When mega projects were the in things

Isn’t it surprising for Mahathir to be scrapping mega projects in the name of saving cost? During his rein he too was a party to many mega projects and the infamous crooked bridge that was built half way and abandoned by Badawi and Najib. Today mega projects are taboo, insane and money wasting.

Mega projects were once the darling of third world tin pot dictators as the kickbacks were enormous. The bigger the mega projects, the costlier they were, the bigger the kickbacks. That was the key reason why many tin pot dictators were crazy about building monuments that served little purpose.

Listen to this, ‘The most important thing for us now is to reduce the amount of borrowings by the govt. We have borrowed too much money. And we cannot pay so much money if we continue with the project.’ It sounds quite logical. But look, as the govt of the day, there is nothing to stop Mahathir from raising taxes to fund these projects. Just tell the people they are good projects and go ahead with whatever taxes to raise whatever sum you need. Does Mahathir know this trick? Oh, an easier way is to rob the people’s savings in the EPF. Just introduce a few compulsory insurance schemes and he could rip off the people in the billions. What is 10b or 20b, ringgits some more when the whole EPF is there to take and for as long as the people keep contributing to it? It is an ATM.

This old man must be getting senile. He went on to say that govt spending must be reduced, and he started by shrinking his cabinet with lesser ministers. With such a big country and with so few ministers, and with so miserable pay, how can he expect his ministers to perform and not be corrupt? He is going nuts.

In third world countries, undeniably mega projects are all about kickbacks. In first world countries, mega projects are about necessary projects that are good for the countries. And while in third world countries, higher cost in mega projects are about bigger kickbacks, in first world countries, higher project cost is about quality. The more expensive is the project the better is the quality of the project.

It is important to see this difference when viewing mega projects. Look at the country and ask this simple question, is it a third world country or a first world country? The answer will be different.


Anonymous said...

All Dictators r like that since time immemorial, from China Qin Shi Huang Emperor to modern days Ah Jib & Ah Long of Matland & Sinkieland, now Dic Jib is under investigation left Long to fight alone & bout to handover or probably hang till his last breath nobody knows.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are walking ATMs.

Whenever PAP needs money to build bold projects or finance deficits, just withdraw from Sinkie ATMs.

Anonymous said...

Proven consistently when politicians made big mega projects spending most of them lost public taxpayer money bigtime. Japan in the 1980s n 90s, Jinx buy high, sell low, diversified n sold at lows n invested at highs is testimony. Why? Never in their lives these guys earned a single dollar n built a business but inherited as scholar aristocracy through monopolistic legal power. How not to buy high sell low? When its all taxpayer money without personal downside risk? 1G no inheritance but forced by circumstances to be street smart n thrifty n built up wealth, 2G inherited n enjoyed, 3G n 4G will be squadering lah even with the best of intention. Years after years, time after time again. No proper relevant skills n betting bigtime will result in the same outcome of losses. You tell me?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is worse than Robbing People's Monies In Broad Daylight Lah. This Leegime did juz that & its people juz daftly follows.

Anonymous said...

Ask Dr M to follow the Sg model of paying the ministers!

The Sg model is the bestEST in the world!

No regret! Just do it!

Now! Now! Now! 😎😎😎!

Anonymous said...

Virgo commented that Mahathir's return is to help his son succeed in becoming the next PM. I tend to agree. And for that he needed help from Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and other opposition parties then fighting UMNO. Help also came from the IMDB angle and he fooled everyone by leaving UMNO to helm the opposition. His agenda for doing that is National Interest, but just watch developments.

For his son to remain in UMNO, his rise to the very top is not possible. Najib and his cousin together with their cronies hold all the cards in UMNO. On top of that, Mahathir's spat with Najib and UMNO is of no help to his son. How then can his son rise up the ranks?

To honour his pre-election promises in order to get the votes, he now has to do what he must do, but some promises are easy in theory but difficult to justify when doing it in practise. Can the maverick pull it off? It is early days yet.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir in ditching the high-speed rail link with Singapore would likely damage the interests of China or other economic partners, as companies from China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and Singapore were eyeing contracts to build and operate the project, but now all of their efforts will be in vain due to the inconsistency and capriciousness of Kuala Lumpur.

Is this the way Malaysia keeps its promises and adheres to the spirit of the contract? Is Mahathir following Trump?

Chinese people and companies doing business in Malaysia reflect market-driven commercial behavior in line with international practices. Chinese-funded projects are not a gift that Kuala Lumpur can refuse without compensation. If Malaysia's new government fails to adhere to the spirit of the contract, it has to pay the price for its fickleness.

Anonymous said...

There are two possible sides to Mahathir. If his words are to be trusted, this means he has realized his past mistakes and is trying desperately to correct them. These mistakes would include corruption through mega projects during his reign. In that the case, there is hope for Malaysia as he is likely to bring greatness to the country.

The other possibility is that this is just a standard politician talk. Make you feel good but at the end they still go down the same path.

My take is that Mahathir could be genuine this time. Good luck to Malaysia!

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland nonstop digging of public roads everywhere building of flyovers, MRT, Air Terminals and etc are a great WASTE of MONIES and Resources.

Even spent billions on drainage and still flooded. They built without going deeper into the costs and viable factors. Proposed budget and cost just like Najib without disclosing the actual interests imputation.Must get Mr Lim Guan Eng to study all the costings and proposed budgets Any One IMDB in Sinkieland? ?

Big Questions Marks or 48 billions questions.

When needed funds just dig into the People's Fund and ATMs. Now they suggesting digging underground for your own graves.

The next learner drivers have to pass driving thru roller coaster roads with potholes that not been cover due to its too many unnecessarily operations.

Even one time the Bidarri Station is completed they skip due to insufficient traffic.

These scholars with their papers degrees only good for toilet papers and chiak Sai.

Lowlan Wong now use a tactic first telling you not all HDB old flats SERs.Now they chose Mai Pha Sang.Why??? Because They are going to bring down WP in the next GE.

McPherson one-time WP and now in Marine Parade. SO Pay And Pay first priority.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 9.44

Human Nature when you have lots of spare or excess cash, you tend to spend foolishly.

At one time oil prices were good and Matland is flushed with oil revenues.That's why they built unnecessarily the New Putra Jays and the far far away KLIA.

Now oil prices is doldrum but is pushing up by the cartel and the Dotard. So they have to economize.

Sinkieland leaders mm chiak see. Think they are flushed with dollars.

Economy in doldrum all are dead with debts.Every Sinkie child is in debt by one million when they are born.

Luckily my two children singles or else ahem


Anonymous said...

I suspect Sinkie's GDP growth is now mainly built on brick and mortar, with all the massive building of condos, tunnels, covered walkways, Changi's T5 etc.

At one time it was pavilions all over, used mainly by cats, and they realised that no humans used them, with the mosquitoes waiting. Those are now white elephants, like the National Stadium.

Think of the cost of maintaining all these white elephants when they age, not to mention the running cost like lightings. How much electricity is consumed to light up 200 kilometres of covered walkways at night? Sinkie's are going to pay for them with more taxes down the road.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this month S&CC fees goes up again in Sinkieland. The Pay n Pay white men party never forgets its tine to suck your blood monies dry, their mega project of lift repair/upgrading an excuse to justify the increases. Want more pay more is in these whites men blood.

Anonymous said...

Sg also many mega projects but lucky we first world?

Anonymous said...

The United States of Angmoricunts has a Warren Edward Buffett making Billions of Dollars US every year for his investors.

Singapore has a Warranted Eaten Buffet making losses of Billions of Dollars SG every year against the interests of the people.

Yet, Singapore still can boast about having outstanding talents, who needed to be paid out of this world salary in order to pre-empt them from becoming corrupt.

Really standing out like sore thumb! Outstanding!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Anonymous said...

In Sg the masses can kpkb and kpkb......

But when come to voting....many many many "kwai-kwai" vote PAP!

So no point. Dont waste time. Just 3Ms! Yes just 3Ms!

In Sg it is like this liao!

Anonymous said...

On another note, Ong Ye Kung talks about 'self-discipline' on making teachers pay for parking in schools.

What about asking the PAP to practice the 'self-discipline' behaviour when paying themselves out of this world minister's salaries?

Or is he saying that this calling does not apply to the PAP?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1101am pls note that

our miniters are top top super talents

therefore they must be paid top top super salaries

you know.....very very very difficult to find these top top super talents

so the top top super salaries are justifiable


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.01

Trival, patrly parking charges from teachers and they also want to extort. Not hourly but just monthly.

Times must be REAL BAD.

Anyway, GOOD as these made them wake up and hopefully voted against them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't worry. The mega projects will be back.

At the moment, if you are a tin-pot dictator in a Turd Whirled or Developing Cuntry, you have to play it cool with the "money spending".

For starters, your own economy is shakey as foreign investors are uncertain and nervous about the recent change of Dick-Tator, from an Open Kleptocrat, to a Cunning Old Fox, an Indian "disguised" as a Malay.

Emerging economies depend on foreign loans and "investment" to get their development going. It is the journey from SHIT CUNTRY to not-as-shitty-cuntry; get the women and kids out of drugs and prostitution and into schools...that sort of thing, aka "social progress" :-)

However, most of the loans are in US Dollars. And the interest rate tracks the US Treasury rates. The US Fed have been selling treasuries and mopping up US dollars...all the extra stuff they printed under Q.E. 1, 2 & 3 to "save the world" from financial and economic collapse over the last 20 or so years.

So US dollars are getting more "expensive" an interest rates are on the up and up.

Therefore the intelligent thing to do for Tin Pot Political Demagogues is to stop the ego-stroking masturbation of building USELESS expensive trophies to ya-ya to the rest of the world who doesn't give a flying fuck about your Shit Hole Backward Tribal Nation.

Good move Dr M! You are showing "maturity" :-))

Anonymous said...

Matilar, go fuck spiders Lar knn

b said...

All politicians whatever their skin colors are the same selfish, corrupt, malicious assholes. They will have mega projects so they can outsource to their own cronies. They will stop those projects that do not belong to their cronies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Mahathir unravelling "super Islam" from Najib's Middle Eastern goat-fucking towel-head "friends"... Apparently they're friends so good they put millions of dollars into Najib Razak's personal bank account. 🀣

Anyway, Dr M and his minister flexing their muscles. UAE and The House of Saud... bang balls. πŸ€—


Virgo 49 said...

See today's what's road sinks??

All the digging.

One day all sink.

Anonymous said...

What's in the name?