A mischievous article by Andy Morimoto

Below is another mischievous article, this time by a Japanese, Andy Morimoto. If you read the whole article you will see how silly he has become to misquote historical facts to justify his biased and mischievous claims like China entered the Korea War to divert attention from domestic problems. How silly. Everyone knows why China was forced to fight the Americans, the most powerful nation on earth, with rifles and hand grenades against tanks, bombers, big artillery pieces and rockets from the ships.

His definition of a failed China is when its economic growth fell to 3 or 4%! Is this not an economic truism? The growth of all mature economies would slow to this level or lower, like the American and European economies. Is this Morimoto saying that the American, European and Japanese economies have failed, failed states and out to do mischiefs? What are the growth numbers of these failed economies? 1 or 2%? Should China's economy grow at 1 or 2%, it will be in the good company of the Americans, Europeans and of course Japan.

His supposedly academic hypothesis, that China would resort to aggression if it fails as a country is pure bullshit. There were historical evidence and facts that the rise of big powers, Japan included prior to WW2, was built on conquest. The Europeans left Europe to invade and conquer other people and seized their land. They then went to the Americas and killed the natives to take over their land. Japan also tried that, killing Chinese and other Asians and SE Asians to want to rule the world.

The only exception in the rise of big powers is China. China has risen and other than military might, China is equal to the Americans or better in many areas. China now has more money to spend for sure and is using its money to help to rebuild the infrastructure of the whole world. America is as good a bankrupt.

China's peaceful rise is not through military means or wars of conquest. It is through sheer grit and industry of its people, in being the factory of the world. The few skirmishes with its two neighbours had nothing to do with its rise as a big power. Have no doubt that China has risen, peacefully.

The evidence against failed states is the reverse. No failed state has the chance to do mischief or conduct wars of destruction. The  British, French, Spanish and Portuguese went out on a limp. The last two big powers that failed badly were Germany and Japan. They too could not do any mischief as the Americans made them virtual colonies till today. The Americans are their masters after defeating them.

Things have changed now with the American changing their agenda. In their attempt to isolate and contain China, they have unleashed the Japanese and allowed them to rearm, to remilitarise and consequently to do mischief and to conduct wars.

Would China be destructive should it fail, a story that all westerners and Japanese are hoping and praying everyday that it would happen. They even cursed their gods for allowing China to rise as a big power. Hopefully this day would not come in the foreseeable future. Should China fail, it would have to suffer the same fate as the Japanese, to become a colony of the victor. There will be no chance to do mischief. The Japanese knew that very well, as a semi colony of the American Empire. The American Emperor is always there, in charge and calling the shot.

History, historical facts are there to say that no failed state would be given a chance to be mischievous or to be destructive. Look at the failed states in the Middle East, Iraq and Libya.

Here is the silly and pretentious article by this Andy Morimoto, loaded with mischiefs, from Yahoo News.

"Question: Can China 'Fall' Peacefully? What will be the geopolitical implications for China, its neighbors and the United States if the Chinese economy tanks? Would China be taken off of its supposed collision course, or would conflict remain unavoidable?

The idea that China cannot rise peacefully has become something of an international-relations truism. The story here is simple: as China’s economy grows, its military will follow, and just as other great powers have used force to achieve their foreign-policy goals, so, too, will China. Yet while much ink has been spilled to explore the security implications of China’s rise, relatively few attempts have been made to examine the potential effects of a sudden and prolonged economic downturn. This might be about to change.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, China’s growth will decline sharply in the coming decade, from 7.7 percent in 2013 to 3.9 percent between 2020 and 2025. Some analysts are more pessimistic, projecting future growth rates as low as 1.6 or 1.7 percent. (To put these numbers in perspective, China grew at an average annual rate of 10.2 percent from 1980 to 2011.) These trends have led some at the National Interest to claim that China is headed for collapse and that we may be approaching the end—not a delay—of China’s economic rise...."


Chronicle said...
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Chronicle said...

It is good for such an idiot like Morimoto (or More Potato) to write such a article to influence the Japanese and the World and dull their brains, thinking China is failing.

Tsun Tze said: "If you can, feint you cannot. It you cannot feint that you can."

Then, one day, when China overtakes the US and others in all fields, it will be too late for them to stop China!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese version of their occupation of East and South East Asia was touted to be a war of liberation. But it was a war of more than liberation. It was a war where they massacred innocent civilians wherever they conquered.

History cannot just be twisted. There are witnesses and records that cannot be erased, however hard they tried, like rewriting their history books.

Never trust the Japs, more so when they are lapdogs of the evil empire.

Anonymous said...

While Germany has admitted their massacred of the Jews, the Japs still deny their atrocities during WW2. Can you trust such humans?

b said...

He is working for the bankers elites and seek to divide the world so countries borrow more to spend more on defenze while raising retirement age and their people work till they drop dead without any dignity left. News like ''A taxi driver was found dead in his taxi on Wednesday morning (Aug 1). '' will become more common.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Nippon has a blood debt to pay. It needs Uncle Sam's protection. For that the Nipponese will grovel at the feet of Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam being fearful of the Chinese has illegally transferred the administration of the Diaoyu Islands to Nippon. It wanted the Chinese to start an internecine war with Nippon. Uncle Sam has found a made-to-order stooge. The Nipponese allowed themselves to be used. Andy Morimoto is one such minion at the beck and call of the Evil Empire.

b said...

Just look at the debt to gdp and all will understand why they worked together. They are controlled by the banking elites. They have to do what they are told.

Anonymous said...

USA trying to sabotage China's "Belt and Road Initiative" via the International Monetary Fund.

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, several U.S. senators are pressing the Trump administration to detail what it is doing to deal with Beijing's financing of international infrastructure projects.

16 senators, including David Perdue of Georgia and China hawks like fellow Republicans John Cornyn of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, asked: "As the largest contributor to the IMF, how can the United States use its influence to ensure that bailout terms prevent the continuation of ongoing BRI projects, or the start of new BRI projects?"

Pakistan is expected to request an IMF bailout this fall and has a $62 billion BRI project to upgrade its infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Japan govt is still infested with ultra right nationalists. They fear the rise & power of China because of the great harm & evil they & their fathers had inflicted on the Chinese. Quite natural when you have a gulity yet unrepentent mindset.
China super strong growth phase is nearly over. It is at the 4% to 7% phase. And subsequently n maybe soon to the 1% to 4% phase. This is simply established economic cycle, demographics & reality of debts & investments levels. US aggressive trade war will hasten the slowdown unless China is able to diversify its exports quickly n substantially.
US is bend on disrupting China and has hit at a transitional time on China. It will succeed moderately. China stockmarket is clearly attesting to that.
Chairman Xi was a bit too early to declare OBOR n vision 2025 one after another. The loud noise has woken up the American dragon. It is bend on hegemony n destroying anyone against its dominance & proud boasting. And Japan politicians are playing tbe role of bootlicking to the Yankees given its inferiority complex n gulit inflicted conscience to the Chinese, Koreans n Asians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Japan is regretting for trying to stir shit on the BRI and missed out on opportunities created by China. Now they offered to participate with US$36b.

China told them it is too late. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Right. The USA is taking this opportunity to strike at China when it is slowing down economically. This is a phase that all countries go through. Growth plateaus out after a period of sterling development, and it will then chug along all the way at 4% at most.

India and parts of Africa will be the leading engine of growth, not America becoming great again. Their days of wine and roses are over and they are just attempting to flog a dead horse, hoping to be great again. Like the Spanish, Portuguese and British empires in their hey days, the USA is slowly fading into a pale shadow of it's past glory.

The USA is planning to isolate China and trying to sabotage their international projects in Central Asia and Africa. The evil empire does not want these backwater countries to progress, and what China is doing is not to their interest and liking when they are used to destroying countries rather than helping them develop infrastructures, that in time, will be able to help those countries compete with them economically. They rather keep those countries backward, obedient, dependent and under their control.

Such is the evil agenda of the evil empire. They control the world with their oil and fiat currency.

Anonymous said...

China should never allow Japan to enter the BRI Project. Japan is a poisonous prawn. Don't ever eat it.

Anonymous said...

That Japan is not in the BRI may be a good thing. They may now want in probably to create divisions and sabotage the project, perhaps doing the bidding of it's master.

You never trust the Japs. Their motives are sinister to say the least. They strike from behind while bowing with respect, if you remember Pearl Harbour.

Anonymous said...

The primary role of the CIA is to sabotage and undermine all foreign govts and their projects and activities overseas and the support of all terrorist organisations to do their biddings.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia was colonialized by the Dutch for 350 years. White men's greedy nature to dominate and plunder other races never change.

Anonymous said...

When the peasants start to suffer, the emperor better start worrying. Chinese culture is such that dynasties are overthrown when the emperor ignores the peasants' sufferings for too long.

China stock markets are down at least 23%-25%. Billions of Chinese corporate bonds are failing at the fastest rate since 2015. Hundreds of thousands have lost big bucks in ponzi & semi-ponzi wealth management products from Chinese banks & finance companies.

PBOC has backtracked a little bit & allowed companies to borrow from the black-market & shadow banking system, otherwise millions of peasants will be fired from collapsing SMEs.

Peasants are now still OK as long still got job & salary not cut too much.

But china doesn't have much *Effective* capacity. During 2015, it spent 1/3 of its national reserves = US$1 trillion, and still couldn't prevent the -40% collapse in stocks & employment woes as bad as during 2008-2009.

China needs GDP of >= 5% just to *Maintain* the living standards of its peasants. Over the next 10 years, any GDP below 4% will be very recessionary to China as that will mean millions of peasants losing their jobs.

China govt & politicians know this. That's why in the past 2 months, there have been many political rivals & semi-state institutions and newspapers that have actually started to criticize Xi Jinping's strategy & tactics.

At this current rate, China cannot sustain. Either it will compromise in the next 6 months or it will go back to absolute totalitarian rule to prevent social disorder & collapse.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17pm, you American or another banana that is parroting white shit?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam and Nippon are envious of China's achievements. Andy Morimoto and Gordon Chang are notorious China bashers. The days of "Hide your ability, bide your time" by Deng Xiaoping are over. Today's Xi Jinping's China Dream and Made in China 2025 are making waves across the 7 seas. Trump's trade war is a final do-or-die attempt to contain the uncontainable. The world's greatest debtor is no match for the world's greatest creditor. China is destined to rule the world as predicted by Martin Jacques.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkie Peasants been suffering for so long and yet the PAPies still ruled.

Today's Parliament Sitting have many many Papies MPs tabling questions. Why??

Because maybe by next year 2019 there be an GE and the Parrots had started to wayang to show that they are not sleeping.

Below a interesting statement that may bring HOPE to the Sinkie Peasants.

The new coalition headed by Dr Tan Cheng Bok and Dr Chee Soon Juan told this morning at a coffee shop in Marsiling that their new manifesto for the coming GE:

1) No more GST and all CPF will be returned at the age of 55.

2) No medical fees or charges for in-and out-patient treatments in Government Hospitals and Polyclinics but will be the same as usual for structured Hospitals.

3) All disable persons will be given $1000 per month till their dying days.

4) All Ministers and MPs will have 50% reduction in their salary.

5) Free food items will be given to all needy families every week amounting to S$300 per month.

6)Utilities charges will be reduced by 60%.

7) All SDP MPs elected into Parliament will give 50% of their salaries to Community Chest every month.

TBC : Part 2

Virgo49 said...


*Additional lists from Singaporeans*

1) Disband GIC and Temasek Holdings and eradicate crony capitalism

2) Housing for homeless

3) CEO and other posts in public organisations to go through proper channels of recruitment, evaluation and hiring not via 'global search' or army barracks.

4) Disband NTUC, just rename it Fairprice Supermarket. Restructure the organisation and sack the CEO and all PAP partisan in the union.

5) Sack the Auditor General and Attorney General.

6) All salaries of CEO of public organisations be revised lower.

7) More usable space for void decks to cater for old folks' hangout.

8) Ban PSLE. 11-12 years old are kids' formative years. Academic pursuit is not the only thing to aim for a successful living. Focus on character building. Streaming should start at secondary 2. Restructure to elementary 7 to 10 years old), intermediate (11 to 14 years), high school (15 to 16 years)

9) Revise fiscal policy

10) CPF to be reviewed, bring back pension scheme or a combi. Untie CPF from sovereign wealth funds. Taxpayers' fund should be state's funds. No more meddling with our CPF money.

11) Get rid of cronies and partisans in People's Association, taxpayers pay billions to upkeep community centres and chairman should not come under current PM

12) Ban Presidency, PM is good enough. But have a committee from all walks of profession to check on state coffer.

13) Reform judiciary system. Need to have a panel of jury.

14) Make HDB more affordable. Review 99 years leasehold. HDB apartments that are older than 50 years to be sold to Permanent Residents or open market to private landed property owners and allow children or grandchildren who are currently staying in landed properties to own inheritance from HDB apartment owners rather than to sell just because the criterion dictates that they can't inherit HDB apartments because they are staying in landed property.

In this way grandchildren or children can have an option to continue staying in the HDB apartments. The law should work both ways.

15) Ban GRC, bring back meritocracy, all constituencies to have SMC to promote meritocracy and no hitch riding on GRC

16) Ban ISA, and let dissidents come back home.

17) Allow free speech and demonstrations

18) Parliamentary debates to be broadcast live and those MPs who don't attend have to provide a letter of excuse and apology. If absent more than 3 times consecutively, the MP post will be relinquished.

19) Ban Straits Times and allow free speech. We should have more than one local media.

20) All PR whose children have not served NS will not be eligible for PR status,unless the children have served NS. With immediate effect.....and they will be served $10,000 for every year that the child did not serve NS.

21) Review labour laws. Singapore citizens who are currently employed and below 55 shall be holding permanent jobs if they are contract staff. MOM shall form a committee to assist in this area. Currently many MNC companies are abusing local citizens as contract staff and PR as permanent staff.

22) NS conscription to limit to one year. Some boys have to wait another nine months because university matriculation starts in August for local university and some November and they wasted another year to be enrolled to the university of their choice.


Anonymous said...

///Sinkie Peasants been suffering for so long and yet the PAPies still ruled.///


That's coz sinkie culture totally different from cheena culture.

Your 22 points are just empty masturbation only ... shoot blanks & feel shiok .... but no baby, no real results.

Most sinkies are like that ... like to masturbate & KKB to feel shiok ... after 5 minutes go back to being a PAP slave. LOL!!!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.32

These 22 points NOT sinkies KPKB.

Manifesto of the Singapore Coalition Harapan led by Mr Tan Cheng Bok and Mr Chee Soon Juan.

These points clearly pointed to the Short comings of the PAP 50 odd years of rule.

If implemented in Full by the New Ruling Government, lives would be much easier for Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

The dude needs to be sodomised to wake up lor ������

Anonymous said...

Manifesto better than I can imagine. Better than under Ah Long.

All in all, who is going to be PM? Any shadow cabinet already?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The 22 points are in my dream list.

I will vote for it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Gordon Chang mentioned by 4:34 pm looks all but Japanese. This is a mischievous devil in disguise, definitely not Chinese as his name makes one to think he is.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Harapan Singapura! The 22 points manifesto is excellent. You have all the votes from my family of 8.

Long live Harapan Singapura!. Long live Singapore!

Chronicle said...
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Chronicle said...

Who Really Is Gordon Chang?

Gordon Guthrie Chang sneaked out from a White woman's vagina, after having conceived from a Half-Chinese and Half-Japanese Sperm.

He is one of those Half-Breed “Chinese-Japanese” suffering seriously from SELF-HATE.

This specific species of Self-Haters are the Whites’ catamite and self-hating half breed like Chang wished himself to be more White and accepted as one by the Whitemen. Thus, he obviously has a desperate need to prove his allegiance and worth to his White Masters. That's why he wrote "The Coming Collapse of China", published in 2001.

His Chinese surname doesn’t help to make up for the lack of his Whiteness. So he, continually distancing himself from his Chinese-ness and persistently demonstrating an anti-China streak, perhaps in his warped mentality, could very well scored him brownie points with the Whites.

There’s no breed more fucked up than Self-Haters. Rare are those Halfies who can be at ease, balanced and at peace within themselves when it comes to their racial orientation, when racial allegiance calls for it. That is why he is as retarded as the KKK. At least the KKK can officially champion something that is wholly them: White Degenerates.

Self-Hating mofos like Gordon G Chang is neither. He is simply neither here nor there. Pathetic!

Do you think secret societies, like the NWO elitists, will accept Non-Whites or those whom they see as potential traitors?

George Bush Junior was part of this secret society called the Skull & Bones, Gordon Chang, the Half-White, is similar. He is a member of the Quill & Dagger.

Shills like him will gladly sell off their fathers, mothers, daughters, etc (I mean he sold his integrity, didn’t he?) to gain acceptance, because acceptance and proven loyalty to secret societies like these equates to money, power, inner circle perks, prestige and privileges, and oftentimes unwritten immunities from negative legal / judicial / media persecutions and lampoons (think of PAP cronies).

His father was one of those corrupted filthy rich member of the KMT in China. When Mao's Communist Party overthrew the KMT and chased them out of China, his father escaped quietly to USA to avoid purging. But some of his father's relatives suffered under the hands of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution. Ironically, the Cultural Revolution was initiated by the Gang of Four led by Chang Ching, who happens to have the surname as his grandfather. Some scholars suspected that he was related to Chang Ching through the paternal line. That could explain why he hates the CCCP so much!

Though Chang is a natural-born American, he presently stays in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Some Chinese curse him for what he has been doing. But some Chinese thanked him for deceiving the Whites so that China could quietly progress during the last two decades. Some even called him a Hero working under cover to pull the Western Powers!

But the fact is: A coin has THREE sides. The side that is seldom considered, the edge that links the head and the tail, is the most important.

Virgo49 said...

Well said, Chronicle,


OldDragon28 said...

Political Economist Chua: //His definition of a failed China is when its economic growth fell to 3 or 4%! Is this not an economic truism? The growth of all mature economies would slow to this level or lower, like the American and European economies. Is this Morimoto saying that the American, European and Japanese economies have failed, failed states and out to do mischiefs? What are the growth numbers of these failed economies? 1 or 2%? Should China's economy grow at 1 or 2%, it will be in the good company of the Americans, Europeans and of course Japan.//

Wah ... Very good evaluation leh ... Can be the conclusion for A-Level Economics Paper 1 case studies higher order questions or A-Level GP Paper 1 essay qns or Uni undergrad China modules term assignment paper reference leh ... Not bad ... Free resource ... Parents and students ... Faster come msn load up ... No need send children go tuition waste $$$...

OldDragon28 said...

(Young) BRO Virgo49,


Anonymous said...

Worries Grow in Singapore Over China’s Calls to Help ‘Motherland’ - nytimes.com

“China’s rise is a geopolitical fact that everyone must accept,” said Bilahari Kausikan, a former permanent secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “But it’s a very small step in my mind from cultural affinity for China to the idea of Chinese superiority. We are only 53 years old. It’s not guaranteed that every Singaporean Chinese would not be tempted either consciously or unconsciously to take that step.”

Mr. Kausikan and others are also concerned about China’s subtler influence efforts in Singapore, including appeals to sentimental “flesh and blood” ties to China.

China’s efforts to gain influence in Singapore are by no means one way. Recognizing the economic potential after China’s opening up in the 1980s, Singapore has also gone out of its way to play up its shared Chinese heritage.

In the late 1970s, for example, the government started a language campaign to encourage young Singaporean Chinese to learn Mandarin — China’s official language — instead of their native Chinese dialects, with an eye to facilitating greater business opportunities. Every year, the country also hosts numerous performances by Chinese entertainers, particularly during the annual Chinese New Year celebrations.

When it comes to strengthening its influence abroad, China has proved that it is both patient and persistent.

“They are not eager to have immediate results,” said Leo Suryadinata, a visiting senior fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, “because Beijing’s view is always the long-term view.”

Read China’s cultural influence on Singapore fairly - Globaltimes

"China has adhered to the principle of not interfering with other countries' internal affairs, but this doesn't mean that ethnic Chinese in other countries won't react spontaneously to China's achievements. After all, Chinese share cultural bonds that cannot be easily cut, wherever they may reside."

Virgo49 said...

Hello OldDragon(28)

You must be the Chinese Ancient Historical Scholar.

Ong Toh and Lee Ta Sow great story tellers.


OldDragon28 said...

@ Virgo49 August 07, 2018 10:50 am
"Hello OldDragon(28)
You must be the Chinese Ancient Historical Scholar."

Nah Nah Nah ... Mee spent a lot of time and efforts on "modern" China especially the period between 1978 to 2017.

For those westerners who tried to make sense of the phenomenal high-growth phase of China (at more than 8% per annum) which lasted 33 years from 1978 to 2010 and what the future beyond 2018 could portend, it could be the case of "searching for Easter eggs. You only find what you have hidden yourself. What you, yourself have hidden beforehand.”

To make sense of the restructuring efforts of the Chinese economy and where it could be heading, the best method could be none other than the "scientific measures" ...?

To know whether an economy is restructuring successfully, one way is to study the change of its GDP composition in terms of the various sectors?

Looking at the GDP composition of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the Chinese economy of the past decade from 2008 to 2017, it can reveal to a large extent whether the restructuring and rebalancing of the Chinese economy is yielding any dividend?

Nicolas Nassim Taleb, in one of his best sellers "Fooled by Randomness" wrote: "... randomness disguised and perceived as non-randomness ..... we seem to have evidence ..... 'courage' ... underestimation ... than ....". 

China could well be The Golden Swan version of Nicolas Nassim Taleb's "The Black Swan"?

"The Black Swan" raises fundamental inquistions into how many mathematically complex endeavours gain or fail to gain new insights. Taleb
posits that those unpredictable events, abberations are the ones that could turn commonly agreed assumptions on its head. Such are those that have a substantial significant influence on the way social scientists try to determine how the world works and they are greatly more useful for gaining more instrumental insights about the many things of human activities than the similar expectations not unlike the search for Easter eggs which often ends up finding those eggs that ones ownself had hidden them beforehand... Such could be in the China case where whatever the westerners wanted to find about China could be the "Easter eggs" they hid beforehand?

As such, China stands as a powerful challenge to the conventional wisdom of the west? The Golden Swan version to Taleb's "Black Swan"? Those who tried to predict China could very well end up on the wrong end?

Laying down the Chinese government's response to the post-2010 economic growth phase, they are:

(A) Supply-Side Structural Reforms (SSSR)
1. Phase out excess capacity;
2. Resolve unsold housing inventories;
3. Lower the level of indebtedness;
4. Reduce Costs;
etc ...

(B) In the “Third Plenum” of November 2013, under the stewardship of President Xi Jin Ping, many reforms were announced.

How should we measure whether many of these initiatives have yielded the intended results?

Looking at the GDP composition of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors could illuminates how the "new economy" of China is transiting?

Using data from 2008 to 2017, three sets of information can be computed via current prices, 2016 prices and 2010 constant prices.

What are these?

(Young) Bro Virgo49,

Political economist Chua is a renowned figure in his own domain and an accomplished professional in his own sector. Perhaps more can be enlightened by his contribution to the above "5th rater" personal insights?