American bullies think the North Koreans are fools

In his third trip to North Korea to negotiate on the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, Pompeo continued with his arrogant American gangster style of treating the North Koreans as fools to be bullied. He went there with one objective, that the North Koreans must denuclearise under a time table set by the Americans but without offering a word about what the Americans would do to their nuclear weapons and military bases in South Korea. It was one way traffic, the North Koreans must do as dictated by the Americans. The denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is to denuclearise North Korea only.

The North Koreans were completely pissed off by Pompeo and his thugs. They told the Americans to abide by the agreements reached in Singapore between Trump and Kim, to completely denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.  This is another case of white men speaking in fork tongues. To the Americans, the Summit agreement was meant for the North Koreans to give up their nuclear weapons, not the Americans.

Here are some quotes from Channel News Asia on the latest meeting between Pompeo and the North Koreans in an article titled, 'North Korea rejects US calls for unilateral disarmament'.

"The US is fatally mistaken if it went to the extent of regarding that the DPRK would be compelled to accept, out of its patience, demands reflecting its gangster-like mindset," the statement said, referring to North Korea by its official initials....and criticised US negotiators who "never mentioned" the subject of bringing the 1953 Korean War to a a formal end with a peace treaty....

"North Korea expected Pompeo to bring a concrete proposal for security guarantee but it was disappointed as the US side reiterated the old demand that the North should denuclearise first before the US gives it anything in return."....The North's foreign ministry took exception to Pompeo's effort to secure concrete commitments to back Kim's promise, made at a summit last month with US President Donald Trump, to work towards the "denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

The Americans are now going to blame the North Koreans for not abiding by the agreements of the summit when it was the Americans that were doing so, to bully the North Koreans to complete denuclearise while the Americans continue to do the same in the Korean Peninsula, with their nuclear bases and Thaad in Korea. The bullies of the world, with the biased western media, will now be pointing their fingers on the North Koreans as the ones who walked out of an agreement.

See how the Americans tried to bully OPEC and the EU....


Anonymous said...

That's why I say invest in war stocks. War never goes out of business until humans extinct.

After that, find other aliens and buy *their* war stocks.

Virgo49 said...

The Cunning Fox behind is also the LauAbe.

He is using the Americans to kill someone without coming to the picture.

Both the Amrricunts and the Japs feared the Kim's Arsenals and they think can bullied him into submission for their Safety.

Why should they have the Nuclear whereas others must disband??


Virgo49 said...

Frankly, the Japs if they do not want to atone for their SINS that they had committed towards so many in the past will continue to be cursed with Karma as what's happening to them now and occasionally.

Likewise for the Whites and Americunts.

They continued to kill one another and one fine day be annihilated by the Rest of the World.

Now our Pee Ayam only knows how to send Condolences and Congratulatory Messages.

Anonymous said...

The US is not sincere in solving North Korea nuclear issue.

The US has been using North Korea as pretext to justify its military presence in Northeast Asia and the entire Asia-Pacific. For the US, the long-term management of China is more of a national security concern than North Korean nuclear tests.

By tightly controlling the valves of the regional situation, the US is trying to manipulate the tension of the peninsula according to its strategic needs to maximize its interests. This is the real intention of Washington.

The US is the dominant factor in the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Regional powers South Korea and Japan, allied with Washington, should craft their own way to solve the nuclear issue instead of serving as US yes-men.

Tiny city state Singapore, paying host for the Trump-Kim summit, should also try not to be at the US beck and call, eg sending more forces to Iraq to help fight the US coalition war.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's thuggish behaviour towards North Korea is expected. Its unconditional demand on denuclearisation by North Korea is as good as telling the country, "Yours to do and die and not to question why". Denuclearisation must go hand-in-hand with decolonisation. Anything short of that will be total capitulation by NK. The Trump-Kim summit in Singapore was a farce. The words of the white man cannot be trusted. Native Americans learnt of it the hard way. North Korea has the advantage of hindsight and will not be easily fooled.

Anonymous said...

RB //The North Koreans were completely pissed off by Pompeo and his thugs.//

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbean June 24, 2018 9:48 am
>>>When one has to ask why and how, then no need to ask further and do anything. The entrepreneurs could feel it when there is an opportunity to make money. They just do it.<<<

So now how? Is the much "touted business expedition" still on? What did M. Pompous ... oops Pompeo told the media in Tokyo yesterday about the sanctions? The other person faster and better than Madhater in flip flopping agreements made is also a pussy grabber? When many others are extremely wary of their investments after clob and many others, imagine making investments under another who is even worst than Madhater and somemore has nuclear arsenal much bigger than the Mainland? Can means can? Lets give lao hero 3 cheers for his stubborn galant and bravery. Youngdies should salute and toast to all these oldies lao heros. They are great examples to fit into old fart description of oldies sinkies?

southernglory1 said...

Don't expect to have world peace so long as America is ruled by white invaders from Europe. Don't ever talk peace to white Americans unless they. renounce and denounce their evil militant religious political doctrines. Next the world must denounce and condemn the warmongers and white supremacists in the American Neo-Conservatives and the Anglo-Saxon Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal. These are the real monstrous evil satans who plot all the wars on earth. Last but not least the free world must unite to get rid of the 'Petrol Dollar' which enables the Evil Empire to cheat, blackmail. and swindle the Whole world and to use it as a medium to sanction other countries economically . Down with American white evil imperialists.


Anonymous said...

If the white American can be trusted then the cobra can be coddled and kissed.

Eagles Eyes.

Anonymous said...

There is no security for every country on earth unless America is taken down and divided into four or five separate independent states. The world need to help, organize and fund the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans to start a guerilla warfare against the white invaders and establish their own independent states.

Supporter of total war against the evil white Americans.

Anti-western imperialists

Anonymous said...

@ 9:21 am:

"The US is not sincere in solving North Korea nuclear issue."

The PAP is also not sincere in solving the Singaporeans' aggrevated nuclearized livelihood issues.

The PAP is also a confirmed liar and untrustworthy - always flip flob.

The PAP is also a big bully and arrogant to the point of lawlessness, immorality and unethical.

The PAP, similar to the US, sucks money from everyone to enrich themselves.

The PAP, similar to BN, commits breaches of trusts and abuse of power.

The PAP also must be divided into 4 different independent parties so that life can be better for Singaporeans.

The PAP copied exactly how the US behaves to the rest of the world.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Sama sama!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

With strong Russian and Chinese backing, NK need not fear Uncle Sam. Sanctions have not enervated the Koreans. In fact it had helped to unite the Koreans against an external enemy, Uncle Sam. Trump's target is China. He is playing hardball with NK in the belief that his bullying will compel Kim to cave in to his demands to denuclearise. Kim will not make any concessions without reciprocal returns. Pompoe can huff and puff to his heart's content. At the end of the day, it will still be status quo.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one (who follows geopolitics) actually believed that Kim would denuclearise. No one would believe that Trump is straight up and down either. The Singapore Summit was all theatre...and some back room deals done which we don't know about.

For all you know, Trump and Kim got together on June 12 and quietly colluded to "make wayang".

Anonymous said...

So Sinkpore paid $20m plus inconveniences for a wayang for Looong boasting. Anyhow bet public money.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me to wake up weeks ago, when I said N Korea has yet to return remains of American soldiers killed during the Korea War, because he said some of the remains already are or have landed in America. Well, I guess that someone really has to wake up himself.

Trump may have lied about that and now the American military is contradicting him in saying that no such remains have been returned yet.

As for the early bird catches the worm in N Korea, it remains to be seen. Those who think this is the time to make all the money by being there first, let them be. There is a saying that fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

N Korea and the US differences will take ages to solve, and is not just a matter of Trump and Kim sitting together for a few miserable hours and everything is settled. Trump even declared that the world is free of nuclear threat because of that meeting. What a braggart! Did he also said mission accomplished as well? At least after George W Bush said that, the oil concessions were given to none other than his American cronies. What about North Korea? Sinkies first?

Anonymous said...

How did Trumo became a billionaire?

For that matter, how did any billionaire became a billionaire?

Where did he got his money from?

How did he managed to get, and horde so much money?

Money simply grow from the earth and entered his bank accounts?

Money can think and move by itself?

Answer those simple questions and you will know what type of person Trump is.

Anonymous said...

He is an extremely greedy person, always want to benefit himself at others' expense.

Unscrupulous, mean, vicious, tenacious and cannot take no for an answer.

Always belittle and look down upon others.

Anonymous said...

His real estate firm defaulted...bondholders got fleeced...he got the dough though.

Anonymous said...

His casino companies made 4 trips to the bankruptcy courts...serial defaulter but personally collected huge salaries, bonuses, benefits, etc.

Adam Of Eve said...
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