Xi urges the US to stop flexing muscles over the Middle East

London: USA needs to be a more responsible power as it gains global influence and avoid flexing its muscles in disputes with smaller countries over issues like the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, China President Xi Jinping told CNN in an interview to be aired on Sunday.

Xi, who meets with President Obama at a G20 summit next week in China, told CNN China supports peaceful American hegemony but that Washington had to recognise that "with increasing power comes increasing responsibilities," according to excerpts released on Friday.

"If you refuse to sign a treaty that calls for international arbitration around maritime issues, the fact that you're bigger than North Korea, Iran or Syria or other countries ... is not a reason for you to go around and flex your muscles," Xi said. "You've got to abide by international law and sign to be a member of UNCLOS."

Xi said Beijing had urged Washington to bind itself to international rules and norms to help build a strong international order by ratifying UNCLOS rules and regulations and become a member of the international community.

"Where we see them violating international rules and norms, as we have seen in some cases in the Middle East or in some of their behavior when it comes to economic policy, we've been very firm," Xi told CNN. "And we've indicated to them that there will be consequences."

The Chinese president said the US could not expect to "pursue mercantilist policies that just advantage" itself now that the US has become a more affluent, middle-income country.

"Even though you still have a lot of weapons, you know, you can't just export problems. You've got to have fair trade and not just free trade," Xi said. "You have to open up your markets if you expect other people to open up their markets."
World Associate Press

PS. Actually this is a writer article. I just change the name Obama and USA to Xi and China and vice versa and a little doctoring of the areas of conflict from South China to Middle East and the Korean Peninsula.


Anonymous said...

If I were Xi, I will say the same too. But whether the US will listen depend on a lot of other factors, not just what Xi urges US to do, and which may not be even much of a factor.

Just like whether the PAP listen to the Sinkie oppositions call to abolish GRCs and fair treatment of all MPs regardless of party affiliations depend on a lot of other factors, not just what the opposition or even RB urges PAP to do, and which may not be even much of a factor.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan lost in a straight fight to a PAP minority Indian candidate in the Chinese majority Bukit Batok SMC by election.

Yet PAP govt can come out with the argument that minorities need to be favoured, and not through meritocracy which they always espoused, to have a chance to be President! Where is the logic?

So it is about how powerful you are, not how logical your argument, in order to suit and win your case.

Opposition, please get some power lah. Or else every time lose one, whether elections or argument.

Anonymous said...

Opposition, please get some power lah.
9:32 am

Provided they can change themselves a lot for the better. Then perhaps the majority voters will also change the way they vote.

But it is going to be difficult lah, if not impossible. I mean, how to change for the better in the next 5 years when they cannot even do that after 51 years?

If one is still a junior staff after 20 years in the company, what chances can one rise to be CEO in just 5 years?

So that's why I think PAP will win big again next election, despite being screw up in many things, especially health care, which is a matter of life and death.

Anonymous said...

PAP should feel relieved if they have an opposition party ,like in HK. - led by a group of kids.

Anonymous said...

RB s post gave me a picture of raising china telling waning US want to do next. The world focus is g20 which china spent billions dollars to hold. But the leaders who attend the show are all fuck type, obama ending, UN chief ending, Brazil brand new unelected president, Turkey shaky president, Germany likely ending chancellor Merkel, French unpopular president 10% support, and also a fainting pm from a small dot country aiming to have population of Hangzhous, less the space etc

The rivalry between US and China is interesting, to the extend that both US and China agreed to present the sign Paris Climate agreement to UN chief together, just in case China presented like the UNCLOS, and US back off. This climate thing is a success. Along the background, Obama is powerless. US taught Philippines to form a US lawyer led team costing US33millions fees to create "international laws" to force China to disown 9 dash line, so as to let pinoys and vietcons to own the little islands used to be taken care by Chinese.

The little dot was quick to support US in Asean against China s interest in 9 dash lines. But what did US giving little dot in return? Unknown. In contrary, Philippines new president now said China has gather boats around Scarborough shoal, seems like building that very island US Carter said "he will take action if China does that."

Can readers see the waning US with evidence? The G20 was a grand show, a success to China, got face, can be witnessed. The return on building of the disputed island is also what China PLA had promised the readers on reports. The Chinese did just that. US keeps backing off.

As i had said, US is not strong any more in face with China. Little dot needs the money. Licking ang mor s boots gains nothing so far. The export is spinning down. Trying to steal other countries citizens to be its own, ended up getting Indians, and pinoys. The results are Zika, riots, change in PE, jobless citizens, lacking creative industries to create employment, over priced S$ due to inflation on building of properties, the ending might be soon too. Those without strong cash to survive will get hit by the little dragon s reckless policies to side US and ignoring china s powerful forces and markets. The little dots civil servants might have been bias towards the English world. Little dot is Doomed by misjudgment, for only knowing English as a language, and cannot read square words with real meaning jumping on their faces.

The unable to decipher chinese words will defend US like their own kind and repel the square words readers like mosquitoes. This is how i see the G20 receiving the ang mor in Hangzhou. They will have lots to say no good, except they will gain nothing for saying China is no good. But many Indochina and Euroasia countries are making gains for not offending china. US or China? Little dot is fast sinking if there is no change.

Anonymous said...

Clinton said, 'It's the economy, stupid.'

With the world economy grinding to a halt and with China as the main engine of growth, all the countries need China to keep their economies going. China should use its economic power and money to drive the economies of the world, and to choose carefully which country to pump in their foreign investments. Countries that are hostile to China, like the UK under May and Australia should not be receiving more investments.

The little monkeys within Asean, seen monkeying around in Laos to scheme against China and China knew who they are, should also be kept at a distance. China should just use its money to countries that are friendly and help them to grow and let the rest rot.

Anonymous said...

Jokowi asked Alibaba Jack Ma to be economic adviser to Indonesia.

China bought some of Najib's 1MDB debts and also invest and build railways and infrastructure in Malaysia.

China sold defective MRT trains to Singapore which had to sent them back, and Singapore even kept quiet about it, until exposed by the HK media.

patriot said...

Me shall say again that the US of A
will have internal strikes, especially between the Whites and the Blacks and there shall be much natural disasters.
Obama shall be like a lightning,
blinding bright and flashy only for
a moment producing nothing tangible
or useful.

Americans are so very lucky to have huge landmass and advanced technology that they should be enjoying their live far better than others.
However, they were and are misled by some crazy fools who wanted to rule the World and have their names in history.

Just too bad that history is no more
interesting to many. Money and the love for money have made the World go crazy. Greed is the In Thing and the Fad, great nationhood is no more
in fashion except in countries with
Tribal Pride.


virgo49 said...

Well said Anon 11.25

Those brains dead prejudiced ass(es) will denounce everything, anything which the PRC will said.

They are been brainwashed for years with the western decadent influences.

They took the Ang Mos kues as their godfathers.

The chow Ang mos are screwing their arses and they think that they are their Saviours.

Now at least we have one brave independent Philipine President who dared goes against the wishes of the Ang mo masters.

Even called the UN Fools and threatened even to leave the under the U.S. balls administration.

Even refused an audience with their Officials. They lan lan sucked their thumbs.

He is smart to reconcile with China and at least gets a share, even though smaller of the oil and gas treasures.

This for the building up of his much needed cash strap nation. Better to get a gangster gung ho doer than than those Chiak liao bee hypocrisy politicians who sucked the Nations WEALTH.

Last time, someone commented that they need an LKY to put Philippines on footing to reforms.

In think this Do Dirty will do a greater job of building up Philippines than LKY.

He got guts as compared to our mama boy LHL

Hopefully, Philippines under him for next two terms will prosper and spit at their colonial masters faces.

Anonymous said...

"The export is spinning down. Trying to steal other countries citizens to be its own, ended up getting Indians, and pinoys. The results are Zika, riots, change in PE, jobless citizens, lacking creative industries to create employment, over priced S$ due to inflation on building of properties, the ending might be soon too."
10:53 am

So how will the ending be like? Opposition announce they are ready to be govt? PAP voted out next GE? Protests and riots by Sinkies in the streets? If not, why would PAP worry about what ending, or how soon?

Anonymous said...

The ending? Anno 11:50am

The Pap is under the election results to rule till 2020GE. What opposition are you talking about in 2020GE? U can predict in 2020GE, opposition will announce they are not ready to be govt?

U have brain damage, drunk before noon. Which day did opposition say it is not ready? What circumstance force opposition to be honest? I think it was at least 10 years ago. So your brain damage was 10 years back.

From the way Zika spreading so fast, mentioned in US media, Singapore has no capable leeders. Do not pretend that Pap u support are still the old guards like Toh Chin Chye time, type of whole hearted supporting people to have jobs, have home, have cpf retirement funds.

The old man had talked about buying properties as voting Pap had kept properties prices going up. Indeed, many Pap supporters i observed bought condos, some not one but two. Im helping these Pap supporters to get out of the situation. U still talked with brain damage words. Its time to change for you too.

No one wants to take over Pap now. Its like Sentosa those properties with so many available, claimed to be high class areas. Do u want to stay there? That is the ending. Many once moved in here rich men will move out lah. U think they married to Pap?

Those especially having tax, or black money problems will have to let go of their properties quickly. Even EU chief talked about wanting to get those evading taxes at G20. Jokowi will know where to get those who evaded taxes or stole his state money. Can little dot still hold those people like Hartawan Aluwi who stole USD643millions from Indonesia and lived since 2008 here? Jakarta post said, since his arrest, his assets are under seizure. There are big fishes in pond in little dot. I guess the smart way is to get out of the pond.

So the buyers of properties have to have clean money in brief cases. U tanku ku liao. Unless the Pap can create good jobs for the citizens, who can convince banks to lend them money, few dare to own more than HDB flats for speculations. Because the jobs are not secure under Pap s population 7 millions policy. Overnight working class can lose jobs, and banks will not blink their eyes, if borrowers cannot pay interest. Interest is increasing, brain damage, look forward to Novemeber lah. US cannot keep talk talk and no increase in interest. Do not look back 10 years ago, those can never come back.

What is the ending? It is still under Pap, with fewer rich men buying all the properties in town. Not all have jobs to pay bills. So borrowing will increase. Some of your big spender Pap supporters may call u up to drink and ask you to lend him big money. That is the real ending liao. U cannot unconditionally support Pap on this blog. I think by 2019, your IB jobs may be lost and u will join the opposition. That is IB s ending. haha.

Anonymous said...

"Xi urges the US to stop flexing muscles over the Middle East"

What about:
"The Singaporean slaves urges the PAP to stop flexing muscles over Aljunied-Hougang Town Council"?

Tan ku ku ... correct?
- Are Singaporean slaves very well trained?
- Do they need to be fucked (pay and pay) regularly?
- otherwise they get itchy backside and vote Opposition

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP has a delusional immigration policy?

Mass import of talents from 3rd world countries + PAP Generals management talent = 1st world country

Hey PAPigs?
How's the policy working our for you?
Hey 70% dafties.
Did you get what you voted for?

Has everybody had enough yet?

Anonymous said...

"Xi Jinping will pass new legislation to ensure PRC citizens will vote correctly in the next Presidential elections"

Do you think this will ever happen in China?

Anonymous said...

Unequal pay - Comparing million dollar salaries for Ministers with Capuchian monkeys


As primates, we’re all hard-wired to expect fairness.
It’s part of being a social creature.
When we experience unfairness, we react the same way this Capuchin monkey does, although we might try to convince ourselves we do so in a more civilized manner:

b said...

If number two till number twenty ganged up, they can easily take down number one. Number one days are numbered. Will it end up in a bloody fight?

Anonymous said...

@ September 04, 2016 4:21 pm

Very funny & educational 2 minute video.
I think the Capuchian monkey is smarter than 70% of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

US media is jacking up US extreme nationalism when they are losing power in the world.

USA false propaganda about China in G 20-

Chinese official shouted at US agent - "This is our country, this is our airport "

USA medias had largely censored the full conversation on such incident.

Chinese official merely retort back

when USA agent arrogantly scolded China security that " This is our Plane" "This is our President."

patriot said...

No party wants to take over
PAP in Sin.

Very agreeable.

Why should any party
takes over so much shit?

The Big Problem Sinkies
shall suffer from is that
the S hitters are having
diarrheas and will continue
shirting out of control and
beyond cure.

As more breakdowns occur and
who is his, her right mind
will want to solve them when
the Problems come from those
who pay themselves multi-million
Sin Dollars?

Let the Puppies smell their own


Anonymous said...

Let the Puppies smell their own shits.
September 04, 2016 7:30 pm


Anonymous said...

I have to admit i can be wrong. I said by tingtong bell time, Zika might reach 500 cases. Look like its not possible now.

242 cases today from 215 yesterday. Zika will make Singapore world top in speed. Now Kallang way is getting, soon will be F1 circuits at downtown.

More tourists will be willing to come in for F1 as Zika and F1 are all in operations at night time. They want to know what is Zika. F1 organizers must provide educational leaflets.

Tourists should get free also:
1. Free condoms 2. Free repellent at airport at tax payers s expenses, because tax payers are spreading Zika. what do u think?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the tourism dollar.
It's not as if the government will share all the extra tax money with us.
Anything good, do you think the government will share with us?
They'll just say we have a "subsidy mentality".

Anonymous said...

Why scare of Zika? UN said Singapore model country in handling Zika. Even if tomorrow got 1,000 cases, UN also said very good, model country. Model country!

Anonymous said...

//Anonymous September 04, 2016 8:09 pm
I have to admit i can be wrong. I said by tingtong bell time, Zika might reach 500 cases. //

By the std of "tingtong", they like as many 0s at the back as possible?

Anonymous said...

//Let the Puppies smell their own


Yew forgot to add the many ugly "fake bimbos"?

Let their smelly "xxx" stick on the faces of the JLBs especially when smell like "rotten fish" ......

....... and run down their throats for what they deserved in causing so much "miseries to countless human beans" ......?

Anonymous said...

//Little dot is Doomed by misjudgment, for only knowing English as a language, and cannot read square words with real meaning jumping on their faces. //

Talking about that, how many ministers are good at that?

Pls kee chiu?

Also how many blogger beans can 以母语write comments in MSN?

Anonymous said...

China cannot even handle NK and caused SK in the end to deploy Thaad to spy on China and reduce its nuclear deterance on its home ground.

China created a big mess in SCS splitting the whole Asia like a melon cut into half.

Under Xi, it made China look like a fool on the world stage.

How to create a successful money making 1B1R if the world stage is not peaceful.

Someone has to do the dirty job.... If China does not want US to do it, who will do it? China or Russia ?

And then let SK and Japan be armed by nuclear toys? Wow, it will be even be more peaceful then? Right now in this region everybody including Pinoy is rearming like mad.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.56

US and SK are so incapable of convincing or re assuring NK and caused NK in the end to deploy Nuclear deterrence as their best safe bet.

USA created a big mess in SCS by ramping unnecessary tension which bring no benefit to any nations.

Under US leadership, the world become less safer than before.

USA democracy made China looks like a paradise under Communist rule.

How do US assume the role of leadership in the world if USA dont respect international law?

Even Pinoy reject US leaderships in the region. Pinoy has blaming US for tension in SCS.

Citizen in SK and Japan become more outspoken against USA interference in their domestic affair.

The govt are no longer represent the interest of SK and Japan.

Anonymous said...

What citizens of SK and Japan? They are the subjects of the American Empire. The two countries are American military bases to protect American interests. Their own armed forces would come under the command of the Americans in times of war.

Both are colonies of the USA.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:01 pm

Fine. Then let Japan be armed with nukes and let Asia run loose to arm themselves.

Some people forget about the peace that Japan and communism was kept under control and this region including Singapore have double digit growth.

China got the growth opportunity it enjoyed for last 30 years where asia was the growth engine.

Maybe it is time to see this region goes into chaos and Japan/SK be nuclear members.

The truth is we will see what happens when everyone wants to become indian chief in this region. You want to get to that position, you will have to fight for it.

In the process, Asia will still contribute to the western defense contractors

Who is the stupid one here?

Anonymous said...

I know, I know, the Asians. They are the stupid ones.

Anonymous said...

Well said :)

The self-proclaimed "exceptional" country must face the mirror and think carefully before criticizing others.

Everyone knows that 'Exceptionalistan' is the biggest troublemaker in the whole planet and in the history of humankind :)

Anonymous said...

Everybody in Asia is trying to develop their F22, J20 and F35 which US now let go of the brake.

In the end, they all came from the mother of all parts USA.

And USA benefited from the sales.

Very soon, Nippon will have nukes and all kinds of ballistic missiles in excuse to counter NK.

Thanks to China.... for creating so much trouble and change the status quote.