Trojan Horses and Little USAs, got difference meh?

The South China Sea dispute has led to the often quipped terms in the lips of the protagonists like Trojan Horses and Little USAs. Both terms are unique in their origins, from Singapore or by Singaporeans. You don’t hear them being repeated by leaders, diplomats or analysts from other Asean countries, not even from the USA. And the way the terms were used, especially Trojan Horses, came with very strong negative connotations.

What about the term Little USAs, are there any negative connotations? It depends on where the person using it is coming from. This term first appeared in an article by Simon Tay. He put it politely and tried not to ruffle feathers knowing where the sensitivity is.

What does the term Trojan Horses mean?  No guessing, it means exactly in the same way as the Trojan Horse of Troy. It means those countries in Asean that were labeled as Trojan Horses of China were the agents of China and out to protect China’s interest in the South China Sea and to harm Asean.

What about Little USAs? Actually Little USAs and Trojan Horses are terms that meant the same thing and doing the same thing, serving their masters and working to protect the interests of their masters. If one is ugly, the other is just as hideous.

The Trojan Horses have been named as Laos and Cambodia. What about the Little USAs, who are they or which countries are the Little USAs or Trojan Horses of the USA? A clue, not the Philippines, not Vietnam. They are open in opposing China and siding with the USA.

While there will be Little USAs versus Trojan Horses to support their masters, Singapore’s relations with China is on the mend with Hsien Loong and Xi Jinping saying that there might be differences but these should not be allowed to affect the strong bilateral ties. So, would Singapore’s civil servants still be allowed to accuse China of trying to divide and rule Asean? Or would they be allowed to call China’s friends Trojan Horses?  If these would continue, then Singapore is really punching above its weight, a class of its own, and China just got to accept it and take the bollocking as sign of strong bilateral relations.


Anonymous said...

"So, would Singapore’s civil servants still be allowed to accuse China of trying to divide and rule Asean?"

That depend on their political masters, or what layman call their boss. And the boss of their boss are the majority voters who voted their political masters into power in an election.

If Ah Hia's WP can win the election, then of course the civil servants' boss will be Ah Hia instead of Hsien Loong. And if that happens, Ah Hia may want to be very friendly with China.

Anonymous said...

If Ah Hia's WP can win the election, then of course the civil servants' boss will be Ah Hia instead of Hsien Loong.
8:54 am

Ah Hia's WP cannot even manage a Town Council's finances properly, so what more a country? Anyway Ah Hia himself also said WP not ready to manage a country lah.

So like that how to expect majority voters to vote for Ah Hia and WP to be their boss? If Ah Loong's PAP is bad, Ah Hia's WP will be even worse, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Actually Pee Am Lee Ah Long already punching its weight cos he was one of the 8 nations being invited to the G20..along the way Ah Long olso make some bziness by co-operating with Chong Qing or South Western China economically...so u all got to be damn proud that Chinese Leader Xi never bang table & demand Ah Long to shut up & get lost..so u see the relevant of this tiny red dot to the world for next 5, 10 yrs ...

Anonymous said...

All PLP follow the leader lah. Otherwise how to pay their bungalows, comdominium ans send their children overseas.

When the leader said open the window if u want to smoke , drink pork soup from the tap

worse still telling people to forget the evils the Nips has done to the many countries you can expects

the PLPs to jump and score points. They also hope to get a state send off.

Anonymous said...

This morning cnn reported Obama canceled meeting with Duterte. The latter at press conference to attend China Asean leader at Loas on 6 Sept said he Du was responsible for Philippines people and not that sob.

Why all of a sudden, Duterte was so sour about Obama? My guess is the South China sea issue has no U turn now. According to other reports, Duterte said China is gathering boats at Scarborough Shoal ready to build something. Where is Carter and Harris of 7th fleet? They said they will come to pinoys with their big war ships.

Vietnam is taking the same course. Borrowed 500million USD from India to build military. The line up is: Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, lead by USA. This line up is to be anti china line up against the Cambodia Loas China.

Who will win the command of 9 dash lines?
Singapore said 9 dash lines is no international laws. So with Xi s meeting, he told his counter part to keep in touch, with understanding of each other s position.

What Xi said was diplomatic words. RB interpreted as some worming up in relationship. I would say: Xi says china will not retaliate. That was the message. Singapore can go on to be the barking dog. Obama is going in November, 40 days more. His TPP is dead on the table.

Xi has his laugh at Obama. Obama stirred up pinoys to start the tribunal, and Singapore US song, wanted Xi to follow the new laws created by Philippines. Obama did not even mention Scs when meeting with Xi at G20 Hangzhou. My interpretation is: gone case. Philippines paid USD33millions to US lawyer to please Obama, ended up more difficult relationship with China.

Duterte appointed someone to re start relationship with China. It ended up with nothing after the latter sent out feelers in HK. The answer is clear: NO Talk on 9 dash lines.

The Hangzhou concluded with actionable plan.
1. air control is a must do as both china and usa submitted obligation.
2. G20 should create internal growth using creativity as engine.
3. G20 will catch tax evasion and corruption cross boarder basis.

There are many points, these are the 3 points i think are useful for Singapore. Which points are in Singapore s advantage?
1. Singapore must use less cars, and make sure no zika TB and dengue. Too crowded with SICK AIR in aircon environment. Look green with trees, but its a dirtiest city spreading diseases.

2. Singapore has no local creativity activities. No citizens are creative. Need foreigners from Philippines, and India to create new creativity. Singapore must appoint a pinoy president to be creative, so that it can re start Scs new laws tribunal to gain world attention.

3. Singapore may face more request for millionaires living with Pr or citizenship from Indonesia. The latter said it still have 28 criminals after Hatarwan Aluwi, a singapore pr was sent back to Indonesia in 2016. G20 put this in writing is significant as China had also got one criminal handcuff back to China from Singapore. That made singapore punched above its weight. Few country can match this kind of records in recent years. Both Indonesia and China are big economies. They will give Singapore lots of exports to their markets because Singapore house many millionaires from abroad living in the islands.
The punch above its weigh will never end in singapore. More tourists, more exports for singapore, more creative industries will flourish under the able govt s wise policies to deal with Indonesia and China. 3 cheers for singapore leeders.

Anonymous said...

More tourists, more exports for singapore, more creative industries will flourish under the able govt s wise policies to deal with Indonesia and China.
11:55 am

Which party govt can be more able than PAP govt?

WP govt with Ah Hia as PM?

SDP govt with Ah Chee as PM?

Maybe foreign talent turn Sinkie party govt, if there is one in future. Maybe PAP is betting on this.

Anonymous said...

Duterte warned Obama to stop his hypocrisy about killing drug lords. No talk if Obama warn to talk about killing drug lords.

So Obama no choice, nothing else to talk about. So cancel visit.

Now Duterte furious, Obama did not want to talk to him, look him down. Philippine US relationship going to hit rock bottom.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05pm
All your answers are wrong choices.
The right choice is:
Among the non chinese, the smallest minority ministers will stand a chance to choose one as pm.

This is the model for singapore, president minority to show respect, pm minus minority to show to the world.

Like current pm said, president is to show to the world a model, so pm is another model to show to the world. Just show the world our pm and presidents are from minority: indian president, malay pm. Ok liao, the Leeders are happily collecting millions dollars salaries, soleved long term, no need elections in future to trouble the majority to vote under the hot sun queue. Ban elections in future, its democratic to appoint minority as president, so must be pm also, so must be ministers also. No need to choose liao, lee s way. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Obama, you son of a whore. wah, wah. Steady lah Duterte.

This last trip as the President of the USA to Asia and was called the Son of a Whore. Obama must regret making this trip to Asia.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should now join the World Leaders and watch

the G20 summit opening Gala Hangzhou. See the progress of China now

compared with my first trip in 1996. Go to CCTV or U tube search for it.

Enjou and relax.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has managed Zika very well. One day only 20 cases average. Now is 275. Very few compare to Brazil cases.

Singapore minister said Zika is a mild disease. Guess no real harm as it is mild.

MAS said Zika impact on economy is very little. I guess he meant used to earn $1 revenue, now earn more or less $.999 or 0.1cent less. Hotels are booming, almost full house ready for F1 and tingtong bell. Room rates are higher than all past years. Tourists are staying longer in singapore to do shopping. Shopping centers are clunking cash registers until hands need plasters.

"The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that there were another 17 new cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection confirmed as of 12 pm, 6 September, which brought the numbers to 275 cases.

The statement said that among these, 10 cases are linked to the Aljunied Crescent/ Sims Drive/ Kallang Way/ Paya Lebar Way cluster.

MOH said that there is a potential new cluster involving one previously reported case and a new case today. They both live in the Bishan Street 12"

Anonymous said...

The 1st thing to implement when monarchy is declared is to have 3,000 concubines in the backcourt of the "IMPERIAL PALACE" like in ancient feudal kingdoms?

For the pleasure of the insatiable hum sup guai?

Anonymous said...

//This last trip as the President of the USA to Asia and was called the Son of a Whore. //

Are u referring to "Omama"?

Anonymous said...

//Shopping centers are clunking cash registers until hands need plasters.//

Catching too many "鸡卡" mossy?

Good sign ....?

Now the free time can help catch

Anonymous said...

Sales assistants nowadays Verlee "FREE" to swat "鸡卡" & "DeadLEE" mozz鸡s?

There is now (private) contest among them to (see who) swat the most end of each day & "win" free meals?

Alf-wan, pls set aside?

The latest game in town is chasing (after) "鸡卡"?

PorkeePIG Ghost is falling (far) behind (now)?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Pokémon should invent a new game to catch Zika mosquitoes. It would be a great way to terminate the mosquitoes with so many voluntary and zealous mosquito catchers.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should vote in a new government to catch Zika mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Y not design one to catch (wild)(PA)Pigs?

Is it not more profitable (and tasty based on the review of many (food livers) on bbq (wild) boars?