North Korea must denuclearise, USA no need, can build more nuclear weapons

"SINGAPORE: United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday (Aug 3) struck a positive note when asked about the progress of North Korea's denuclearisation.
“We are confident that (North Korean leader Kim Jong Un) remains committed to denuclearisation. The world is counting on it," Pompeo said....
Pompeo cautioned that “no matter how much progress we make”, economic sanctions against North Korea will remain, adding that the ball is now in Kim’s court.
“The ultimate timeline for denuclearisation will be set by chairman Kim,” he said." Channel News Asia

The Americans have been repeating these statements about the need for North Korea to denuclearise and that sanctions would continue, no letting down. Never have they mentioned about the Americans denuclearising in the Korean Peninsula. Does this mean that denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is only one way, the North Koreans to denuclearise and the Americans to continue to leave their nuclear weapons in the peninsula. Why is it that the North Koreans have to denuclearise, because they would use their nuclear weapons?

Why the Americans no need to denuclearise in the Korean Peninsula, in Japan and everywhere, because they would not use their nuclear weapons? The Americans built a deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons because they would not use it? How often have the Americans threatened to be the first to use nuclear weapons on countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, not counting Japan, done that?

How dangerous the world would be if the evil Empire is the only one possessing nuclear weapons and free to use it because no one else has nuclear weapons and can hit back? The Korean Peninsula situation is going to be like that if it goes according to the plans of the Americans. North Koreans would have no nuclear weapons to hit back if the Americans strike, and they would end up like Iraq and Libya and Kim Jong Un would be meeting Saddam and Gaddafi in the world of the dead.

Is this what the North Koreans want? The Americans are still shouting more sanctions, more pressure on the North Koreans. Why no pressure and sanctions on the Americans to denuclearise, at least in the Korean Peninsula?

The latest, the warmonger evil Empire is going to militarise Space by setting a Space Force. And what kind of weapons do you think they are going to put up there, machine guns and bullets? Or would they be putting up nuclear weapons in space. And again they are singing peace, militarising Space is for peace. And the idiots in the world, especially the bananas here would say, ya, ya, it is for peace, like their militarising of all the oceans with offensive weapons ie weapons that are meant to attack another country. What China placed in its islands in the South China Sea are defensive weapons, to defend the islands against the Americans offensive weapons.

Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Guam, Marshalls and many other Pacific Islands are heavily armed with offensive weapons, WMDs. The bombers attacking Iraq were based in Diego Garcia. The bombers that fly to the coast of China and North Korea carrying nuclear weapons were from Guam.

Now they are going to place WMD in Space. Did you hear any of the American cronies and proxies or little USAs protesting?


Avant-garde said...

"Power comes out of the barrels of the gun." Mao Tze Tung.

"Peace comes out of the explosions of two atomic bombs on Japan." Harry Truman.

Who is right?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The North Koreans must not give in to Uncle Sam carte blanche. Denuclearisation by North Korea can only begin when Uncle Sam takes measures to end its military stranglehold of South Korea. Without nukes, North Korea no longer possess a deterrent to Uncle Sam's imperialist ambition. Uncle Sam does not want China to have an ally with nukes. Makes it harder to become a hegemon.

Avant-garde said...

Researchers, at the Israeli cyber-security firm CheckPoint, said on Aug 8 that they had found a flaw in WhatsApp (purchased by Facebook) that could allow hackers to modify and send fake messages in the popular social messaging app.

CheckPoint researchers said that the vulnerability gives a hacker the possibility "to intercept and manipulate messages sent by those in a group or private conversation" as well as "create and spread misinformation".

The report of the flaw comes as the Facebook-owned company is coming under increasing scrutiny as a means of spreading misinformation due to its popularity and convenience for forwarding messages to groups.

Users beware!

Anonymous said...

The evil empire has been using flawed and warp logic all the time.

The whole world combined spending on their military is not even comparable to what the evil empire spends on its military.

When China increased spending by a few billion more on its military, it is an issue. When countries allow China the use of its port facilities for Chinese military vessels, it is an issue. When China decided to spend more on R & D on its military, it is a big issue. What else does China do that is not an issue to the evil empire?

Now the evil empire is trying to destabilise the Petroyuan and OBOR and AIIB projects. Just watch!

southernglory1 said...

It would be foolhardy to trust the Evil Empire. The Evil Empire - USA is an illegitimate country which evolved out of the destruction and total genocide of native Americans and the occupation of the entire north American continent through military might. It has never stopped its imperialist principles of aggression and expansionism. The Evil Empire has for the last hundred years or so been run by by the Deep State of the Illuminati cabal which in turn is controlled by white supremacists and the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds clique who subscribe to the extremely powerful warmongers doctrine of world domination and total hegemony.

More countries should nuclearise in face of the persistent danger post by the Evil Empire. Russia and China should help Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries threatened by the Evil Empire to nucle3arise.

Any country which trusts USA, the Evil Empire will eventually be destroyed by it into oblivion. The only hope for survival and for this world is to unite and destroy the Evil Empire.


Anonymous said...

The biggest joke is that Trump is telling Kim that he can guarantee his continued rule over N Korea if Kim denuclearise.

Where will Trump be after this term is over? And would the next President of the evil empire honour his pledge? Did Trump himself honour the pledge of his predecessors on climate change and free trade deals?

No one can trust the evil empire and its backers. US presidents have all been manipulated by the powers behind the throne, and are assassinated if they do not follow the plot.

b said...

The world can only have one ultra leader - USA or China. The lesser of two evils is USA lah. At least people have proper houses and cars not small flats and bikes.

Anonymous said...

B, have you taken your medicine? Last two days or so you talk some sense. You are now back to your old mental state of haziness!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump's Space Force calls for a revival of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars project. Uncle Sam has just found out that North Korea has secretly built more advanced ICBMs. With Trump provoking Iran at the same time, Uncle Sam's worst fear may soon be realised. An avalanche of ICBMs hitting Uncle Sam is a thousand times worse than 9/11 Twin Tower attack. The Space Force will bankrupt Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no way back for mankind heading towards total self destruction and extinction.

Who can stop the end days? No one! The final destination of mankind is written on the wall.

Virgo49 said...

Let the Farking Americunts with their WarMongering Genes and Nature built whatsowhatsever Space Stations or Odessey to their own bankrupties.

They simply cannot exist and live peacefully with the Rest of the World.

In any action, there be a Reaction.Let the Rest built their own Arsenals to counter and destroy their what's Space Station

The only way to save Mankind is for the Rest of the Necular Arsenal Nations to joint a coalition and blasted them into extinction once and for all.

The saying Easier to destroy than built is the way to destroy their What's Odessey.

Avant-garde said...

Aggression-inclined man-unkind, pretending always to be kind and peaceful, will ultimately self-destruct.

All that is needed is 10 present-day nuclear warheads (1000 times the Destructive Power of those two bombs dropped in Japan in 1945) to destroy the whole Earth, all life forms included.

Today, how many nuclear warheads are there, deployed all over the world by USA? How many are there in Russia, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Brazil. China, Israel, North Korea, South Korea and Japan?

The total number is unknown. But an estimated figure can confidently put it at 30,000.

Once a long-range nuclear missile is fired, all countries with nuclear weapons will react in one way or another. Nobody can be sure of What those reactions would be. But the consequences can be easily imagined.

The pain, horror and suffering will be tremendous but, luckily, short. Within just a few hours, the whole world is destroyed!

Even USA will not survive. For this reason, there is a frantic race to colonise Mars.

Will Mankind have a future? Yes.

Will Man-Unkind have a future? NO!

Anonymous said...

All govts whether US or China or North Korea or Singapore earns big bucks from military industry & companies. Instead of kpkb, I simply follow their example and earn big money from investing in war stocks too.

Anonymous said...

We are not interested in your telling us you make big money on war stocks. Keep it to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Making money on war stocks is no difference from making money from prostitution as a pimp.

Both earned money at the suffering of others. Such are heartless, ruthless, immoral and unscrupulous jackasses who should be given no mercy when caught.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Aiyah uncle, cannot apply logic to global power-games lah.

The Biggest Dog---like it or not---calls the shots. The USA is the Global Cop. It can tell other cuntries what to do and punish them if they try to play fuck with the USA.

The USA has the role of providing the world with a reserve currency. If you trade, sorry lah Joe, you must convert your cheebye banana currency into the bigger cheebye global banana currency or else your cuntry will suffer and be poor.

China trying to challenge this by introducing a Petro-Gold-Yuan "alternative". So far, it's been a cute idea but mainly just "sideshow entertainment". So at the moment it is the USD, getting stronger and stronger.

One day, the USD will be dog-shit, and the world will experience a mother of a currency apocalypse....but until then, the USA has all the cards, and being bold, boisterous Americans, they will extract every strategic and financial advantage from this Exorbitant Privilege (to use a pissed-off French term for the US Dollar dominance).

Triffin's Paradox (or dilemma) ensures that the market for USDs outside the US multiplies the amount of this "super currency" without paying the price of declining value....no cuntry in history has had this "BONUS" because before there was gold to "handcuff" anyone who tried to game the system. Unfortunately during the gold standard days, everyone was gaming the system which eventually led to the complete collapse. Same thing with the Bretton-Woods system: USA gamed the system until they could not honour the "promise" of dollar to gold convertibility.

So yah. N Korea is screwed.If it doesn't dismantle its nukes, no fucking money or trade for Kim.

Die cock standing.

Anonymous said...

DON'T BULLSHIT LAH! The freaking USD is screwed already. Only the fake news producers are trying to pretend otherwise. The Petrol-Gold Medium is gaining momentum. It is a matter of a very short time before the USD collapse. That's why Trump is so desperate. His eratic actions for the last two years tell it all.

This is year 2018. Not 1968 or 1988. Times have changed. The geopolitical equilibrium is shifting fast.

An ostrich will not be able to sense it. It will stubbornly continue to cluckle like before.

The US is now digging its own grave. Before Trump's 8th year is up, the US economy will fall apart. Just watch.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 841

Hey you blind cunt,

I already said that the USD dominance will eventually end.

Don't you understand fucking English, you cocksucking Asian moron?

However when I woke up today, the USD is still intact and slightly firmer.

It is still the world's reserve, despite your prognostications of an epic US collapse.

Tip for the day: engage brain before pecking on the keyboard like a kampung chicken 🤣

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah already ate Ang Moh Sai so die die he be sucking the Any Mohs cocks.

Already blue tinted eyes lenses and hair blond. Now publicly declared we Asian Morons after trying also to hide his ancestry.

One time he mocked those who prayed at Waterloo Street middle road calling them also morons.

One fine DAT when he being possessed by a Spirit when now also seven months, no moron tang kik as what's classified by him will save his soul.

He is proud now hypocritically classed himself as someone of Brahmin class scorned us Dalits.

Proud with his decadence lifestyle of being bringing his class Elites friends to paint the town red with their soon to be pay for their sins exploiting the lower species beans with their dirty monies.

Let's Karma take its natural course.

I have a seven month video of an unfilial or sinful son who underwent the last rites for his Father's wake before the funeral and he was been rejected by his father paying the last respects with unknown force that he was not welcomed to pay his respects.

So those who mocked and crurses others beliefs better not be in this embrassing incident.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo, Asian retard exemplar

Yah, ok ok. So what? You think I follow your shitty chow kah "moral" code ah? You jelly izzit?

Maybe you need to be hantamed some more by fat mat salehs until baluku on your head big like durian 😂🤡🤣

Virgo49 said...

At least i don't suck the Chow Ang Mohs cocks.

Bo kok bo kok with pride also hantam them.

Own satisfaction of not been cowed by them