Singapore universities - Stop wasting funds and resources on dubious international rankings

"SINGAPORE: An international panel of academic experts and industry leaders has recommended that Singapore should develop a holistic evaluation framework for its universities instead of being fixated on international rankings.
The three-day International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP), which started on Wednesday (Jun 27), was themed The Role of Universities in Defining Singapore’s Future....

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, who attended the discussions, shared with the media on Friday that a new assessment model was needed, considering the differentiated university landscape in Singapore.
"At the minimum, it has to reflect our three major emphases. One, the value of education; two, how we are doing in terms of lifelong learning; and three, research, and not just research in terms of publications and patents but how it translates into impact - whether it's in improving lives or creating jobs.
"I think we need a much more holistic view of a very complex function that universities are now performing," he said...." Channel News Asia

After wasting so many years of resources and pubic funds to provide more jobs for foreigners and university places and scholarships to foreigners to score in controversial western designed ranking systems, it is high time that the unthinking be kicked in the butt and think about the fundamental reasons for university education. Our university should not, never, be a job provider for foreigners and neither should it be using public funds to educate other countries' young at the expense of our very own academics and the children of our citizens.

The craze for high rankings in dubious international ranking systems at best is to provide lucrative jobs to foreigners against our national interests in developing our very own academic talent.  We become job providers for the unemployed academics of other countries. We also provide university education to foreigners instead of our children. This is another way of selling out the country to foreigners.

Just take a look at the universities and see the number of foreign academics replacing our own academics and the number of foreign students on paid scholarship, taking the places that should go to our own children is disgusting.  This is a betrayal of our own people. Period.

So what if you are ranked highly when it does not benefit our own citizens, when the universities look like some foreign land, invaded, occupied and colonised by foreigners.


Anonymous said...

But Ong Ye Kung still needs an international panel of experts to tell him to stop going for international rankings conducted by international panel of experts...

Wonder what he will do if the international panel of experts tell him to eat shit or shoot sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Rb, despite the high ranking, the local Uni graduates are not highly valued by MNC especially in the financial sector. Go talk to the undergraduates, you will find that most of the employers preferred overseas graduates. Plus the interview process, the local graduates have to go through many technical assessments meaning they don't trust the quality of university teaching but oversea graduates interview mainly focus in soft skills 😰

Anonymous said...

I think many in charge of MOE needed to be sodomized to wake up😀😀😀

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with Anon 9:38's observation. They only trust graduates from third world universities and degree mills. Look at all the bank executives they are hiring from the third world instead of local graduates and you know the truth.

Anonymous said...

GCK n LHL had screwed our young graduates steadily n big time with the Open Leg FT policy of past 25 years. Period!

Virgo 49 said...

All these Ministers are duds as head hunted by their equally DUDS predecessors on the basis of their father's status as ex Pay And Pay accomplices.

So proud of their new toys of what's BMW submarines and new F1 Fighters.

Make my day when that black ant Minister and MP of TP GRC been told off by an elderly gentleman.

Tried to explain it's untrue.

BRAVO to that fine gentleman.

Or is it MR RB??

Anonymous said...


Facebook posts about PAP walkabout at Tiong Bahru

The Facebook post wrote,

Something spectacular happened this morning (Sunday, July 2018) in Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre.

MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC and Minister in PMG, Indranee Rajah, was making her rounds at the food center crowded with people having breakfast and lunch.

She approached a table occupied by a senior couple having their lunch with outstretched hands introducing herself as Minister and MP.

The gentleman sat firmly and told her off "I don't care who you are and I don't want to be disturbed when I am having my meal."

Indranee than asked "Are you a Singaporean or a Malaysia,"

The gentleman replied "I am a born and bred true blue Singaporean and I am in deep thoughts about the second tranche of water price increase of 15 per cent and the 6.9 per cent of electricity tariffs increases starting today."

Watched earnestly by the crowd, she clumsily hurried away.

Hats off to that senior gentleman.

Anonymous said...

The facts in Fantaland are in their extreme greed n arrogance n folly they keep hiking taxes n collected lots n lots of money n paid themselves very very well n have many lobangs n lobangs for their kk lans.

b said...

Everyone in this world knows that sinkies ministers are supermen aka super self serving men and thus all smart sinkies have all migrated and thus the ministers can only get foreigners to teach in the universities. Those foreigners only treat this island as a stopover, earn lots of money and retire back into their nice houses and nice cars back home or migrate to another white men rule country.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!

Those who voted for PAPies since late-1980s asked for it.

LKY started showing his true colours from 1988 ...... by 1992 it was damn clear to see.

But many old fuck Sinkies still look at 1990-1997 as the Golden Age for Sinkieland.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Won't work lah. We like in a "rankings world". This has been going on for sometime now...we're "primed" to rank things in hierarchies.

Now with the social media explosion, matters have escalated. Social media snd the instant gratification internet makes us all now "super primed" to seek out the best and the worst to enable our processes of choice and decision making.

Tertiary educationis a one of those serious life-choices. The choice impacts the rest of the person's life...from finances, to job security, to the person he will eventually marry, where they might end up living...enormous,life-determining impacts.

So people will be guided by RANKINGS when they choose.

Ergo,the ranking system will remain in force. It helps THE BRAND. And "marketing money" will continue to be spent on building and supporting the brand.

Personally, I thinktertiary institutions as we know them are in their TWILIGHT YEARS. There has been way too much education, certification, diploma and degree INFLATION. In the past only a few percent of the population received tertiary education. Now any fool can get a degree, making most degrees a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY, TIME AND EFFORT with disheartening job prospects, and crazy student debt which most people don't fininsh paying until their 40s or 50s.

The future of education seems to be online. It is cheap to deliver. How effective it is, no one knows for sure yet.

But this relentless pursuit of paper qualifications is definitely on the way out. Thank fuck for that.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Another reason this tertiary madness and neurotic fixation on "qualifications" ina world where "real marketable skills" are more important, is that academia has a huged, bloated structure with loads of money going to prop up a useless "professor class" filled with people who can only function within the hallowed walls of a tenured position.

In the real world, these over-blown fuckers are useless---unless they have hard-science, engineering or maths skills, which is why hedge funds and firms like Morgan and Goldman pay ZILLIONS for people with maths and physics degrees...but they are coming innow hard and fast from Russia and China...and India. Lots of PhD's competeting in finance. Capitalism has never been so lucky to have so many BRAINS (quants) running the show

Got derivatives?

For the rest of academia...it is a cartel of like minded individuals all protecting their backsides and what they think are golden rice bowls...

Your days are numbered. Better learn how to use a broom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haha PAP allowed Cock News Asia to publish this story & all of you believe?!?!

Yah this story is meant for you sheeple, the stupid ones.

The thrust of this story belongs to the same category as Teach Less Learn More, Every School Is A Good School, No Need Degree, Degree Cannot Eat, Better To Learn Skill Like Hawker.

In the meantime, PAPies & their cronies will send their kids to Ivy League. And top positions for civil service, stat boards, GLCs, TLCs, ministers, acceptance into YPAP to be fast-tracked groomed for MP etc will be open to those with top Ivy League degrees only.

All you suckers who talk to them ... they will say in your face N.U. Fucking Ass?!? S.M. Fuck You?!? Fuck Off From My Elite Uncaring Face!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, with 2.5 million resident foreigners in Singapore (up from less than 500,000 before 2004) - when PAP MP do walkabout at hawker center, they need to ask the person they meet whether they are Singaporean or foreigner !

Anonymous said...

There is no more nation-building. Nation-building is dead. Died together with LKY.

Altruism is dead and burried. Conscience is dead and cremated and sealed in a giant steel unbreakable black pot. Ethics and morals never heard of any more. All that has been happening is how to tweak the laws and the Constitution in order to satisfy somebody's selfish ambitions, careers, bank accounts, ease of control and administration, greed and whims and fancies.

There is only "Growth of GDP at ALL COSTS"!!! Do you know why so?

It means even at the cost of the death of all Sinkies, the GDP MUST GROW!

That explains the attitude adopted by all the blood-suckers: "YOU DIE, YOUR IWN BUSINESS"! You can hear them in all their speeches and public statements lately. Loud and clear! With not a single iota if modesty and decency. Without apologies.

That also explains why the incessant increase of taxes and prices of things, and new taxes and higher and higher rentals, of late, persistently, relentlessly and speedily, one after another, like no tomorrows!

The days of the scoundrels are here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Matilar, talking nonsense again so it's time for u to be sodomized😀😀😀