99.9% of Singaporeans are mediocre people

This is an assumption I made from Chok Tong’s comment here. 'Goh Chok Tong was reportedly quoted in an audio recording as saying that PAP Ministers are not paid enough, and people who earn S$500,000 annually are “mediocre”.'

I think I am not very far wrong. So in Singapore we not only have 3rd, 4th or 5th raters but more important, almost everyone other than the natural aristocrats is a mediocre. Extrapolate this world wide, all the political leaders outside Singapore except for one or two like the President of the USA, is also mediocre. Oops, no exceptions, I got to correct myself on this one, Trump is getting only $1, far short of the $500k, so must be mediocre also. And in his good company will be leaders like Xi Jinping, Putin and our neighbours like Mahathir, Jokowi, Duterte etc etc, all mediocre, for I don’t think they earn anything near the magical $500k to determined their ability or intelligence.

I know for one that first raters like Da Cunha would not want to be associated with 3rd, 4th or 5th raters as it would affect his reputation. What would our better than mediocre leaders be thinking of the mediocre leaders when they met? Would they also feel that their reputation would be tarnished? Or would they look down on these mediocre leaders and telling themselves what a waste of time being in the company of these mediocre leaders?

What do you think? Would you advise all the mediocre leaders not to come to Singapore to be insulted or to tarnish the reputation of our sikit atas, super talented leaders?

The population of the world are almost entirely made up of mediocres except the rich businessmen, the crooks, the cheats and of course the millionaire ministers of Singapore.


jjgg said...

Singapore businessman also scrupulously clean n honest.. no bribes..no corruption no jobbing.. all rose through toil and brain..Singapore politics also squeaky clean.. no aristocrats no white horses no ministers take advantage of their positions to curry favour..all civil servants work independently of their political masters.. police n club n law enforcers discharge their duties without fear.. WAKE UP RB!!!!! 😂😂😂

Anonymous said...


on this 53th national day....let me say something for our ministers

dont play play dont play play

our ministers are all super super super talented leaders

we are very very very lucky to find them

yes.....their present $alaries are very much tooo0000oo0000ooooo low

yes.....they should be paid at least 5.3 times their present salaries

yes.....pay them now pay them now......just do it

remember......小财不出 大财不入


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One thing I would not say about anyone is corruption even if I heard about it if I don't have the evidence to back me up. Neither would I want to challenge anyone in court to prove his guilt or my allegation.

Sometimes it is better to let the emperor strut around naked and not saying anything.

Anonymous said...

"How is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." - Frédéric Bastiat

Anonymous said...

Anyone drawing an annual salary of less than half a million dollars a year, according to Peanut's Husband (like wife, like husband, moneys of same fur) is mediocre. Therefore, what he was saying was that all those old guards who brought Singapore from 3rd World to First, are mediocre people. Only those who are cunning enough to scam and scheme to make themselves millionaires are not mediocre. People with this kind of thinking should never be allowed in the government.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Chok Tong is incorrect. Assume "mediocrity" is normally distributed.

6 Sigma (standard deviation) of the population would mean that 99.73% of Singaporeans are mediocre. How our eminent mentor arrives at 6 sigma would be interesting, if he shared his insights.

I prefer Pareto distributions for studies about societies. There's something about long tails that really "gets me". Pareto is known in everyday parlance as the 80-20 rule, and we find this distribution very common in nature.

b said...

Singaporeans can only shine when they migrated. Under papies, their talents are suppressed. (ie Masterchef 2018 is a exsingaporean). Under papies, life very tough. Work and study non stop. Everyday exhausted till drop dead on bed. In the end papies raised retirement age to spend on unnecessary stuff and elders work till they drop dead and the youth cannot find jobs. Ministers only create problems.

b said...

GCT is insulting Donald Trump - USA president. He is paid only $1. GCT and cabinet should be dealt with severely. Woe to them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether 99.9% sinkies are mediocre. But proven that 69.9% sinkies are stupid for voting a party with Woody in senior leadership & obviously having similar attitude and mentality as him. No other senior PAPies have come out to categorically condemn Woody's statements & behavior and to chastise him.

b said...

Under GCT views, is to pay every ministers $10b? He is a complete nut case and moron. Should send him to a mental hospital for check up. A PM should not earn more than 3 times the average pay of worker as in scandinavia countries. To raise his pay, he has to raise the pay of average workers. Using GDP to justify his pay is a complete nut case. He should read 'the trouble of GDP' from the economist. Maybe too senile to understand.

Virgo49 said...

No Corruptions!!! in Sinkieland???

You must be an Ostrich with head in the Sand.

The Higher their Authority, the more Corrupted they are.

See so many what's CEOs cheating and siphoning funds from own Companies and others.

Professionals corrupted in their minds taking advantage of young boys and interns.

Expose Corruptions!!!

Simple, just have a Change of Government like the Malaysia Harapan and you shall have sensenational news of Court cases every day.

Those who have not seen any Corruptions in their working lives only worked at backrooms stamping letters.

b said...

'' But proven that 69.9% sinkies are stupid for voting a party with Woody in senior leadership & obviously having similar attitude and mentality as him.''

- they have no choice but to vote papies otherwise career will be jeopardised, get retrenched, unable to find work etc.

Anonymous said...

Voted him to insult and despised Singaporeans as mediocre and he very the clever.

Anonymous said...

The age of the immoral & dishonorable leadership.

Anonymous said...

He thought he was dispensing wisdom without knowing the joke was on him.

Anonymous said...

The tragic of self deception & deceiving others in multi-million dollars public servanthood from taxpayers' money. Is this education? Is this leadership at the top?

Anonymous said...

There is always a choice for everyone. Encourage the bully by continuing to vote for him & empower him, or vote the bully out. A bully grows out from a hidden fallen heart when given power & more power. Time reveals.

Chronicle said...

GCT is a symbol of the elite-uncaring gone bonkers, due to their greed for amassing more and more money for themselves and their families, at the expense of 99.9% Singaporeans.

This absurdity must be stopped from now on, before he continues to insult the collective intelligence of the masses. He has been doing it for far too long, until it has become his second nature, too audaciously arrogant to the extent of being insane.

The depth and width to which legalised and hidden corrupted minds are operating at high places must be investigated on an urgent basis, without fail. The only way to investigate is to remove the obstacle that is in the way.

The obstacle is the PAP, the very vehicle in which bandwagon-passengers are riding upon to enrich themselves and having the audacity to mock the very hands that feed (voted) them.

Anonymous said...

Please circle T/F answer.

Question 1: Serve NS = sacrifice. True or False.

Question 2: Serve political office = sacrifice. True or False.


Q1 - True (as allowance $500 per month, parents gotta give money to supplement)
Q2 - False (as salary more than $100,000 per month, and that's excluding bonuses, job guaranteed 5-6 years, no sack if underperform)

Height of the Demented Minds said...

Based on ESM Bob's criterion of becoming a Minister, all Mafia Chiefs and Crooks with annual income of more than $500,000 are qualified to become Singapore's Ministers. So there is no need to worry where to find "capable" people to govern Singapore.

Just cast the net in a global search and I am sure there will be several thousands of willingly candidates available for the picking. Don't have to go far. Malaysia's Najib Razak is now readily available.

Height of the Demented Minds said...


"ESM Bob's" should read as "ESM Blooper's"

Anonymous said...

We go after what we desire.
If a job offers honor n nobleness it attracts the honorable & noble.
If a job offers lots of money it attracts the greedy.
Where the carcasses are, the vultures will be there.
If you put sweet stuff, the ants will come.
Conviction & devotion are the substance of good leaders & not money. A nation needs only a few such able leaders. The rest are just administrators. Why pay sky high out of this world rewards for administrators?

Virgo49 said...

Think Woody trying to psycho the electorate that if The Singapore Harapan would to be the Ruling Government of the Day, you would have Mediocre Ministers if they proclaimed that they would draw minimum salaries.

Must have high salaries for PAP ministers as they the best brains not to forsee disasters that are going to happen and their abilities to form COIs for the disasters that will eventually happen.

COIs even why they constipated.

Anonymous said...

Anyone capable of holding millions of people hostages for ransom should be paid the amount the kidnapper demands.

Anonymous said...

If you voted him and his gang into power election after election, then you have forfeited your rights to decide the calibre of people that will govern you.

The only way for you to take back your rights is to realise your own folly and climb out of the hole that you have dug for yourselves

God only helps those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Vote them to rob your CPF savings.

Anonymous said...

The dude needs to be sodomized😀😰😀

Chronicle said...

Cheating At High Places -Part 1 (Japan)

One of Japan's most prestigious Medical Universities has apologised for altering Entrance Exam Scores to limit its intake of female students. Before this happened, the female cohort was 40%. After 2006, the female cohort was reduced to 17.5%.

An internal investigation found that Tokyo Medical University (TMU) had been manipulating the scores of female applicants from as early as 2006.

It also marked down the scores of male applicants who had taken the Medical Entrance Exam more than four times.

The university also admitted to adding extra points to the scores of 19 students who had made donations to the school.

"The alterations should never have happened. We betrayed the public trust. We want to sincerely apologise for this," TMU managing director Tetsuo Yukioka told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday (7 Aug 2018).

Keisuke Miyazawa, the Vice-President of TMU also pledged that next year's
Entrance Exams would be fair. (yet to be seen).

Do you trust that habitual cheaters will become honest suddenly after being discovered? Without any punishment nor serious consequences? Where is the deterent measure? Who marks the markers?

Will ownself check ownself lead to honesty or dishonesty? May be Japan should follow Singapore's legalised corruption method. Pay the Exam Markers and University Managers SG$1 million a year?

Anonymous said...

i heard next general election mp photo below need to tag a price
tag.more money indicator, indicate better.like grocer stores goods.got
price tag.

Anonymous said...

Goh is implying that many of the world's leaders are mediocre, since many do not earn more than SGD0.5 million equivalent from taxpayers' money !

Chronicle said...

Are Political Animals Worse Than Religious Fanatics?

A US Christian couple, Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari, both 27, were charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse on Monday over the death of their baby daughter, Mary, on Thursday.

Welch stared at the Judge with his mouth wide open as she read out the charges, while Fusari burst into tears.

Police found baby Mary with sunken eyes and cheeks after Welch called 911 to say he had found the child dead in her crib.

An autopsy on Friday ruled the cause of death as malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect by adult caregivers.

Mary's parents' fanatical Christian belief had made them refused to seek help and let their baby starved and thirst to death! Tragic!

Many Singaporeans, especially children and elderlies, have been found dead due to suicides caused by neglect of caregivers (the politicians who are supposed to care for and serve their citizens). Nobody has ever claimed responsibility. No criminal investigations have ever been conducted. No one has ever been charged. Everybody seems to think nothing of it. Life goes on as usual, with big fat salaries deposited in the politicians' bank accounts every month and pension allowances too. A success story is painted again and again. Everyone is happy. Especially the 69.86% of voters who enjoy the toasted bread crumps and coffee with artificial sweeteners. A great Shakespearean tragic comedy!

Fair is foul and foul is fair....MacBeth.

Anonymous said...

go and b a buisness man if money is important.like ofo bike buisness.

Anonymous said...

National Day Message

Bold creative planning can re-imagine the country, says PM Lee - meaning more taxes

"To sustain this project, we will need a strong economy and sound government finances," says PM Lee - meaning more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Edwin Tong example really took big pay cut? Really?
At his peak outside as lawyer...$2mln. (btw this can fluctuate and go down leh).
Basic pay as Senior State Minister minimum starting pay is $1.2mln not $500k as Goalie said.
Bonuses can add up to 13 mths, excluding 13th month. So bonuses total can be 14 mths.
And if PeeM decides to pay him 14 mths bonuses..ie $1.4mln.
That means after 12 mths he can earned up to $2.6mln.
Very significant pay cut...Its a JOKE lah. It may even be a total pay increase!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't anyhow say lah.
99.8% of Sinkies are BELOW mediocre.
90% are WAY BELOW mediocre.
This is according to GCT.
I disagree with him.

BTW. GCT also called our dear President mediocre. She was earning $500,000 as Speaker.
GCT owed our dear President and all Sinkies a public apology.

The fried chicken is so good and is the #1 choice? said...

More often than not, gaffe is politically damaging for politicians and even the platform they are associated with?

So they need to quickly carry out a "DCE" (damage control exercise) such as minimising or eliminating the outreach of the gaffe to the "hand of the people who feed them"?

If that doesn't work and assuming it is a cancerous limb that can spread to the entire boLEE and "kill the patient", then they may have to amputate "the particular cancerous limb, no matter how painful or unwilling" it can be? Fortunately, unlike politics, the "amputated limbs can grow back" (bcos in the first place, the politicians may have many other substitutes "on the bench" like any go(a)hkeeper or go(a)hlie, be it young or old go(a)hlie? Also in a typical football team, there are at least 3 go(a)hkeepers (and the one on the field may not be the #1 CHOICE of the coach originally and could be due to pressure from the team that the coach "selected" him? There could be more deserving goalkeepers "TANning" (waiting) on the bench?) The #1 CHOICE maybe TAN CHIN KU (waiting verLEE lo(ooooooo)ng) already? Alas, the TAN (wait) may have finally come and make it worth the TANning (waiting) all these years? To celebrate the final "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y", the actual #1 CHOICE may choose to order plenty of FRIED CHICKENS to treat everyboLEE, be it whatever brand it can be ... Like the K brand, or P brand, or the T brand or in the end the most popular brand with the most outlets ... And so quite convenient to buy cos everywhere and neighbourhood also have? AnyboLEE know what this brand is?)

PS: dictionary meaning of gaffe : an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder.

Anonymous said...

Oops ... Typo

"Fortunately, unlike politics, ..."

Should be "Fortunately, in politics ..."

Anonymous said...

In the western democrazy, any politician who made such a ("blunderous") gaffe would have likely committed "political, social and economic suicide"?


Imagine an American President who make such a statement?

What would be the outcome or consequences of (political, economic and social) fallout?

Metaphorically, it would not be an exaggeration if his party would probably line him up on a wall and "assemble a firing squad"?

A president who ever make such an (unforgiveable) verbal blunder would likely face the wrath of the entire media, netizens, social media, voters, political opponents, own party members ...?

Metaphorically, "all the knives could be out" and his political career would be (all) over in no time?

Game over liao?

OldDragon28 said...

Good morning Mr Chua,

Wishing you and your regular fans Virgo49 etc a very


Anonymous said...

Pay cut, where got?
Joined as MP, still continued with private job don't you know?
MP extra abt 200k, plus business as usual private job, maybe even more lobangs, means more money joining POPPIES. N if in a Tummysick firm likely more fast-track promotions.
Disclosing half truths & wayang to cloud citizens.
Only as full time in cabinet then no full-time private job.

Anonymous said...

In the western countries, if a politician make such a major (potentially politically suicidal) blooper, all his party members might distance themselves from him?

Also, he will be come a ginomous (political) LIABILITY?

Whether he stay with the ruling govt or join the opposition parties?

In other words, all the politicians would treat like a "political leper (and pariah)" and avoid him even go near him with a 10-foot pole?

To be seen with him might cost politicians and/ or their party a lot votes?

Virgo 49 said...

Good Morning Old Dragon28

Wah piang,you 1928, now 90 years old??

Can be second Mahathair.

Still alert, strong and virile.

Anyway, have no interest in our NDP ten years back.

I will watch and take pride in our NDP if the Singapore Harapan became the Ruling Government.


Chronicle said...

A Swallow Does Not Make A Summer

Edwin Tong is only a swallow that does not make a Summer. Bringing him up as an example to justify paying obscenely to reward a minister (a public servant sworn in to serve the country and people without fear, favour or ill-will, with the best of his ability) is morally, ethically and logically wrong.

ESM Goh's thinking is warped, off-tangent, twisted. His mental faculty has become faulty. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made such a careless, inexcusable blunder. "Those with an annual salary of $500,000 are mediocre"?

How much was Lee Hsien Loong's pay before he became an MP? How much were ALL the other MPs' annual salary before they join PAP and got elected as an MP, and then became Ministers?

ESM Goh was actually putting the cart before the horse. By using Edwin Tong's case, he was actually using an illogical logic to make his point. How much a person earns in his private capacity cannot be equated to how good he can be as a devoted and loyal public servant to serve the country and fellow countrymen. Monetary earning power alone does not define a person's character nor his ability in a totally different field of endeavour. Simple as that!

If ESM Goh has lost his ability to realise the differences, then it is time for the voters to let him go and spend time flying kites with his grandchildren in the UK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all patriots, dissenters, traitors, "lobang seekers" & other opportunists and fellow banana-quitters,

Happy National Day!

Even if you dislike the PAP, and to certain extent the sheeple and their nation, there is no denying that the fantastic upward mobility of our MotherCuntry has resulted in more winners than losers.

Even the losers have it pretty ok---you have the opportunity to improve your circumstance, more so than any other cuntry in our modern world.

Yesterday I adopted the role of "Guest Relations Officer cum driver" as I picked up a bunch of kaki-nangs from Perth airport from the last SQ flight.

These fellow senior citizens and their young-enough-to-be-their-grand daughter (mostly) China gur-friends (aka "fuck buddies") make it a point every year to "escape" from Singapore, whilst other Singaporeans remain home in a state of patriotic euphoria and national pride as they celebrate their cuntry's birthday.

Early morning rains dashed hopes of hitting the golf green, however by around 8am all 3 "sugar daddies" and their attractive, nubile squeezes were on the course trying to hit balls into tiny holes with their sticks. Later on---I imagine---there is going to be "sticks, balls and holes" activity of a different nature, but hey, why not? Power to them.

These successful gents have contributed and done well from Singapore's success, such that they're able to take a short "sex-cation" during National Day.

This afternoon the entourage will make its way to the gun range for each member to give their own version of a "gun salute" to their homeland. Poetic touch, I think 😄

One of the Pretty Young Things, acting on suggestions from her WeChat a network, suggested whale watching. Tomorrow we're heading out to sea to marvel at nature's majesty and wonder. Make the woman happy, I say. And later reap the benefits several fold. A Malaysian doctor mate is standing by with Viagra prescriptions for the gents who may require "help". Your see, I'm a wonderful host...I think of everything and every contingency. 😂

Anyhow, enjoy your celebrations. A small contingent of Singaporeans (and friendly relations with China) are celebrating in concert with you, in spirit and in heart, albeit far away from home.

Mari lah Kita bersatu! 🇸🇬

OldDragon28 said...

Virgo 49August 09, 2018 8:46 am
//Can be second Mahathair.//

"De Cuiwahwah" already said the "5th rater" will make our valient and indomitable Dr Tan Cheng Bock laukui (lower his stature?) ... So how to join Team Harapan Singapura (and becum the 2nd madhater? No! No! No!) Before ("5th raters") join already 同床异梦 (literally in Chinese means same "bad" (yankee pronunciation for "bed") but different dreams). For matland Pakatan Harapan when madhater joined force and "slept" with Ah War and Ah Eng and Ah Siang, it is 同床共枕 (in Chinese same "bad" with ONE PILLOW), so cozy and one (united) soul, one mind, one heart, one dream and one goal. 一条心, 有盐共咸, 无盐共淡 (have salt everyboLEE got to share the saltiness, no salt everyboLEE in solidarity make do with plain taste, everyboLEE with the one and same heart, single-mindeness in their common goals/ objectives.) But now cannot le? "5th raters" and 1st raters, how to 同床共枕 ("share the same "bad" with one pillow")? Anyway as Cath Limp already said before, politics not in the dna (and blood). So cannot, dunwan and will not wan. Period. (Actually there is another reason but cannot say cos will "hurt" pple's feeling. Hint: one old man in one of the 1957 Legislative Assembly debates said it.)

PS: (Young) BRO Virgo49, WHY you doubt my "seniority". If not for the "seniority", how did ai get to know all the historical stuff so vividly when those in the millenial generation hardly ever know anything about them? How many youngsters know about Alex Josey? How many youngsters know about Liu Shao Qi? Lin Biao? Harry Truman? Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev? Robert McNamara? Li Hong Zhang? Yuan Shi Kai? Liang Qi Chao? Kang You Wei? Hu Han Ming? Wilson Woodrow, Neville Chamberlain?

Virgo49 said...

No, no Old dragon,

Don't doubt your seniority. Just in awe of your Seniority.

Many in your age group alreday in The Twilight Zone.

Even our YoungDragon52 PeeAyam in a daze with blurred eyes and artificial smiling looks.

Can give some good advice to this so called YoungDragon52


b said...

Fortunately Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (matt19:16)

Let them be rich, for they will have less chance to enter heaven. imo.

OldDragon28 said...

@ Virgo49 August 09, 2018 10:25 am
//No, no Old dragon//

(Young) BRO Virgo49,

Mee accepts your sincerity of not-doubting ("with 1-TFU load of salt" and frensheep :)))

Madhater was asked the question by a "young punk" in 2016 at a conference Q & A after his re-emergence in matland politics and his answer was:

"To stay young, choose your parents (for their dna)." To the huge roar of laughters in the audience :)))

Madhater is young at heart, young in his mind, in spirit, even physically.

Many half his age may not be able to keep pace with his work rate travelling in official capacity to Japan, Indonesia ... within the first 100 days in office.

Truly Matland!

Truly Amazing!

Matland Boleh!

Madhater Boleh!

Nonetheless, hope he treasures the good dna/ genes his ancestory bestowed him and not overworked himself to the extent that it compromises the prospect for him to complete what he needs to accomplish for his re-emergence in politics.

Btw, the above is MADHATER's advice, NOT MIND!

Mee is a "5th rater" ...

"De Cuiwahwah" already "advised" the venerable Dr Tan Cheng Bock that his "stature" would be "compromised" by associating with "3rd, 4th and 5th raters" ... and the dear former AhMaKeng Clinic founder has heard ("De Cuiwahwah") and commented that fellow doctor - Prof Tambyah is a "1st rater" ... and ..... in the interests of ... blah blah blah ...

Can only wish Team Singapura Harapan well ...

In other words, how can "5th rater" have (any) advice for a 1st rater?

Yew never hear the rebuke about "Boh Tua Boh Suay"?

"TNS" (aka cuntorniece knn) [Young] BRO Virgo49, yew "so young" got dementia aready so forgetful and "behave boh tua boh suay" suggest 5th rater give advice (to 1st rater)?

If any advice needed, "De Cuiwahwah" is the type of advisor that commensurate with his perception, not any ah ter ah kow and worst "5th rater" ...

Pls dun "sabo" mee ...

PLS ...



PS: Dun forget also by LaoGo(a)hlee (LaoGo(a)hlie) definition, yew also liable to be "Bor Tua Bor Suay" if basic salary less than US$1/2 million and thus a "mediocre" ... So dun anyhow suggest give "Bor Tua Bor Suay unsolicited advice" ... Ok? Pls ......