Najib’s letter to CIA – A letter of fear and obeyance

“I hope Your Excellency’s esteemed service would be able to report to the Secretary of State on the complexity of managing this election by Prime Minister Najib and the need to have US support for the present govt even if we are to win the election by a simple majority or just one seat.

Any indication that the US govt would continue to support Prime Minister Najib and his govt would definitely strengthen our stability and enhance the existing cordial relationship driven by the strong rapport between our two leaders,” read the letter signed by Mr Hasanah Ab Hamid, director general of the Research Division in the Prime Minister’s Department, an intelligence unit.

The above letter is reported in thenewpaper on 27 Jul 18.

There are many questions and implications on why a Prime Minister of a country would write a letter to the CIA, the intelligence agency of another country ie the USA, pleading for support for his govt. Why would Najib be so afraid of the Americans and begging and pleading for their support and approval? He must know something that we don’t know, that the Americans are meddling and controlling the fate of his country and his fate as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The letter is like saying, the Americans are in charge of Malaysia and dictates who should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Without the approval and support of the Americans, Najib cannot be the Prime Minister for long.

Is this interference, influencing or manipulating the policies of a country like what Bilahari Kausikan was saying about China? Is this more serious than what he accused China of doing? This is not just trying to manipulate or influence the policies of an independent country. The Americans are interfering and deciding who should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And Najib knew and must seek the approval of the Americans. You can sense his fear of the Americans and volunteering to obey the master.

Najib does not have to fear China or else he would have written a similar letter to China to support his regime. China, like all countries, would want to be friends with Malaysia and would do things to influence Malaysia’s policies to be friendly with China, BUT not to interfere with the domestic politics of the country. Najib has no fear of China. He knows.

Now which is the more dangerous country to deal with, the USA or China? Why was Kausikan so appeasing to the Americans without breathing a word on their nasty interference of other country’s domestic affairs like regime change? Why would he single out China for doing things that all countries are doing and not pointing out the serious interference of the Americans in the internal affairs of a country? Why, why, why?

Would Bilahari Kausikan write something to warn the Singaporeans about how nasty and dangerous the Americans are in their interference of a country’s domestic politics, even doing regime change to change a leader elected by the people? No? Why not?

PS. Najib wrote this letter despite being investigated and charged by the American courts for corruption.


Anonymous said...

Yankee Arm merchant broker???

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Najib has claimed ignorance of this sordid affair. The letter to the CIA revealed that Najib is a puppet of Uncle Sam. He never received any help from his American boss who just dumped him unceremoniously. He should have consulted a Native American to find out if white men can be trusted. Najib is paying a price for his misplaced trust in Uncle Sam. As PM of Malaysia, his naivety is most shocking. He is not fit to lead the country.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam had consistently played out so many former friends like Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, etc. Only stubborn idiots will trust Sam.

Anonymous said...

That's why PAP best. We don't give a fuck to US or China. Only when they give us billions then we kowtow. No money no kowtow. Just like how we treat bosses -- no salary no give fuck.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

This revelation about Najib's secret tie with the CIA may throw some light on the donations he received. There was no Arab prince donating money to him. It is likely that the CIA had been financing him. Najib has betrayed the trust of his people by pawning his integrity in the service of Uncle Sam. Fortunately he was ousted before more harm befell on Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Najib can be charged for TREASON. Penalty = DEATH!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The CIA is the de facto "undercover cop" of the world. Over the last few decades they have grown to be one of the most powerful agencies of the (so-called) Deep State---loosely defined as agencies run by UNELECTED technocrats who are not even scared of the President; and essentially can an do get away with "off the book" operations.

The oversight, or lack thereof is laughable...but still, that is the world we live in.

Every global super power has its networks of spies and covert "influencers". That is just PART OF THE GAME of geo-politics.

There is the "front" they put on, and feed their mates in the MSN to misdirect The Sheeple with news and fake news whenever necessary. What happens "behind the curtains", in official back channels and unofficial "anarchy" occur in a very different world than what the voting-taxpayer---who believes (or is led to believe) that their precious "democracy" is working A-OK.

The Brits had GCHQ, MI5 etc when "Brtania Ruled the Waves". They used to (and still do) spy on everyone.

In recent times, the Brits and the Yanks signed the UKUSA Agreement, fondly known as 5 Eyes, where Singapore and S Korea are identified as "partners". Extentions to this agreement has led to 9 and 14 Eyes.

They spy on the whole world...allies and enemies alike, and will deploy "covert ops" whenever necessary. They do influence the domestic politics of cuntries...but of course, we may never know for at least 30 years when the "official secrets" for most cuntries expire, and records made public.

So what the fuck do you expect Russia and China to do? Do you think that it is "fair" that Putin and Xi just sit on their hands and allow the so-called "free cuntries" do use their electronic powers and savvy with the media and the new social media to dominate the thought-space of over 7 billion people?

Of course fucking not!! They have to PLAY THE GAME TOO, but unfortuately when they get caught, the liberal Western Media paints Russia and China as "EVIL" for spying, or using social media to influence elections, or bribing officials (recent case: Australia), or do what SUPER POWERS have to do to stay relevant.

I don't buy into the bullshit that China and Russia "don't disturb anyone". In the global political theatre, you cannot show weakness, and you have to PLAY THE GAME with the same intentsity as your rivals.

So China and Russia will be doing what is expected---they will try to interfere with domestic politics, they will be hacking and cracking the systems and people. So fucking what?

What do you think GCHQ, MI5, The Mossad, the NSA and CIA are doing?

Exactly the same things, only with better equipment and massive budgets (thanks to all the taxayers of the "free world")

Anonymous said...

So spying and sabotage are the main gains of "decency" to rule the world by the hooks and by the crooks.

The mafia gangs around the world paled in comparison to the covert operations of the CIA, MI5, Mozart, etc.

7.5 billion people in the world are actually ruled by a few hundred crooks with deep connections and the objective of making themselves billionaire.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. are actually part of the world's overall control and spying system.

Idiots taking to Facebook like idiots do all the time, self-glorifying with intimate stories and pictures, etc. Never suspecting anything.

Anonymous said...

I think the only way is to sodomize the dude to wake him up lor😰

Anonymous said...

shall be
Selling and
pawning the
country he was given
mandate to run,
Najib almost ran
Malaysia to ground
He played nice to US
and China, glaringly showing himself to be a two headed snake, just to amass fortunes for his family and cronies.
He thinks by bribing the People with crumbs before national election, he could hold on to power and be immuned from any crime and Sin.
He cannot be more wrong.
What happens to Najib could very well happen to his good friend.

Anonymous said...

"That's why PAP best. We don't give a fuck to US or China. Only when they give us billions then we kowtow. No money no kowtow. Just like how we treat bosses -- no salary no give fuck."

@ July 31, 2018 9:41 am

You can tell that to three_year olds.

Anonymous said...

Sengkang durian festival serves small palm-sized durians, some rotten


If we pay $1 million dollars instead of $5 for the durians
Do you think the quality will be any better?

Anonymous said...

PAP is so afraid to fall. That's why it keeps hanging on to power as long as it can.

Once PAP falls, all the sins of the past will be investigated and the guilty of the will be made to pay and pay until pants and panties drop.

The emperor without clothes will become that prisoner without clothes.

The cronies will become chronically hunted animals.

The blood-sucking leeches will become leached.

Every CPF member who got his or her savings cheated will want a pound of flash for breakfast ' lunch and dinner.

Anonymous said...

should be
charged for
corruption and
lf found guilt
and convicted, he
must be sent to the
There should be no pardon. Same should apply to his accomplices.
Betraying the Nation
is greatest crime.

Anonymous said...

///Once PAP falls, all the sins of the past will be investigated and the guilty of the will be made to pay and pay until pants and panties drop.///

Won't happen to the top PAPies ... they already have billions of dollars stashed overseas & plenty of farmlands, bungalows, mansions & city penthouses overseas.

RSAF, SIA & private planes available on 24/7 standby.

Many people in SAF & SPF answer only to certain top PAPies, and not to parliament or any other govt dept, or Mindef or MHA.

The most obvious are those private Gurkha armies & those personal SOC bodyguards.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.29

Have faith Mr Lim Tean one Man I have faith to do as what's you described.

Followed Mahathair, Order all Exit points sealed for any Papies Masters and their cronies.

Seized all their passports just like the Bankrupted Citizens that they had done so.

Courts Orders searched and seized.

These happenings been in my Dreams, oops Nightmares for very long every Erections.

Oops Elections.

Cheers, Hope it be true this GE.

Anyone writing to Uncle Sam to send CIA for protection???

Anonymous said...

CIA for protection?
Maybe hired killer and or private investigator will hunt them down.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1100

>>So spying and sabotage are the main gains of "decency" to rule the world by the hooks and by the crooks. <<

Unfortunately that is the world we live in. But not everything is "fucked up". Please ah, being alive today is also fucking awesome. BTW, not everyone is a crook lah. There are enough nice folks around to make life a little more bearable, if not fun and fulfilling.

I guess we each find our own way lah.

Anonymous said...

The US has been busy in Cambodia these past few months. Between trying to overthrow Hun Sen’s government and secretly backing the now-dissolved opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), it has been supporting journalists who report “fake news” and spy for Washington.

Hun Sen has been Cambodia’s prime minister for the past 33 years.

CNRP’s leader, Kem Sokha, was arrested on charges of treason last September, accused of conspiring with the US to overthrow Hun Sen’s government, while the CNRP was formally dissolved for plotting a coup.

The local branches of Radio Free Asia and Voice of America — both independent broadcasters that receive funds from the U.S. government — were shut down last year.

In contrast to other strongmen in the region such as Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Prayuth Chan-o-cha of Thailand as well as Singapore's Loong, Hun Sen has not been invited to President Trump’s White House.

b said...

It is possible that he also sent such letter to china but china will not publish unlike the more ''transparent'' counterpart. The world has always been unfair. The big always bully small. The citizens always complained the migrants. The gov always screwed the people (migrants and citizens). Cest le vie.

Anonymous said...

11.39am be careful not to threaten you know who in your post as u may be invited to drink Kopi,then Kena detain for one day and put u with dangerous criminal like earlier anon has posted. Worst put together with African Tua Kee then Kena sodomize very painful leh. 😰

Anonymous said...

Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google etc are all complicit players in the spying game of the Americans. Even smartphone manufacturers are part of the link in the spy business. They can deny all they want.

It does sound odd though, that Najib is really that close with the CIA, and yet the Americans are going after him over his involvement with 1MDB. That goes to show that the CIA and US can never be trusted, but sorry for saying the obvious.

It looks like sodomy in Malaysia, which is highly popular, is going international. It is a globalised world after all!

Anonymous said...

* July 31, 2018 6:17 pm

You are a very sick person. You need medical help.

Anonymous said...

7.44 pm anon, the dude is just try to be helpful to caution u lar. If u don't listen then later Kena, u don't blame people.

Anonymous said...

time to do away red traffic light.cos greenman cannot b thrusted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ July 31, 2018 8:20 pm

You are talking cock. You are more sick than your friend.

Anonymous said...

7.14am anon, look like u don't take good intention advice kindly from people. So when u Kena sodomize by African Tua Kee very jialat and scream in pain, don't blame people lor