and who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and are bestowed with all the blessings above others. ///

Dear readers.
I suggest you better fact check the above paragraph.

Who came first?
The Jews or the Christians?
August 06, 2018 12:17 pm

The bible said, do not misinterpret the bible. I am your God, the God of Israel.

Now who hijacked who's God? The Jews hijacked the Christian God, the Christian hijacked the Jewish God, or the Gentiles hijacked the God of Israel to be their universal God? Supposed to be universal God? According to who?

Anonymous said...

Limpeh kali kong.
I am your Founding Father.
The Universal Father for all Singaporeans.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Religion is the opium of the people declared Karl Marx. It provides psychological ballast for gullible sheep who blindly believe that there is an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Superman living in the sky and waiting to answer millions of prayer from the good, the bad and the ugly.

Chronicle said...

There was the God of Is-Real (not bluff) who, according to the Bible is supposed to be the Universal God. Only One God. But the natural things in the Universe tells us that everthing has multiple dimensions and multiple formations. The most basic of all things is duality, not one - yin and yang, 0 and 1, positive and negative, male and female, etc. Therefore, whoever started the concept that there is only ONE God has no basis whatsoever. It was merely a tool to enforce obedience.

After the Jews, came Roman Catholics that became too powerful for their own good. As a result, the Protestant Movements arose, led by the King of England. These are now known generally as Christians.

Then came the Mohammedans, who founded Islam, whose followers are now called Muslims. The Muslims are divided into 73 sects. 72 of the 73 sects are said to be false and they together comprise only 10% of the Muslim World. The remaining one single sect comprises 90% of the Muslim World - which follows the Koran and Hadiths - known as the Sunni Sect.

Then there are Eastern Religions that existed thousands of years before the invention of Judaism, Roman Catholics, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Buddhism is more than 5000 years old.

Taoism is more than 6,000 years old.

Hinduism is more than 7,000 years old.

Tantraism is more than 10,000 years old.

Animalism is the oldest of all religions, besides the worshipping of the Sun and Moon, and Aliens.

All forms of religious doctrines come from the Human mind. None of them come from an invisible God.

All forms of religion derive its existence from the concept of FEAR.

FEAR is therefore the One and Only God that makes people behave in certain ways.

Therefore, whichever relgion you believe in, the ONE that controls your behaviour is your own FEAR! Not the imaginary God or Gods, Angels, Satan, etc.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is protected by a Zombie.
Who will rise up from the dead, whenever he senses something is wrong in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

When a dead body has been cremated, it turned into ashes. Ashes cannot become a zombie.

The only one who can rise up from the ashes is Count Dracula. But his ashes must be infused with the blood of a virgin. Nevertheless, the whole story is fictitious. Therefore, in truth, nobody can arise from the ashes. Not even a Phoenix (the story of which is also fiction).

Some people may want to assert that Jesus rose from the dead. The fact is that nobody ever saw him rose from the dead. His dead body, according to the Bible, simply disappeared. How it disappeared no one knows till today. A few days after his body disappeared, two of his disciples claimed that they saw his apparition, probably was the hallucinations caused by severe stress due to shock, sadness, hopelessness, despair and lack of sleep. So they put two and two together and assumed that Jesus rose from the dead. There is no way anyone can verify the speculation then. There is simply no evidence available. There is only a BELIEF that he rose from the dead. All sensible people must be clear that a BELIEF is not the same as TRUTH.

Before Galileo discovered that the Earth is round, everyone BELIEVED that the Earth was FLAT. Galileo was persecuted by the Church for proving that the Earth is round. Such is the danger of BELIEF. One can be believing in something for a very long time but that does not mean it is true. Without indisputable facts to prove, all BELIEVES are just that, BELIEVES! Nothing more, nothing less.

b said...

Actually the original universal one super God was created to unite the people so they do not fight among themselves and behave in a civilised manner. Unfortunately, bankers are very creative and created many versions of God and beliefs to make people fight among themselves so they can profit hugely.

b said...

Every upside is a downside, Every yin is a yang. Religion is a double edge sword. It can unite but can also divide. In the hands of the wise, it is a powerful tool that can unite the world into a peaceful one. In the hands of the dumb, it is a powerful tool that divide the world up and caused many wars, hardships and sufferings.

Chronicle said...

@ August 07, 2018 9:05 am:

"Actually the original universal one super God was created to unite the people so they do not fight among themselves and behave in a civilised manner. Unfortunately, bankers are very creative and created many versions of God and beliefs to make people fight among themselves so they can profit hugely."

Actually before the creation of the One God concept the main belief for many thousand years was that there were many Gods.

Actually, the creation of the One Super God was no meant to unite the people but to subjugate the people under one man's rule - I.e. the Priest (which still continues today, but known as the Pope for Catholics, as the Arch-Bishop for Christians, etc.).

The cunning man, whose aim was to con the people and rule over them, started writing Genesis. If you read Genesis with today's knowledge, you can immediately discover that it can only be written by a person who had serious lack of knowledge about the true nature of things in the whole Universe. It definitely cannot be the "words of God'!

In fact, each and every book in the Bible has numerous serious flaws that cannot be reconciled.

If God is Perfect the he would not have left so many imperfections and contradictions in his works.

If God is All-Knowing, then he would have known the future.

If God is All-Mighty, then he would have overcome Satan, and Lucifer, and ALL opponents.

If God has given Man the Free Will to choose, then he should not bitch about Man not obeying him. If you have allowed me to choose something and I chose one that is not to your liking, you cannot then turn around and accuse me of not obeying you, isn't it?

If God has created Man in his own image, then God must be imperfect because Man is NOT Perfect. If you argue that the word "image" means physical attributes only, then God must be of different sizes, shapes, colours, textures, etc.

If you say that Man is imperfect but God is perfect, then you must be the Creator of both Man and God. Congratulations! You win hands down. I shall worship you as the God of God and Man.

b said...

Bible is just a collection of books. The reason is to show that there can be many perspectives but to know God, you have to understand him thru your soul. When was the last time you feel sad when you see a homeless? THose who cannot feel sad, are souless.

b said...

I do not think that the world will be a better place under non white. We know from things like bounded feet, pigs tails, burka and cannibalism. Be happy with God arrangement aka white people rule and things will come good.

Anonymous said...

The simple lives of American natives and the black Africans became hell when "god-fearing" evil white men stole their land, their women and their children. White supremacy destroyed families and perpetuated slavery of coloured people. Nukes are necessary to achieve racial parity. Luckily, the white man God let China, India, Pakistan and NK have the means to incinerate the white.