Kausikan’s megaphone diplomacy? Or is it Singapore’s megaphone diplomacy?

The last article by Bilahari Kausikan attacking China’s covert and overt diplomacy has stirred the hornet’s nest among Singaporeans doing business in China. Many were irked by his unnecessary hostile remarks against China in a forum of American and western audience, in his words, exposing China for influencing and manipulating the policies of govts to favour China. No matter how he slithered to claim that he was not attacking China in particular, no one is going to believe him as the intent of this article was as clear as a bright Sunday morning.

Many people have written to the forum pages of the ST to show their displeasure of his hostility towards China. In the ST forum page of 9 Jul, a Lim Ang Yong was equally incensed to question his intent and even suggested that it was Singapore’s megaphone diplomacy that was not good for Singapore China relations.

Let me quote Lim Ang Yong, “It seems unwise to shame China in a forum co hosted by American based organizations in front of an international audience. It is also true that we should educate Singaporeans, but that was not the goal of that forum, neither is it the role of a private individual. I am sure it is not the Govt’s intention to let former ambassadors be its proxy voice or lead its thinking and decision making on managing its China relations….”

Lim also noted that Kausikan was a former perm sec and diplomat and his knowledge of China interfering with Singapore’s policies were classified and sensitive information obtained while in office. These were privileged information protected under the Official Secrets Act that no ordinary peasant would be accessible to. All civil servants privy to official classified information are under oath to protect such information while in service or out of service and disclosing such information is an offence under the OSA. In his over zealous attempt to discredit China, has he crossed the line and divulged classified information protected under the OSA?

Has Kausikan’s disclosure and exposure of China’s behavior violated the Official Secrets Act as what he knew and said about China were privileged information available to him while in office?
What do you think?

PS. Lim Ang Yong also asked this question. “Did he get approval to speak as if he were an authority on the issue for the Singapore Govt?”


Anonymous said...

There is a high likeLeeHood that this CowCeeCant got his approval from his Leegime boss to speak wat ge wants regarding Cheena cos most likely his boss also got pissed off by Cheena behaviour. Let him speak wat he wan ultimately no one really cares bout this retired old dog 🐶 of the Leegime.

Anonymous said...

Bilahari Kausikan's anti-China comments seems to have the tacit consent of the PAP elite.

Note the difference in reaction from the PAP ministers to Kishore Mahbubani's comments on China, when he faced the wrath and condemnation of the PAP eilie.

There's no comment from any PAP minister so far on Kausikan's anti-China rhetoric.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China is bound to seek clarification from Singapore regarding the offensive comment made by Bilahari Kausikan. The standard reply is likely to be: BK is speaking in his private capacity. The Chinese are no fools. When the time is ripe for them to retaliate, they will hit hard. China will ignore BK as he is considered to be a nondescript cobra pretending to be an anaconda. But this cobra is doing Singapore a great disservice by sowing discord and souring Sino-Singapore relationship. The government needs to act with alacrity before BK gets carried away and causes more damage.

Anonymous said...

Silence is consent.

Anonymous said...

借刀殺人 (borrow knife kill people)

They dare not scold China themselves, thought they can use a retired dog to scold China and can get away with it !

Anonymous said...

Dogs will only bark if the owner told them to.

Anonymous said...

This BK could be on payroll of his ancestor land.

Anonymous said...

With an ex-diplomat like this, you don't need more shit-stirrers. Such is the competence (incompetence) & wisdom (folly) of our 3rd & 4th Paper Gen Leeders. Following our great Leeder example at a US Congress instead of Mee Siam, its Bar Kuat Tea pork soup.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland Leaders got no guts or balls to antagonise China. They using this Black Ant as their mouth piece to isolate Singapore from China's goodwill.

Sinkieland in align with the Americunts will be isolated from China. Chinese companies will have their stocks in HK and elsewhere except Singapore.

Now, even Germany had friendly and joint ventures with China.

If the Dotard and his running skunks still wants to act axtsy axsty, the Rest of the European Bloc and even ASEAN will align with China. You think one fine day, the Americunts don't turn their backs on you.They are scoundrels without thoughts.

Only Sinkieland and the ROC or Formosa as called by the Japs will go under.

southernglory1 said...

This barking dog seems to have very strong social and emotional ethnic attachment to his ancestral country, India. He is the most glaring one among some ASEAN Indian intellectuals who still cannot overcome the Psychological pain of India's defeat in the Sino-Indian Border War of 1962, a war instigated by US / UK but started by India's miscalculation and overconfidence of victory over China. Thus he persistently and constantly talk, speak and write damaging articles to disparage and demonise China to give China a bad image. Also in any disputes between China and other countries viz US, Japan, Vietnam or the Phillippines he would take the side of the latter and condemn China irresponsibly and illogically without any basis just because of his chronic pathological hatred for China and the Chinese people.

He must wake up to the fact that he is playing with fire and must bare the consequence personally when the game is up.


Adam Of Eve said...

China's And Chinese People's Probable Courses Of Retaliation

1. Since he spoke as an individual, China and the Chinese People will deal with him as an individual. There is no need to refer anything to the Singapore government. The total might of the Chinese Nation and People will bear upon him as and when the time is ripe.

2. Since the Singapore Government did not respomd to nor distance itself from Kausikan's malicious and unfriendly speech and articles published in the state-controlled newspapers, both online and printed versions, China will deal with the matter as though it has been approved behind the scenes.

3. China and the Chinese People reserve the right to defend China's good name, dignity and integrity by reciprocal actions to be delivered at China's own pleasure, time , place and events.

Expect the unexpected.

Anonymous said...

Friend of Enemy, Mr Bilahari Kausikan, that is not punching above your weight.

That is punching below the belt, by making use of official top secret information for personal vendetta and/or gratification, and most probably you have been paid to do so by a third or 4th party

We (?) strongly believe that you, in your long years working in the Foreign Ministry, have been recruited as a secret operative by the US Central Intelligence Agency. If that can be confirmed, then you have wittingly committed treason.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Billy Harry is speaking his mind. Have youheard of this new idea? It is called:

Freedom Of Speech.

Those greedy motherfucking Singaporeans milking money in China need to shut the fuck up about asking Billy Harry to shut the fuck up.

Imagine this, the cheeky cunts: they actually want to "control" someone's right to speak his mind, becuause their Guan Xi with the Chinese is FAKE---just bluff bluff in order to make money. If their relationships with their Chinese partners were genuine and solid, some loud-mouthed Singaporean making noise wouldn't matter.

It is clear to me that many of you here are motherfucking OVER-SENSITIVE S N O W F L A K E S .

Someone says something you don't agree with or "hurts your feelings" (fuck your feelings) you either start to wail like a baby craving his mother's tetek, or you start using your imagination to take revenge just because you buay tahan. 🤣😂

In modern parlance you qualify for the label snowflake. Imagine that, a cuntry filled with Snowflake Sheeple...🤡

When your feelings get hurt, you immediately convene your Pity Party. Well...

FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!. Do you think your feelings are so important? Do you think you are the ONLY human alive who has feelings? What makes you so fucking special? No, No, & Nothing, you ENTITLED snowflake cunts. 🤣

So give fucking China a bit of credit lah. They are on track to own and rule the world....do you think some "truth" from people like Billy Harry is going to make them alter their plans?

No lah. China plays the long game. They know they are going to encounter criticism and resistance....especially when China gets caught red-handed trying to game the systems. Ask any IT security personell and they will tell you, Chinese hackers are plentiful and are trained and supported by The State. They engage in political manipulation and influence domestic policies of other cuntries. So fucking what? Once-upon-a-time Great Britain did it, USA and Russiaare still doing it! Every big geo-political player does it because that's how THE GAME is played.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Annexe to my "Snowflake" rant.

I love the Jalan Sultan area, especially the strip of clubs, eateries etc along Bali Lane.

I was out last night with a group. In the small party were lecturers and staff from SMU and NUS. And after a few drinks, people get comfortable...and the "unvarnished opinions" start coming out.

A couple of the SMU/ NUS lecturers claimed that their students were too sensitive and cannot take CRITICISM. OK, the entourage last night was mostly Singaporeans with a Malaysian and a Pinoy...doesn't matter lah...all individuals.

That was my cue. I have long argued that Singaporeans depite their abilities in the academics and wealth-creation are embarassing diaper-shitting BABIES when it comes to having their feelings hurt...either from constructive criticism, or outright hostile insult. They just can't fucking take it.

These poor lecturers were undecided. Do they tell the direct truth, or concentrate on not hurting the feelings of the people they deal with, and allow the students to grow up and eventually end up in the workforce in a state of constant delusion?

I gave them my 2-cents worth: Honesty is the best policy.

If you are always going to protect people's feelings, you will end up telling small lies. Once you start that, LYING will become HABITUAL.

Not all opinion is truth. However, unvarnished opinion is direct, and truthful i.e. one is expressing oneself HONESTLY (even though you can be factually WRONG).

The biggest obstacle in the way is Singaporeans being OVER SENSITIVE.

FUCK YOUR FEELINGS, ENTITLED SNOWFLAKE SHEEPLE---you are hold the cuntry from achieving it's full potential.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, I would love you to fuck my feelings (if feelings can be fucked) because after that I would feel very great. Just imagine that: BEING FUCKED BY AN OLD MAN'S TINY WEENIE? Oh... I am coming ... Just thinking about that has given me orgasm. You are a great motherfucker, Matilah!

Anonymous said...

Matilar .... being over-sensitive snowflakes ... it starts from the top ... PAP ministers, MPs, senior civil servants --- all or most of them cannot take direct unvarnished criticisms. If the top royalty behaves like that .... then the ordinary peasants below will also imitate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


"It is clear to me that many of you here are motherfucking OVER-SENSITIVE S N O W F L A K E S .

Someone says something you don't agree with or "hurts your feelings" (fuck your feelings) you either start to wail like a baby craving his mother's tetek, or you start using your imagination to take revenge just because you buay tahan. 🤣😂"

This banana is feeling hurt, no he is not sensitive. That's why he is ranting like a silly old man.

Matilah, why are you so sensitive just because people are angry with Kausikan and said something you don't like? Hurt your feelings?

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, eyes already blue and hair blond. Brought up in an environment where Free Speech WITHOUT substances is ok. Can lie and accuse anyone, anybody. Just free speech. Why you so sensitive??

We are brought up to stand up to unfair accusations and NOT any how hantam anyone WITHOUT substances.

That's why we are classified as Snowflakes.

The farking Whites and Black Ants can lie and kill without blinking their eyes.

We, Chinese cannot. We have our now 6000 years of What's A Gentleman.

Except those MFs Traitorous BanAnas.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura,

"FUCK YOUR FEELINGS, ENTITLED SNOWFLAKE SHEEPLE---you are hold the cuntry from achieving it's full potential."

You are entitled to fuck my feelings. So also am I entitled to fuck you back harder than you fuck me. Because you are old and I am young. At your age you can cum the most two times a day at you will be totally exhausted. Your fucking dick will not stand any more. Unless you take viagra. But I can fuck you and cum and cum more than 10 times a day. How about that? You like to try? I know where to find yoi.

Now, the serious one. What fucking full potential are you talking about? Full potential to go to war with China?

Stick to the subject. Don't deviate and distract attention. We are talking about the motherfucker Bilahari Kuat Kuat Lari. About his unprovoked uncalled for aggression against China and the Chinese People. I am a Chinese and I take offense to his unwarranted defamation of a country (can be any country, not necessary China) and her people. And you are talking about Singapore's potential. You mean by getting flabbergasted with Bilahari, we are guilty of preventing Singapore from growing to her full potential?

BTW, what the fucks is Singapore's full potential? Even Lee Hsien Loong and his Cabinet until today do not know which direction Singapore is heading. But you motherfaker knows what Singapore's full potential is? How about taking over Lee Hsien Loong for a start? And lead us to the full potential of Singapore?

KNN, you really need to be sodomized you motherfaker Matilah! Go and drop dead lah!

Anonymous said...

Both matilar and the black ant need to be sodomised lar to wake up. Do all of u agree?

Virgo49 said...

Now Netflix "Secret City" R21

Sums it all. Those conspire and those for China. Two different camps.


Anonymous said...

this time round tank will not be return
so simpily.(don know the git crack line mrt carraige come back sg anot.

Anonymous said...

These black cobras and arrogant bananas think that China is still az weak as 50 years ago.

These fuckers keep using China as a punching bag.

One of these days, China will be obliged to return the punches.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Is resorting to WORD SALAD really the best you can do?

Redbean, it's great to know that a person of your vintage has not his snakey touch of twisting people's words around as your typical "go to" rejoinder.

I was thinking what to write for your obituary, yes yes, I will mention your famous skill of twisting people's words around. I will attempt to make you jump out of your casket. 😂💀

Anyway, all you fuckers have proven to me is what a buch of easily triggered entitled snowflakes you are and thus you've added weight to my "theory" that this cuntry is DOOMED because you all tak boleh tahan a little bit of poke-poke banter and fun.

Have a nice day, thanks for playing. 🤩🤡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo 49

Eh bro, you got early onset Alzheimer's ah? Better go for MRI lah. Your word-salad lagi garang lah 🤪

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW cock-sucking FANBOYS, you can stop cheering for China. Here's a tip: China, the cuntry doesn't give a SHIT about you or your LOW standards lah. China won't "retaliate", I bet you. Why?

Because they know when to shut the fuck up and concentrate of the long-term goal of WINNING. They already "factored in" critics like Billy Harry lah, kotek

Anonymous said...

Matilah, you have just confirmed that you need to be sodomized very badly.

Anonymous said...

The Brits and the French caps sailed a warship each on their own to the South China Sea, to answer to their masters in the White House, to agitate China.

To their horrors, each warship was surrounded by 6 Chinese warships and they scooted quickly in total silence. They would remember not to be in the South China Sea alone, again. This is not counting the submarine lying below the surface of the sea with their torpedoes locked on the target.

You never hear them brag about their FON mission in SC Sea anymore.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah, no need MRI. Had alreday undergone one major and another minor surgery and have a CLEAN BILL OF Health.

Long way b4 Alzheimer's.Going to watch Croatia And France Final at Arena of Stars.


Anonymous said...

The karma for all the JLBs' failings, selfishness, greed, gluttony, BHSL, rampant and horrendous mismanagement etc is sinkingland low income/ low skilled group will become maids and slave labourers in a role reversal vis-a-vis the pinoy and indo? By then, they want to cry also no more tears? For now, they will daft daft eye-paste stamps continue to be "conned" by the JLBs false "kindness and caring come erection time especially" those bluff 3-yo slogans but those daft genuinely believe them to the "disbelief" of the JLBs and they must be thinking ao stupid pple also have must screw them jualat jialat after the erection with tax hike and all kinds of tax with all kinds of frivolous and spurious reasoning as long as they can get it rubber stamped with their super majority and made into law the daft they DIE their OWN BIZ and there will be many more new schemes to deplete the quah cha png and suck the oldies dry dry worst than 20 draculas sucking on one victim intensity and severity with the only aim of miserising the oldies until die also cannot, live also cannot and who ever dare to raise dissent need only see the eg of what happened to Dr Li now also self-banished and go hk also need to look left, right, front and back as self admitted in interview with foreign media and there is no rip cos what happen after sell salted eyes will have no eyes to see and earth quake in the grave and not just turning that is how bad it will be so this case will serve as a reminder in history there was these pple whi are so spineless, useless and daft beyond description and labelled stupid beyond any cure by one old man who kpkb eveLEEday to no avail and likely will be so till the day his legs cannot carry him anymore when the bucket kick his leg and he may not close his eyelids properly cos too bitter inside with deep unfulfilled wish and some might become white tinkies to seek recourse in the darkness hoping those perpetrators will repent and ruminate their wrong doings but will likely turn up false hope as once a devil almost impossible to go back again and mankind will despise such a pple to the core as historically it only happens once and it is these pple that are being labelles daft and daft they are till they are stripped totally bare in all forms and condemned eternally in darkness?

Anonymous said...

The extreme daftness of stinky and stupidity beyond cure is triple confirmed. Where got pple try to sell/ push icecream at sub 30 or 40 degrees "winter"? After the recent "knocked out blow", it is maciam "russian siberia winter temp" in one particular mkt sector? Yet under such extreme "freezing conditions", still have agents oops hawkers peddling ice crema ... oops new launches at mrt entrances, carpark entrances etc? How many pple will but ice cream in sub 30 or 40 degrees temp? With the mkt "cooled" to russian siberia extreme chilling cold, some daft agents oops hawkers still peddlong new launches oops new ice cream flavours? Cannot believe it ... As much as agents oops hawkers are daft and make life misrable for their families by NOT able put food on table cos how to make $$$ selling icecream in icy freezing russian winter extreme cold? For those who buy icecream in russian siberia extreme cold freezing weather condition, these type are born iron teeth or as stubborn as the buffalo? Chinese saying Nvr see coffin not shiok?

Anonymous said...

Now sinkingland problems in own backyard pile up like MOUNTAINS? Still want bother other pple's problems? JLBs eat full nothing to do? If not then use oldies quah cha png BHSL? Now grow GDP using property inflation channel blocked liao after consecutive years of universe most expensive CITY? Education also going to the dogs with morale among many chers at ALL TIME loW? So many just satificing students kena lor? But parents kena debts pile up like Bt Everest cannot hire pte tutors so go for tuition ctrs lor? But then lagi more jialat for the children? One tuition class the size maciam like world cup final attendance? Listen to tuition spend $$$ waste time how to benefit it maciam like tuition in a stadium with 80,000 other students aka audience? Look for part time tutor current undergrad also not a good solution cos many out of touch le after 2.5 years break in NS or the gals after 3 months A Level exam ended all forgot le? Some 2 to 3 years never touch the syllabus already also moonlight as tutors ao as to earn pocket $$$? But students hoq to benefit from such part time tutors? Many schools the chers just satisficing can imagine the teaching quality? The problems are endless. Now with the carpark fees in schools the chers many even less motivated and just going through motion? The system going from bad to worse. Own problems dont bother go kaypo other countries? Water enter brain liao?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I agreed with anon above that it's time for u to be sodomized. So oiled your ass and get ready.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 July 10, 2018 8:59 pm
//Long way b4 Alzheimer's.Going to watch Croatia And France Final at Arena of Stars.//

"Bro", already told you the other day final likely between the adversaries of the "100 Years War". Now France leading 1-0. Your bet on high odds is collect. But probably NOT this game. Group stage can. Some payout $250 or higher like the 6-1 score. Final 4 should siam. England championship payout $15 at the beginning. Already predicted they winning this time abt a month ago. But who knows? Maybe another Maradonna's "Hand of God" like 1986 Mexico world cup may decide outcome in the end but aka Columbia style "defender became goalkeeper" used hand to stop the ball in penalty box area? Football matches are microcosm of the real world? Full of drama, theatrics, politics, tatto from head-to-toe "gangsterism" as described by DPRK KCNA etc etc? Even with VAR many occasions still "full of controversy"? Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Based on ancient Chinese astrology, the luck cycle run out le?

Globalisation in full retreat in all aspects namely trade, labour mobility, capital mobility, economic disintegration, eunuchisation of international institutions established after ww2, .........

Any small and very open economy will be in deep shit when international trade goes into reverse gear. Think protectionsim, trade war ...

Next is labour migration. Dotard's this first, that first policy is the 3rd nails into the death of globalisation and its impending demise and soon into the coffin?

3rd, Dotard tax policy in 2017 means the end of capital mobility and FDI etc? The concept of multinationals is in retreat and just started?

When the curtain comes down, gks and tcc will not turn in their grave but an earthquake could ensue?

Such is the legacy of one old fart and an impending monumental implosion?

Thks to the PG and oldies, sinkies got the gabramen they deserved?


Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro, half bet already won.Franche in and next will be Croatia.Two winning tickets on that.

It's be a better climax between France and Croatia rather than England.

I knew many Sinkies adored the bloody Brits as we were once their slaves. Even our Pee Ayam very proud to suck their balls.

France and the Brits are the World's murderers in helping their Big Bro AMERICUNTS stirring shits round the World.

Both are fake and big bullies.

Would love to see the Croatians beat them to a pulp.

Instead of playing with houour like the Japs or Koreans, these bloody whites always feign dubious fouls just to have an advantage and penalties. Win as all costs even with dishonour.

My dark horse hero Russia should be in and will have an additional few thousands to splurge on the Jackpots and Roulette.

Anyway, you win some, you win some.


Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 July 11, 2018 8:12 am
//It's be a better climax between France and Croatia rather than England.

I knew many Sinkies adored the bloody Brits as we were once their slaves.//

That is true. The English football quite boring and often long spell of plain pumping of long balls into the final 3rd of the field.

A final between CorkAssSure and Frens Cap could be trilling and some cha bor might have organism? Matilar will be fantalising anout the V u bought overseas for your back massaging and start mutilating his AH with whatever he can find back in his arsetailian backyard ...

You are right about many sinkies adoring the Brits cos they still lao Tao Nao outdated thinking angmo tuakee especially those who sang their anthems bef 1963 during sch days and even willing marry their daughters to enjoy the perceived tuakeeness.

This UK team is not that great compared to past teams with the likes of lanpa, Mike (17-yo world cup wonder boy during 98 world cup), Terror (captain), Loonie, Stealvan, Goliath Backhand (free kick specialist), .... those teams should have won but always kena bundled out mid way through sent off and silly stuff like 1986 Maradonna's Hand of God that sent them home. Back then no VAR and Maradonna won the world cup and made $100+ millions in Italy and retired as a truly fat man currently.

This current team trumphed on the speed of 2 black players one called "old" and the other one "pound" ... to outrun defenders and provide the assist or in dead ball situations. Then others score and take the credits lor. If either one ("old" or "pound") is not in the game, the tempo could change significantly and they will try to grind out an extra time draw and go for PeeNiecetee scoring. A lot of oohs and ahs after that like some cha bor on the beds when kena scored? Score, Score, Score ... GOALLLLLLLLL ...

And finally if that doesn't work, they have a big hairy cane to whip the mei mei shiok shiok and after that whack very hard and pump in the ball and SCORE ... GOALLLLLL ... the cha bor screamed like MAD ... ooh ooh ah ah ... and scream for more ... hat trick hat trick hat trick ...

England quite boring place. The hotel breakfast often is a big yawn with all the processed meat - ham, etc. In matland even a low end hotel breakfast has 100 times more variety ...

So to kill the boredom they turn to soccer and beer ... the 2 big national pastimes they indulged in. Otherwise they bored you with the mind numbing theories and academic stuff.

For A Level students, it can be quite unnerving in some subjects set by the English pple. Some qns that need answers of 4 to 6 pages length the examiners report only 2 to 3 sentences per qn. Students are expected to produce good answers with such examiners comment under exam conditions. It is the same at their uni level for many subjects. Examiners report at uni level can be accessed by all students which should be the case otherwise how would students know what the examiners expect even if each comment per qn is 2 to 3 sentences? But for A Level students, all these years they do not have access except the chers.

So unlikely many students will adore the english for that

Anonymous said...

In the end, if they win the championship this round, it could be many factors. Are they really the best? Probably not. Any bet on them is not due to any adulation but pure cold calculation of all the dynamic behind.

Never watch epl for donkiy years but asked pre world cup one malay lad who will be champion he said Germany. Looked what happened.

And they were the top seed officially. Didnt even make it to knock out stage.

Same same in the financial or property mkt. Many reports could be fake?

Better dun rely on such reports to invest quah cha png. Some do and BHSL. The stakeholders "die" cork stand but those accountable are not but paid fat cat bonuses ...?

The reports can read but then dun follow what the reports write lah ...

Worst is to waste so much resources to read this and that, meetings after meetings, dinners after dinners at taxpayers expense plus all the salaries, expenses, bonuses then BHSL billiins into the drains ...???

Anyway not interested in world cup. Last nite slept at 11.30pm woke up at 3.30am to clear some urgent work. Watch 22 men heavily tatooed and more like thugs at the wee hours arguably could be silly stuff and waste of precious resources unless one has nothing better to do?

Didnt even turn on tv. Just surf the live blog, read the score and close the page.

Not watching the England live game too. Too wasteful (of precious time)!!!

Nvr follow the crowd or aunties or taxi drivers. When they join in, market is more often than not going to crash!!!?

The bubble (and over supply) in some mkt could be an albatross hanging over the neck?

Enjoy the finals anyway. For some, time could be better spent in the closet. Good luck. Enjoy while the time is still ok .....