Zika – Invite the mosquitoes for tea

Masagos is complaining that it is very difficult to find mosquito breeding grounds. Many are actually inside people’s homes or inaccessible little corners. Since January to July 748.000 inspections have been conducted by NEA with 44,000 done in construction sites. Look at the numbers again, in 7 months, it works out to more than 100,000 inspections a month or 3,333 inspections a day. How many manhours involved to conduct these inspections?

Has Masagos ever thought of an easier way to get to the mosquito breeding grounds? How about inviting them for tea? This idea is not new. It is so simple, so effective, so easy on manpower, so easy to reach the mosquitoes and round them out. Why so difficult and so troublesome running around to look for mosquito breeding grounds?

If NEA is to provide conducive environment and convenience, the mosquitoes will come marching, queueing to deposit their eggs in simple contraptions laid out for them. Why is this method not done? Have them in the construction sites, on the ground floor of housing estates near the gardens or shrubs and just collect the eggs/larvae regularly for disposal. If half of the mosquitoes are attracted to lay their eggs in these convenient stores, there will be half less to find.

Why always think of difficult and expensive methods? Why waste so many man hours  hunting for mosquito breeding grounds when you can send out invitations to them to come calling, to breed at  your chosen contraptions provided for them, at your convenience?

So difficult meh? Or this method is too simple, too cheap, too easy, so cannot do?


Anonymous said...

Stupid idea. Govt will never adopt this method.

Anonymous said...

/// Why always think of difficult and expensive methods?
Why waste so many man hours hunting for mosquito breeding grounds when you can send out invitations to them to come calling, to breed at your chosen contraptions provided for them, at your convenience? /// redbean

Wah! redbean.
You want to make contractors out of business is it?
Break my rice bowl is it?

Anonymous said...

Masagos may be qualified to be President.
Please be more respectful.
Even the zika mosquitoes don't dare to bite Masagos and his family.
Presidential immunity.

Anonymous said...

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap


No need our expensive Singapore R&D institutes.
Here is a simple solution from WikiHow.
Hey Masagos.
You don't know how to use internet is it?

virgo49 said...

I had mentioned several times of NEA inspectors inspecting homes and their lazy methods.

Under so many change of Ministers and yet same ways of control.

They go to the same flats or houses where only the occupants are in

Sometimes can visit you several times a month.

Fulfilled their daily quota visits of going to the same houses and flats where most of the
Occupants are usually in.

They ignored other flats or houses when occupants refused to have them to access. That's why now they want to have legislation to force home owners to allow inspections.

Enforcement officers want to catch offenders and yet got no powers to enforce them, how to eradicate zika, dengue and malaria.

Under Sissy Vuvi worse.

Anonymous said...

Why always think of difficult and expensive methods?

Because they are paid so much. So how to justify simple and cheap methods?

Anonymous said...

Masagos may be qualified to be President.

Don't be surprised if Masagos resigns as minister and MP to contest the next PE. And also just like the late Nathan, the one and only candidate.

And even if a by election is called for Tampines GRC as a result, PAP, and knowing Sinkies well, knows they will still win.

Being the ruling party, PAP is very good at doing such things, when it suits their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Masagos may be qualified to be President.

Correction. Should be anon 9:28 am, not RB.

Anonymous said...

Looking for breeding site. Easy just visit construction sites, big or small daily.

An NEA can visit you anytime, knock on your door , identify himself and just go in

the house to inspect. I was told that if NEA wants to inspect a construction site NEA

has to write to the developer to get permission and by the time permission given the

site is already cleaned up. I don't know whether this is correct.f

PM said to get rid of Zika destroy the breeding ground. What about trying surpr ise check

on const ration site without giving notice.

Anonymous said...

Common (unrelsoved) problems in HDB (that cause stagnant water) for mosquito breeding: (1) Personal hygiene (2) Old bamboo stick design (3) Old air-con tray design (4) Excessive planting (5) Unattended aquarium (6) Impractical landscape ...

Hardworking n common sense to mosquito breeding: (1) Keep house unclutter (for clean n green) (2) Encourage indoor drying (minus dripping nuisance) (3) Simple mechanism to flip air-con water (noisy at night) (4) Limit to 3 plants outside (similar to cat ownership) (5) Keep water clean regularly (for good chi) (6) Remove obstructing landscape (for safety n emergency) ...

- Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

What about the roof top of HDB ?
Highly suspicious.

Should request for a joint inspection with officers .

Anonymous said...

MozzyA : " Hey Bro, the F1 racing is giving us Hell...coooough!"
MozzyB :" Yep Bro,me find it hard to offload my Zika & Dengue cells to these humans ...coooough!"
MozzyA :" Looks like we gotto wait it out a little while longer...coooough!"
A few days later, hazy come, mozzie A & B goes into hiding ...& the problem never solve ...the whole cycle juz repeat itself...
Moral of the story --- these mosquitoes have been here since time immemorial, to outsmart them takes perseverance & determination...as one doctor wrote in ST forum page one need to adopt the Addidas slogan kind of attitude to battle & wipe out the aedes mosquitoes..

Anonymous said...

I just saw the twitter #hillysbodydouble.
Its good to get fainted with video. Then walk out a similar body on street hour later waving at crowd.

Is there really need a genuine body for oneself? No need lah.
An employee kena zika, just ask a double body to seat at the desk, ceo or coo or cfo or politician ministar, all they need are to keep smiling hi i m ok, what a nice sunday in new yoke.

Singapore Zika is world famous, as F1 managers are consulting doctors what to do with Zika when a mosquito stings on the driver s face when racing.
F1 have fans. But China town has lots of tourists in bound into Singapore probably because of zika, sounding like fashion tourists must have had experienced.

Lots of shops owners are closed as they have already earned enough to have early retirement. So Zika reaching 500 as target is a must have before tingtong bell. How to have another bigger virus than Zika?

Guess the ministar need to sleep more so that construction sites will create more bitter zika mosquitoes.

The key problem is NOT mosquitoes, agree? Like similar problem: the key problem is not hillary s double body.

The KEY problem is the zika "3rd world inflow immigrants". Taiwan has lots of mosquitoes, Taiwan has no know zika case.
Why? Taiwan never allow 3rd world immigrants to flood into it.

Voters, vote for the stop of zika means vote for opposition party. A more serious than zika and more damaging than zika will come in when voters continue to vote for politicians importing 2.5millions of 3rd world immigrants who carry along with them virus no one know.
Immigration= diseases. It is voter s own choice, cannot choose, no zika, yet 3 millions of foreigners. No way by simple logic because, zika is spread by HUMAN through insects and sex.

Anonymous said...

Correction: #hillarysdoublebody

Anonymous said...


what a interesting n funny article for laugh in this boring sunday morning........

actually we must thanks zika.......


because zika generated the economy........

more jobs, more businesses, more medical, etc etc etc.......


Anonymous said...

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Amos who?
A mosquito.

Is it our secret wish that all the zika mosquitoes will go knock, knock on the Millionaire Ministers' doors?

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
What do you call the toughest mosquito in the world?
It's called a Hsien Loong mosquito.
When you slap this mosquito, it slaps you back.

Anonymous said...

Another Political Joke
What's the difference between a PAP Minister and a mosquito?
When you slap a mosquito, it stops sucking your blood.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Anna who?
Another mosquito.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a globalist government in Singapore?
Is that why they can't solve local problems like mosquitoes and MRT problems?

Important 10 minute video.
What is a Globalist?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Do we have a globalist government in Singapore? <<

Of course. And it rocks that this is so. I don't live there, so I don't care what happens to the "average" sheeple-asshole who deserves the govt they get 😂

Globalization means a heck of alot of advantages to avoid excessive taxation in welfare cuntries like Australia.

Fighting Zika

Assholes SG.Gov boasts to the world how great Singapore is for biotech. You don't fight this with human inspectors. You fight this using tools like genetic engineering.

All they need to do is to engineer a "killer mosquito" and release it into the environment to breed with the disease-carrying mosquitoes.

C'mon A*Star. Wake up your motherfucking ideas.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


One more time, this time with more "feeling": fuck you A*Star.

Anonymous said...

Matilar Knn someone posted u already dead but look like u motherfucker still kicking and alive

Anonymous said...

Globalist? This one word is so laughable to me because it is some concept i strongly believe was for cheating the honest working class and middle class NOT to charge salary for their quality work done for their firms back office, IT, engineering, administration.
Globalist politicians said these jobs must be available to the whole world to come into little dot, so that employers can get the best quality to make little dot competitive.
Okok, these oldcorks now, are happy to see little dot run without any single industries under their nose.

Came back from the comex watch will know, none of singapore made items can be shown in comex trade show. Not even the aztec modem or routers that can be sold in the home market.
The few brands used to survive in Ubi areas making such modem routers, and hired ALL pinoys as IT engineers are wiped out from singapore home market: using globalization as a bluff.

Globalist as a bluff, is not even able to pass in home market. Home market means no exchange gain loss. Those products produced by pinoys at Ubi simply are not working, when sold in the market. So they are all wiped out by the reliable asus.

After the pap globalists, the whole industries are gone. Among the 4 dragon, singapore now is not even a snake. I would say it is just a worm dying for some water: singapore s external debt is the highest among the 4 dragons or 3 but one snake or worm. With limited borrowing capacity, with no technology to talk about, with no groups of experts except the medical field, which was not "globalized" yet, no real home based industries to pass down know how, except hawker foods know how, this little dot is going to die belly up, due to the bull shit globalization.

Soon when a new US president takes over, the world will be turned the other way round to create jobs for their own middle class in US. But the entire generation of singapore middle class was destructed to drive taxi. Young middle class are not motivated due to the employment pass, PR from indians asking for less than $2k to do pmet jobs, under the globalist s hiring policy. How many jobs are still require technology when the entire industries are wiped off in singapore?
Jobs created are those chefs that declared $3100pm to get employment pass but required employee to repay $1600pm cash back to the boss. Those are the jobs available after the globalization in little dot.
Daft voters, it time to wake up to vote for opposition. Still want to be bluff by the cork story of globalization? U believe Obama s TPP is not a bluff? Congress cannot get through, both president candidates cannot approve it. Are these people stupid or Obama? TPP is drafted similar to globalization.
U believe CECA? Free flow of Indians pmets into singapore?

patriot said...
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patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

Dear Anon 5.00 pm.

Can't agree more with You.

The Cocks will crow and claim that the Sun rises because of them.
They will also claim that the Crops
get better because of their shits.

As it is; SGP is being run into below sea level, it is sinking so to

What is the Future for Sinkies?

Where is the Swiss Standard of living?

Fuck the Liar who claimed that his
Party will make it a reality.


Anonymous said...

Patriot. i add a bit more for other readers to understand what position is little dot in on industrial competition. Those bought made in singapore it products will agree with me.

Currently, US are sending their submarines groups from guam towards south china seas where russia n china having living firing exercise.

China sent out awas, mid air refuel plan, and groups of bombers to practice their search and detection of subs over the air. This is application of china s technology to win competition. Readers got the points?

If the same thing is done by little dot generals, they have NO made by singapore technology planes, no awas, no air refuel, and certainly no radar to search for the US subs. These generals would ask the pinoys to sit on little dot helicopters to detect subs by whatever means. Do readers expect little dot generals to win a war?

Little dot generals do not value the citizens efforts for learning and their abilities to build fighting capabilities. The believe the globalization power will give them the best technology. So at war time, they will look for technology to fight enemies. Who will give them? pinoys and indians who want the money.

If readers bought those laughable products from Ubi, they would have known, when at Ubi custcare shop, the entire place was filled with pinoys engineers, talking takalogue, most importantly, the product could not be repaired as the designed was so primitive to fit into the advance windows os.
Its like asking the pinoys soldiers to search for US subs on Scs to win the war. How can it be possible? But the china chinese can do it because they have accumulate their learning and knowledge we call know how. As time goes along, the china chinese are more powerful in technology.

In little dot, as time goes, the technology level goes to pinoys level. Not the top pinoy level in philippines, but the pinoys technology level on the streets. Do u expect singapore pinoy made products will be world top?

The generals kept talking about using foreign talents, was a real bluff. Think, even the anunty saw with so little knowledge, could be the foreign talent to head the mrt. These generals are fools and bluff. Now with external debt of USD 1.76 trillions debts published by Yahoo, do readers have hope on this little dot s bright future?

Better vote for alternative to force whoever to get the economy back to normal. The current team is likely to ruin the future of our children, if the old corks are still insistence of their leedership. Dont forget the figure is in trillions debts. Its so fast to push up the external debts. what did the politicians and president are doing? Fuck off only.

Anonymous said...

Some Sinkies say Singapore is the Israel of the East. implying that on terms of high tech and defence, Sg is second to none around.

Anonymous said...

When checking, it is alright to visit occupied homes but more efforts should focus on non occupied premises be it HDB or private housing. To me, these are dwellings that are more likely to breed mosquitoes. Of course our NEA officers would rather avoid them because getting access is difficult. And that is the failure of our systems. Go for the easy pickings and claimed we had work so hard to fight mosquitoes for you. Haiz!

Anonymous said...

@ 18 Sept 9.16 pm knn alarmist lazy bum

// Now with external debt of USD 1.76 trillions debts published by Yahoo, do readers have hope on this little dot s bright future//

Can yew dun "discredit" social media?

A coin has 2 sides lah .....

U blog like that sinkies lagi will have even less confidence in the opposition and social media in general ......?

2015 70%

R u papigs or oppo supporter?

U blog like that without giving full picture next GE papigs might get even higher support?

Your "(mis)reporting" on the figures can be easily demolished lah?

Using a simple illustration, say a billionaire tycoon

He has debts say USD 50 billion?

But assets USD 80 billion?

So should his creditors and business partners be alarmed?

What is Sg total external ASSETS figure?

Uncle, look at the net position lah?

Yew Mao Show Tong's party supporter?

No wonder their accounting very jiat lah leh?

How to vote opposition if like dat?

Anonymous said...

Yew think "sharks" like Gorge Swallows sleeping?

He led international attack on weak currencies since donkey years ago?

Among his "victims" were UK (1996), the 5th largest world economy?

Others include Tigerland, Jokerland, Kpokeland, even Matland during the 1997 AFC?

SGD has been appreciating in recent days from 1.36 to below 1.35 to the USD?

Yew think the international currency mkt siao?