Singaporeans have a lot of reasons to be grateful to Gan Kim Yong

The latest scheme from Gan Kim Yong is that Singaporeans suffering from severe disability can start to withdraw cash from their Medisave. Can you believe that, taking out your savings in the CPF earlier than you are entitled to? In the past the money in the Medisave is as good as money gone forever, stuck in the Medisave and minimum sum schemes. Now, is this not generous of the minister, to recommend that Singaporeans, severely disabled only, can take their money out in cash, before they die?

There is a small condition though, that before they are allowed to withdraw from their Medisave when they are severely disabled, they must also have at least $5,000 in the Medisave. According to Gan Kim Yong, “When a Singaporean is facing severe disability and, at the same time, facing financial difficulties, I feel that we can afford to be more flexible.” He is truly a very kind man. And this change, to allow disabled Singaporeans in financial difficulties to withdraw $50 a month from their Medisave also did not mean that there will have to contribute more to their Medisave. Heng ah. And more heng, those with $20,000 or more in their Medisave will be allowed to withdraw $200 a month! This is like money falling from the sky.

And to provide more protection and a bigger safety net for Singaporeans, there will be more new schemes like ElderFund and Careshield Life to help the Singaporeans. CareShield Life will be compulsory of course for those 40 year and younger. The scheme is so good that those older are encouraged to join on a voluntary basis.

And the govt will also help by giving subsidies to the tune of 20 or 30 percent of the premium. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such caring govt.

The CPF scheme is improving all the years with all the scheming in place and more schemes akan datang. It has changed from one that the people can withdraw at 55 years to the present scheme when getting a few dollars early is like a big blessing, like striking lottery. There will be more improvements going forward and Singaporeans can be assured that they would never be able to finish using their CPF savings as the govt will make sure the savings are protected by many layers of firewalls to prevent Singaporeans from squandering away their hard earned life savings. They can be sure that when they die, there will still be a big pot of gold left unspent in the CPF. Not sure who would benefit from these leftovers when the people contributing them, and should be the main beneficiaries, could not benefit from them.

Singaporeans are truly lucky people. One big question, how many insurance does a person need? How many compulsory insurance schemes would the govt force onto the people using their CPF savings that is already not enough for retirement?

PS. On a side note, Najib has been arrested for stealing the people’s money and retribution is catching up with him real fast. There is no running away when the time comes to pay back for stealing the people’s money.

When stealing the people’s money becomes habitual, it becomes second nature. There is no sense of guilt.


Virgo49 said...

The PAP Ministers knew that Daft Sinkies already in their traps in life long debts or those very well to do ones would not dare follow their so called poorer cousins in Matland who had much less to throw cautions to the winds and voted them out.

That's why they can passed any laws and do whatsoever they like.Already have you in their pockets. Well to do ones who benefited from their policies would want status quo.

The in debts with lifelong commitments as due to their policies would not dare to sink the boat and be drowned.

So both ways the PAP held the reins to you slaves.

Anonymous said...

Throughout the years the G of Sinkieland has developed into some kind of an illness themselves - probably they G has developed into a kind of Obsessive compulsive disorder of the highest degree to force their schemes on its people without even have to spend a single cent ( as wat Uncle Leong analysis earlier), its uniquely Sinkiapolang.

Anonymous said...

Remember the old saying? When the PAP offers help, you better run for cover and beg for mercy, tolong, kew miah.

Behind this there is always an ulterior motive. Wait for it.

Anonymous said...

When you people start asking how much they made out of the Eldershield scheme, they have to do something.

What better solution than to throw chicken wings and lollipops to quell the disquiet. It works like a charm and all the time.

Anonymous said...

Knn that is all I can say. Give up

Virgo49 said...

On second thoughts, THEY have to give some sweenters as when Sinkies are real desperate, they be toying with the desperation of their likes in Matland and a Tsunami may occurr.

Thus, now they acted as Angels to release your own monies in trickles in many conditions.

See the Sinkies bracing for economic downturns even COE at just 25K.

Old PG also felt the heat like that Tiong Bahru gentleman that they have to give some sweenters to ride the storm.

Understand that year end there be a SG30 special pauout of S300$.

Also, those with no PG benefits are also given special top ups.

Follow by GE celebrating the Colonial Power Cenentarian Celebration.

Propagating how well the PAP had done for Singapore because now cannot still use his old Dad's influence any more.

These so called your own monies rebates are for them to have a MANdate of next five years for their million $$$ salaries.

Believe me, they will propagate that uncertain times ahead and need your MAndate and Supports for next five years planning.

Anonymous said...

Whatever religion you may be, please pray that the Almighty will stop evil governments from exploiting the people. Pray that they will stop taking money freely from the public coffers. Pray that they stop taking more money from the people through ponzi schemes and then justify them with fake and illogical reasons. Pray that good and dedicated people will appear in time to rule the country with honour, dedication, fairness and justice and get rid of all those who make use of political positions as a means to grab money and a short cut to riches, wealth and splendour.

Cynical observer.

Anonymous said...

The problem with giving them too big a mandate is everything now becomes 'mandatory'. Keeping your money in CPF and having to participate in all kinds of money making schemes for the PAP to make more money becomes mandatory, whether you agree or not.

Anonymous said...

sg really suffering from diabetes.no control of sugar in body.

PAPIGS 81 (Politically Apathetic Post Independence Sinkies 81) said...

@ Anonymous July 05, 2018 9:05 am
//Remember the old saying? When the PAP offers help, you better run for cover and beg for mercy, tolong, kew miah.

Behind this there is always an ulterior motive. Wait for it.//

Anonymous said...

I just think that someone is ready to be sodomized to wake up man!

Anonymous said...

Among all the PAP blood-suckers, this Son of a Gan is the most pretentious and suave because he seems to look nice, but his heart is totally black.

He is the one behind all the blood-sucking schemes that draw blood from the masses.

He was personal secretary to the Dishonourable One, where he helped to scheme at the PMO on how to deplete our CPF blood money.

Then the Dishonourable One made him Minister of Manpower, where he wrecked havoc to the employment chances and opportunities to our PMETs, and introduced the first blood-sucking CPF scheme to take our hard-earned money and transfer to be managed by MOM.

Then when he was transferred to Ministry of Hell, he victimised (behind the scene) Roy Ngerng on behalf of the Dishonourable One,

and introduced scheme after scheme to deplete our hard-earned CPF savings by transferring our blood money into MOH's coffers for him to managed

Just look at his fat chubby face. He has been using taxpayers' money to make himself grow fat and fatter, enjoying life at our expense!


Anonymous said...



Oops typo *Politically Apathetic Post Independence G Sinkies 81 aka PAPIGS 81 said...

*** Typo

Anonymous said...

We can always vote against the PAP. N even vote them out. Enough of extreme high costs for citizens & extreme high benefits for political elites.

Anonymous said...

We should be grateful to Gan Kim Yong.
He is a most caring minister.
See how calm and relax he explained his Scheme to do his best for Singaporeans. He is most reasonable and respectable.
He did not even beg You to kee-chiu as he knows Singaporeans will appreciate his care and concern for tge people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there any real Democracy ? Or rather the US is ruled and controlled by all the Robber Barons in Wall Street, The White House , Congress, House of Representatives and the Senate. It is most likely these robber barons, rogues, crooks and scoundrels are running a 'Rob-more -Crazy' type of government. Most ASEAN countries or rather all ASEAN countries have copied the Americans in their government systems and have adopted the American syndrome of Rob-More-Crazy system. The latest example is Nazib of Malaysia who has been robbing Malaysia like crazy until his luck ran out. How many more PMs or ministers in ASEAN will suffer the same fate as Nazib.
Only time can tell.

Pro honest government.

Anonymous said...

How about compulsory insurance for job security? Anyone losing his job can be paid 50% of their last drawn income until he found the next job. This type of insurance can charge big premiums using CPF. It is for the good of Singaporeans.

Think good or not?

Anonymous said...

The robber baron Shinawat ,former PM of Thailand robbed Thailand of billions of dollars. He had escaped from the law. But sooner or later he would be brought to justice. It is a matter of time.

Are there any more PMs or ministers in ASEAN countries lurking in the shadows waiting for their fate and destiny of hell for punishment.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.50pm

Recently, they are discussing about sort of Insurance or Security for those part-timers, free lancers and contract basis workers.

We are at a stage where Singapore Youths are in these predicaments.

Many I met and talked in my daily life told me that they are doing these jobs.

Imagine own citizens on these basis whereas the Foreigners are employed gainfully in Full Time Permanent Status.

What's has Sinkieland gone into this stage??

In twenty or thirty years down the road, the retired workers will find life savings and their CPFs unable to substain their living

Anonymous said...

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on Thursday recalled his first visit to China in 1984, when it had just begun its journey of reforms and opening up.

"The lives of the Chinese have been uplifted beyond the imagination of the Chinese people and the Chinese leaders themselves, within these 40 short years," he told Singapore media in a wrap-up interview in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, at the end of a nine-day visit to China.

What about the lives of Sinkies? Increase tax here, increase tax there, compulsory insurance schemes, world highest cost of living, 2.5 million foreigners adding to overcrowded living on tiny island state, drink recycled urine, etc etc . . .

Anonymous said...

Bidadari said: Teo Chee Hean must have been manipulated or conned or coerced by China to say these nice things.

Anonymous said...

These blood-suckers are worse than bank robbers. Bank robbers only rob one bank at a time. These blood-suckers rob the whole population in one go, regularly every year without fail. And not only on one count but a series of counts. Any you can't even report to the Police or bring them to court.


Is there still a God?

b said...

All the ministers are super self serving men and women. The good ones will never get there.

Anonymous said...

b alas you got it right.