North Korean missile test – Freedom of Navigation

While every country has the right to develop their own defense weapons to protect themselves, the American outlaw and its crony allies are saying the North Koreans cannot do so despite the daily threats of an American invasion. Now the North Koreans are testing their ICBMs in over flights over Japan and both Japan and the Americans are crying foul. Did the Americans and Japanese remember anything about freedom of navigation? Can the North Koreans exercise this right to fly over Japan peacefully? A missile test with unarmed warhead cannot be more threatening than B52s, B1s armed with nuclear weapons or American destroyers similarly armed, flying and sailing in other countries’ territorial waters and airspace.

What are American and Japanese satellites overflying North Korean territories daily and snooping on NK compared to the missiles flying over Japan?

The Americans are threatening war again. And so is Japan. Now, would it be nice for the Americans and Japanese to give the North Koreans a reason to drop a couple of nuclear bombs over Tokyo or Osaka or any big Japanese city? Can the Japanese absorb such a consequence and live with it like Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If not, then both the Americans and Japanese should tone down their war drums and be more civilized and go talk to the North Koreans. Threatening a preemptive nuclear strike is easy but the consequences of millions of casualties in Japan are no joke. Can Japan afford a nuclear bomb on one of its big cities?

The warmongers should stop their madness and use their heads for a moment and return to sanity. War is no longer an option in the Korean Peninsula except for mad men and women.

The more the mad men and women threaten war with North Korea, the more they would lose their credibility unless they dare to start a war. Come to think of it this is not an issue, not important. The most important part about all the ratcheting and drum beating for war is that Japan, South Korea and that Americans would have more reasons to buy more weapons. And so would little USAs that fear North Korea in their drugged non thinking leaders’ head and also want to buy more weapons. It is good for the weapon makers and arms merchants, the military war complex. There is a lot of money to be made. The American war machine makers must send a big bonus or commission to Kim Jong Un for fattening their pockets.

Just a point to note. If the Americans keep on threatening the NK with preemptive strikes by flying their nuclear bombers near the border, one day Kim JongUn is going to miscalculate and think the Americans are going to strike and he panicked and strike first. Then the world of the Americans, Japanese and South Koreans would be burning in a hell fire. Just keep provoking at the North Koreans, just keep at it.


Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin warned: “if you compress the spring all the way to its limit, it will snap back hard. You must always remember this.”

Virgo49 said...

The Americans and the Japanese are now fearful of Kim Jong Un.

They are just still waging a psychological warfare to frighten him. Kim is prepared to go down all together and the Aggressors are more fearful than the Victim.

That's we have Matis harping that War is not the only Option.

We have to negotiate with Kim.

But on unfavourable terms that North Korea denuclearize and the Americans still keep theirs.

Kim would not be so stupid to fall into their plots.

Their Nuclear Arsenal is their bargaining Power and took them so long to be able to stand to their provocations.

In a fight, both parties no matter how strong and powerful will also receive a few blows from each other.

The North Koreans have No Fears of been annihilated but the Americans and Japanese plus the South Koreans are worry of been annihilated.

America can give the North three Bombs but one from the North Korean be sufficient to the Sufferings of the Ameeicunts and the Japs and the Southerners.

So, Kim hold the Triumph not Trump Card.

Anonymous said...

If Kim assassinates Trump when the latter visits Seoul, he would be doing both the Democrats and Republicans a favor.

Anonymous said...

Americans, Japanese, S Koreans, keep provoking the N Koreans. Go man go, and make sure he panic and pull the trigger. I love that.

I hope Kim is really mad and let go his nuclear weapons on Japan and the Americans. Wow, won't that be nice?

Preemptive strike, good, go tell Kim that you are serious and let him put his fingers at the button.

Who are the mad guys and who are the dangerous ones?

virgo49 said...

Just read in ST that Abe San shaking hands with Dureute and offering to rebuild Marawi.

Isn't these what's the scumbags Capitalists and their ctonues want??

To stir shits let's you destroy among yourselves and we come in to volunteer our services.

This is how the Elites control and you under their balls and debts.

Anon 9.34. Please clarify whether Kim or Trump/Abe is dangerous or mad Men.

Or is it one or both of them are mad and dangerous men.

It is full of Ambuity.


Anonymous said...

Trump is mad, Kim is dangerous, Abe is sneaky, Loong is . . .

Anonymous said...

Let there be peace!

Kpkb ok! War no!


Anonymous said...

Make love not warπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

South Korean propaganda:

Citing North Korean sources, South Korea's JoongAng Ilbo newspaper said that seven agents had been involved in the plot to kill Kim Han-sol, who is the nephew of current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and has in the past been critical of the regime in Pyongyang.

"Special operatives belonging to the North's reconnaissance team penetrated [China] to remove Kim Han-sol, but some of them were arrested last week by the Chinese Ministry of National Security and are currently under investigation at facilities outside Beijing", the source told the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

We read with concern the speech made by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home and Affairs and Law, at the Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs on 26 October 2017.
In his speech, the Minister makes misleading claims about abolitionists in Singapore that we would like to clarify.
Firstly, advocates of abolition in Singapore have not and do not call for the legalisation of drugs. There is a range of opinions and perspectives on the issue of drug policy among members of the abolitionist campaign. However, we agree that the problem of drug abuse—which, according to government data, has risen overall between 2003–2016—is of concern and should be addressed in holistic ways. We encourage Singaporeans to participate in open and evidence-based debates on this issue, including the discussion of whether the death penalty is an effective method of addressing the problem.
To this end, we invite the Minister to make publicly accessible all data related to the use of the death penalty (beyond the annual number of judicial executions), as well as the studies and evidence behind his claims, so Singaporeans can peruse and consider these sources. We are particularly interested in the evidence behind claims that the death penalty “substantially reduces the number of people who seek to traffic drugs into Singapore”, as well as the Minister’s sources of information when he says that things have “worsened” or “gone wrong” in contexts where different models of dealing with drugs have been adopted.
In his speech, Mr Shanmugam made references to “romanticising individuals who have been involved in the drug trade” and telling “romantic stories” about those who have been convicted of drug trafficking.
We take issue with this mischaracterisation; the stories of death row inmates and their families are important because these experiences are also part of the death penalty and its application in Singapore, and should not be erased from ongoing conversations about capital punishment in our country.
In talking about the use of the death penalty, Mr Shanmugam said: "We in Singapore, I have said repeatedly, do not take any joy or comfort in having the death penalty, and nobody hopes or wants to have it imposed. We do it reluctantly, on the basis that it is for the greater good of society. Indeed, that it saves more lives. That is the rationale on which we have it."
Even if one believes that the death penalty is a regrettable but necessary measure to be imposed “reluctantly, on the basis that it is for the greater good of society”, one should acknowledge the humanity of those affected by the death penalty, and the ripple effects that capital punishment has on both those closest to it and society at large.
Telling the stories of death row inmates, their families, and the human experience of the death penalty is not an act of "romanticising". These stories are critical contributions to the open conversations that we need to get going. As Justice Choo Han Teck has observed, there are drug offenders who may appear to be villains, but “close up, they also resemble the victims for they are themselves victims” as they collect drugs to sell and feed their own addictions. Without such perspectives, Singapore’s debates on the death penalty will lack complexity and nuance, and be weakened by its disconnect from the variety of real-world effects of such a policy.
As the Minister mentioned in his speech, the Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs was created in 2015, with the intention to “bring together governments, NGOs, and get open conversations going”. We understand that the forum is invite-only; we regret that none of the abolitionist groups in Singapore have ever been invited to participate in a discussion on tackling drug abuse.

Anonymous said...

Mr Shame's display of shamelessness of late is becoming more careless. Do you think so?

Anonymous said...

US military has a group headed by an ex airforce man called NASIC. This group is to monitor missiles flying over the air: literary monitoring freedom of navigation missile flights. This angmor said at fox news, at standard trajectory, North Korea s missiles can reach any part of US mainland.

The only unknown about North Korea is the re entry of ICBM from space. With the technology, the nuclear war head re entering from space will not be burn off.

Assuming this fact is real, which SK had said. NK is at its last step to be a nuclear power: the re entry technology is unclear.

Kim said NK will continue to develop space technology. NK is said to be compelled to stop underground nuclear test. The mountain top will be blown off if NK continue to explode H bomb.

So this is the likely conclusion: If Trump strikes at Kim s home, there can be sure H bomb will fly to US and Japan. If Trump chicken out, there could be could be H bomb test on pacific ocean.
This is the only play ground for H bomb test now for NK.

Pinoy president was wiser of them all. Trump Abe and SK are stupid to ask for H bomb on their heads. SK wants back the control of its own army. Mattis refused at visit to SK. They called OPCON.

So at conventional war, will SK troop fight for US army general (4star) under US commanders?

North Korea should take the test to finish with SK once for all if Trump does the preemptive strikes on NK. Is there alternative for Kim? The CIA said this Kim is a very rational man. There is no miscalculation. If Trump fire missiles, Kim better "chang chwee", throw out all his nuclear heads and release his hungry millions over army to the south.

N S korea war will be far more exciting to watch. Freedom of navigation at Sea and air might not work that time. Hungry for little dot s ports. But little dot has millions of high spending chinese tourists. No problem of survival during korean war.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Police Foil Plot To Assassinate Kim Jong Un's Nephew


Typical Asian family values.
Kill off your relatives to consolidate power.

We are so lucky to live in enlightened Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Saw a video of a "nus researcher" s arrest for molesting a beer lady, was so disgusted by this foreign talent s behavior. (at states times review)

The policeman was so patient to wait for the accused to get ready for the handcuff ceremony. When accused was ready after wearing sanders, the accused seemed struggled intended to run off. But an old man grabbed him tight for the policeman to complete the job.

From this man s dressing, the accused does not look like educated on sinkieland. Since when sinkieland has gone down so much in standard by hiring ah beng like researcher in higher institutions.
Voters should look at the video.

Its time to spend money on sinkies rather than molester researching woman s peeku. To avoid these peeku researchers swamping poly and uni, vote for opposition and not pee ah pee. A correction is badly needed.

Virgo49 said...

The PAP's flood gates of these Foreign Trashes in as Super Talents are to molest, rape and assault Singaporeans.

Even the SPF personnel been assaulted by them.

Shame Mugan wants heavier punishments to protect his own people. What's about innocent Singaporeans??

Hope they molest, rape their cronies. Think they are safe from them.


b said...

The world is in a mess because of politicians. People must unite and condemn politicians not migrants, animals or insects.

Anonymous said...

The worst type are migrants who become politicians ! The worse of the worst type are migrants who never served NS yet can hold political office !

Anonymous said...

North Korea should launch more satellites and ballistic missiles as any sovereign country has the right to develop a space program to improve its economy and its people's livelihood, and for the country's defense.

It is not tolerable that the U.S. manipulates U.N. sanctions resolutions against North Korea and hinders the sovereign country's space development.

We hope that North Korea can perfect an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) topped with a nuclear warhead soon and become capable of striking targets on the U.S. mainland.

That will bring more balance against the military power and curtail the hegemonistic ambitions of the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Ur opinion the likely to happen. The North will target to on ICBM.
Kim will want to fight with US if the latter does not withdraw from South Korea.

SKoreans are not blindly supporting US.
Here is how a fight between NK and SK will end up: unification for NS, the most desired by all koreans.

Survey in SK on 1000 people recently.
82% want unification.
54% support SK take over command from US called OPCON.
59.3% want SK to have own nuclear weapons.
48.6% believe Kim Jong Un caused the highgtened tension.
90% want diplomatic solution.
China will not want NS unification most. (50.6% china, 20.7% Japan, 14.8% US, 7.9% NK, 2.5% Russia).

Interpretation: SKoreans do not want to fight with the Northerners. They do not wan US to command SK troops. SKoreans believe China want to divide N S into 2.
This kind of thinking is similar in the North? Kim Jong Un has ordered all workers in China are to return to NK by this year end. In directly the SK trust Russians more than the Chinese. When Korean war starts, US might be the major force fighting with NK. NK will rely more support from Russia.

After some hundreds of thousands US soldiers die and millions of koreans burried under the rubbers, there might be peace talk leading to unification, if US completely withdraw from SK. The NS korea combined can be a force in East Asia.
This is probably the most undesirable result for US and China. What can they do?
Talk to each other is the solution. Firing missiles: will see NK unification as end result.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon, you are absolutely right.

See Korean Dramas, Movies and Documentaries as written by the South Koreans latest in Netflix.

They wished to be reunited with the North. Only problems is the attitude of human beans now in power. They are just fearful of Who's who's to be the Chiefs.

The common people are after One People.

In one very poignant and touching movie of South and North Koreans in the DMZ face off on guard duties,all became fast friends.

The only Great Divide is the American influence U.N. PEACE keepers who are adamant that both remained as Foes.

One segment of the North Koreans soldiers telling the South : When DONT you all simply withdraw and let us slaughter the Whites who are dividing us.

The Americans and their cronies on the pretext of keeping PEACE for the South is unfact dividing them.

Nexflix the movie "Guard Post"


Anonymous said...

In an interview in the US recently, PM Lee stated the likely succession contenders for the PM post would likely be Chan Chun Seng, Ong Yee Kang, and Heng Swee Kiat. He repeatedly said he would like to step down by 70 years old, and that he would do so after next GE (which has to be held by 2021). He is now 65. That means in 5 years' time, he would probably hand over the PM post. But that does not mean he would not stay on in the Cabinet as Mentor to the PM and other Ministers.

DPM Tharman, a suitable PM material, has repeatedly said, categorically and succinctly, that he would not want the job. While Chan Chun Seng, on the other hand, repeatedly said he never say he doesn't want the job! He also insisted that he is ready to take over if asked to.

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing is ready to be PM, but Sinkies are not yet ready for him . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi 658pm & 737pm.........

Who will be the 4th PM had already decided by HIM above!

I know who! I had a dream recently!

Do you know who?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The comments by Anon 5:21pm are filled with half truths particularly on China. If I am not mistaken he is the same one that has been spreading this misinformation that NK and China are at logger heads.

Fact 1. China was the one that protected the NK and fought the Americans and drove them below the 38 parallel, not Russia. Without China there would be no NK today.

Fact 2. China was and still is the country that is supporting the NK economy with more than 80% of its import and export.

Fact 3. After the Korean War, China did not leave any single soldier in NK. The Americans refused to leave. They want to be there, in the Korean Peninsula and also Japan, as the Empire.

Fact 4. The SK is a semi colony of the Americans and all SK troops would come under the command of the Americans in war.

Fact 5. The Americans needed the division and tension to remain in the Korean Peninsula, not the Chinese.

Fact 6. China has good relations with both NK and SK. The Americans is the enemy of the NK and refused to talk to them and threatening them daily.

Fact 7. The Americans regard China as their Number One Enemy and NK Number Two Enemy. Are the Chinese and NKoreans so stupid to be manipulated to fight each other to benefit the Americans?

Fact 8. China has told the Americans if the Americans attacked NK, they would be on NK side. The Russians did not say such thing. China also said it would not allow a war in the Korean Peninsula.

Fact 9. China is building a highway and amassed troops at the China/NK border. The mischievous are saying China is planning to invade NK. What for? NK is China's prized ally. The Chinese troops are ready at the border to move in should the Americans launched an attack. If the Chinese troops are to attack NK, NK troops will be mobilised to face the Chinese troops. Anon 5:21 claimed that Kim is recalling all his workers from China! Bullshit!

Fact 10. Without China's support, would Kim dare to test his missiles in defiance of the Americans? The only misgiving that is holding the Americans from launching a preemptive strike all these years is China. China would not allow it and would go to war with the Americans. They have done it and would do it again.

Fact 11. China has never said the NK nuclear capability is a threat to China.

Fact 12. NK is having a shouting war with the Americans and has not a single worry that China would invade the country. He knew very well that he has China backing him 100%.

I hope I have exposed this Anon 5:21pm mischievous agenda of telling half truth and spreading lies about China.

Anonymous said...

Yes. China and North Korea are as close as gum and teeth.

Mao Tse Tung's son even sacrificed his life in the 1950s Korean war when China stepped in unexpectedly to thwart the Americans' attack on North Korea.

China had said recently that the hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers' lives lost in the 1950s war would go to waste if North Korea today falls to the US-South Korea-Japan alliance, and it could never let that happen.

b said...

The west have used ruthlessness not intelligence to conquer the world. Maybe Kim has learnt something from them.

Anonymous said...

There is discussion on collapse of Kim s regime in Beijing. Readers can read about them. The important change is that such discussion is permitted. Alert minded readers can find those from below:
"Time to prepare for the worst in North Korea
11 September 2017 Author: Jia Qingguo, Peking University"
Beijing academic: start talking with Washington and Seoul on plans after Kim s collapse...

"Jia Qingguo, dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, raised eyebrows earlier in September when he published an article entitled: "Time to prepare for the worst in North Korea".

The paper was published in English in East Asia Forum, a website of the Australian National University, but it is unlikely that he could have released it without the approval of Chinese authorities.

Jia urged Beijing to start discussing contingency plans with the United States and South Korea - talks that the two nations have sought in the past but China has resisted for fear of upsetting Pyongyang.

"When war becomes a real possibility, China must be prepared. And, with this in mind, China must be more willing to consider talks with concerned countries on contingency plans," Jia wrote.

Beijing, he said, could discuss who would control North Korea's nuclear arsenal - either the United States or China.

To prevent a massive flow of refugees across the border, China could send its army to North Korea to create a "safety zone", Jia said.

Another touchy issue would be who would "restore domestic order in North Korea in the event of a crisis". China, he said, would object to letting US soldiers cross the 38th parallel into North Korea."

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: 100-year-old woman dies after kena raped in India


Anonymous said...

Trump dare not go to DMZ during South Korea visit: White House

US President Donald Trump will not be going to the De-Militarised Zone dividing the Korean peninsula when he visits South Korea next week, a senior administration official said.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A swallow does not make a summer. There would be isolated opposing views even in China. If one is to read and believe the Epoch Times and western media, China would have collapsed long ago.

Would China make a deal to destroy NK with the Americans that have been treating China as Enemy Number One and trying all means and ways to contain and destroy China?

Anonymous said...

China in 2017 shut down many sites not projecting chinese leaders s views past or present. To allow a view of discussing North Korea collapse is not significant under such restricted framework. Obvious reason is: that is official, not through the main role players view yet.

Epoch times in chinese ta zi yuen is popular among pro independent taiwan population. Bear in mind, the current govt in taiwan was elected by majority ie pro independent populace. Like it? One has to face this world squarely.
The publisher is based in NY city. So if one does not read western published materials, this person is right at IMH. why? There is nothing to read except the censored china news or india news. There are very few english sites from non english speaking region.

Most readers use black ink will realize that, black ink words added red ink on top is still black ink words.

To most sinkies, communistic ideas or "red" ideas and opinions will still be black ink words after reading.

Sites in china are communists controlled sites including hong kong. Taiwan independent parties controlled sites are in taiwan and hk.

Money controlled sites in english are in the west including sinkieland. In sinkieland, one can read mixture of US and sinkieland news. On first sight, one might thought living a usa colony. That is sinkieland. Not reading western sites? Read what?

Except cut off from internet or live in china where some sites are banned there, western sites are worthy to read freely to know about this world. If one is reading black ink words and not red ink words after reading black ink. Whatever it will be, one has to live in this real world with internet. Luckily, western world sites are not censored on sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Why not? NK had resisted Chinese efforts to guide them into Deng Style reforms and while Jong Ill visited China almost yearly, Jong Un has not. NK nukes may or may not hit the US mainland. Beijing however is totally within range.

South Korea was a hair breath away from becoming a Chinese satalite until Kim blew up said chances.Thadd was almost dead in the water with a new SK president till another nuke went off and Moon found all his plans to be friendly to NK and China blown up with it.

If China gets a reasonable gurantee that Seoul will not allow bases north of the 38 they no longer need the Kims anymore.

Anonymous said...

The last sentence was validated.

Present jailed ex President Park was standing side by side with China president to review China troops at Tienannmen. She took the same and equal place with Putin, who stood also next to the China president.

This kind of Chinese gesture was unprecedented. A clear signal to shift towards the South.

Thaad was set aside now for South President to meet the China counter part. The expected conclusion will be more sanctions on the North. The long term goal is to demand on complete surrender of the nuclear weapons in the North (to China or US for destruction).

On the other hand, Putin did not demand a complete "denuclarization". Russia has a new found ally they can be more secured with Kim to control Japan and South Korea. Russia may support Kim when North Korea goes into war with US.
Now the question of loyalty in SK army. SK demand handing over the command from US side was unsuccessful with Mattis. In war with NK, this is the major weakness. Unless US is going on its own. If this is the option, SK army will pick up at the end as final winner because US will withdraw when hundred thousands of coffins containing young men deads are shipped back to Washington.

Anonymous said...

The Americans want to drive a wedge between China and Russia and between China and NK.

China and Russia's most effective weapon against the American Empire is a nuclear NK. Period.