Asia and Asean Initiative - Engage Iran and North Korea

The Americans have been setting the agenda for the whole world and dragging every country by the ears, coercing them to do the biddings of the Americans and to serve the interests of the American Empire. Some countries willingly and happily chose to be the lapdogs of the Americans, with pride, not feeling any shame, that they are part of the evil American Empire. Many countries were forced to do the bidding out of no choice, unable to fight back against this big bully.

The big Asian countries that were victims of the American Empire include some Asean countries with the Americans poking their fingers into their domestic affairs. The recent letter from Najib's office to the CIA begging and pleading for American support is a good point to look at. Many Asean countries have taken for granted and grudgingly allowed the Americans to push them around, putting sanctions on them, putting up road blocks and barriers to prevent them from participating fully in international affairs and trade.

China and Russia have been the victims of the American Empire since WW2 and continuously being attacked and bullied by the Americans even today. The Chinese Embassy was hit by 5 Tomahawk cruise missiles out of the blue by the evil Americans, killing 3 embassy staff and wounded at least 20 others. The Americans also threatened China with their aircraft carriers during a crisis with Taiwan in 1996. China was much weaker then and could not do much but swallowed their pride. But China was determined that this bully would not happen again. But the bully is still threatening and provoking China in the South China Sea with their white lies about freedom of navigation.

Russia has been bullied by the Americans in eastern Europe and the Middle East and is now left only with Syria and Iran as its allies. The countries in eastern Europe have been absorbed into Nato or pro Nato and increasingly become more hostile to the Russians.

The two Asian states that suffered the most from the American Empire are North Korea and Iran. The Americans have imposed sanctions on them for decades and laughing at them for being backward in their economies and poor in the case of North Korea. Both are under constant threat of an invasion with the Americans demonising them as belligerent and aggressive and would run amok to invade other Asian countries. The American lackeys knew that this is false, fake news, but quietly went along with their American masters. But many would want to trade with Iran and North Korea. In fact Japan, India and many Nato countries are buying cheap Iranian oils and are angry that the Americans are forcing a ban on this.

The Americans made Iran and North Korea their enemies. Asia and Asean need not be the enemies of Iran and North Korea. Why made them enemies when they have not done anything to harm Asian or Asean countries? Just because the Americans said so? How silly!

The fact is that none of these countries, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, has invaded or colonised any Asian or Asean countries. The opposite is true. Asian and Asean countries were victims of the European and American invasion and colonisation. How stupid have the Asian and Asean countries been made to believe in the American and European lies that these 4 countries are dying to invade and colonise them.

The American agenda and lies and initiatives must be stopped. Asean and Asian countries must set the agenda for Asia and for the interests of Asian and Asean countries.  Just a few decades ago, China was in the same position as North Korea and Iran, painted as a threat to Asia and Asean. Things changed when Lee Kuan Yew and Kissinger engineered the engaging China strategy, to bring China into the international community, removed Cold War rhetoric, trade sanctions and barriers.

The result is a new China that is prosperous and peaceful and now providing assistance to rebuild Asean, Asia, Africa and the whole world. What happened to the western and American lie that China is an aggressive and belligerent nation and not a country of peace? Which country is constantly at war, threatening wars, inciting and provoking wars and imposing sanctions or other peaceful countries like North Korea and Iran?

North Korea and Iran have no intent nor the ability to invade and colonise any country in Asia, not Asean countries. It is time that Asian and Asean countries remove the blinkers forced upon them by the American Empire and look at Iran and North Korea in clear eyes. Asian and Asean countries must take the initiative to engage Iran and North Korea and bring them into the community of nations of Asia and Asean.

Asian and Asean countries must not be forced to live with the American lie and agenda. The initiative on how Asian and Asean countries conduct their relations, trade etc with each other must be decided by Asian and Asean countries, not to be dictated and forced upon by the evil Americans.

A peaceful and prosperous Iran and North Korea in Asia will be good for everyone in Asia and Asean. Asian and Asean countries must come together and tell the Americans to go fly their kite somewhere else. Asian and Asean countries must welcome Iran and North Korea into their community of nations for peace, prosperity and progress of Asia and Asean.

This initiative would definitely offend the Americans. The Asian and Asean countries must stand up for their own rights and interests and well beings. If not, they could easily be singled out one at a time by the evil Empire to be bullied and be treated as outcast and branded as a member of the Axis of Evil.  Malaysia and Indonesia are potential targets given their domestic politics. Myanmar has suffered for many decades under American pressure and is still suffering today. Vietnam too was a victim of the American Empire with its country bombed nearly to Stone Age, with many parts of the land still affected by Agent Orange and other agents of chemical warfare conducted by the evil Empire.

Asean will be meeting up with other Asian countries and it is timely to push for an Asian Asean Initiative to unite Asia and Asean countries, including Iran and North Korea for peace and progress of Asia. The destiny of Asia and Asean must be decided by Asian and Asean countries, not to live by the American agenda and bullying.Iran and North Korea are NOT our enemies and do not have to be.


Anonymous said...

The likelihood of Singapore leaders leading ASEAN to oppose US hegemony is a big fat ZERO !

Anonymous said...

Agree. A lap dog would not dare to go against its master. Maybe would write a letter like Najib pleading for support.

Anonymous said...

Rb, unfortunately that the USA control the petrodollar and SWIFT in global financial transactions. If countries don't pull the line, all USA has to do is to cut u off from SWIFt and u are back to stone age in no time.😰😰😰

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's military-industrial complex is the main cause of wars being waged. With the CIA involved in all covert military actions, subversion and espionage, many countries become targets of Uncle Sam. Trump is shifting his focus to the Indo-Pacific region. Asia will be destabilised in order that no country can undermine Uncle Sam's hegemony. Power and money are the roots of all the evils committed by Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

Westerners-Ass-Licking-Elites (WALEs) of Singapore will no doubt continue to pick the asses of their Western Masters. They will ever celebrate the 200th Anniversary of colonialism. This is shows that, deep down in their hearts, their loyalty still lies with the Western Powers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I think it'll be different under that mad fucker Trump.

He wants the cuntrees to pay up for American protection. He's also boosting the military and forming a Space Force.

So now he can collect "protection money" from the world. Before him, Obama, Reagan, Nixon etc did the "protection" for free, as long as it aligned with American Exceptionalism.

For business minded Trump, this is just fucking bonkers. How can this be free?

So what you do as a savvy businessman, you reinvent your brand (M.A.G.A.), invest in more value (military spending), kachau the Fed (print more money, so you have more money and more securities to sell to "suckers" like other central banks), and then kow peh to the world that they have to pay for protection

It seems like Trump's education at Wharton is not lost. Make money lah 😂🤣

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam blames Russia and China for its loss of influence and dominance over the rest of the world. It finds its attempts to expand wealth and power through sanctions, regime change and military intervention being undermined by them. In retaliation, Uncle Sam placed its army at the Russian border and encircled China by meddling into her core interests. Uncle Sam applied economic, political and military pressure on states that refused to comply with or accept Uncle Sam's version of international order.

Anonymous said...

Current scoreboard between China & US since Trumpy was elected:-


This is a work in progress, and how it finally turns out is anybody's guess.

The result is updated daily ... so if you save this link & click on it 1 month later, it will show the latest score.

PS: Trade war started in Feb 2018.

Victim of Ah Lee Baba & CPF Thieves said...

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a long talk (90 minutes) with Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Puturaya on 1 Aug.

The 93-year-old’s toppling of his Beijing-friendly predecessor Najib Razak raised questions about the future of bilateral ties between Malaysia and China.

There were widespread expectations after the May 9 general election that Dr Mahathir would reverse Najib’s efforts to bring Malaysia closer into Beijing’s diplomatic sphere, but analysts said recent diplomatic activity – capped by Wang Yi's two-day visit – suggested otherwise.

The Malaysian state news agency Bernama said Dr Mahathir and Wang Yi held talks in the Malaysian administrative capital of Putrajaya for a duration three times longer than the time he gave to Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong.

b said...

Cannot blame usofa lah. Dumbo americans (north or south) are controlled by bankers. These bankers operated out from some sacred mountain and believe that God makes them rule over the gentiles. Under those bankers, people (whether americans or not) have to die for bankers created wars, people have to take on more and more debts, retirement age will keep rising, people will work till they die. Until people all over the world unite as one against them, there is little chance to defeat them. Their lies are their power. Debt is dangerous, evil, bad and terrible.

Anonymous said...

Sorry RB, Looongie will do exactly the opposite of what you suggested. Not only that he will continue to screw Sinkies with more n more tariffs n taxes n fees ... n fund his she/man HoliJinx gambling habit n pay her undisclosed amounts. ....He has been showing Sinkies what can you do to me? I changed Indian milo lady to Malay, what can you do to me? .....What can you do to me? I doubled talk what can you do to me? 69.9% gave me...and i add another 3% new sinkies every 5 yrs, what can you do to me? Tcb what can you do to me?

Anonymous said...

We, citizens can vote you out.

Chronicle said...

If you are too arrogant, cocky, ruthless or unscrupulous and



Don't play with your FATE, others' HATE and the Power of HADE!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump , leader of the hegemonistic US, frequently like to tout that Chinese President Xi Jinping is his good friend.

But Xi must be embarrassed to be associated as a good friend of Trump.

Consider their paths of ascendancy in politics.

Following his father's purge during the Cultural Revolution, Xi Jinping was exiled to rural Yanchuan County as a teenager. There, he lived in a cave in the village of Liangjiahe, where he organized communal laborers.

After studying at the prestigious Tsinghua University as a "Worker-Peasant-Soldier Student", Xi rose through the ranks politically in China's coastal provinces.

Xi was governor of Fujian province from 1999 to 2002, and governor, then party secretary of neighboring Zhejiang province from 2002 to 2007. Xi was transferred to Shanghai as party secretary for a brief period in 2007. Xi joined the Politburo Standing Committee and central secretariat in October 2007, spending the next five years as Hu Jintao's presumed successor. Xi was vice president from 2008 to 2013 and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission from 2010 to 2012.

Xi is now General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), President of the People's Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Often described as China's "paramount leader", Xi's political thoughts have now been enshrined in the party and state constitutions.

Donald Trump?

Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality, hosting the reality television show The Apprentice from 2003 to 2015.

Born with silver spoon in his mouth, Trump began his career in 1968 at his father's real estate development company.

Married three times, the billionaire also had a few affairs, some with porn stars whom he pay to keep their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

12.59pm, your posting is ok but don't exceed the limit as you may Kena drink Kopi. Better take care of your family lar and just exercise your right to vote to express your unhappiness but refrain from radical writing. Otherwise like one anon said u may Kena sodomized by African Tua Kee unless you got strong ass. If u look at the picture of a Brazilian fighter who is very fit and strong but also Kena sodomized when in jail as no matter how strong u are, u can not fight a group of sex stave men in jail.😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia with a plan to invest $113 million in the Indo-Pacific region to win Southeast Asia's support to US Indo-Pacific strategy.

But ASEAN members are caught in the crosshair or hit by Trump's trade tariff "bullets," causing both Singapore and Malaysia to lower their GDP growth expectations for 2019 amid the trade war.

The US announced only an investment of $113 million, which also includes India. The amount seems only sufficient to build an overpass perhaps in the center of Mumbai.

The Aquino administration of the Philippines was a pawn of US "pivot to Asia" strategy and made itself an example by taking sides between China and the US. Manila gained little advantage on territorial issues and suffered great economic losses. When Rodrigo Duterte came to office, he pulled Manila back to position his country between China and the US and the Philippines has since prospered in terms of both economy and security.

The US has treated China's Belt and Road initiative, which focuses on mutually beneficial cooperation, as strategic expansion, and is trying to prohibit Asia from marching forward through connectivity. Washington's move is against historic tide towards a multi-polar world. Even if the US plans to invest 100 times its current amount of $113 million, the investment will be devoured by the historic trend.

Anonymous said...

" On Saturday, Mr. Pompeo told reporters that he had used the gathering to remind allies that the denuclearization of North Korea was in the interest of the entire region. "

The region is not convinced, so he had to remind them!

Many think the NK nuclear threat is only against the US.