Exposing how China manipulates other countries

The Straits Times gave Bilahari Kausikan’s article on the above topic a full coverage on 1 Jul with a full page including a picture of China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning in a major naval exercise in the South China Sea. This full page article appeared a second time within a week which is a way of saying how important is Bilahari’s view on China as a bad guy.

What is Singapore trying to say to China or what was the Straits Times editor trying to tell China with this article is clearly nothing pleasing to China. Is Singapore sending a message to China that it should not trifle with Singapore, or is it telling China that Singapore would not be cowed or pressured by China, or is it saying that unless China treats Singapore kindly or else Singapore would take a hostile stance towards China?

The intent and purpose of the article were simply to badmouth China as a trouble maker, a bully, as if China is the only big power that is doing what Bilahari said and no other country is doing the same, all angels. While saying that all countries adopted a series of legitimate or covert activities, persuasion, inducement and coercion, China was unique in the following, ie other countries would not do what China is doing:
“First, the nature of the Chinese state; second, this holistic approach which melds together the legal and the covert, and persuasion, inducement and coercion; and third, the aim of such operations which is not just to direct behavior but to condition behavior.”

The message that Bilahari was putting out is that China is not only unique as a state, a civilization state, but doing all the bad things to influence and manipulate other states and this is very bad as other big powers are nothing doing these bad things. That is why he said it is unique only to China. Singapore was never pressure to do the biddings of the American, including sending its soldiers to support the American wars in the Middle East. Singapore did it willingly without being coerced into it.

It does not need much intelligence for anyone knowing how evil the American Empire and the western powers were and are, to know that they have been doing the same as China and many times worse than China for centuries. But what Bilahari was trying to do is to manipulate the readers’ thought into thinking that China is the only bad guy doing these bad things. And he is given the licence, the encouragement, the space to have this anti China view published in the main media, the Straits Times.

What do these mean in Singapore’s relations with China? Was it not in the recent past that Singapore leaders have been bragging that relations with China is very good? Teo Chee Hian is still in China and saying the same thing, relations very good. If that is so, would the publishing of such anti China articles be conducive and favourable to good relations between the two countries? Or is Singapore confirming that relations between the two states is going downhill and Singapore is hardening its position towards China and is coming out openly to criticize and attack China, to badmouth China, to influence and manipulate the readers of the Straits Times to think badly about China?

What do you think? Would a good friend of China be so eager and pleased to publish such articles in its main media that would put China in a bad light?

Bilahari concluded his article by asking “what is the point?” and answered himself by saying, “The point is – exposure is therefore the best countermeasure.” In diplomacy, when a country exposed negative things about another country in the media, it is as good as saying, this is the end of the relationship and it is time to burn the bridges.

Is this the case in Singapore’s relation with China?


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, till now no comments.

Sinkies had become numb and must need a Second Episode of the Mandarins Gardens debacle to wake them up.

Or, maybe there be NO CHANCE for them to wake up or awoke to find themselves under the mercy of the Black Ants.

Sinkie Land majority are apathetic
and deserved to be screwed by these Black Ants.

These Scoundrels have an Agenda to screw the majority yellow bananas sinkies into conflicts with China and be put off by them.

The Bananas Leaders just simply wants to enrich themselves and have excuses to abscond thus covering up their incompetence and mistakes.

Virgo49 said...

Next change. Sinkie land POP still need badly the Water Pact with Matland as they had too many trashes in.

Mad Hater now had the Upper Hand to squeeze your Balls.

He will make it real difficult on the Water negotiations after 2061.

The following Sinkies plus the Scoundrels Foreign Talents if Sinking Land is still around will be cut off from any water supply from Matland after that.

No eyes to see and cannot see after that.

You think the present lot of self enriching parasites will care after that??

Most would be already posted to HELL Gates 18 levels below.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The PAP government cannot distance itself from the scurrilous comment by BK. By allowing a cobra to spit its venom through the state-controlled media, the PAP government has unnecessarily antagonised China. There is nothing to gain but much to lose if China finds the comment offensive and makes an issue out of it. The wise Chinese leaders will probably ignore BK and regard him as a pariah sickened with rabies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore's relations with China today reminds me of the day of Nehru and his Chindi Indie bhai bhai, ie China India are like brothers, then quietly amassed a military corp to attack and seize land at the India China border...leading to the 1962 border war.

One face smiling, one hand hiding a knife ready to stab.

Anonymous said...

Or is it because of the exposure of truth, "If you want to be a government official/public servant you cannot be rich, but if you want to be a government official and be rich go to a cuntry at Nanyang (South)".
The PeeAmm was not even invited to the OBOR Head of states meeting.
He cannot even forgive his own brother & sister & nephew but tekan, what can we expect then?

Anonymous said...

When will Sinkies revolt & overthrow the PAPies?

Will the Chinese come to our aid in the revolution?

If we promise the Chinese that S'pore will become the 27th province of China?

Will they sail the Liaoning battlegroup to the S'pore Straits & dispatch 20 elite divisions to support?

Anonymous said...

This despicable character like the abominable American and Western Europeans has a chronic pathological psyche of hatred against China and the Chinese people.Wherever he goes whether he is giving talks or speeches or writing articles in the mass media he will lambast China with fake accusations and damaging remarks either directly or with strong insinuations to put China in a bad light. He must have an agenda or several insidious motives to put China in a bad image to influence other countries against China. He must have some motives and agendas to disparage China with vitriol speeches and articles. Is he on a psychological warfare with China on his own or is he representing a third country like US or India. His underlying hidden message is always China is bad vis-a vis US or India. As a former Singapore senior official and ambassador he should be more circumspect in his speeches, talks or writings and not expose Singapore to danger by being vehemently anti-China.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Kausikan must know Singapore is a multi-racial society with a large Chinese population He is always villifying China with the undertone that China and the Chinese people are bad.
And this is no good for he is playing with fire knowing that there are several large Chinese communities in all the ASEAN countries. If he is trying to incense ASEAN countries against China he is indirectly telling these countries to turn against the Chinese population in their midst. As a former government official and ambassador if he is allowed free rein to deliver anti-China seditious articles or speeches it doesn't bode well for Singapore if the Chinese intellectuals here also begin to write anti- India articles not only in the social media but also in overseas mass media. It is time the authority put a stop to the dangerous game he is playing.

Can't stand this idiot's nonsense.

Anti- anti-China US or India's agent.

b said...

The country and the people are innocent. Its the marxist leaders that are dangerours. Marxism is as dangerous as nazism or maybe more. Its make people turned against their own parents and family members, seize their assets and give them to the state which actually transfer the control under a few self serving elites eventually. Even marxist socialist countries such as those in south americas are destroying people lives so they are running to usa but the fake news only blame trump but not those leaders that run those horrible regimes, destroying their countries and people lives.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


It is for very good reasons tht people like RB dont factor in ther theatre of geopolitics and people like Billy Harry do.

China is the next global leader....very few people have any doubts on that.

A global leader is simply the cuntry which has to adopt a "gangster" role occasionally to assert it's authority.

Look at cuntries run by head gangsters: Saddam in Iraq, Murbarak---Egypt, Duterte---Pinoyland, Gadafi---Libya, Putin---Russia, Castro---Cuba...and so on.

Bleeding-heart-liberals are quick to condemn these dictators as "crimanals against humanity", but one can dispute the fact that they keep the peace in their cuntires by using any means possible---including violence if necessary.

It is a hard truth to admit, but large human groups need ONE POWERFUL HEAD GANGSTER to keep all the groups from fihting each other and struggling for dominance.

In every schoolyard, there will be contenders for "dominance". The school yard which has one bully is usually peaceful. 2...maybe even bullies makes it still more or less peaceful, although occasionally there's a "showdown". any more than that, and the situation beomes unstable and unpredictable as various groups and individuals battle amonsgt themselves for "Ultimate Power".

So China is doing alot of shit other people don't seem to like. Well, that is just to bad. There are no rules to the game of global dominance, and China is next up...her turn to fucking lead.

And so China has to show some teeth and assert itself.

Human beings are biologically a species of bipedal, hairless African ape and as such exhibit characteristics of the ape social nature, which leads to politics and some sort of power structure with the alpha-apes at the top. The alphas cooperate and compete with each other, depending on the situation and context. That's how we "spontaneously organise" into groups with leaders who are chosen or who just assume the role and stay as leaders until they are challenged.

Some people assert that "China is not about being a global empire".

OK, good for you. Stick by your guns, by all means. The story will unfold and prove one of us RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore wants to prosper again, she has no choice but to follow the other major SE Asian countries to align with China.

If Singapore is just thinking of surviving, then the present alignment with the US may suffice. But still not guaranteed because under Trump's "Make America Great Again" protectionist policies and unilateral cancellation of trade pacts and agreements, tiny Singapore's interests can be easily forgotten or deliberately sidelined.

You want US's security protection, you have to pay for it and bear the potential political, economic diplomatic, and other consequences.

The majority of Singaporeans are Chinese. No matter how you play down the Chinese-ness in the country, even by putting many darker skins at top positions and regularly telling others that you are not a Chinese country, but a multi-racial and multi-cultural one, they are mere displays and words. Nothing more. They cannot change the fact that 75% of Singapore's population are Chinese. Period.

Anonymous said...

Hello b, time for u to take your next dose of treatment based on your nonsensical post. Time to be sodomized by Matilar

Anonymous said...

From his talks, speeches and writings he is showing his innermost thoughts that he has strong feelings, emotions and loyalty for his ancestral country India. He has shown all these with his clever use of insinuations against China. He can't cry over the defeat of India by China in the Sino-India war of 1962. As a former official and ambassador he has all the time been using or abusing his position to lambast China either directly or through insinuations and innuendos in his messages. If he is doing this on his own it is bad enough. But if he is representing a third country like India or US he is definitely playing a dangerous game.

Eagles Eyes

b said...

Fundamentally, all politicians are bad and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why not they all subscribe to one holy ideology, unite the whole world people, build infrastruture and houses instead of military bases and weapons? Unfortunately, they like to hate each other and make the bankers rich. Exactly the reason kmarx invented marxism.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ people living in a bubble

We are a warlike species.

We are also a species which has the ability for abstract thought, which means we can reason anything into existence in our minds. and itos only a few more sequential steps before we put those ideas into action, spred on by our emotions.

We have reasoned, time and time again that it is ALRIGHT TO DO SOME VERY BAD THINGS TO SOME PEOPLE if the outcome was a benefit for the majority. Political action is all about SACRIFICING some minority or a minority value for (here's the best bullshot phrase ever sold) "The Greater Good", even though the majority might very well be the greatest BAD of all.

So using the political process to achieve something, even though some people will be plunged into human suffering...is...

....COMPLETELY OK, and is a stratergy with a long history of "success" (as well as spectacular failure....depending on your vantage point)

At the end of the day, you alone are responsible for your happiness and experience. If you don't like politicians controlling your life or dropping explosives on you from the sky, then you better have some kind of "PLAN".

No, your govt can't and probably WON'T save you.

I know, I know...life is not only hard, but it is unfair and uncertain...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ more bubble nonsense:

Please lah. Chinese from China and the Peranakan-Chinese, like the Peranakan Indians/ Arabs/ half-angmohs/ Pinoys are all culturally different from their cousins in the "original" cuntries.

It is the mentality which makes the individual. China-Chinese and Singaporean-Chinese: completely different people LAH!!!

Even Singaporean Malays are so different from the Bumis up North.

You can't just hang a collective label on over a billion people and say that they are all the same.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous b said...

"The country and the people are innocent. Its the marxist leaders that are dangerours. Marxism is as dangerous as nazism or maybe more. Its make people turned against their own parents and family members, seize their assets and give them to the state which actually transfer the control under a few self serving elites eventually."

You referring to Singapore in your innuendo?

Anonymous said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China is the next global leader....very few people have any doubts on that.

A global leader is simply the cuntry which has to adopt a "gangster" role occasionally to assert it's authority.

Look at cuntries run by head gangsters: Saddam in Iraq, Murbarak---Egypt, Duterte---Pinoyland, Gadafi---Libya, Putin---Russia, Castro---Cuba...and so on.

Why you conveniently left out your godfather, the USA, the biggest gangster in the world?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1247

You can stick any -ism at the end of any word and voila...instant "phiolosphy". Karl Marx ideas: Marx-ism. Ideas on dploying capital: Capital-ism. Ideas on social cohesion, and dynamic of a communal organisation and production: social-ism and commun-ism. Ideas from our good friend Adolf: Nazi-sm...and so on.

My point is this. Humans are social animals. Therefore we like to group ourselves in many ways. When we do, some sort of hierarchy spontaneously appears in the groups: top to bottom.

So it doesn't have to be Marxism or Facism....those are just LABELS stuck on groups more or less as placeholders to aid analysis and catagorization (our brains like that!)

A ever-present example is OFFICE POLITICS. Notice how hierarchy evolves in office politics. Look at the roles the various characters play to achieve their "various objectives". That is human group dynamics at work. National and geopolitical systems are simply scaled-up versions of our species charateristic for social interaction, resulting in complex frameworks of coopertion and competition...always in-flux, random, yet predictable and deterministic.

Humans have infinite desires and goals. However on the margin (where everything happens), resources are scarce so they have to be allocated accordingly. Humans respond to INCENTIVES. Humans also like to own stuff and think they are "in control".

OK, there's plenty of opportunity for errors in the above....so on with the show!! :-))

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1250:

Boy are you a fucking idiot. Just add it in lah. No need to shit your underwear man.

Adam Of Eve said...
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Adam Of Eve said...

To Be Or Not To Be - You Can't Have The Cake And Eat It

It is quite clear by now that Bilahari Kausikan's article has been approved by the Lee Hsien Loong Administration.

His article not only take centre stage in the Straits Times and done it repeatedly, but also in the Today newspapers, of both online and printed editions.

Not a single Minister, or PMO spokesperson came out to refute nor distance the Singapore Government from the malicious and seditious article.

On the other hand, the Defence Minister has come out to boast how the SAF is capable of defending Singapore by over-exagerating and extrapolating the works done by the SAF during the Kim-Trump Summit in Singapore. Dr Ng Eng Hen is obviously sending a message to Singaporeans as well as the whole world.

Therefore, China, especially President Xi and his Cabinet Ministers, are not stupid to take this concerted, coordinated, repeated malicious attack on China and the Chinese people sitting down or brash it aside. The damage done to the reputation and integrity of China and the Chinese People ALL OVER THE WHOLE WORLD is serious enough to warrant a follow-up counter-action and subsequent long-term defensive measures.

Kausikan may have redtired from Singapore Government's service just recently, but his words carry weight around the world because he was an official Ambassador-at-Large before he retires.

The status of Ambassador-at-Large is equivalent to a Minister and he represents Singapore in the world at large. No difference from ESM Goh Chok Tong.

Behind the scenes, the SPH Chief, the paper General, and the Straits Times Editorial Team would have spoken to one another on the phone or communicated by emails. The Foteign Ministry would have communicated with Bilahari and Straits Times Head Honcho. The PM's Personal Secretary or Runner Ministers in PMO would have communicated with the Chiefs in the Foreign Ministry, the Straits Times, the SPH, and the Propaganda Ministry too.

It is just a phone call away. No kidding.

This is Geopolitics. Not child-play.

Sit thight and wait for China's AND the Chinese PEOPLE's reciprocal response at her own pleasure and time and at their own whims, fancies, time and place.

Good luck, Singaporeans.

b said...

If I am him, will also choose the west lah. Simple, OBOR is hanging on the ideas that eu will buy all the plastic stuff from china, if eu turns their back which most likely will, china is left with muontains of debts. winner: bankers, losers: people.

Anonymous said...

@1:30pm is right ...... news from SPH and MediaCorp have to follow guidelines from Ministry of Communications & Information. My relative was ever a reporter & sub-editor in SPH before.

MCI updates both of them on a weekly basis --- what to say, what not to say, what to emphasise, what to twist into something more positive or more favourable to govt etc. Every month, senior staff from MCI, SPH & MediaCorp meet to lay the ground rules & reinforce expectations.

The Chief Editor of SPH or MD of MediaCorp can and sometimes report outside of the OB Markers. But they bear the risk .... like recently Han Fook Kwan from SPH.

The pioneer chief editor of Today newspaper kena terok terok from LKY & his career kena short circuited. If he had played by PAP rules, he would be in the top 3% of Singapore staying in Bt Timah bungalow today.

If PAP doesn't come out to criticize or rebut any news by the same day or very next day, it means the news is approved, sanctioned & acceptable to PAP.

Daddy said...

What do you think LHL's son Li Hong Yi worked for Google for?

What do you think LHL put his son Li Hong Yi at MCI for?

X posed said...

In line with Kausikan's launch of exposing China through the Straits Times, Today News, world-wide edition, published this headline today:

China brings Star Wars to life with ‘laser AK-47’ that can set fire to targets a kilometre away

This has implications in many areas.

Anonymous said...

So what China AK-47 can set fire one kilometer away?

Singapore's secret human-brain-washing machine known as Bilahari Kausikan can set fire thousands of miles away around the world!

Singapore scored Best in the world again. Horaay!

Oops, Oh No! Singapore scored own goal again! Alamak!

Anonymous said...

PAPies keep betting wrongly, husband n wife keep betting wrongly. Why are they betting when no need to?
This just confirmed both are very lousy speculators n will lose a significant chunk of our national ass sets. When you dont need to bet n you bet big again and again the conclusion is that you are a lousy complusive gambler.

Adam Of Eve said...

The worst bet of all, so far, is betting on the White Mare called Hilary Clinton to be the 45th President of USA, to continue the Pro-Open-Door and Pro-Globalists Regime of Black Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro.

It clearly demonstrated the poor intelligence collection, analysis and interpretation. It also demonstrated the serious lack of vision, depth of thought and self-inflicted ingrained faulty group-think, that has been taking things for granted for too long.

What is the use of having excellent, first-class honours' brains at the top, when unable to think out of the box; unable to detect correct indicators in the vast ocean of information; and unable to provide the right advice to the Lee-der-slip?

What they are really good at is resting on past glory and laurals created by the Old Guards.

Just take a close look at the 4G Instant Millionaire Ministers. Which one of them has the leadership qualities that can lead Singaporeans to a brighter future? None! Sad but true. Not a single leader, whom you can truly call a leader, is in sight. All of them are followers, very good at following orders, obedient servants and obedient soldiers.

This is the serious problem created by the system of crony-capitalism over the years. The only way to solve this perpetual serious problem is to not to dismantle it but to allow it to self-destruct. It will be very painful and chaotic but there is no better option.

In the mean time, just enjoy and gamble away others' money, properties and lives.....and keep your fingers crossed. Don't rock the sinking boat.

Shhiiiii....keep very quiet.

$Millions Salary Bribes My Soul said...

Latest BBC Report:

Former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak has been arrested by anti-corruption authorities and is due to be charged on Wednesday.

Mr Najib, who has long been plagued by allegations of corruption, has been accused of pocketing $700m (£517m) from state development fund 1MDB.

Billions of dollars are unaccounted for from the fund, set up by Mr Najib.

He has been under investigation since his shock election loss in May. Mr Najib denies wrongdoing.

According to a statement by the 1MDB special task force, Mr Najib was arrested at 14:35 local time (06:35 GMT) at his house in relation to matters dealing with SRC, a subsidiary of 1MDB.

He will be charged at 08:30 on Wednesday at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Three cheers for Malaysia and Malaysians. Congratulations, once again!

The last congratulations was for throwing out the UMNO-led Barisan National. Now is to congratulate you rakyats and the new government for doing a fine job in weeding out corruption. Well done!

Malaysia Boleh! Singapura Bodoh!

b said...

After the cold war, the commie have infiltrated many democractic countries seeking to destroy them. They are using illegal migrants and fake news extensively. Once usa is down, the commie regimes will be installed in the world and everyone will have to do hard labour.

Anonymous said...

Commie china people everyone doing hard labor hahaha...really? Hongkies doing hard labor? Commie china maybe more capitalistic than big brother Pappies

Anonymous said...

it is time for b to take his anti hallucination drugs.

Anonymous said...

Bilahari Kausikan, a former permanent secretary at Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made unwarranted criticism of China at a conference on Chinese public diplomacy late June. He said that China is trying to use covert "influence operations" to manipulate other countries and spread its sway, which Singapore has not been spared and Singaporeans need to be wary. He deliberated on ways China expands its influence, such as breaking the principle of non-interference in others' internal affairs and suborning decision-makers or public opinion in the countries.

Kausikan often shows his hard-line stance and unnecessary concerns over China. His latest remarks about China are disrupting Sino-Singaporean relations that have been committed to finding common ground.

Essentially, Kausikan's words are biased with many unfounded accusations. Non-interference is one of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence that have been put forward by China and accepted internationally. China used to and will always adhere to the principle even though its overseas interests are expanding.

As a retired diplomat, Kausikan has taken public diplomacy in a wrong way. Public diplomacy is defined as government communicating with and influencing the public in other countries through cultural exchange and communication programs to improve its national image and international influence, and promote its national interests.

It is all within the domain of public diplomacy that the Chinese government advances cultural and people-to-people exchange with Singapore. Through public diplomacy, a country can showcase its national image to the outside world and meanwhile gradually influence the public or even decision-makers in other countries. This is two-way influence. For instance, Singapore has influenced China in many aspects. Its reputation as a garden city has been widely known in China and its urban development model is followed by many Chinese cities.

Kausikan accusing China indicates that there are still creases in Singapore's policy on China and bilateral relations.

As Europe is fraught with governance problems, the Trump administration continues advancing its "America First" policy and multiple geopolitical centers emerge, the international landscape is witnessing uncertainties unseen since the end of the Cold War. Hence, Sino-Singaporean relations have the opportunity for sustained and stable development, but still face challenges.

China and Singapore have strategic convergence and common interests in a variety of sectors. For instance, both countries face challenges of trade protectionism. Singapore's advocacy of open and multilateral trade is bound to clash with the conservative and unilateral protectionism policy of the Trump administration. Singapore has explicitly opposed protectionism and stated the damage that the policy may cause to global trade. Meanwhile, it seeks strengthened cooperation with countries committed to globalization and multilateral trade system to maintain stability. That was the purpose of the China trip by Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2017.

Singapore faces more bewilderment given the changes in the international landscape, especially the emergence of multiple power centers and China-US tensions. In the complex regional and global situation, Singapore is confronted with increasing uncertainty and challenges that it can hardly grapple with. Its intimacy with Western countries and subtle approach toward China may hurt Beijing's feelings in some circumstances, as shown by Kausikan's latest criticism.

To sum up, Kausikan should not make destructive comments on bilateral relations and regional cooperation.

Virgo49 said...

This Bilahari Kausikan really KNN guy still not satisfied and in Shit Times of Today still accused Sinkie Chinese Compatriorts of playing along with the Chinese.

He is replying to two earlier letters by Mr Jacob Tan Teck Lee on more cautious views expressed in Forums Page and Mr Han Cheng Fong Beware of US'influence operations too.

He claimed that China is trying to influence Sinkieland majority Chinese.

Sinkieland Majority Chinese already most in stupor been overran by the Black Ants.

This, he did not want to mention.

Anonymous said...

Beware of India's influence operations too !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ X posed 414

China probably spent a gazillion on developing such an "outstanding" laser weapon.

Hey, you know what beats a super powerful, super hi-tech and expensive laser? 🤔

A 2-dollar mirror you can buy at shops in the heartlands...no need to go to Takashimaya. 🤪 For 20 bucks, you can have 10 of these low-tech wonders 🤣