Mischievous slant of Reuter report on China

Read the Reuter report below with its standard western slant and lies to discredit China in whatever China is trying to do to help Africa to develop and uplift the quality of life of Africans. The article started with the facts of China pouring in billions of dollars to help Africa in their badly needed infrastructure projects without which Africa would continue to be the neglected continent after being robbed and looted by the white colonialists. The colonialists came just to take from Africa for free and left the continent under developed.

China today came to offer cheap loans which the whites would not offer and to build infrastructure projects at a fraction of the cost if the whites were to do them. And in return the African states repay the loans with minerals that the whites would not want to buy. But the slant of the Reuter report is that the African states would be in huge debt that they could not pay.  The truth is that the African states are selling their minerals to China and with the money they repay China for the cheap loan. Both parties have done their sums and the payment for minerals would be enough to pay for the infrastructure projects.  The whites need not worry about the African states unable to pay or to cast doubts about their ability to pay. What is so bad about that? Why would they be in debt when they can sell their minerals that would have gone to waste if no one is buying? Why aren't the whites buying up their minerals? Oh, waiting to recolonise them again and take the minerals for free, like in Iraq?

The white colonialists did not buy the minerals. They looted them away for free from Africa. The Americans and the ex colonial powers are only interested in wars and selling weapons. China is the only country out there in Africa helping them to rebuild their countries for peace and prosperity, not wars. The real white thieves are yelling thieves. China providing cheap loans is bad?

Here is an extract of this set piece mischievous white man's article in Reuter. You can find them all over the western media with the same theme and agenda. The sub heading is already telling a mischievous lie. Loading up on Chinese debt? Why won't the Africans load up on white debt but prefer cheap Chinese debt? Either the whites refused to lend them for infrastructure projects but only to buy weapons or the white debt were too costly.


Africa is in the midst of a boom in infrastructure projects, managed and cheaply financed by China, part of Xi's "Belt and Road" initiative to build a transport network connecting China by land and sea to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

China has pledged US$126 billion for the plan, which has been praised by its supporters as a source of vital financing for the developing world. In Senegal, Chinese loans have financed a highway linking the capital Dakar to Touba, its second main city, and part of an industrial park on the Dakar peninsula.

China's ambassador to Senegal Zhang Xun was quoted by the local press in March as saying China had invested US$100 million in Senegal in 2017.

"Senegal takes a positive view of China's role in Africa," Sall said at the news conference. "For its contribution to peace and stability and equally ... for the financing of budgets."

But critics say Africa is loading itself up on Chinese debt that it may struggle to repay, with estimates ranging in the tens of billions of dollars. That could leave African nations with no choice but to hand over controlling stakes in strategic assets to the Chinese state.

U.S. officials have warned that a port in the tiny Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, a host to major U.S. and French military bases, could suffer this fate, although Djibouti rejects the fear.

In Guinea, meanwhile, one of the world's poorest nations, China is lending US$20 billion to the government in exchange for aluminium ore concessions.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/in-senegal--china-s-president-xi-pledges-stronger-africa-ties-10551816


Virgo49 said...

The farking Whites, bastards of the same skin had been brow beating and colonizing the Natives for too long.

Now, their own kind the European Union and the Americunts after a wayang has negotiated a NO Tarffic Trade Agreement.

The farking Whites are in cahoots to
gang among themselves to still colonize the Stupid Asians and the Rest of the World.

What's the Hell they worry of Africa's indebtedness when they themselves could not even kept their backsides clean??

Unknown said...

While the Whites invaded, plundered, divided, raped and colonised the continent of Africa, in order to extract the most out of the African peoples and their countries, China on the other hand is helping in their developments of infrastructures and improving on their standards of living, bring peace, prosperity and happiness.

The African peoples can testify to the evils of the Europeans, UK and US who have exploited them for hundreds of years.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The white men are reeling as China surges forward in coming to the assistance of underdeveloped nations in Africa and Latin America. OBOR is now bringing light to the Dark Continent which had been ravaged for centuries by white colonialists. Slavery used to be a lucrative and barbaric business conducted by the white men. The sanctimonious hypocrisy employed by white men to undermine China will fail. Africa will be the new frontier in which Chinese financial and technical aid will help the continent to leapfrog from rags to riches. The white men are envious of the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

If only Singapore's Temasek SWF knows how to lend to the poor African countries in exchange for mineral concessions. This practice must have a lot to gain for the investor, else the Western nations and media won't be crying foul.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The white men are painting the Chinese as neo-colonialists. From Hillary to Tillerson, aspersions had been cast on China's "predatory loan practices". The Africans now look to China to advance technology and skills, money to modernise infrastructure and investments to create jobs. China is empowering Africa which the white men had failed to do in the past two centuries. Africa's transformation today is a testimony of a shared vision that is being realised by the Africans and the Chinese. Globalisation drives the continent; not colonialism.

b said...

It is no secret that China is ambitious but me think only China can help the Africans to improve their lives. Maybe the reporter should give China the benefit of doubt as only time will tell. His report is too one sided.

b said...

It will be beautiful if this relationship works out because the CHinese and Africans do share something common - their love for colors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ most of you:

Please lah, you are allowing your cultural biases to cloud your judgement your read on the situation. Ask yourself, "If I was running China how would I play this GAME? Here's what I know and need to do"

1. No matter what I do, the liberal-leaning western press and some of the cheeky Asian press will piss on my plans and shit on my achievements

2. I am a super power, as a super power there will be forces against me. That's is just geo-politics in action

3. I am a potential economic threat to many nations because I am big and productive.

4. I am a potential security threat because I am big and have increasingly awesome weaponry

5. I had to secure my eastern coast (S C Sea) otherwise motherfuckers will be playing their silly war games on my doorstep to harass, intimidate, and yaya-papaya with me. The last time we let those Japanese cocksuckers in, they slaughtered us mercilessly. If we don't secure our western seaboard, these cunts will just fly their spy planes and nuclear bombers off our coast, and have their nuclear-armed subs do the same underwater. Fuck them and their hostile mischief. We have to protect our own interests

6. I'll need to secure the environment around the OBOR project. Lucky, I have plenty of money.

7. The human race has neglected Africa. I will seize the opportunities there. They need money. I have money. They need tech and infrastructure. I have that in spades.

8. I need to secure supplies of raw materials in case those western assholes do some funny business and apply sanctions or refuse to sell me...i.e. I know damn well they are going to try to SABO ME. So fuck them. I prepare myself.

China's acquisition of external resources is necessary. They are playing the only game they can play: STRATERGY.

One thing to note: So far, China has not used EXPLICIT FORCE in trying to build up their global assets. The cut straight to the chase; get straight to the point: OFFER MONEY and SUPPORT.

Put another way, I would be very surprised if they (Xi ) behaved any differently. The HAVE TO move forward, no choice. Internal stability depends on the CCP delivering growth---to make not the cuntry rich, but its PEOPLE.

The consequences of NOT playing a strategic game is poverty, social unrest, probably civil war and a break up of China.

What does the world expect China to do? Play the game to make everyone "happy" and go back to farming and planting rice, beg "humbly" for foreign aid and UN "protection"? Not a chance!

Anonymous said...

It is always the same propaganda churned out by the MSM that if China offers loans, the recipient country would suffer and be in debt and be controlled by China, or even worse being sold out to China wholesale.

Now, when the IMF or World Bank gave loans during the last financial crisis to countries, did anybody talk about such countries being in debt and being dictated to by the IMF or World Bank? Malaysia refused to go under the IMF for this very reason.

The West and its controlling trump (not dotard) cards, the IMF and World Bank, does not want China as a competitor in its dealings around the world. And some countries go to China for loans because of cheaper rates and not being tied to strenuous conditions imposed by the West. In effect the IMF or World Bank dictates terms that made them in full control of the economy who took their loans, and how it is to be run albeit following their agenda.

The West has cast doubts and aspersions on anything to do with China, be it the OBOR, AIIB, and even infrastructures like the Three Gorges Dam, military build ups and of course their rise to be the second largest economy.

They even want to claim all the credit for what China is able to achieve economically the last three decades by focusing on American investments in China. The reality is all the progress made were on the backs of hard work put in by the hungry Chinese people as compared to the lazy, opulent and unproductive Western idealism of working less and enjoying more of other people's effort.

Those investments made by Americans at home would probably never see the light of day without the work ethics of the Chinese people. They wouldn't give credit to communism for the progress, as I guess that would be a slap in their faces for sure.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

On taking on "too much" indebtedness to China. What the reporter/ western press doesn't get is this:

Western colonists and the corrupt dictators and brutal warlords of Africa (read history) have plundered the African continent for centuries. When the western colonialists left, they left the whole place in a MESS. They drew lines on the map---"borders"---to seperate carve up Africa their way, with no regard for the shared culture etc. During that time too, dirty-traitor Africans sold their own people into slavery to the white colonialists and other "customers". So the average African Jane and John Doe has been screwed over royally.

When the Euros left, the corrupt dictators and warlords took over.

Now China goes there PEACEFULLY and offers "deals". With every deal, there is an EXCHANGE. If the Africans run into problems of servicing the debt, simple...just give territory or mineral rights or whatever to China. No need for military or whatnot. Simple CONTRACTUAL mechanisms will suffice. So what if China gets a territory here and there in Africa, or secures mineral rights...or anything due to debt default?

African nations have, and are going to borrowing shit-tonnes of money. But it is not for nothing. They are going to get sorely needed infrastructure and nice powerful bump in their economies...there will definitely be a "wealth effect" and a boost to upward social mobility. They are going to get MODERN sea ports and air ports and boosted global communications...all good stuff.

If there is going to be a debt-default, it probably won't occur for DECADES. A lot can happen in that time.

When the Euros decided they wanted a piece of another cuntry, they would show up with armadas of heavily armed naval vessels, with battalions of heavily armed soldiers. People forget this!

The key to always keep in mind, and the best defence against the "mischief" (RB's words) of global liberal media/ press is that China is conducting its business PEACEFULLY... at least so far.

alak said...

Author John Perkins has exposed how the US cheats countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars in the era of globalisation. US international enterprises convince poor countries to accept huge development loans and ensure the projects are contracted to US companies. Once a poor country country is engulfed in enormous debts that cannot be paid back, the US admin demands more favours such as access to natural resources, military cooperation and political support to give it more time or development loans to repay the debt....

alak said...

...There is a lot of intrigue, greed and corruption linking the US Admin and US corporations on how to steal from unsuspecting African and other poor countries.

alak said...

Economist Pieter Bottelier says that the China BRI is a major vision of how China can collaborate with its neighbours, Europe and Africa, but the significance of the initiative has been underrated in the US and the West in general.

Anonymous said...

Matilah scores again with an objective balanced self-interests win-win relationships between China & Africa, exposing the hypocrisy of the previous global "warlords".

Anonymous said...

What about PAP elite? They raise the HDB flat prices then suck up all the flat buyers' CPF money to pay for the flats until the buyers no money for retirement. That's more terrible than what the Westerners are accusing the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Not only they used HDB flats to suck away the people's life savings, they are robbing the people's life savings with compulsory insurance schemes. People no money to eat also must buy their compulsory insurance schemes they do not want, do not need.

Then they said your CPF savings not enough for retirement and they tangkap more of the people's life savings with minimum sums that go to hundreds of thousands.

Basically no need to pay back.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution; vote the Pay A Pay out.

A2C2 said...

Facebook Plunges Into Bear Market, Wipes Out $132 Billion In Value

What is happening to Facebook is a matter of DISTRUST.

Once trusted, Facebook has become distrusted because the owner Zuckeberg tried to suck too much out of people's unweary blind trust. Now Facebook will be going down in stages because it is too big to fail. This is the second stage where Facebook is taking a hit in the Market.

PAP will be facing the same fate as Facebook because it is also trying to suck too much of the people's hard-earned savings using unscrupulous ways ruthlessly. Distrust has already set in.

Because it is too big to fail, PAP will be going down in stages, just like Facebook. The first stage has already begun. The second stage will come with the demise of the Dishonourable Son. He has got cancer the second time. He cannot afford to have cancer the third time. When cancer hits the third time, it means almost instant death for him. The clock is running against him. It is a matter of time when cancer strikes the third time.

The recent cyber attack on SingHealth, with deliberate multiple attempts to steal his health data and medications means somebody wants to know how long he can live. It could be the Somebody with the power to make regime change. That somebody came to Singapore in mid June and in late June the cyber thief had already sneaked unnoticed into SingHealth's data storage servers. Only on July 4 then detected. This is very interesting and sinister.

Good shows will be coming soon ......

Anonymous said...







Unknown said...

Comment From Online Cutizens:

thunder storm:

Somehow I get the impression that native Singaporeans appear to have no ability to be self reliant in many areas as fundamental and life-essential as Water (over half a century unable o find a permanent total solution), Haze security, Mas selamat (disabled person) security, And infrastructural aspects like SMRT (infra not ready for mass influx), Data security (despite extreme reliance on India nationals) , even requiring a Gurkha contingent housed in a fortress of sort near Bartley road.

Is sg a sovereign country given that it never fought for its independence which was given to it?

Are Singaporeans Courageous enough to speak up like a Freeman on politics despite the national service training they undergone for decades ?

Can Singapore soccer even enter a world cup finals? Why did SG youth team lose to a extremely poor country called Myanmar or was it Burma or Cambodia where they have no world class training facilities , nutrition and high tech training equipment and foreign expert coaches?

SG has state of the art weapons bought from USA. Why the extreme reliance on USA technology? USA students not top in maths and science like sgreans. But in the real world, why sg depend on their technology?

Singaporeans students regurgitate the best in the world in science and maths (foundation knowledge for engineering and technology) but has no greatest inventions like the internet, Google, Tesla and IBM?
If Singaporean students top in the world in maths and science , why ENGINEERING problems in SMRT not fixed and why the reliance on foreign experts who are not top in academics?
Why Singaporeans never invented any mathematical theorem that is learnt by the world ? Likewise engineering. You can regurgitate knowledge from foreigners but can you CREATE the world class knowledge to lead the world?

Why sg engineering unable to solve the water reliance issue as we still need water from Malaysia? Why cannot create technologies to solve this? Why reliance on foreign inventions and technologies? Why taken over half a CENTURY still cannot solve this water reliance issue?

If your students so really good in science, IT is applied science, why the extreme dependence on India nationals ? And India nationals mostly DON'T come from world class high ranked universities. Many don't even have degrees. Some copy licence wan. Reported in the news many times.

Why maoshan durian China gov found toxic but sg news a few days ago did not report the toxic but said it was cheap because of over supply or lack of demand?

How many toxic products are not found to
Be toxic but are toxic? Want to be Durian Hub? Durian building? Nasi Lemak is from Malaysia hor, Not sg national dish hor. Likewise many other foods that you think originated in SG but are really from Malaysia.

So many scholars. How do they perform in reality? I beg someone to debunk me that academic result is real world performance.
But you cunt.

I apologise for being undebunkable even by Queens lawyer. I am too good for you all. Not happy, you can always try and debunk me . But again, yew cunt.

liangjwc thunder storm:
You are right, nobody can debunk you because most of them are goondus..

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China's foray into Africa began way back in the 60s. Mao lamented that Chinese aid was limited as China was poor then. Today, almost every African leader seeks friendship and business deals with China. Xi Jinping's visit to Africa this week will cement Sino-Afro relationship and raise it to an even higher level. China is now the most popular and most sought after development partner among African leaders. Chinese tourists, businessmen and politicians are warmly welcomed. Condemnation of China by western nations conveniently forgot that they previously stripped Africa of its resources. Health, education and infrastructure need a boost. China can easily fill the gaps.

Anonymous said...

Basically, Singapore kiasu Leeders sffled Singaporeans INITIATIVE, INTELLIGENCE, INNOVATION and INTERCOURSE over the last 50 years.

As a result, though many scholars are produced every year, they have been unable to make any headways in Science and Technology, depending on foreign technology and foreign researchers.

The dearth of real innovative and creative talents attest to the big failure of the PAP Leeders to nurture Singapore's only natural resource - People.

The word "People" in People's Action Party is a misnomer, as PAP does not value its own people. Instead, everything PAP has been doing over the last ep years, are pro-foreign investments and pro-foreigners.

The name PAP should be changed to FAP which stands for Foreigners' Action Party.

Anonymous said...

When China rules the world, she will unify all nations under "One country, many systems" in the tradition of All Men Are Brothers just like the outlaws in The Water Margin.

Anonymous said...

Global language is English, global currency is US dollar, so China will not rule the world until that changed. US will remain global Bully n talk like a Policeman at the same time. It a proud fierce Eagle but propagate like a dove.