Trump is destroying all the white lies the daft were made to believe in

The white Europeans/Americans may want to continue to perpetuate their century old white lies in demonizing Communism, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and countries that they deemed as their enemies. They have been concocting all kinds of myths and lies to brand these countries as evil and bad with their fake news often brandishing as intelligence reports, supported by ‘facts’ and their ‘truths’ from their subversive intelligence organisations. While many of their fake news have been exposed, like the WMD myth that they used to justify the invasion and murder of Saddam Hussein and Iraqis and the imprisonment of many so called terrorists in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, when the real terrorists were the Americans and their allies, many still stupidly believe and insist that the white lies were not lies and refuse to want to think about them.

And here is Donald Trump, a very brave man that stood up to tell the Americans that they have been duped all these years by their very own people, people in govt, in the intelligence services, their politicians, fabricating several sets of lies and myths about other countries and people. The fabrication of white lies is a daily affair to make Americans believe what the evil schemers want them to believe in, like the spate of poisoning incidents in UK blaming the Russians for it , or North Korea is a country suffering from abject poverty ruled by a mad man.

The evil and wicked people in Washington and in various centres of power are shocked to this revelation by Trump. They are in a rage, rose in unison to condemn Trump for telling the truth, for exposing their lies, in this case about Russia meddling in the US Presidential Election. Trump said the accusations were all lies, Russia did not do it, no reason to do it. Practically everyone in Washington that were involved in the fabrication of white lies was incensed, the intelligence chiefs, past and present, were as guilty as the devil, the white supremacist John McCain, etc etc were up in arms against Trump. How can Trump be allowed to destroy their carefully crafted and fabricated lies for so many decades? They have to destroy the messenger of God in Trump in order to perpetuate their white lies about the countries they have framed as bad, to continue to lie to the Americans and the rest of the world?

All the lies and deceits were based on a simple strategy of creating enemies and demons to be attacked, as scapegoats, to serve the American hegemony and Empire. Following are some of the comments from the evil men in Washington and centres of power.

Trump was denounced as ‘disgraceful, cowardly, shameful, weak and treasonous’. According to McCain, ‘The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naivete, egotism, false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.’ Democrat Jimmy Gomez, ‘To side with Putin over US intelligence is disgusting; to fail to defend the US is on the verge of treason.’ ….

Alright, the Americans have good reasons to be angry with Trump for telling the truth and destroying the myth and lies they have built over decades and centuries to deceive the ordinary Americans and the rest of the world, all for the interest of the American Empire. Would the rest of the world finally wake up, remove their blinkers and look at the evil Empire and question the lies and myths they created and made them to believe in? The Americans have planted the idea of Communism bad, Russians bad, Chinese bad, North Koreans, Iranians bad…. And the unthinking just accepted these as the gospel truth without questioning that the really bad and evil ones are the Americans lying to them.

Trump may be accused by the Americans as a traitor. But he is a truth bearer. Such rare men appeared once in a while, yes a disruptor of the finely crafted American narrative built on lies, to bring down a house of cards. Trump is standing up to all the evil men in Washington to call them liars. Trump will bring down the American Empire and the wicked men and women to their knees. Many believe Trump is Godsend to destroy the evil American Empire. And he is doing it systematically without missing a beat. Trump is unstoppable. The messenger of God is unstoppable.


Virgo49 said...

All these Evil Politicians are only for the Greed of amassing Wealth.

They in cahoots with their own interests of how to amass trillions day after day by just in cahoots by playing deceiving politics in the rollercoaster of the stocks and shares market.

Their policies of making news and changes everyday made the markets to their advantage.

They knew when the rises and falls and had alreday took the necessarily steps to their advantage.

Don't be conned by them.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!

Come GE2020 PAP will win 70+% again!

Hope PAP open floodgates wider to let in more FTs to boost GDP!!!

Anonymous said...

8.59am, here u go again not allowing others to voice their thought freely to let out steam. Please lar offer yourself then to be sodomized by us to let steam out if u don't allow people to kpkb.πŸ˜°πŸ˜°πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

That is why total control of the world's MSM is so important. The MSM is the tool that perpetuate the lies that were repeated again and again and the dafts slowly believe in them.

But that is slowly changing because of social media. Of course you cannot totally believe in social media as well. But in providing such views, it provides avenues to balance the one sided perception that decades ago only the MSM has the monopoly to dissipates.

Better education has also given people a clearer mind to judge what is real and what is unreal, although some will still stick to one view throughout life, like some voters, here and elsewhere as well.

Does that not reflect what is even happening in Red Dot? GST is to help the poor is one big black lie. Cost of living is never high in the vocabulary of the rulers, because inflation figures (hughly massaged) is kept low as always in tandem. Those who do regular marketing can tell you that price increases far exceeds what they tell you in surveys, and big ticket items contribute much to the fake statistics, which cannot reflect the cost of living affecting the poor.

If Trump is doing what he is doing and survives the CIA, something very catastrophic is about to happen soon, because those that control America, financially and militarily, who lived and prospered over the centuries from such lies, will not take them lying down.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump is having friends and foes all at their wits' ends. They are beginning to see him as an enigma and highly unpredictable. He acted like a bully when he accused NATO countries of being freeloaders. He was patronising towards Kim and now Putin. He called Xi Jinping his friend but had no qualms starting a trade war with China. The Republicans and the Democrats are now accusing Trump of treason. He has set himself up as a target of assassination by undermining the integrity of Uncle Sam's intelligence agencies.

Anonymous said...

Those who knew the rise and falls of the stock market, are the ones controlling the rollercoaster.

A fall in the stock market is a time for them to buy big, and a rise is a time for them to sell big, either way they will make and collect all the money earned by the ordinary souls through labour, sweat, blood and saving. The biggest greed will swallow all the small greed again and again, repeated without fail every decade or so.

The world will go on until it is time for another reboot, which is about time.

Anonymous said...

When Trump was running for election, one the the things he told voters he would do if elected President is to re-engage with Russia in an attempt to reverse years of souring relations, and the voters majority elected him on his promises.

So with Putin he is only doing what he told voters he would do if he's President.

The American media, Democrats, Republican leaders are now screaming loudly at him for treason, but the voters are still solidly behind him.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Trump's sheer genius is his simplicity: he just says what's on his mind at the moment.

He might later change his mind...which drives people mad, but Trump doesn't give a flying fuck.

He's made "enemies" of nearly all the US allies...from NATO cuntries to even neighbours Canada and Mexico. He signals to women like Theresa May and Angela Merkel that they should fuck off from politics and go play with their grandchildren....that they are unfit to govern. And he doesn't give a shit about the "blowback".

In short, Trump has not only disrupted Washington (even Republicans can't stand him), but he's signalled to the people of the nations in whole world to DEMAND from their respective governments
what the taxpaying voters WANT not what their so-called "elected officials" deliver and FORCE the people to accept.

Trump said: NO WAY. Americans FIRST. And if others get fucked up---be they friend and foe---because of the Trump Administration putting America and Americans FIRST, too fucking bad!

Gotta say, I'm impressed with that. He hasn't tried to "angkat" any leader nor is he a fan of "appeasement" and "conciliation". He appears to be 100% congruent with his "MAGA" campaign slogan. Of course he's not going to succeed at everything, but ounching noses and smacking a few heads...that guy has no "guilty conscience" holding him back. He will punch noses and smack heads if necessary.

Adam Of Eve said...

Do you all realise what the Dotard Trump is doing?

For the past 20 months, since he won the Presidency, he has been manipulating the Stock Markets.

He would say and do something and make the market goes up. When the market is up for a period of time, he would say and do something for the market to go down.

Quietly, behind the scene, his wives and children are making tons of money. While George Soros and the Chinese investors got played out.

When you have a businessman as a President of USA, you must watch his businesses, which are now handed over to his children to control.

When you have a librarian, like Mao Tze Tung, as Leader, he used the Red Book to rule the country.

When you have lawyer, like LKY, to rule the country, he used the laws and law-making power to run the country.

When you have an economist, like GCT, to rule the country, he used Pricing to run the country.

When you have a mathematician, like LHL, he used his mental calculator to run the country - give you $300 one-off, take back $3000 every year thereafter.

This is the general trend of how leaders run their countries. They inadvertently fall back upon their past training, knowledge and experiences to make critical decisions.

Anonymous said...

In a word, you cannot trust Trump in anything. Would you say he is learning from Kim and Putin?

Say something, deny the next second, try to wriggle out unconvincingly, and his voters and supporters say 'yeah, that's the way to go'. They got the President they voted for!

Anonymous said...

This might happen to Sinkieland few or many years down the road when the daftians wake up from their La La Land dream. Many policies r against or suck them dry up including their coffin monies & housing. How long will this slumber dafts be in Aris- to-cat land ? Let's wait n see, as divine intervention will happen sooner or later ..

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump is spoiling for a fight and is trampling on everyone's foot. He hopes to win a place in the Hall of Fame alongside George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt. He has Uncle Sam vs The Rest of the World on his card to cater to an international audience. Trump vs Republicans & Democrats caters to the local audience. Stirring shit is his forte. No one is spared. Soon Uncle Sam will become nobody's friend but everybody's enemy. Trump can claim credit for that.

b said...

Trump is a chameleon. Deep down, he does not care about anyone except himself. Just like everyone. He will kick anyone ass to get things done and he will carry anyone balls to also get things done.

Anonymous said...

Actually Dotard Trump The Messiah is sending a divine message to all its Americuns to wake up their own ideas bout the communist demons tots la. When will Singapoolangs wake up Leh? u see u hv one A Neh telling its people to groom youth football but on other hand u hv a garmen that rejects a Davids dream of playing football in England, may be they r jus Min Deaf Lah unable to hear & understand a youth dream saying a cuntry dream is more impt than personal one ? Cud the garmen jus despise that teen of no able to win any medals yet? Wait till he enter the world cup final & lift that trophy only u see these buggers come to claim credit or wear his medal la...its really like the Chinese says η‹—ηœΌηœ‹δΊΊδ½Ž or see him no up la.

b said...

1152> correct. usofa has too many anti democratic aka communistic people. Obama and Hillary are commie infiltrators. They are double agents working for the jewish banks. KMarx was a jew and a very wealthy one. He could care nothing about the working class. Of cos, there are two types of jews just like chinese or any race - the good and the bad.

Anonymous said...

I like Trump-style. I think PAP learning from him, say 1 thing but do another, and then deny everything & say you are traitor for questioning govt.

Hope pap boost more foreigners here. Cheap labour plus more renting my properties good for economy!

But no matter lah, PAP still win big next GE!

Anonymous said...

Who do you trust more - Trump or PAP elite ??

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump is making waves. There seems to be no end to his flamboyant style of wheeling and dealing. He has gathered together a team comprising hawks. The rest of the world has to get use to his waywardness or radicalism depending on how it is perceived. Needless to say, Trump is bent on establishing a new world order. He wants to outdo Putin and Xi Jinping. Putin got his World Cup glory. Xi Jinping got his OBOR glory. Now Trump is waiting in the wings for his share of glory through his usual inimitable, hawkish and outlandish branding of Trumpism: a new offshoot of narcissism.

Anonymous said...

I trust only myself larr.

But if Trump or PAP help me earn / get more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, I also vote for them larrr..

No favouritism larr.

Anonymous said...

Trump is an extremist. No different from the terrorists that the US has branded others. In his first year in office, he already bombed and killed, maimed and injured more innocent lives than Obama's 8 years of Presidency.

Virgo49 said...

Why the stupid PAP wasted 16 millions for the Dotard and the Rocket Man here in Sinking Land??

They would not able to reconcile as the Americunts would always retrieve what's they joking.

Just making fools out of Pinky and the world

Anonymous said...

Yo Virgo,

The only fool is Pinky & Sinkies (especially those PAPpy balls carriers).

The rest of the world know that this is only wayang, just like the Monday private meeting between Trump & Putin. Most probably Trump doing biz deals in those private meetings, getting licenses to build hotels & casinos in Pyongyang & Moscow after he FO from white house.

The real agreement is not the toilet paper signing in front of cameras, but the secret business deals signed inside the private & secret meetings. This is why I like Trump.

And you know what?!?!

Do you know that S'pore is one of the only handful of countries (maybe the only one???!?) who imports MORE US goods/services than we export to US!!!

YES!!! S'pore has a trade deficit with US!!! Not fake news!!!

So even a dotard like Trump can outwit all our billionaire ministers combined .... and Trump currently only takes US$1 per year salary.

Truth Will Set Your Souls Free! said...

The Five B's (Brilliants) Of PAP Elitist Millionaire Ministers

1. Brilliant in taking taxpayers' money into their own bank accounts without fear of being charged in court and go to prison lah.

2. Brilliant in sucking blood from the masses and charging GST on the poor, who actually no need to pay tax because of low income or no income.

3. Brilliant in taxing retirees' whose retirement payouts are exempt from tax because they have already been taxed as part of their annual tax previously.

4. Brilliant in spending on look-good, self-glorifying mega projects that cost taxpayers billions of dollars in order to glorify their own name and make themselves famous - hunters of name and fame.

5. Brilliant in greed - after engineering to legally pay themselves out of this world's salary, still not enough. Still secretly pay themselves bonuses much higher than their annual salary - working for 12 months per year but getting paid 32 months. And still not enough. Still complained publicly in Parliament that they have no pay increase for three years!

What horribly and terribly greedy creatures are these? Worst than Count Dracula? The evil king of all blood-suckers?