Water falling from the sky is free

It is sinful to charge water that falls freely from the sky a high price. Ok, all your eyeballs are rolling. Seriously, human beans have been enjoying free water from the sky for ages. Things only change when crooks took over and decided to charge the people for water falling from the sky. God’s or heaven’s water, provided by God and heaven, evil man profited from it.

To be fair, the amount of labour and value add to produce drinkable water, not shit water, should be compensated accordingly. But the price of water should still be proportionate to the labour and capital added. Only evil men can twist and turn to raise the price of water exorbitantly by their whimsical white lies. Water must be priced high to teach people the value of water. Fuck you. Water must be priced high to prevent wastage. Fuck you. Tell that to God and heaven for letting water fall freely from the sky everywhere and going to waste. God is wasteful? Water is a blessing and gift of God or Nature.

God or heaven, you cannot anyhow waste water by pouring them in the river and into the sea. You should pour the water into the reservoirs for the people to use, and have enough holes to keep the water. If not YOU must be punished for wasting water.

And please, there is one thing YOU should do, punish the profiteers and gangsters for charging people exorbitant price for the free water you provide for the human beans by using their lies and fake reasons.


Virgo49 said...

Now the Mats are giving FREE water to their poor thing Bros and Sisters in Sinkieland.

But their own unscrupulous Leaders are making tons of profits by reselling the FREE water even to actual sources of FREE water and to their own daft Sinkies.

It's definitely much much much cheaper recycling "pure" water than sai or sewerage water.

The daft Evil bastards which are destined to be in the Hades Heaven Emperor next life imprisonment as HIS honourable guests would siphon as much as they could now in their present living in their own HEAvEns

Anonymous said...

If water is for free, as it drops from sky then it really go against the Papies principle of no free lunch. That's why they give all kinds of excuses to justify charging monies for water usage by its people. There r no competitors in the water supply market so they charge higher & higher rate for profiteering. See that High-FCUK is getting its retribution now, sooner & later the PUBies will also be punished for over charging its own & Dr Mad gonna come hard at them or else Dr Mad wud jus turn off the tap or reclaim its own reservoir once the deal lapses.

b said...

May Oz colonise smalland and madland cannot bully smalland anymore. Oz can own the waterways, kpo sc sea and sinkies can retire in oz just like people in torres strait islands. Win win. Papies can go and cry cos no need million dollar salary for oz pm.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The property rights for "Water falling from the sky" (aka precipitation ) depends on the territory the water falls over, and the territory the water falls ON.

There are very few areas left which are "no mans' land" where a state of anarchy (anarchy meaning no government ) exists. Almost every square meter of the earth's land mass is owned and controlled either privately or by some State. Even privately owned land is subject to laws of the governing State of that area.

Thus the idea or the assertion that "water fallingfrom the sky is free" is not only specious, but just plain fucking WRONG.

However, to be clear it is important to clarify what the word FREE means and to not play word-games by changing the meaning or the context.

If you mean "free of cost", then yes. Precipitation is created by purely natural processess at no (financial) cost to humans. Even when it is distributed, the cost is free.

What makes the water "not free" are the property rights created once it falls on or over land or sea areas which are sovereign territory of some State.

Property rights in water are important. If there were no property rights (aka some way The State can control its price and its use), an economic phenomenon known as The Tragedy Of The Commons will eventually occur.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


When there are property rights in an asset, the asking price for that asset in a market is entirely up to the owner.

If it is "high", no point in complaining. He will either get the asking price,or have to lower it to make a sale.

All markets clear...but the market clearing price depend entirely on the bid-offer actions of many (millions) of actors

Also: The CURE for high prices, is high prices.

(Psst: people---aka "economic actors" respond to incentives, they act on the margin, and at the margin there's scarcity...which means prices spontaneously evolve)

Anonymous said...

Matilah pls lah...water in Spore is not in private hand but in the govt voted by the people. There is a contract of reasonableness. It is a monopoly; there is no prive clearing mechanism but a dictation of price. Exorbitant price just confirmed greed and abuse of power. The citizens only resort is to simply vote this "lightning" monopoly out n replace with another with a new social contract.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, you misunderstood lah.

Off topic: commie China employs a hard core capitalist:


According to ZeroHedge, (take care: ZeroHedge is biased and frequently just plain doom-and-gloom conspiracy bullshitters, but occasionally have interesting content ) Blackwater Security essentially a Private military operation own by Eric Prince a former SpecOps operator is going to "help China solve its security needs".


Communists pay an Old school capitalist for "protection"... wow! Priceless 🤟👍👌

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is trying to be a uni professor talking in an ideal state and the rules of supply and demand is completely flexible, not distorted by the abused of power. This is not Econs 101.

Anon 10.04 am said it, Singapore is not that kind of ideal state. Even if you own a big piece of land, if you collect water in your land up to a certain amount, you will have to pay tax. Ridiculous but that is the outlaw's law here.

And water is a state controlled item, not selling in the free market where supply and demand dictate the price.

Adam Of Eve said...

At first, PAP have tried its very best to price Singapore out. But after realizing its folly, it started to import cheap labour from backwards countries and use it to depress wages of all except the ministers and civil servants.

However, the greed of the top PAP leadership did not stop there. It cannot stop. It is not able to stop, because the greed is already embeded into the system - the LKY System.

LKY means Leadership by Kreptocracy for Yes-men.

As a result, the PAP keep pricing itself out of this world.

The last two years clearly shows to the citizens and to the world at large, which direction PAP is heading, and therefore also the durection Singapore is heading.

It is a matter of time that PAP will price itself out of the hearts and minds of the voters, daft or not daft.

Anonymous said...

When services are essential & social in nature in most countries these services are provided by the govt. These services/products are called "utilities". These utilities do not operate for profits but on recovery of costs principle. The underlying reason is that they are essentials n have monopolistic or at worse ogopolistic pricing power. Good govt will not abuse this power & will not do profiteering on the citizens. History has proven over n over again a long reigning govt will grow abusive overtime n they will profiteer on the citizens. Which also means a time of sufferings for the people and soon a time to change the govt. In modern societies because of the right to votes, we dont need to resort to violence at all but vote out the abusive one and replace with another. This is a healthy process also found in created nature...replaced old dying parasitic cells with new young vigorous ones. Political parties especially of politicians should not be allowed to last too long. The weakness of human nature when given monopolistic power n easy money in huge quantities will manifest its evil inclination. Man has not changed though technology changes.

Anonymous said...

Just SP alone one year profits of about $950mln before recent hikes. Ask the question is this profiteering or not? Where on earth in a small city an essential power provider can make this kind of profits from the citizens?

Anonymous said...

Higher GST is to help the poor....Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I was planning to take a break today by relaxing and not posting till I read the incest matilar posting. Matilar, please give us a break lar. U are talking nonsense. It's really for your own good that u let people sodomize u to wake u up and get your common sense back.

Anonymous said...

A sick lady told me, since govt said higher gst is to help poor. The poor should return all the vouchers they received n be exempted from GST. Then the poor can said "i dont need any help from govt, i returned the vouchers n help the govt instead since all these highly qualified n very educated public office holders on public money maths must be right, that higher GST is to help the poor. Thank you, please take the vouchers (which actually is our money under your stewardship) and shaft it.

Anonymous said...

Paper generals brains are in their arses. Tragically for the people these public servants hearts are in their money-bellies.

Adam Of Eve said...

Decadence sets in when morals and ethics gave way to legalistic obedience. Which means as long as I abide by the laws, everything else can go to hell.

However, for those who make laws, they can always make laws to their own collective advantage and also manipulate the sacrosanct Constitution.

In the end, for those in authority over the citizens, even laws are of no use in making them behave consciously, conscionably, decently and fairly.

Therefore, immortality, unethicality and lawlessness become rampantly practiced by those in power and authority over the masses. But no matter how powerful the monstrous beast has become, tiny viruses are able to devour it when the temperature rises to a certain level (high fever).

Lets hope the tiny viruses will succeed one day.

Anonymous said...

True, sinful are those who charge exorbitant for free rain water.

But stupid are those who voted for them.

You go ask sinkies in the mrt and food courts. They rather vote pap. They scared their jobs & companies close down if oppo win.

Anonymous said...

Businesses n firms are already closing down at lightning speed only the Shittimes not reporting. Go see more n more empty shops in malls, vacanted hawker stalls, empty industrial offices n warehouses. Some relocted. Many many older n more expensive Sinkies replaced by cheaper FTs.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.06

Not only their jobs and companies close down if the Oppo wins.

Their investments in their properties that collected Passive Incomes also in danger.

Their so called Millionaire status and living actually in REAL Life Paupers and in REEL Life Princes would be jeopardized.

These are the majority. The Poor minorities also no choice the PAP. Many needed their PAP MPs to appeal for them minor trivial inconveniences like paying debts by installments.

Renewing their hawkers licenses, vocation licenses etc. Many also for the sake must get married and cannot get out High and Arrogant behaving like Princesses but actually also Pauper Princesses married foreign girls.

They also have to beg the PAP MPs to renew their lovers or wives stay in sinkieland.

So the PAP thru the years had already squeezed and catch ALL sinkies balls one way or another.


Anonymous said...

Virgo, I disagreed as most sinkies have no balls. So they squeezed their sticks instead as equally painful leh

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo,

That's why I say don't waste time & energy on SG politics.

Find ways to get as much $$$$$ as possible. Better still, make use of PAP to increase your money & earnings faster. 3-leg them if required.

This is the secret that thousands of millionaires (real ones not reel) have done & are doing in Sinkieland.

At the end of the day, you only answer to yourself & your family, whether you provided safe and comfortable life for them or not?

Anonymous said...

2.36 pm anon, u very selfish leh. Virgo and Rb care for other sinkies unlike u as a selfish mothfucker. I am sorry I have to score u as cannot tahan u.

Anonymous said...

Haha care for others not going to provide good life for me & my family.

Trump understands this. Deng Xiaoping understood this. Xi Jinping understands this. LKY understood this.

Unfortunately most sinkies still don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can chose to do good or evil. Big names mean nothing. Among the Big names many are/were hypocrites just like among small names. Do good requires some selflessness, some sacrifices. People who care just themselves n their families then are not much different from the beasts.

Anonymous said...

Humans are animals anyway. Hypocritical to pretend otherwise. People "do good" for selfish reason -- feel good about yourself, votes, people's support, tax breaks, goodwill, advertisement, marketing, networking, biz opportunities, gain power, gain control, gain leadership, gain trust.

Anonymous said...

defend earth 1st.other things not important.

Adam Of Eve said...

How to defend Earth?

Can you get rid of the more than 10,000 nuclear warheads that the US deployed around the World - land air and sea?

As well as all nuclear weapons in the arsenals of Russia, China, India, UK, France, Israel, Pakistan, Brazil, North Korea, and probably Japan and NATO Forces?

Can you get rid of businesmen who pollute the air, land, rivers, seas and space?

Can you get rid of evil men and women whose greed for power has no limits?

If you can't, who can?

Anonymous said...

.solider must take care oneself in battle field 1st.so can out live it enemies.

Anonymous said...

With all the nuclear weapons deployed as a nuclear umbrella around the world, at the ready all the time, the ultimate destruction of the Earth and annihilation of all living beings is a matter of time. All that is needed is someone like the Japanese Prime Minister who started the war in the Asia-Pacific during the Second World War.
Or a new Hitler in Europe or USA.

Virgo 49 said...

In today's "Straits Times" one interesting article by Martin Wolf about What's happening in America is the duplication of what's happening in Singapore.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

I have no idea what "Econs 101" is, and don't even believe thst econs is a "real" science.

But you forget one thing:

Singapore IS the epitome of an IDEAL STATE

If it isn't or deviates from the ideal, we have handsomely paid elites to who work very hard to restore it to "normal".

Anyway, I am not going argue with wishful-thinking-entitlement-minded losers about whether water falling from the sky should be free or not.

In this world, from the moment you draw breath until
the moment you don't anymore is a constant trail of bi-directional money flows. Everything material in our material world cost money. So you better "have enough" at all times, plus some in "reserve".

Good luck in wishing for "free stuff"! 🤣🤟🤑