Singapore wages too high and businesses may close down

Thestatestimesreview wrote this, “Senior Minister for Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon complained in Parliament yesterday (July 11) that Singaporeans’ wages are too high and unsustainable. Referencing to the productivity growth, the S$1.1 million-a-year PAP minister threatened that businesses will downsize or shut down if wages continue to rise….In Singapore, manual labour jobs like cleaners earn as little S$900 a month after CPF deduction. At about S$5 an hour, this is a quarter of the S$20 minimum wage in Australia. Foreign workers from third world countries like Bangladesh earn much lower, taking home about S$600 a month.”

Unbelieveable! A drunk would never admit that he is drunk or would not know that he is drunk. A glutton would never see himself as a glutton. Or Napoleon and his fellow pigs would not know that they were cheating the people and feeding themselves crazy on the people’s labour and contribution.
Singaporean wages high? What nonsense! A $1,000 wage in Singapore is bordering on the poverty line. A $1,000 wage in third world country is middle class. A cleaner with $900 wage is barely surviving. What is high or low is relative. You can't be so simple minded to just compare monetary value without looking at the real value of money in purchasing power.

This is the same farce that the Americans are groaning about. They are demanding that China pays its workers the same wage as the American workers. They refused to acknowledge the differences in cost of living, purchasing power and lifestyle. A Chinese worker earning $1,000 is very comfortable as prices of essential items are relatively cheap. An American worker cannot live with a $1,000 wage as not only things are relatively more expensive, but an American worker would want his medium rare steak and his cabernet sauvignon as part of his daily meal. The Chinese worker would be happy with his noodle or rice with a few shreds of meat or fish.

Wages are high in Singapore not at the bottom but at the top. The multi million dollar salaries of ministers and politicians, top civil servants and CEOs of GLCs are not sustainable. Just imagine how many commuters must take the train or bus before the train/bus company makes $1m. At $1 a trip, it means 1m trips just to pay the joker his 1m salary. And if you have 20 jokers with an average salary of $1m it means 20m trips just to pay their salaries.

The sickness of our economy is not the wages of the workers but the salary of those at the top. Do they contribute enough to earn the millions that are paid to them other than talking nonsense? The salary of a million dollar top man or politician could pay for a thousand workers. This is the real problem of unsustainability and irresponsible remuneration system.

Yes, it is very high at the top and very unsustainable. Stop spewing nonsense and everyday scheming to reduce the wages of the workers and stealing their savings in their CPF.

The only way to solve the Singapore unsustainable high salary problem is lightning strike.

PS. How are Singaporeans going to survive in this most expensive city in the world if their wages are to be the same as Malaysians, Indonesians, Pinoys, or Indians?


Anonymous said...

Stratospheric salaries for the PAP elites who advocate very low 3rd world wages for Sinkies to make the Singapore economy more competitive!

The 69.9% to blame for this very terrible situation we are in !

Virgo49 said...

The Papies and their cronies, I.e. the Properties Developers and Commercial Malls and Offices owners are the REAL SCOURGE in the unsubstinable Costs of doing businesses in Singapore.

NOT the wages of the workers.

Even their P.A. and grassloots LOOTs the people in what's their leasing out of their barren land that belonged to their own citizens.

Cut down their Gaji Buta salaries and Singapore will be competitive again.

Anonymous said...

The elites make an immoral living from the earnings of slaves. The elites are PAP ministers and cronies. The slaves are the working citizens.

Anonymous said...

"talking nonsense" - You must understand these talkers are greatly loved by their boss. They will continuing drawing their M$ reward. You die is your own business.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to be sodomized to wake up man!

Anonymous said...

A cleaner in Norway earns a minimum of NOK 177.63 per hour. Based on 8-hour work daily & 5-day work week the cleaner would have earned at least NOK28,420 per month or USD3,504 (1 USD = 8.1095 NOK) or SGD4,784 (1 USD = 1.3653 SGD) per month. (https://www.lifeinnorway.net/norway-minimum-wage/)

The average prime minister salary in Norway is NOK738,172 or an equivalent hourly rate of NOK355. This translates into a monthly salary of SGD10,356. (https://www.salaryexpert.com/salary/job/prime-minister/norway)

Summary: in Norway, cleaner's monthly salary is SGD 4,784 versus prime minister's monthly salary of SGD10,356.

Compare that to Singapore cleaner's salary versus the PM Loong's salary . . . .

Anonymous said...

Ministers n monopolistic political elites paid millions yearly on public money shamelessly call on the poor Sinkies workers who already worked the longest hours in the world, living in the most expensive city in the world thanks to the relentless numerous taxes n hikes in tariffs from these same elites tax collectors, facing 2 mln self-inflicted foreign workers & foreign PMETs from these elites open-leg policy which the Sinkies voted for in effect. "May Liang Sing" in hokkien meaning "no conscience & heart." Wake up Sinkies!!!

b said...

This is the result of voting for papies.

Anonymous said...

Norway PM's salary is 2 times cleaner's salary.

Singapore PM's salary is 200 times cleaner's salary !!

Virgo49 said...

Right b, Recent reports MORE deaths than birth.

PGs many many also gone away and sold salted eggs.

Just return from Sanctuary for my mum's Death Anniversary and a wake beneath our void deck of another PG aunty.

Who are the daftest 69.9% that voted the Pap And Pay???

The PGs or the supposed to be more Educated or Needed to be ELECTROCUTED Young Dies???

Adam Of Eve said...

Any minister who advocates anything that will make Singaporeans suffer, whether by increasing taxes or fees, or prices of goods and services, or insurance premiums, or lower wages, must be fired.

For they are actually reflecting their own incompetency and cruelty to fellow citizens.

The continuous influx of foreien parasites and predators is already a clear indication of this trend of cruelty inflicted upon their fellow countrymen.

Such methods of treating fellow countrymen is not sustainable and must be condemned till kingdom come!

Anonymous said...

These sobs have become so greedy, hardened and totally ruthless that they don't even realise what they are saying or doing.

Self-deceit, conceit and callousness of these arrogant beasts have become the norms of the day.


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is in a state of living dead .... die cannot die, live cannot live.

Like that sinkies all stoned, cannot think, blank brains, just focus on surviving.

PAPies can maintain status quo, easily psycho Sinkies with chicken wings every 5 years.

Too bad .... You want change ... Then more Sinkies must die, be jobless, commit suicide, etc etc.

If your kid die or your wife die or your husband die .... will you be more motivated to take action?!?!?

If 1 million Sinkies experienced above ... For sure PAPies will be overthrown.

Anonymous said...

ST: Nominated Member of Parliament scheme is working well, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, pointing to how the current NMPs have made valuable contributions to Parliament.


During the Budget Debate in March 2015, Nominated MP Chia Yong Yong said: “We have heard proponents who say that the CPF monies is theirs. ‘It’s our money, it’s in our account, it’s our retirement money. I want it out, I will spend it anyway we want.” Fine. Is it our money? Our CPF savings are enhanced and forced CPF savings which are accumulated through our own deferred consumption, through co-payment by our employers and through top-ups from public funds. Is it really my private money? Do I have the right to spend it the way I would spend my own salary? I’m not entirely sure . . .”

NMP Chia is mouthing on behalf of the PAP elites - that CPF is not your money !

Anonymous said...

So childish.

Anonymous said...

Nominated MP means 'nominated mouth piece'.

The objective of the NMP is putting fake MPs to speak for and on behalf of the PAP MPs, so that they do not have to say much. And the whole idea was to fool Sinkies that they do not need to have more opposition MPs, who will obviously say what cannot be said.

This is just the same as the Chinese proverb 'borrow sword to kill somebody'. The PAP does not have to kill you yourself. The NMP will do the job for them.

Anonymous said...

high wages refering who?
i only know minister gets very high pay.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!

You all voted for it what...

From 1959 until today, 60% to 80% keep voting PAPies.

Even if you tell me your whole life never vote PAPies, but still got your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, relatives, your children, friends, colleagues etc etc.

Some people I know who don't vote for PAPies, but they also don't vote for oppo. They just leave the ballot card blank or spoil it. That's as good as giving support to PAPies.

There is a shared responsibility & consequences.

Anonymous said...

Ho Kwon Pengsan, the once maverick turned-tail coward of a millionaire's son, who has since became a devout and devoted PAP dog, said PAP will not suffer the same fate as the Malaysian Barisan Nasional. But many academics are against his loud-speaker mouth-piece judgement.

I am also against his uncalled for presumptive too-early-to-say crystal-balling.

I am of the opinion that when PAP falls, it would be worse than Najib and Rosmah. It would be worse than UMNO and BN. Because the number of issues will be overwhelming. While UMNO fell mainly because of rampant corruption, especially due to the sticking out like sore thumb 1MDB issues, PAP's issues would likely encompass most of the following areas:

1. The Constitution.
2. The Laws.
3. The Judiciary.
4. The Presidency.
5. Powers of PMO.
6. People's Association.
7. Grassroots Organizations.
8. NTUC not a union but a sub-branch of PAP.
9. CPF numerous issues.
10. HDB flats and car parks.
11. Foreigners and Jobs.
12. Manpower.
13. Health.
14. Transport.
15. Mass media.
16. Social welfare and services.
17. Education.
18. Temasek Holdings.
19. GIC.
20. National Service.
21. Cost of Living.
22. Heavy taxes.
23. Ministerial salary and bonuses.
24. Abuse/Misuse of power.
25. Abuse/Misuse of State Organs.
26. Legalised corruption.
27. Cronyism.
28. Quality of life.
29. Police Intelligence-Surveillance State (PISS).
30. Anti-China / Pro-US stand.
31. Many more......

Anonymous said...

Out of touch and ignorant of life outside the bubble of luxury they live in? They believe everyone owns a car in Singapore, the elderly clear tables and clean toilets because they like to, those who collect cardboard and cans do so for exercise, poverty is non-existent here, the jobless are unemployed because they are choosy or lazy, $1000 pm salary can buy HDB flat, the trains are not packed, people choose not to board them. They think they are doing a great job and Singaporeans are just ungrateful and champion complainers.

Anonymous said...

Collect about $600 from cheap foreign workers as levies from Sinkie employers.
Collect about $400 from foreign maids as levies from Sinkie employers.
Collect CeePF from Sinkie citizens....not your money.
On top of all the numerous tariffs, charges, taxes, car park, fines, etc.
Deception as one of lowest taxes in the world but in fact most expensive city in the world.
Deception they are the best choice & value for money but have the world highest, way highest salaries plus undisclosed bonuses, perks, pensions, lobangs, etc with the biggest possible cabinet n most gigantic bureaucracy to run a smallish city ie the most unproductive, incompetent & costly policy makers possible.
Boasted the best possible person by his father, as the PeeAmm but in fact was a goondu paper general son. Boasted the best possible fund manager as CEO of TumMysick, but in fact was a buy high sell low ex-engineer, a daughter in law. Meanwhile wifie monopolised head db legal contracts for decades collecting hundreds of millions or billions?
This black octopus wearing white continued enlarging and keep sucking more & more.
There are a lot more money secrets to this money sucking octopus.

Anonymous said...

Knn that is all I can say

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland ministers cannot be called ministers. They should be widely known as Milkingsters. They milk the sacred cows day and night. They milk the foreigners day and night. They milk the middle-income group day and night. They also milk the poor day and night. The bestbof all is that they not only milk your CPF day and night, they use magic and make them disappear day and night.

This is what they are good for. This their specialty. This is what they have been paid by the millions of dollars for. This is what 70% have voted them for. This is what they shall be known for:


jjgg said...

Headline should read.. ministers wages too high..government stood down n civil servants took over... what a day it'll be

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.49

That is why PAP needs to cling onto power. But throughout history, no country, regime, dictator, party or person has ever remain in power forever. There must be some event that can trigger a downfall. PAP may not follow the footsteps of UMNO's fall, but it is presumptive to assume it cannot fall.


//Thestatestimesreview wrote this, “Senior Minister for Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon complained in Parliament yesterday (July 11) that Singaporeans’ wages are too high and unsustainable. Referencing to the productivity growth, the S$1.1 million-a-year PAP minister threatened that businesses will downsize or shut down if wages continue to rise….In Singapore, manual labour jobs like cleaners earn as little S$900 a month after CPF deduction. At about S$5 an hour, this is a quarter of the S$20 minimum wage in Australia. Foreign workers from third world countries like Bangladesh earn much lower, taking home about S$600 a month.” //

Ko(h)lorector surgeon has become a "wholer person" (taking the lead dreamed up in the latest thrust of the world class educators and) turned into an eko(h)nomist.

Way to go (for the PAPiigs) ...

As envisaged by GoaLaonomics & Takbonomics, sinkies oldies have many "MORE GOOD YEARS" and "GST HELPS THE POOR" to looooooook forwwwward to ...

Hip Hip ... Hooooooo...ray!

Yammmmmmmmmmmm ... SINnnnnnnnnnnnG!

3 (gazillion) CHEERS to the golden future (of peesaisinkingland) ...

Anonymous said...

GST is to help the poor must be the greatest lie there ever was.

People like me who, after retirement pay no taxes because I am dirt poor, now have to pay, directly or indirectly, about a hundred dollars a month of GST at the present rate of 7%. Most come from GST mark ups on necessities charged by retailers. Do not believe when some retailers tell you they absorb the GST, because all that GST levy is already factored into the price increase hiding the element of GST.

And remember, GST is levied even before a child is born, and will be levied even on those who passed away, on the items that families pay to remember the departed on anniversaries. Whereas with income tax, you only start paying when you start working and stop paying when you stop working.

GST is to help the poor?

Anonymous said...

The fact, the truth, the indisputable truth is that GST helps to pay for the Milkingsters' out-of-thix-world salary and annual bonuses. GST helps tto enrich the Milkingsters' own bank accounts.

GST robs the poor to help make the Milkingsters and their families of cronies rich.