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Who and what is the cause of all troubles, instabilities, chaos, aggression and wars in this earthly world. The answer to who lies originally with the Jews and the Arabs of the Middle East and it has its roots thousands of years ago since Abraham which both the Jews and the Arabs claim to be their common ancestor. Abraham had two wives. The children  and descendants of his first wife subsequently became known as Arabs. The children and descendants of his younger wife who was also of fair complexion and original a slave or maid in the household became known as Jews. It seemed she and her children were favored by Abraham over those of his first wife. So the Arabs and the Jews are actually half brothers and half sisters. As time went by the descendants of the two wives went their separate ways and were always jealous of each other and  in everlasting feuds and quarrels. The Arabs became polytheist and worship many gods and idols. The Jews based their religious belief on Judaism which is based on the bible of the Old Testament and the Talmud, a collection of ancient Jewish laws and tradition for religious and social matters. The central belief of Judaism is that God is the creator of all things and the source of all righteousness.

The Jews were wanderers and travelled afar to found many semitic tribes also known as Hebrews. But wherever they may be the Jews were always more united by their religious belief in Judaism.The Arabs were great multipliers and also founded separate Arabic tribes. However the Arabic tribes tend to be more disunited perhaps  it could be due to the contention of their believe in separate different Gods and idols.

As time went by the Arabs observed that the Jews stayed very cohesive and united despite of being persecuted by the Egyptians and later by the Romans. One of the leaders of the Arabic tribes by the name of Mohammad observed that Jewish unity was due to their central and common believe in one God. It seemed Mohammad was determined to unite all the Arabic tribes. To do this he had to destroy the Arab practice of politheism and convert them to believe in only one God. monotheism. He took ideas from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and wrote a religious doctrinaire book called the Koran, the ideas of which are more or less similar to the teachings propounded in the Old Testament. Armed with the Koran he went on a warpath to convert all Arabs to worship only one God, Allah. With that the rest is all history.

The above brief discourse whether it is true or not I do not know for I too heard it and read it from different sources. So please contribute your view points to the discussion.


Christianity and Islam

With the advent of Jesus Christ a new religion , Christianity was founded  It is based on the teachings of Jesus who is claimed by his followers to be the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. In other words Christians claim that God appear in three forms and Jesus embodies being the Father, the Son as well as the Holy Spirit. Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it was hijacked by the Jews who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and bestowed with all the blessings above others. Christianity the teachings of Jesus Christ was first proliferated by his disciples....to be cont...



Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Richard Dawkins in "The God Delusion" said it all so well. The God of the Old Testament is the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous, vindictive, misogynistic, etc. The assumption that polytheism to monotheism is a progression has provoked Ibn Warraq who wrote "Why I am not a Muslim" to wittily remarked that monotheism is in turn doomed to subtract one more god to become atheism.

Anonymous said...

Religion is the mother of crusades and holy wars. The more religious people become, the more fanatic they become.

b said...

Jesus was killed by Jews thru the hands of Romans. How many were indirectly killed by bankers thru wars, debts and lies?

Anonymous said...

/// Armed with the Koran he went on a warpath to convert all Arabs to worship only one God (monotheism), Allah. With that the rest is all history. ///

If monotheism is a logical improvement over polytheism;
What is the next logical improvement ???

Atheism (no God)

Anonymous said...

What are eternal truths?

"If you destroyed all the religious and science books tomorrow.
In one thousand years, only the science books will be back exactly the same.
Because the tests will always turns out the same.

Those religious books would either never come back to existence OR they’d be totally different.
Because there is no test."

Source: Ricky Gervais (One minute video)


Chronicle said...

The ONLY Ruler in the Universe is Impermanence.

The ONLY Law in the Cosmos is the Law of Change.

The ONLY form of Existence is Sentient Beings.

The ONLY Race on Earth is the Human Race.

The ONLY Religion on Earth is Truth.

The ONLY Truth is Emptiness (Quantum Void).

The ONLY Emptiness is Within YOU, not Outside.


The ONLY Consciousness is CONSCIENCE!

Anonymous said...

National Day - Venezuela's President Maduro Targeted In Assassination Attempt Using Explosive Drones


Anonymous said...

@ 2.34pm

There is one more impt aspect that you omitted.

The only thing that yew can bring with yew when the day comes is the good or bad karma yew did while alive.

Yew can't bring all the billions in the bank accounts even if yew are a multi-billionaire or own tens of properties!

There is one saying that the silliest and most pathetic people are those who spent their whole lives accumulating more and more billions which they can't spend and bcos $$$ is not easy to make in this world, often the billions and millions are earned through some form of unfair or unethical tactics such as Li Car Chink who monopolises many businesses and thus possess massive amount of market power to set prices very high and exploit the masses for max profit and also others like the 2BDM 32-year old fugitive who is valued with net worth at almost US$2 Billion.

To be very very rich often means the rich are very very poor in their hearts?

When yew die, can yew bring anything with yew along (except the good or bad karma accumulated while alive)?

$$$ is impt in life but not to the extent yew need to do nasty things to others just so that yew have tens of houses and countless $$$ in the bank ...?

Like that instead of smart yew become stupid? Yew make many enemies for your offspring for every marginal $ yew accumulate and beyond marginal benefit = marginal cost, the total benefits diminishes for every additional $ earned?

There are some rich pple in sinkingland who stay in big good class bungalows (those with land area 15,100 sf and above and located at 24 exclusive gazetted precints) but purposely owe $$$ to pple who provide them services or some products and find all means to avoid payment, even in paltry sum of one to two hundred $$$ also try to avoid payment??? Ask them for payment they ask you in turn for bank account details then after a few months and repeated reminders, payment still not made even for a couple of hundreds? But hor in front of their bungalows can park a few flashy cars Lamborghini, Masakrati, Fearralee ..... If pay by cheque also purposely write sthg wrong so bank won't clear cheque.

But the worst are central bankers when they print huge amount of $$$ in the trillions? That is worst than taxes cos all the fiat $$$ will drop in value in their purchasing power? When they secretly print $$$ money while the folks are asleep at nite, the $$$ the folks have in the bank shrink by certain percentage in real value cos the same dollar overnite can buy less goods &/ or services?

Anonymous said...

Title: "Talking Points and View Points in Perspectioves"

Spelling error ...

Anonymous said...

Typo Error still not detected, therefore not corrected. Or perhaps, it's a new word? A combination of Perspiration and Perspective?

Anonymous said...

esm statement of pay not enough can be
countered by saying"so how much do you want then sg citizen living will be better then."

1980s Voodoo Economics? said...

///When they secretly print $$$ money while the folks are asleep at nite, the $$$ the folks have in the bank shrink by certain percentage in real value cos the same dollar overnite can buy less goods &/ or services?///

When Dotard asks his (appted) CB to print $$$ to buy their short term T-bills, mid term T-notes and lo(oooooo)ng term T-bonds so as to cover the tax revenue shortfall for his (so called Voodoo Economics - last time George Bush Snr said one during election campaign about Ronald Reagan so called Supply-Side tax cut policy in the 1980s) tax cut as well as pump priming spending to upgrade crumpling infrastructure, sinkingkies probably would kena "robbed" too cos SGD closely "shadowed" USD in the international mkt (via the SGD NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) Band "mechanism")?

Tax cut proponents often used dynamic scoring as validation of their policy but empirically often the benefits are overestimated by more than a mile?

Over the next few years, with the projected likely "massive BD", Dotard appted CB (in Feb this year replacing Janet Yellen) might restart QE or expansionary OMO again?

Fall in revenue from tax cut policy is almost immediate but the benefits are supposedly ONLY visible in the lo(oooooo)ng run?

So in the short run, how would Dotard "plug" the "BD black hole"?

Anonymous said...

Btw, in case some readers are not conversant in some of the Economic acronym, below is a short legend (for the acronyms used in the above comment):

a) CB - Central Banker (the current Chairman of the FED - Jerome Powell who succeeded previous chair Janet Yellen. The previous two were the famously dubbed helicopter Ben (Ben Bernanke) and the Oracle (Alan Greenspan);

b) BD - Budget Deficit (currently at US$800 million per year but likely to go way above US$1 trillion in the coming next few FYs);

c) QE - Quantitative Easing (量化宽松 in Chinese or rather Japanese Kanji bcos this "QE" term originated from Japanese Economic Gurus but unfortunately "QE" didn't really work for them despite them being the pioneer in this unconventional monetary policy. The current Japanese PM economic policy of 3 arrows aka Abenomics constitutes "QE" as one of the 3 arrows). This policy essentially prints $$$ to buy certain category of financial assets from the secondary market (but a spade is still a spade and thus an indirect form of monetization of (government) debt);

d) OMO - Open Market Operation (some may mistake it to be one-man-operation). Essentially it is a monetary tool used by central banks to influence interest rate via the money supply. An expansionary OMO entails injecting massive liquidity into the financial market and thus jacking up the money supply. Based on the liquidity preference theory, as interest rate falls, the quantity demanded of $$$, ie, preference for $$$ (cash) increases.

Hope the above is useful for some of the readers in msn.

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ...

"b) BD - Budget Deficit (currently at US$800 million per year but likely to go way above US$1 trillion in the coming next few FYs)"

Should be US$800 billion, not million

Thucydides Prophesy? said...

//Who and what is the cause of all troubles, instabilities, chaos, aggression and wars in this earthly world.//

Power and dominance?

If "Made in China 2025" succeeds, the west is one step closer to losing their domination of the world?

So China needs to be disrupted (at all costs)?

Anonymous said...

//So please contribute your view points to the discussion.//

The west disrupting the world is nothing new? They have been doing so since the 1500s? They are lazy? Look how fat and obese most yankees are? In Europe, they live good lives and enjoy up to 2 months holidays per year? But they also want the cake and eat it?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ...


Anonymous said...

the downfall of a company,is when
workers pretend to b deaf and dump.

Virgo 49 said...

Now on NHK commeration ceremony of the Hiroshima Bombings. Speeches of the Horrors of the Nuclear Arsenals.

Why in the first place, they must refered or pointed fingers at the North Korea for the denuclearization???

Why no one has the guts to tell the Americans and the Rest WHO also processed these Arsenals to denuclearize and signed the NON-PROPFILERATION of the Nuclear Treaty??

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.05

Sinkies like One Anon who used to shout: Complain so much for Fxxx??
And many anons who had already sold their Souls to the Monies Gods or Devils would be dump and deaf even the ship they are on is sinking.

They would like the PAP stooges made as much as they could before abandoning ship.

They would be deaf and dump even the Company is on a downfall.

I been terminated twice during my career been not in the deaf and dump category for trying to save the sinking Company

Those Higher Ups wanted Status Quo so as not to show their incompetence.

Their own ways to get rid of you.

Later, they also Roam The Street when I happened to chance them either the Companies were brought over and go bust.

So, to just porlong your jobs just
kept deaf and dump and eventually also got dumped or be the Maverick and got dumped earlier only to have the satisification to your True Self and Ego that you have done what's have to be done.