A role model hardworking MP, minister, lawyer

The TRE posted this on Edwin Tong with the heading “Minister Tong: Singaporean will become lazy if we give more.”

“In a state media interview with CNA, Senior Minister of State Edwin Tong said that the government is not giving more to Singaporeans because the people will become lazy:

“I’ve seen the experiences of the Western countries where the more you give, the more one asks and I think that’s really the start of the erosion of the work ethic that Singaporeans have. Once we start giving, we can’t scale back. You look at our country. We have nothing but our people. If we erode the competency of the workforce and we introduce a policy that undermines the work ethic, I think that’s going to be a big problem for us as a country.”

The corrupted millionaire PAP Minister who drew an undisclosed amount from a S$20 million lawsuit defending City Harvest Church fraud pastor Kong Hee, concurrently sat as the Deputy Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Home Affairs and Law. The GPC recommends only a heavier sentencing for senior management of charities after the sentencing of Kong Hee ended. Thanks to his minister-lawyer, Pastor Kong Hee ended up with only a 3.5 years jail term despite misappropriating S$50 million for his wife’s doomed singing career…”

I disagree with TRE on two points. Firstly, Edwin Tong is not a ‘corrupted millionaire’. He is very rich because he is very hardworking unlike the lazy Singaporeans waiting for govt handouts. Just imagine how hard this Edwin Tong is working, being a very busy MP/minister having to attend Meet the People’s Session, Walkabouts and attending Parliament Sessions, he is also a highly demand lawyer with many court cases to attend. And I am very sure he also has tens of hats to wear as heads of this or that company or organisations or association.

Edwin Tong and his kind are role models for lazy Singaporeans to emulate if they want to become millionaires without being corrupted.

Edwin Tong’s ‘millions’ earned from the City Harvest Church lawsuit is entirely due to his expertise and he deserved every cent he earns from being Kong Hee’s lawyer. And he has done well to keep Kong Hee’s prison sentence to only “a 3.5 years jail term despite misappropriating S$50 million for his wife’s doomed singing career…” This is money well earned. There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning this kind of fee. You pay for quality like having Susan Lim as your medical consultant.

If only all lazy Singaporeans could work as hard as Edwin Tong, and be as clever as him, the govt would not need to give them any handouts, and no one would be accusing them of being lazy. They will all be as rich and successful as Edwin Tong. And for his piece of good advice, Edwin Tong has just been rewarded with a promotion to Senior Minister of State.

Those who have will be given more, so says the bible. Stop being lazy and start to work hard and become like Edwin Tong. Then you can also advise the lazy Singaporeans to work hard.


b said...

Ministers should be paid the same wage as an average sinkie so they can understand the ground better and serve the people better. They are paid way too much and clearly cannot understand what is the daily living of an average sinkies. This is the main reason why ministers all over the world cannot understand the people. They are paid way too much than an average worker in their countries.

Virgo49 said...

Since LKY's time, this had been his Mantra that you Daft Sinkies mustwork like as Dogs, Cows or whatever animals to support the Dragons, Phoenixes and the Smart Ass Elites who will LORD over you.

We at the TOP of the Pyramid deserved the highest chunk of gravey goodies whilst you take the bones.

Who is more parasitic in having so many connecting incomes whikst doing the bareminimum just show your silly ass faces.

You are in because of your connections not ABILITY.


Anonymous said...

Goondu pays me very well year-in year-out regardless of market & business cycles pegged to toppie 40 earners, defend my pay and still pay me undisclosed bonuses, and with plenty of lor bangs for myself & my very well educated spouse & highly qualified children systematically & based on merits ok. Merits I believed n convicted. Merits!
How to resist, not believed and not said Yes all the time, you tell me lah?
Instead of making $1.2mln a year & politicked like mad in office, now I have a kingdom, all I need to do is said yes to him n wayang to sillytizen suckers. Actually my range now is $2mln to $6mln, like zorro realized wow! so much arh.
Shiiii...don't tell anyone OK.

Anonymous said...

ET to classify Sinkies as lazy is a bit too unfair to the majority Sinkies who r very hard working. Sinkies workers worked the longest hrs on this planet & it will become extinct or even be replaced by its foreigners talents for being unable to produce more of its own obedient and most hardworking fellows in Sinkieland. Besides being told to produce more Sinkies bb, many still got to serve ns and ict & r being squeezed with no overtime pay or r being missclassify as Manygers or Excusetive so that these bosses no need to pay them OT, can ET except free service of lawyer to Fatt Choy ( may be not cos ET knew that FC us damn rich & wan to have its share).

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add Anon 9.31

Whatever the Singaporeans worked their ass to the grind, they are been sucked dry by them just for them to have their million dollars funeral monies.

Your own monies also need their approvals to withdraw at a trickle.


Anonymous said...

First they pay themselves astronomical sinful salaries from the public coffers and then legalise their takings. Well, it is legalised, so no corruption.

Sure they work very hard. Why not, see the ministers in addition to their jobs have other additional portfolios as either chairman, or CEO or directors of GLCs while their MPs hold multiple directorships in many private or public companies. Aren't they being paid or are they working for free? That would be very generous of them. No wonder at parliamentary meetings many or most of them never attend to fulfill their obligatory duties to the people because they are busy attending their private business.

It is time ministers and MPs stop holding posts in private or public companies to avoid conflict of interest and to discharge their duties to the people and the country in which they are being elected for.

Fair play

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong said you Singapore's voters voted them in mah!

Even voting also you 70% are too lazy to think for yourself.

Like that of course the good millionaire-espiring MP surely righr to say you are lazy mah.

Some more, you give you all more money, where ministers get the money to become instant Multi-Millionaires? Right or wrong? This is natural logic for self-enriching people mah.

Like that also cannot think?

No wonder the dogs you feed with your hands, sweat and blood, also dare to bite you.

Stupidity has no cure!

Anonymous said...

The current Singapore system is very much in favor of the PAP elite, their cronies and India nationals. It shucks for Sinkies !

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Virgo 49.
Look at all those schemes ( like CareUShit, CeePuiFxx, Madishield Lie etc) or taxes ( geeasstee , ceeOee increases ) , mrt/ transport fares increases, utilities increases, all r to suck dry every Sinkies from cradle to grave, these things the Sinkies still can bear? To others like Matland they wud hv voted out that kind of Leegime long ago, uniquely SingKelong.

Anonymous said...

When something happen wrong fall on their responsibility, it is isolated case (孤立的案例), when people can not survive in this high living cost country, it is people not hard working and lazy. Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

the very very important question to ask oneself is ,y sg had come to such a state and y need to give more?ask ur self y need to giv more and more 1st!eg.is
there something wrong wif the system.

Anonymous said...

go back to 1970s and early 80s.sg r not like dat.something went wrong.

Anonymous said...

y need to say such things.giv more and more can become lazy?sounds a silly question.coming from a person voted in to make citizen live better.rrally puzzzeling.

Anonymous said...

The sob is insulting all the citizens of Singapore.


Pui pui pui. Pui And Pui.

Anonymous said...

You are TALKING DOWN to the citizen at large who are suffering and struggling with high cost of living. Do not assume people have no dignity, want to beg $ from you. It is the result of the policies triggering down to the current status and consequent, selfish mindset will not last long, people is waking up.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Edwin Tong, TRE & RB --- Sinkies are not lazy, in fact the top 1 or 2 hardest working people in the world. Sinkies are just stupid. Stupid not equal lazy. Sinkies are also self-centered, selfish, kiasu & kiasee .... but that's another topic.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, talk cock I think he need to be sodomized 😰

Anonymous said...

RB is right! These Ministars and MPs are so hardworking! They slog day and night thinking of how best to help Singaporeans. They deserve every cent of the millions they earn. They work so hard they have no time to attend Parliament even though you can count on your fingers the number of times Parliament sits in a year. And when they do attend they are dead tired and fall asleep. Singaporeans are so ungrateful! Some even threaten and abuse or snub these hardworking MPs who burn their evenings and weekends helping them!

Anonymous said...

such a statement can b directed back wan.how come minister pay more then other places? and sg citizen struggling
wif cost of living...who is giving who more and more????

Anonymous said...

With sinkies being so stupid, if I'm Edwin I will say even worse things. Why worry? At ge2020 PAP will get 80% and I'll continue to get multi million dollars salary. While the rest of you sinkies just continue to suck cock.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They have not had a pay rise for so many years. With all the taxes and schemes to take away CPF money from the people, they should have plenty of money to justify a pay rise.

No? Money still not enough?

Anonymous said...

No need pay rise la, can even give pay discount for show lah....undisclosed bonuses better leh, directorships easy money lahgi good (talk cock n collect fees n play golf), do a malborotan of buying cheap land before major infrastructure decisions, discounts from developpers, so many different ways, buy cheapie (local n overseas)assets for laylong from glcs subs, lobang for wifies, so many ways to makan, etc....net net behind the scene better.

Orange Bean said...

There are many ways the elites have found out how to enrich themselves within the Law. As there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also many ways to get pay rise without a pay-rise.

The last time, the Dracula cut his basic pay from $3.8 million a year to $2.6 million a year, a loss of sweet easy fat income of $1.2 million per year. However, the Blood-Sucker's overall bonus increased many folds. Instead of just one bonus, Vampires gave themselves 3 different bonuses:

1. NWC recommended bonus.
2. National GDP performance bonus.
3. Individual's performance bonus.

In the end, the Chief Vampire gets a total of between 12 months to 22 months overall bonus.

Work for 12 months, get paid for 24 months to 34 months. How much totally in cash terms? Between $5.2 million to $7.2 million a year.

If the Chief Vampire, Dracula gave himself between 12 to 22 months bonus, the other Vampires also get pro-rata down the line, depending on senility and seniority.

That's why everyone kept very quiet. Dare not to ask for pay-rise. They already got pay rice rises and rises many folds!

So, please stop saying that so and so gets $2.6 million a year. And so and so gets $1.1 million a year. Wrong! That is only Badic Pay! Wake up!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All of you are getting smarter on how to get rich without pay rises.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I haveto say I agree with the struggling minister.

People respond to incentives. If you incentivise/ subsidize unemployment or welfare dependence, you will get MORE unemployment and welfare dependence.

The current culture amongst Singapore workers borders on the "bo chap" and "fucking lazy cunts". This is not me, this is info gleaned from speaking to alot of bosses and owner-operators of their own businesses.

One guy, runs a food-oriented business. He loves to employ young and single Malaysian Chinese living in JB so they can take the bus in and out. Food business is long hours and he pays them 80 bucks a day, which of course they just fucking love to receive.

He complains about his Singaporean staff. They come late. The don't turn up and often don't bother telling him...he or his staff have to call them up (What the fuck??). Every so often, the local lazy-bums take "medical leave"

Singaporeans are beyond spoilt already. How many of them are actually GRATEFUL they live one of the best cuntries EVER, definitely the best place to be in Asia...oh no...they complain and complain.

I'm writing to the minister to support him, and add more behaviourial economics argument to help him defend his position.

So fuck you Singapore. No welfare for you...work harder, motherfuckers!

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, just because you seen your fellow Aussies depended on welfare, youthink Singaporeans are the same.

These are the thoughts of Evil Slave Drivers So called kachang puteh employers who think too highly of themselves just a cow's tail two dollars employers.

See even all the bikes million dollars also closed shops

These young punts are not business people just throwing out their out of the box stupid thinking.

Virgo49 said...

NowAdays young punts are throwing lots of Good Monies on Bad with whims and fancies of doing what's Innovative Businesses???

Think AhGong Gold mountains cannot go Botak??

They have no solid business plans for ReAL solid down to Earth business and just hamtam butak any suggestions

Then they cheated the poor consumers of their hard earned cash.

Just to make a name for themselves.

Learn from the Old Birds which heads are been black due to their experiences.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo: You are exactly right. The west is going to go broke because of unfunded welfare.

That is why it is better for the losers in Singapore to wake the fuck up or die out rather than we all work hard to give them money which they are hopeless with anyway.

Families can help their own. Don't fucking ROB ME to pay for your irresponsible family member.

Fair enough?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. You cannot earn more than you are worth...i.e. what the market VALUES you at.

Except and unless you work for The State...then, if you're lucky to become a super-scale asshole, you cn get more than you're worth.

For the rest of us, there is only one price: The MARKET price (for labour)

Anonymous said...

Matilah when the state grossly distort capital, labor n pricing the rest of us can be getting distorted low price for our labor n capital while paying extreme prices for essentials. It is not as straightforward as you analysed. Especially when the state is monopolistic n all over everywhere here.

Anonymous said...

Sing is a monopolistic state practicing fake market pricing against its consumers aka citizens, deploying lots of controlled oligopolistic firms, stat boards n glcs to extract maximum blood. While layering themselves with super lucrative appointments in "private firms" like Tummysick n Gucannotsee n Sinpower n Sintell, Caper, etc thus minimizing n evading public responsibilities n scrutiny with a huge critical mass of mutual yes to each other clunies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1148

>> It is not as straightforward as you analysed. Especially when the state is monopolistic n all over everywhere here. <<

I agree that the state interference distorts the market. I take it you lean libertarian (like me ) or conservative (not me)?

And here is one the problems I have with fellow libertarians (whose arguments I criticise extra harshly) and conservatives (who are mostly unscientific and stuck in the past) --- these folks always complain about "over regulation" or "govt monopolies/ cartels", and other sorts of heavy-handed tactics by over-paid scions of The State:

Once you KNOW something, it is not "information" (aka "entropy") anymore. i.e. you are still responsible for whatever you do NEXT even though it is not your fault that the deck appears to be stacked against you.

In other words, I set a very high bar for people to claim they are "victims". A PMET who has lost his job is not a victim. A child who is kidnapped, abused and raped...then possibly murdered is (under my metric) a bona fide victim.

Most people don't get to operate in a world where all conditions are "perfect" or "fair". Life is imperfect, unfair and often unjust....but you still are RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens to you. i.e. regardless of the situation or environment, you still have to CHOOSE to act in you own best interests

Anonymous said...

Yes, no doubt we are still responsible despite circumstances, despite limitations. Time and chance happen to all.