Which mess do you want? Hillary or Donald Trump

This is what the Americans are going to choose in the coming Presidential Election for the most powerful job in the world, a real executive president, the leader of an Empire. It is so pathetic that the Americans have come to a stage when they have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. What kind of choice is that? America got no talent? These two are the best there is to choose from? They should adopt the Singapore’s stringent criteria for an Elected President if they want someone good and able to run America and the Empire.

Please don’t laugh. We are moving forward towards the same dilemma, to choose from a slate of people that you may rather not want to choose from. The current presidential election regulations are already so restrictive that only a few individuals could qualify. When the immortals raised the bar, how many more would be left standing to be counted as good enough for the elected president post?

Then there is gonna be a reserved election for the minorities after a lapse of time. And the people are expected to choose from an even smaller plate, the best in a tiny cup, without comprising on the quality, based on meritocracy of a small pond.

When that day comes, the people may also be choosing which mess they want. The stringent criteria got nothing to do with the goodness of the person but with his ability to rise to the top of the heap in a big organization, to be able to count money. Many otherwise better candidates, better men and women with better moral values, better philosophies, better understanding of what life is all about, would be ruled out as unfit, misfit to be the Elected President. Even Jesus Christ would not be good enough. Only a very select few would qualify under these stated criteria and get through. What about unstated criteria? Are there undisclosed criteria that the potential candidate must satisfy to be eventually confirmed as safe and good?

With all the written and unwritten rules and criteria, it is quite possible that the people would be put to elect the lesser evil, like the Americans, which mess do they want. The Americans have more than 250 million people to choose from and they ended up with just Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Singaporeans did not have 3.5 million people to choose from, only a handful of the so called ‘clever’ people. And in a reserved election for a minority, the pool of ‘clever’ people would be less than the fingers in a hand. What kind of choice is that?

What kind of mess do you want?


jjgg said...

rb..your analogy very flawed leh..the two pieces of shit that float to the top in America is after months of American deliberations. there is nothing to stop anybody from announcing their candidacy n the Americans are prepared to live with it. on the other hand..Singaporeans are about to get a piece of shit shoved down their throats..who chose them to be on the electoral plate...u or me..it's THEM!! 51 years of independence n the citizenry of Singapore still a sideshow..wtf

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can't disagree with your observation.

Anonymous said...

people may choose.........

to stay and remain in the frying pan""""""""

or jump into the fire^^^^^^^^


Anonymous said...

Hi Jigg, you are a little harsh. Singapore will get a president who is well qualified to run the show. A "friendly" president who will do whatever he is told to do. It is OK. It is good for Singapore. We cannot have a president who is oppose to the government and who veto all the wonderful policies from the parliament.

Relax Singaporeans, you are in good hands.

Anonymous said...

America got not talent? These two are the best there is to choose from?

Not that America got no talent lah. Ask yourself, why would talented, and most likely very rich as well, Americans want to run for President? For what?

Why would talented, and most likely very rich as well, Sinkies want to become President or even PAP MPs, let alone opposition MPs? Most of these talented Sinkies may in fact even have already migrated out of Sinkieland!

So what is left behind are those Sinkie clowns you find in both the ruling PAP and even worse ones in the opposition. Which is why PAP can still win, and win big some more.

As one anon here used to say, and now even RB also said, majority voters elect the lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

If I am American voter; I'd vote for Donald Trump.
Clinton is a globalist.
She will sign free trade agreements and make more Americans unemployed.

Is the PAP government a globalist government?
Would voting PAP make more and more Singaporeans unemployed?

patriot said...

So long as the President and Ex-presidents and Other Members and Ex-members do not chabut or migrate away from Sin, it should be okay.
Sin does not lose anything so long these powerful and filthy rich are around to support and keep Sin going.
However, if they or their successors migrate and take with them their family fortunes, Sin could lose many billions and more. Other Sinkies will then be left high and dry.

The US Politicians are unlikely to
live away from America. Their patriotism is not flimsy like the Sinkies.


patriot said...

l was asked by someone here in My Singapore News about my understanding and definition of patriot and or patriotism. Hope my above Post does show what or how patriot and patriotism mean.

In simple term, patriotism means no playing out of ones'
homeland and fellow countrymen.
Maybe too simple for conplicated mind.
But, nevermind.


Anonymous said...

RB s po shows people tend to assume sgp ep election is functioning under the same system like usa. The message is misleading. Usa system is far stronger to take the impact of a president. So voters in usa are free to choose. Beh si lah.

US president can be either LP or CB. They will be the same. The Congress is there to question the president and disapprove the TPP or oceans laws whatever not good for the average americans. American voters are not concerned who will be their president as long as the congressmen are not timid. And congressmen are no timid breeds.

Singapore is totally different. By size, sgp is smaller than NY. A governor of NY is enough for NY. But a cabinet of 21 ministers in the previous govt was not enough, got mm, sm, pm, simi m, 21 bodies taking multi millions dollars salaries yet the place was going backwards. Not to forget one more, ep, total 22. The biggest reward for ep for his "immeasurable work" he said of himself, was $32milliions on his last take. i read in media. What did i see the immeasurable work? Hot air. So readers, ep and other m jobs are actually distribution of fat pay to parties eying for the money.

Only, as there are no consequence for whatever m, making any mistakes.
Questions like ep of a special race can create new jobs for his own race? Ep can help singapore to reduce sgp USD1.76 trillions external debt? Ep can help to export more sgp made not so good products?

On cutting external debt for US, i am confident Trump s claims to cut external military interventions and charge Japan Korea for a fees will cut US external debts. Trump is not hot air. But I dont see having ep for sgp can help to reduce sgp 1.76 trillions debts. The sgp external debt will increase must faster after this new ep model. i think tension will mount.

Tension will mount on the race division to divide jobs in govt. EP for malay, PM for non malay? So Malay want to be pm, cannot? Due to the new citizens admissions number, one minority race may have more numbers than the other minority race through immigration growth. That can be and might be outrageous to other races. The tension is scary to me. If there is racial riots, the scene similar to Little India riots in 2015 will be island wide. The control we knew was very good for the Little India riot, as Little India riots videos are on utube.

Merkel regretted to take in 1 millions of migrants. Singapore never blink its eyes to take in 2.5 migrants, not to say a word of regret. More migrants will be taken into Singapore to build up 10 millions heads. The division of lucrative govt jobs by race will be obviously more intensely wanted. A must have to build up control of the administration by race. Voters will live to regret for voting for a political party that put an ep by race to the top orbit of govt job. That is for all to watch without fail daily. And tension mounts whenever the ep being chosen by race is on the lips at coffee shops or food centers. This is a very strange u turn of policy.

By race to distribute top public job sounded so illogical if one think of the riots between races. With elite recommendations and probably approval soon, the smooth passing of the bills is an indication of my point: sgp s great weakness in passing laws. That US and Spg are different. Such ep bills cannot get through in US. But they will get overwhelming majority stamped in Sgp.

Anonymous said...

Any MP voting for this bill will have to answer to the millenials in the future. They are planting the seed for racial strife.

Anonymous said...

/// So long as the President and Ex-presidents and Other Members and Ex-members do not chabut or migrate away from Sin, it should be okay.
Sin does not lose anything so long these powerful and filthy rich are around to support and keep Sin going.////
September 22, 2016 9:35 am

And this is how a typical daft Sinkie thinks.
The powerful & rich Singaporeans became rich by exploiting daft Sinkies.
They became rich & powerful by helping themselves.
They did not become rich and powerful by supporting Singaporeans and Singapore.

Anonymous said...

@ September 22, 2016 11:43 am

Actually hor.
When the rich & powerful Sinkies leave Singapore.
That is when Singaporeans will really benefit.
Maybe we can invite the British to be our colonial master again?

Isn't it better to be a 2nd class citizen in the British Empire.
Than to be a slave under the PAP government?
True or not?
Fair comment or not?

virgo49 said...

America now having big mess with the African-Americans in the riots now showing on CNN and Fox News Live.

No need foreign forces attack them.

Karma karma.

For all their evil deeds.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

My preferred mess is the one and only Trump. With Clinton, we are just going to get the same-o same-o stuff Obama has brought for the last 8 years...a stable and prosperous America with the odd school shooting and lone terror attack, police killing blacks and more celebrity porn flicks.

But with Trump...my word... He's is about the worse form of human imaginable, and yet there are people willing to make him the leader of the fucking free world, give him nuclear abilities and the right to fly Raptor and Predator drones any fucking place he chooses to.

Trump is so fucked up he bankrupted his own casino. A casino is an establishment where the house always wins because it is mathematically set up to do so. Well..not with Trump. That asshole, fucked up businessman that he is managed to make his "cannot fail" casino go belly-up.

And so for the sake of giving the comedy industries a shot in the arm, so that more people can laugh every fucking day...I am hoping Donald Trump wins and becomes President Elect of the US of A.

Anonymous said...

hope that Trump wins......

this world would a "better" place to live......

anyway, the outcomes of the race have already decided
by HIM above, just like the loooooooooong CHC case.......

the judgement of the CHC appeal case may surprised
many many many people.......

we shall patiently wait and see......


virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah, thought you said last time Clinton will win. Year of CBs.

Taiwan, Myanmar, S.Korea and behind the scene pulling the puppet PM Sinkie land.

See world most powder oops powerful women or not.


Anonymous said...

When Brexit campaign was at peak heat, i felt the UK chancellor (fin minister) was bluff about UK would drop like sliding a cliff into unemployment, needing 31 billions pound of extra taxes to pay for the budget. I also felt that UK sharemarket could be badly affected for more than weeks due to London s position as a world hub. I was correct to think Brexit side won because, politicians bluffing the voters might get back fire.

Similarly, this time, i think Hillary will lose the election because of her persistence lying habit. I will be scared to see her visiting countries in the east such as Japan and Korea. She might be planning for an invasion of NK if she is president. Hillary has such an effect on me as an outsider.

I wander why many americans are crazy as her supporter. One of the wise one is Obama. In little dot, white politicians are Hillary s kakinan, supporting her asia pivot scheming against china.

Who will win? My gut feeling is Trump will win. He is less a crook comparing to his rival. His bad habit is bad mouth and suspicion. Always considering someone is conspiring for something in his first thought. When Hillary was pushed into a car fainted on video, report said Trump s first claim was that she staged a show. Trump is less harmful than the lair Hillary. Trump is always on guard as if someone is going to cheat him. So he will not pay for a war against china in this region unless Japan is willing to pay the bills.

I guess Trump s chance of winning is higher, as average american hate to have war, seeing their sons being buried before their eyes.

b said...

They are only playing games. They are to put on a good show. UAS is no longer in the hands of americans but globalists. Now globalists are very busy relocating people from mideast to europe so they can have their hands on the mideast oil reserves. Europeans will have to leave europe to seek better lives.

b said...

and DT will be a better person to facilitate that. Europeans will be so encouraged by DT that they will migrate there. Its all a scam.

Anonymous said...

Behind closed doors, they are the same type of birds with the same kind of feathers.

The only difference is male and female lah (lol). After so many years and so many elections, my feeling is that both Republicans and Democrats are just doing America in, and it is only a question of who can do it better, faster and dirtier in ending the world and the human race in time to come. The American economy and debt cannot be resolved, no matter what. Most countries of the Middle East and South America, Russia, China and North Korea do not trust the Americans. Neither do they trust the world bodies controlled by the Americans - the UN. World Bank, IOC etc.

So, worry not about who wins the election. The result is the same, like electing a pre-choosen President in Red Dot.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkie thinks that just bcos money is not moved away from Sgp, it will be fine. What's the difference whether money is in Sgp or abroad when it is in the pocket of the individuals who do not share their wealth with others and the country.
lt's their personal fortunes for themselves to keep and spend. No one else benefits.
Daft is daft whether patriot or not.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkie thinks that just bcos money is not moved away from Sgp, it will be fine. What's the difference whether money is in Sgp or abroad when it is in the pocket of the individuals who do not share their wealth with others and the country.
lt's their personal fortunes for themselves to keep and spend. No one else benefits.
Daft is daft whether patriot or not.

Anonymous said...

Everybolee is a patriot and traitor actualLEE?

Yew r a patriot to the enemy when u r a traitor to yewr own people?


Anonymous said...

And patriot is not by words?

Anonymous said...

Lim Bo Seng died in torture by the Japenise.

Lim died defending his own kind.

His nails were pulled out, his stomach pumped with water hose like a balloon; that's befitting of a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Calling ownself patriot frivolously or callously is not unlike LaoGoa-speak?

Aka ownself check ownself?

The greatest disgrace and hypocrisy (internationlLEE and on mother Earth) is none other than ownself check ownself (and oh low ownself)?

Anonymous said...

This one confirmed not kampung spirit.

This is hypocritical spirit?

DisGraceFool spirit?

Anonymous said...

In history, when an empire is doomed, it is (often) precipitated by leeders to bring the downfall faster?

The mother of all examples is mama-papa-baba-pama-bama LEEdersheet?

After 2 terms, the empire is another 3045 steps closer to (becoming) history?

Anonymous said...

The mess could be topped off with the "Empress Dowager" or "Emperor Kuang Xu" of modern times?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies always call on those kpkb patriots to leave Sin. This is the greatest misinterpretations of the meaning of patriotism and patriot.
Patriots are those that stay and fight to their last breath.
Did someone mention Lim Bo Seng
and what about Quyuan, Yuefei ?

Anonymous said...

// Did someone mention Lim Bo Seng
and what about Quyuan, Yuefei ?//


Can the statue of one patriot (in msn) worthy to be erected in Chinese Gdn beside those of Yue Fei, Qu Yuan, Wen Tian Xiang etc?

Will people stand beside such a statue to take picture like those of the Chinese patriots or "SPIT" on the statue of this "MSN (self-proclaimed) patriot"?

Anonymous said...

Y r U so spiteful of MSN patriot ?

Anonymous said...

Patriot, (paid) parrot or patraitor?

Anonymous said...

Yew pay him to
be patriot ?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha


That is a VERLEE goooooood 1?

Beam of Light said...

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

When one has to choose between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, it depends on your motivation and intelligence.

The Devil is the Evil you already know. Her name is Lucifer. She lies, cheats, deceive, steal, destroys and kills. If you choose to be on her side, you will lose your Soul, even if you live.

The Deep Blue Sea is full of unknowns. It is fraud with dangers. You will have to deal with each situation as it arises. You may have no confidence whether you can trust yourself or not. But at least, if you have to die, you won't lose your Soul.

So, the answer is quite OBVIOUS.

It depends on your Greed and Stupidity,
or Courage and Wisdom.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

>> Hi Matilah, thought you said last time Clinton will win. Year of CBs.

I know. I thought that right until the last moment. I was SHOCKED❗️😱, Immediately I thought (nothing about the politics or the election) "FUCK NATE SILVER!".
(The 538 blog...usually very scientific, mathematical and accurate. Not this time)