Singapore’s new social classes – Natural artistocrats versus 3rd,4th and 5th raters

Singaporeans have heard of the birth of a new social economic class of Singaporeans called the natural aristocrats. Knowing the background and ancestry of Singaporeans, mostly from peasant stock in southern China provinces and poor corners or India, and mostly coming here to eke a living as coolies, it has been commented by some eminent leaders that Chineses Singaporeans comes from poorer IQ stocks. Not so sure about those from the sub continent. The so called natural aristocrats are unlike the purple blood Europeans descended from royalties, also mostly descendants of peasants and coolies.

This fact does not make them feel as lesser beans as they have elevated themselves to be aristocrats, like the Europeans. Not only that, their esteemed social status has recently been given a boost and confirmation by a local academic Derek da Cunha. Cunha used the occasion of ex PAP MP Tan Cheng Bock’s appearance in a meeting with opposition leaders to press his point that the people Tan Cheng Bock were meeting were lesser beans, of 3rd, 4th or 5th rates, and Tan Cheng Bock would tarnish his reputation for being in the company of these lower rate people in our society. This is the real and unspoken secret of the natural aristocrats.

So, is this Cunha saying that Tan Cheng Bock should associate himself with the likes of Cunha, presumingly he is a 1st or 2nd rate human bean, like the natural aristocrats and politicians from the ruling parties and protect his reputation as the sikit atas people? Now, extrapolating from this premise of Cunha, the rest of the population must also be 3rd, 4th and 5th rate human beans or even lower. And associating with these low rate human beans should be avoided so as not to lower once reputation or dignity. Show show, pretending to be with them once in a while for photo shoot may be alright, but not real.

Daft Singaporeans should seriously take recognition of this social divide between the 1st and 2nd rate beans and the rest of the lower rate beans that should be kept away with a 10 foot pole. This is the unspoken truth in the Singapore society that most Singaporeans would not get to know until this 1st or 2nd rate Cunha uttered it by accident to reveal their contempt for the lower rate Singaporeans.

Of course Tan Cheng Bock disagreed. He openly said that the men and women he met and associated with from the opposition parties and their supporters were good men and women, not low raters as described by the self confessed 1st or 2nd rate Cunha. A word of caution for the low rate human beans, please keep clear of people that are of 1st and 2nd rate or you can be accused of tarnishing their reputation. And if they come to you, it is only a pretense, for they held you in contempt. They would not want to be associated with low rate people, not want to be seen to be with them.

Get the point? Yes I am talking to the low raters, the no class or low class no dignity human beans of this little red dot. Next time if you see the 1st or 2nd raters like Cunha, please siam and stay away from them.


Virgo49 said...

l have read and should have saved a list of quotes very aptly enshrined of human beings when they are in high waters and when they are in sewers after dethroned from power and when they retired from high office.

Only they themselves struggled to still make believe that they are still powerful and that other human beings still in awe of them.

Now, should have seen so many forlorn and lonely past Presidents and PMs in cuffs and shackles been thrown together with the lowest grade other prisoners.

Or before they are been thrown in, sad and lost figures.

Likewise, those who also previously held positions in other high offices.

So, lastly when you are down and out or when you are retired,you are practically a Fark off NOBODY.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

A modified form of the caste system will be introduced if Cunha is allowed to have his way. The haves will become the aristocrats while the have-nots will become the dalits. Class discrimination is abhorrent and will have an adverse effect on society. Cunha pouring scorn on Dr Tan and the Opposition members is an indication of poor upbringing. His pedigree has to be called into question. He is a slave.

Anonymous said...

Rb, my ancestors were ruling officials from China so may be I am from higher class but I voted for the opposition. I think the dude is likely correct as 70% are from lower class and can not think leh

b said...

Actually too much power or money only makes someone feels more insecure and unhappy and they need to hide under ''aristocracy'' to make themselves feel good. So sad. Rather be a 5 rater and enjoy the simple beauty of life and nature than feeling so insecure and unhappy.

Anonymous said...

If you read the word "aristocracy" slowly and meaningfully, it should mean

" A Risk To Crazy"

So, it tells you that this group of " Natural Aristocrats" comprised people who are going crazy. Nuts!

Therefore, they are no more fit to govern the country. How can a country be governed by a group of nut cases?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

In modern market-based (to varying degrees of market "freedom"), there are essentially only 2 classes:

1. Those who create the wealth---The Productive Class---i.e. workers and entrepreneurs

2. The Unproductive Class---those who survive from the productivity of The Productive Class by redistributing portions of productive output to themselves---i.e. those who TAX and REGULATE the producers.

The Unproductive Class (political elites) are THE MINORITY . In order to do what they do, they must have POWER granted to them by THE LAW. No one would hand over their dough to them willingly and regularly unless there was a degree of COERCION from this powerful minority.

There is nothing which pleases the Political Elite more than The Productive Class fighting amongst themselves and factionalising into "workers" vs "owners". This disunity makes it easy for the Political Elites to control the ground, awarding concessions and "favours" to the factionalised producers to achieve various objectives, which entrench the power of the elites, and ensure their longevity as an all-powerful group.

If we fight amongst ourselves, The Elites win more.

The elites who derive their "revenue" from TAXATION, FEES and CHARGES---imposed by law under the authority of The State---essentially earn TAX FREE MONEY for doing sweet fuck-all---by "SFA", I mean they produce no goods or services. Any goods and services they "provide" takes away opportuity from the PRIVATE Producer Class to create more wealth.

Tax free? Yes. Take for e.g. a minister "earning" 1 million in tax money. He pays tax---say ~20%---income tax + GST aggregated, maybe a few bits in CPF. So that leaves him with ~ 800k---derived ENTIRELY from taxing the people and their businesses

Think about that!

Anonymous said...

Matilah is correct on the Political elites who are basically Economic Parasites. In little red dot these Parasites have very big shameless appetites. The even eat up the poor, the sick, the aged, the uncompetitive with their higher n higher taxes n tariffs all over n reserved for themselves the most luxurious with their hypocrisy public service.

Anonymous said...

When they breed, you bleed.

Anonymous said...

Political parasites only know how to squeeze the poor and bully the weak.

They are up there to devise ways and means to ensure the poor remain hapless, like having their CPF confiscated without recourse. That is why suicides among the elderly poor is rising, but do they care?

In Malaysia, Najib was dead sure UMNO will never fall during GE14. The opposition was then regarded as a rag tag coalition that posed little threat to UMNO. He misread the ground, relying only on feel good feedback from his subordinates.

In Sinkieland, Cunha now wants to paint the same picture of the PAP ruling forever, and the opposition not having the slightest sliver of a chance to defeat the PAP, even with a united opposition coalition in place. But they must remember, they were defeated in Hougang and Aljunied before. Nothing is impossible, but will take time and the right tipping point, like 1MDB up North.

If Cheng Bock alone can force the PAP to resort to using the race factor in the Elected Presidency, it shows that the PAP is still wary of his strong following and intention to re-enter the political arena as an opposition member, otherwise why would he meet with the leaders of the opposition parties.

So, as we have always known, before he can make a start, there will be surely be furious diggings for bones in Cheng Bock's garden and cupboards for skeletons to discredit him. Cunha has already started the ball rolling, even before the coalition takes root. When Cheng Bock makes his decision to take up the challenge, we have a show on.

Keep hoping.

Anonymous said...

It's the same idea played out everywhere, isn't it? Eg, in the office, young 'high-flyers' will converge and pool themselves together far far away from long-timers who are deemed 'undeserving of respect' (because they are not appreciated by bosses).

The divide is in the haves (have bosses on their side) and the have-nots (no support from bosses). Not new mah.

Anonymous said...

Like that PAP MP Dr Seet Ai Mee who immediately washed her hands after shaking hands with a fishmonger??

Or Grace Fu who said that ministerial salaries shouldn't be cut further otherwise aristocrats won't think it's worth the sacrifice to "serve" the nation??

Or PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak who equate low pay with no dignity??

Or Tan Chuan Jin, as Social & Family Affairs minister, saying old people collect cardboard & tin cans for exercise??

Tan Chuan Jin also said in 2015 that Manila graduates can do Singaporeans' jobs for 1/4 of their pay, & that Sinkies are too picky.

Or Vivian Balakrishnan saying that welfare must be low so that the poor need to ask nicely & not bang on table; also whether they want to eat in restaurant?!?!

Or Lim Swee Say, as Manpower minister, telling graduates in 2016 don't be choosy in jobs??

Plenty of other ministers with same mindset & attitudes towards Sinkies ... from their subtle body language & off the cuff remarks, "advice" to desperate people attending their MPS, speeches in parliament, regressive & usage-based taxes that affect the poor proportionately much more than the rich, and the pro-biz laws & regulations passed without vigorous debate.

The most troubling is that this mindset & DNA has also seeped into many of the sinkies ... and they parrot whatever PAP ministers & MPs say. As long they are still enjoying life, they will look down on other sinkies who are worse off than them.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Cunha is an obvious mouthpiece of the PAP. He saw the potential damage that Dr Tan could inflict on the PAP in the next GE. His derogative comment on Dr Tan was mischievous and distasteful. Currying favour with the PAP will not guaranteed him a place in the line-up as a PAP candidate in the next GE. Blowing out other people's candles does not make his shine brighter.

Anonymous said...

The trump Whites in America are targeting & bullying China, upping the tariffs to check the advancement of China.
China has become the new Soviet Union for trump America.
Why are our Lightning Whites bootlicking the trump Whites and tekanning China with the Bahihairry assualt?
Do you think CIA has money laundering evidence not only on NarJeep but PeeAmm & company?
Or our aristocrats have changed their skins from yellow to white led by a dishonorable son who refuted his father will, no-invite to siblings for CNY reunion dinner but instead used covert means to tekan them?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I think you overreacted and probably misunderstood what Derek said:

>> Dr da Cunha said: “I have analysed elections in Singapore long enough to know that you cannot underestimate the Singapore voter’s visceral distaste for a number of opposition personalities. Even a severely underperforming PAP will not move a segment of the electorate to vote against it if the alternative is truly 3rd, 4th and 5th raters.” <<

It is unfortunate that he chose the words [...] if the alternative is truly 3rd, 4th and 5th raters . There is NO REASON to impose an arbitrary hierarchy (using ordered numbers, no less!)---it is MEANINGLESS. (Question: How good is Derek at maths? Judging by his choice in words...not very good).

Anyway, can we agree that every morning Dr Tan puts on his "Big Boy Pants"? He is a full grown adult with functioning faculties...Yes? He has a track record of achievement. Yes? He has some measure of public popularity and political "celebrity". Yes?

Ok...then...how come Dr T's REPUTATION (which he achieved on his own) is anyone else's business? Dr T is not a publicly traded stock like Facebook of Twitter. When their reputations fall, so does their value, and the impact is borne by each shareholder. No, like all of us Dr T is his OWN PERSON, and quiet capable of managing his own bloody reputation. (which he has done quite well)

Derek should focus on his own reputation. And probably take a remedial course in math, and logic!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! TCB actually agrees with Cunha!!!!

If you read TCB response in FB, he STRONGLY hinted that many leaders in the current Oppo need to step down. Major revamp of Oppo parties required.

He kept saying "for the good of Singapore ... for Singapore's interests"!!!

The only Oppo person that TCB single out for praise is Paul Tambyah (who wasn't at the meeting).

In other words, TCB strongly feels that out of the current Oppo leaders, only Tambyah is worthy enough to stand for GE, and that the typical Sinkie can accept.

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

If each poor person requires $500 pm to survive, 1000 such persons require $500,000 per month or $6,000,000 per year.

If each minister's salary is reduced by $500,000 per year, 30 such ministers can provide additional fund of $15,000,000 per year.

That means, we can save 2,500 lives!

Anonymous said...

Excluding hidden bonuses n other benefits...Clean Wage..myfoot...hahaha.

b said...

Who rules also same one lah. Absolute power will eventually corrupts absolutely. No one is immune. Just learn to count blessings that no need to feel insecure and unhappy daily and can enjoy the simple things in life. Make sure to reduce debt to live a life of more freedom cos debt is evil, bad and terrible.

Anonymous said...

"REMEMBER your place in society before you engage in political debate," said ex-PAP Minister George Yeo.

"Debate cannot degenerate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party, or what the Hokkiens describe as "boh tua, boh suay".

You must make distinctions - what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below - and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion."

Yeo made it clear that people should not take on those in authority as "equals".

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck!?!?! Sinkies are low class animals. LKY was right, animals only fear the whip & stick, and sinkies must be trained like dogs.

Anonymous said...

Low-class Sinkies will never understand why the PAP elite are persuading young Sinkies not to pursue a university education while giving foreign students generous financial grants to study at Singapore universities.

Low-class Sinkies will never understand why the PAP elite allowed in millions of foreigners to work in Singapore (CECA, ASEAN Economic Community) at the expense of Sinkies' jobs and wages.

Low-class Sinkies cannot debate with high-class 4G PAP elite, else "boh tua, boh suay" !!

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of immigration into Australia is through official channels. Tony Abbott, a leading voice in the Conservative party who served as prime minister from 2013 to 2015, is advocating a more restrictive approach. He says it’s an “iron law of economics” that more supply cuts price, meaning that more new Australians leads to weak wage growth. Similarly, he says, higher demand boosts price, hence the negative impact on housing affordability.

“Plainly, more people mean more pressure on roads and public transport, as anyone trying to move around Sydney and Melbourne knows,” wrote Abbott in an opinion article published in the Australian newspaper on July 27. “We owe it to the people already here to scale back the rate of immigration considerably.”

Will Abbott speaks to the even much more aggressive PAP open-leg immigration, FT policy in Singapore for last 20 years, with frequent infrastructure cock-ups like frequent SMRT breakdowns for years?

Anonymous said...

"I Go Days Without Eating": Some Amazon Workers Left Homeless After Workplace Injuries

The new expose published over the weekend came just days after it was widely reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' net worth had eclipsed $150 billion after Amazon stock rallied to all time highs after its most recent earnings report.


What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

@ August 01, 2018 2:05 pm

The voters of Aljunied also made it clear to George Fyi that he was the FIRST to be kicked out of Authority.

God made sure he cannot remain in government!

Anonymous said...

The Israeli Air Force would rather buy more F-15 Eagle fighters than the latest and greatest F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It may be an older plane, but the F-15 apparently offers Israel more flexibility, particularly when striking its mortal enemy: Iran. Yahoo News.

But the stupid would insist on buying the newest and most expensive because they are the newest and most expensive.

Or it is because they have been coerced to buy the most expensive. No choice, master said so? Master said buy you buy. Master said die you die.

Anonymous said...

With the Trade War on-going, China can impose sanction on the sale of Rare Earth to the USAss. Without Rare Earth, the US cannot produce the F-35 with stealth capability.

So, Singapore can only but the F-35 minus its stealth capability.

Peesai Harapan said...

AnonymousAugust 01, 2018 11:24 am
/// So, as we have always known, before he can make a start, there will be surely be furious diggings for bones in Cheng Bock's garden and cupboards for skeletons to discredit him. Cunha has already started the ball rolling, even before the coalition takes root. When Cheng Bock makes his decision to take up the challenge, we have a show on.///

Perhaps such innate desire of being concern for this world, especially sinkies whose backs are to the wall or corner would elicit outpour of support if someone such as Dr Tan champions such a good cause and for many, willingly to put sacrifices/ voluntary work and nothing ask in return. Just the natural sense of justice to mitigate the sufferings of fellow beans and do (some) good together (in DEEDS/ ACTIONS and NOT words or political rhetoric).

This world especially in our own homeland (if we can still call it one), there is a need for people such as Dr Tan to lead and give the people hope, a hope aptly called Singapore Harapan!

In times of change, a leader is needed. The people's prayer (day and night) may have been answered. To make the red dot great again, the road ahead is almost certainly arduous, long and daunting. Nonetheless, historically whatever that stood in the path of a tsunami (of change) stand to be swept away into the deep blue ocean and oblivion.

Anonymous said...

So many off topics here. Never stick to the topic. Some even wanted to show off that they are more smarter than the writer. Hahaha.

Who is the farted (past tense) nobody? said...

Virgo49August 01, 2018 8:57 am
///So, lastly when you are down and out or when you are retired,you are practically a Fark off NOBODY.///

Uncle, heard from some oldies that in the earlier days, the knuckle duster grandmaster publicly labelled one cha tao "block head" or "wooden block"? Are you referring to him?

很多PAPigs是奸诈小人 said...

AnonymousAugust 01, 2018 9:25 pm
///So many off topics here. Never stick to the topic. Some even wanted to show off that they are more smarter than the writer. Hahaha.///

9。25pm another shit stirrer? Yew need to do better than that. Drs Tan & Tambyah are NOT 省油的灯。

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro on PAPigs.

This saying actually applies to one and sundry.

If you are for the People, then when they recognised you, many might acknowledged and in admiration of you

But if you are against the People with cruel policies, you descended from High Offices as rightfully from the People or even appointments from High Civil Service, when you are retired, You are a Farking Nobody just like any other beans.

That's why so many of them die die must clinched to their positions without letting go.

Hopefully, die in Office so to have further benefits and honour.

Anonymous said...

Ya. One good example is Lau Goh, still don't die, hanging on in office drawing salary.

天若有情天亦老, 人间正道是沧桑。The road ahead for Singapura Harapan is bumpy, arduous and treacherous. May the divine stay with the righteous leaders and valiant souls such as Dr Tan and Dr Tambyah who have nothing more to gain but stick their necks out to do GOOD TOGETHER in DEEDS and ACTIONS and NOT EMPTY POLITICAL RHETORIC. said...

AnonymousAugust 01, 2018 9:25 pm
//So many off topics here. Never stick to the topic. Some even wanted to show off that they are more smarter than the writer. Hahaha.//

9.25pm, 你知道什么是不打自招��?There were countless occasions when many were off topics but nobody said anything? So random you 鸡蛋里挑骨头shows that 你感到自卑? 你不如别人? Have you not heard before smashing the lights off the lamps of another person would not make your flickering candle any brighter? The Chinese have a saying: "若要人不知, 除非己莫为"。

Anonymous said...

With Dr Tan & Prof Tambyah spearheading the healthcare and overall governance with Lim Tean, Jeanette as the possible legal brains, Jee Say, Yeoh and Kenneth etc as the possible economists, Mabu as the possible foreign affairs expert, one ex-WP treasurer as the possible financial expert, Jee Say's kaki Lt Colonel XXX as the possible military expert, etc etc, they are potentially Team Singapura Harapan to make her great again.

Anonymous said...

Is the healthcare for the poor too good?

In the pte sector, when the rich check themselves in hospital, usually they are seen by just "one miserable" experienced senior consultant and often than not speedy diagnosis though the fees can be "very good" too?

In public healthcare sector, the poor are so lucky? When they are hospitalised in the "cheapest" C class ward "heavily subsidised" with prices of daily charges for one bed many times higher than a hotel room, they are so fortunate to be cared for by a huge "army" or team of doctors "so busy" caring for them? Even numbers equal quality, an "army" of doctors surrounding the bed of poor oldies taking care of them in their sick beds in public healthcare is surely better than the "single miserable" highly experienced senior consultant in the pte sector? No? Then why it is being practised? Why not the other way round? Just assign a senior consultant to treat patients in the public sector and rotate the "army of dedicated doctors" to the pte sector to treat the rich patients? Would that make sense? Would that sound good? Think about it. When you are seriously strickened, would you prefer to check into public C class ward or pte sector healthcare? Bear in mind, the lower the class the higher the numbers of doctors assigned to surround the patients beside their hospital sick beds? Is that not good? There is another possible reason? Often after spending days and even weeks, the ailments "scared" of the (big) "army of doctors" (and miraculously the ailments "beat a retreat" and "go into hiding") and upon discharge, no definitive cause is usually found so "no news means good news"? Never mind many expensive procedures done in the process and many sizeable tubes of blood upon blood taken from the old patients for tests? Some procedures like the renovation like super noisy procedure (so noisy they gave every patient ear plugs) one tests several thoudand dollars after subsidies also still 4-digits? Test here test there but on many occasions cannot find cause leh? It is not uncommon many oldies felt flabbergasted cos they also wonder they have become patients in a ward or laboratory with expenses born by volunteers for so many tests and "army of eager doctors" frantically" typing away in their laptop hung over their necks (using the latest high tech)? The poor oldies patients in the cheapest C class Labs ... Oops ... Wards are very fortunate? As one anon 9.25pm said "cannot go off topic" so what is the relevance? Exactly? Notwithstanding the poor patients are "3rd, 4th, 5th raters" in the esteemed writer uncle rb's words, the C class wards poor oldies patients are treated with an "army of doctors" surrounding their sick beds.

So got off topic or not, anon 9.25pm? Still revolving around "3rd, 4th and 5th raters" as printed in the heading of this post leh?

Anon 9.25pm, since you are "so sharp" (and good in correcting others comment or "essays"), is it not a waste of your "talent" that you "did not offer" your "service" to teach subjects like the A-Level H1 GP or even the more difficult H2 K&I? No? Since you are good at not going off topic, perhaps many A-Level students (of "3rd, 4th and 5th raters" parents) need your help leh to write the 120-word summary in the 8 marks qn in GP paper 2 and the 10 marks AQ? Your non-off topic writing skills would be greatly in demand? No?

Anonymous said...

Down here all no go school ones. The most some went to primary schools and ITE. Who care about on cockpick or off cockpick? As long as Uncle RB don't delete you comment okay liao mah.

This blog belongs to Uncle RB. Those who want to read on cockpick CAN GO READ STRAITS TIMES.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys please don't attack each other personally. Just disagree or agree on points.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousAugust 02, 2018 8:17 am
///Down here all no go school ones. The most some went to primary schools and ITE. Who care about on cockpick or off cockpick? As long as Uncle RB don't delete you comment okay liao mah.

This blog belongs to Uncle RB. Those who want to read on cockpick CAN GO READ STRAITS TIMES.///

Anon 8.17 am, well said!

Arguably this is the best comment by far and many MSN readers would probably agree. Well done!

Is anon 9.25pm saying that if readers comment what Darerick the Cuiwahwah said is "tiok" then "on corkpick"? If disagree with the Cuiwahwah then kena labelled by anon 9.25pm "off corkpick"?

Are some PAPigs habouring the thoughts that even in MSN, "3rd, 4th and 5th raters" readers also must behave like some Cuiwahwah or poohter and "wag" their tails ..... Oops ... fingers on the keyboards maciam (as if they are writing) in the "sixk tixmxs" ...?

How sixk (between the years) can a PAPig get?

Knn ...

Lao kokok poohter or cuiwahwah up to their old tricks ...(agaun and agaun)?

Stirring shits (to muddy the water and attempting to ensure Team Singapura Harapan is "still born" or suffers a "miscarriage")?

This (PAPig) anon 9.25pm (is) very "chek ark"?

And never care for the greater interests of the country (to paraphrase our people's endearing doctor aka Dr Tan Cheng Bock)?

Not forgetting the other altruistic doctor Prof Tambyah who risks his well being to be counted.

Three (gazillion) CHEERS to (the safe and sound and healthy birth of) Team Singapura Harapan!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiya, ignore this anon 9.25pm lah. Likely one of the many resident IBs in MSN ...

The usual modus operandi is to "sow discord, disrepute" and let the oppo fight, quarrel among themselves, disunite and disintegrate lor

It is as clear as the bright morning SUMMER daylight at NOON unless eyes pasted stamps lah ...