US bent on starting a war in Asia

The US is going to take unilateral action against North Korea, and behind this unilateral action would be the Japanese, all wanting to get the two Koreans to kill and destroy each other. And the South Koreans are just as eager to do the necessary, and the Americans and Japanese are so glad that this would be so, and there will not be any Koreans left on the devastated Korean Peninsula after an open conflict.

On paper, superficially, the South Koreans are just as mad as the North Koreans, so happy and eager to kill the North Koreans for the Americans and the Japanese. How real is this? Are the two Koreans really so mad to want to destroy each other for the benefits of their Number One enemy, Japan? Sensible and reasonable people would not think so. The two Koreans could not be so mad and stupid to want to do so. But all the sabre rattlings are pointing to an eminent war of unimaginable proportion that would see to the end of the Korean Civilisation.

The Americans, in command of the South Korean armies, had just flown two B1 bombers armed with nuclear bombs over the Korean peninsula as a show of force. Hopefully Kim Jong Un would be really mad and fire at the B1s and scatter the nuclear radio active waste all over the Korean peninsula and across the Sea of Japan. Unfortunately Kim Jong Un is not that mad to do so. But if an accident like a trigger happy Taiwanese NCO pulling the trigger, and all hell would break loose.

The Americans are trying to use force against the North Koreans, while talking about peace. God bless the two Koreans, for they may not be around after such a war. Would they have the wisdom to avoid killing themselves or would the Americans and the Japanese decide their fate and existence as a Civilisation of Korean people?

War is not funny when nuclear weapons could be use. Would anyone be able to stop the Americans from starting another war in Asia? All the silly American allies must be happy to have a war in Asia so that they can have more dead heroes to brag about. For sure this time the Philippines would not be involved under Duterte. He remembered the massacres of hundreds of thousands of Pinoys by the Americans in the early 1900s and would likely be asking the Americans to pay for compensation and reparation for the slaughtering of Pinoys during the invasion and colonization of the Philippines. He has started to ask the American soldiers in Mindanao to go home. He has cancelled joint sea patrol with the Americans in the South China Sea to deescalate tension with China.

Duterte is very clear in what is best for the Philippines. He would not allow the Philippines to be used as a sacrificial lamb to serve American interests. He would not allow the Pinoys to die for the American Empire and turn the Philippines back into another American colony. There is national pride in this man.

Duterte must be very careful for his safety for antagonizing the Empire. Be prepared for a military coup to topple him or an assassination bullet. There are many Pinoys, among the drug lords that could be easily persuaded to do the job for the Americans or a false flag event to knock him out. This is the risk for defying the Dark Side.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Duterte, like Saddam Hussein, may be antagonising the evil empire and will have to be removed. But it could be just a wayang, so take it with a little salt, please.

Looks like the evil empire, in its last throes, is out to create another Middle East in East Asia, if they take unilateral action against North Korea, that is for sure. And would the Russians and Chinese just stand idly by, knowing that if North Korea falls, the evil empire will have control of North Korea, directly or by proxy, just at the doorstep of the Russians and Chinese. And if the hush hush news is to be believe, the Russians and US have been developing new secret weapons to destroy each other. Mankind will face extinction like the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

"Duterte is very clear in what is best for the Philippines...Duterte must be very careful for his safety for antagonizing the Empire. Be prepared for a military coup to topple him or an assassination bullet."

Not to worry for Duterte lah. I mean if he could win the elections and also dare to antagonize the Empire, it shows that he knows how to and can also handle the consequences.

If PAP could win elections and also dare to make those (according to RB) outrageous and untenable changes to the elected President, it shows that PAP knows how to and can also handle the consequences.

So RB, not to worry, whether for Duterte or our PAP's Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

I m Duterte's "fan"!

I like to see him speaks! Good for him!

Duterte is the man! How the story ends?

Whether Duterte is man of steel or man of mud!

We shall see!


Anonymous said...

Political Satire - Compare & Contrast
Duterte (JB Jeyaretnam) is very clear in what is best for the Philippines (Singapore). He would not allow the Philippines (Singapore) to be used as a sacrificial lamb to serve American (PAP) interests. He would not allow the Pinoys (Singaporeans) to die for the American (PAP) Empire and turn the Philippines (Singapore) back into another American (PAP) colony. There is national pride in this man.

But of course JBJ is not Duterte.
And Singaporeans are not Pinoys.
So the above is not true.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is a scaremonger. He is so anti-USA that he conjure up all sorts of scenarios about wars and conflicts that may never happen. Always so anti-USA.

Anonymous said...

Only way to prevent an American attack on North Korea is for Russia, China to announce joint military exercise with the North Koreans.

But the two still scare of the US and allow the US to isolate North Korea in a simple divide and rule strategy. Until they dare to stand up against the US, North Korea is at risk of being attacked and a war in East Asia.

Anonymous said...

The Americans believe in might is right, talk peace but start wars.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong En is not as mad as
he was made out to be, otherwise the US Planes would have been shot at.

This young Korean Leader and his People are sensible folks.

Anonymous said...

Like that Rb may also Kena what from the empire since he so anti empire. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Redbean is a scaremonger. He is so anti-USA that he conjure up all sorts of scenarios about wars and conflicts that may never happen. Always so anti-USA.
September 14, 2016 9:52 am

But what about PAP Ministers?
Are they also scaremongers?
- If there is no scare-mongering ... would Singaporeans still support National Service?

True or not?
I don't know.
You tell me lah

Anonymous said...

HSHK going up, people are not taking american s threat seriously. Carter blamed china. China said NK s problem started from US.
Its true.
NK asked US to withdraw troops stationed in Skorea, US didnt want to do it. It wants to put Thaad on it. So NK conducted nuclear test successfully. 6th, one more test is on the way.

I too want to see what US can do with NK. china can hardly do anything. If US invade NK, and NK appear weak, china and russia will support NK.

US has stirred up refugees in middle east affecting Europe. Stirred up Nkoreas refugees going south will swamp US s resources similar to Vietnam refugees.

I would like to see how US has the gut to do it. Its marines are running and sitting on decks, while Nkoreans soldiers are well trained under adverse conditions. Personally, I think US marines cannot beat Nkoreans troops. Skoreans troops may have the equipment. Japanese soldiers lagi motivated wanting to hit hard at Nkoreans, according to rb. After all the talk, its time to start the war. US must move first. Similar to Scs, after the navy chief assess the china navy, the war in Scs was quietly called off.

US is a waning force. Even Duterte wanted US marines to get out of Philippines. Singapore has lots of room, to take in US troops. Its time for Singapore to collect US troops and positions their Thaad and missiles here. Singapore can be a base to attack Nkorea, if US lose the war and get chased out of SKorea by the Kim. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

10.58 am anon. U don't be mad or worst lagi crazy lar. If Singapore based USA troops and Kena nuke by North Korea, the whole country is habis that is the extinction of Singapore and all sinkies living here plus collateral damage some Malaysian in jb plus Indonesians in batam etc. So don't proposed this kind of mad thing ok?

Anonymous said...

Who dare to be in alliance with NK the mad dog likewise the pinoy mad dog.

They can be your good friend today and can change tomorrow. Worse is one of the mad dog got nuke toys and it is so close to North China.

China is so stupid to raise a mad dog who plays nukes at its backyard. On the otherhand, US do not allow any of its doggies have nukes. It knows the rules very well.

The pinoy people will suffer to have a leader like Duterte. He is switching sides so fast that i think no one will believe him including the Chinese. This game can only play once if not max twice. Who wants to do business with him.

Like the Taiwanese tourism industry who claimed to suffer under DPP rule where Chinese cut tours to Taiwan.

New data emerge that actually the person who sponsored the protest was a company to offer cut throat price to get cheap chinese to come to taiwan to tour "sponsored" shops.
This person is actually the one and only person who open up the china tour agency in china and the respective sponsor shops in taiwan.... A one chain service syndicate.

Also data has shown that tourists from Asean and other countries has grown in taiwan. They spent more and as a result there is no need for huge volume of tourist to make up tour groups (for special shops) which in turn inflated the hotel/property price and related activity which is a never ending cycle.

Anonymous said...

Aa12 pm anon, Knn you got evidence or not or just anyhow shoot one?

Anonymous said...

this world is getting very very very exciting......

this world is crowded by those "fantastic" leaders.......


Anonymous said...

I read some lies said here is so stupid, not passing primary six.

12pm anon.
These group of protesters were from DPP majority support area, from the East south and South. 150000 to 200000 protesters mainly were pro independent DPP voters.

If the lie said a company supported these people, and this company earned money through china tourists, the company would have run out of cash. All protesters have to receive cash before they would move so far a distance and gave up the "good business" as said by this writer.

The protesters organizer used 300 buses. So one bus took 50 people, should be very crowded inside, some standing for hours to reach taipei.

It that was a company organized protest, how much do u think each protester would demand?
Let say S$100 each, it will cost S$1750,000 cash from 100x175000. Will people go in rain to take the 100 bugs?
There was no bought to protest case inside, as these were the ruling party DPP supporters.

Some tour guides said one month they did 9 groups of tours in the past, now is one month 1 group or less as guide.
How can the lie be true? Tour guide business has gone down, and yet the post said business on tourist had gone up. Do u believe such lie?

If singaporeans believe such lies, there are many hotels and tour buses on cheap sales, some buses sold at low of 30% of their initial cost. Singapore investors should rush there now.
Of course, taiwanese, japanese will have bought all of them. But there are plenty of such sales.

Go buy them up if u dare.

Anonymous said...

Error: it should be S$17,500,000

S$18 millions+ other expenses total may be 22 millions: to fund a one afternoon protest. U believe it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:15am

If u speak from an average citizen angle, i will agree with u. If you speak from the politicians who enjoy the attention for sitting with US commanders, defense minister, secretary of state, president, what i said was the real possibility.

I guess Duterte was angry because Obama make the pinoy previous president to spend USD33millions on legal fee to come out with the Lee said "strong and powerful" judgment to declare 9 dashlines illegal against historical records.
US backdown, after china took the toughest stand ready to go to war with US. Duterte called the other president name was not without reason. Philippines govt and people were played out. That s why i guess, Duterte told reporters, in Loas, US gave Philippines two 50 jets. No missiles, no bombs, no rounds.
Got the message?

Singapore politicians enjoy the attention from the world for speaking it support the "strong and powerful" judgment. What did US promise was unknown, for acting as attack dog against china.
I recommend Thaad is a wise move if it is free.

I can tell u to bet with me: if US loses the war with Nkoreans, it will never want to get entangle with Nkoreans similar to Vietnamese communists who get rid of them from South Vietnam.
What did Obama offer Vietnam? Buy US weapons please. This is an evidence that US s military technology cannot take the impact of no losing lots of lives and damages when crashing with the communists: china russia vietnam Nkoreans. US do not want to do that. Thats why Duterte is angry. He was trapped by the cheat. Duterte is a gunner, using weapon to shoot. He looks down on coward not dare to shoot. This is my logic.

Will Nkorean use nukes on Singapore if it is a base. No it will never. Singapore is a very friendly place. How Nkorean want to use nukes on a friendly place. Just nuts will be enough lah.
US use Singapore as a base, but they must move their ships out. If they park here and Singapore get the risk fro nukes, the Leeders will be forced by some race here to get rid of US ships in singapore. There is a new president, haha, higher than leeder.

Anonymous said...

If war starts in the Korean peninsula, where do you think the North Koreans will nuke first? US bases in South Korea, in Japan and the aircraft carriers?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:42pm

Whether it is a lie, it is for all to see. China tour groups not only do these to overseas tours but have been doing it domestically for ages. Same tour group but different prices for everyone in the whole group. It is easy to DIY trips in taiwan, HK, Oz etc. It is a nightmare to do the same thing in China. For the same adv trip, the price can be north pole and south pole. A lot of hidden things in between. Good luck with your Jade pieces, tea leave or silk blanket hahahah.....

How can a protest to reflect the will of people be organize with 300 buses.
Where did the money for charter the buses come from? Where the money for the banners, same color caps, banners, water come from?

For taiwan case, if you look at the poor NS soldier who was tortured to death summon 100K + protesters come to the streets willingly without any support - came by MRT same like the HK protest.

Mr Ma of KMT brought in huge groups of such tour groups to pump the GDP but how come the economy is like that? Sounds familiar ?

This hurt the China airline staff who work like shit but wages never increased ( and working conditions decreased - longer and longer working hours) but need it to be increased in order to match the raise in property and food prices raise.

Who benefited?

When people going to wake up?

Lao Li opposed the building of casinos and resisted service sector as Singapore economy mainstay not for no reason.

In taiwan case, this become a political weapon of the opponent. Some people still worship it instead. It is like a slow poison pill which i see taiwan is taking the opportunity to clear the poison for taiwan tourism long term growth stake.

Which rich China chinese would want to spend their money in Taiwan/HK now if not they can afford to do the same thing in Japan/Europe or US?

Dont be silly. This is an old trick which was used on Singapore which later was banned. How can some tour come to Singapore for 1000 yuan then? siao? Of course if i used such trick, i would have huge growth in air ticket/hotel sales!!! Now who need to pay the difference? and who will suffer?

Anonymous said...

Why people in 2016 still ask such stupid question?

Whether who win the war in Korea?

This is still in Asia soil which is far away from US mainland.

So you tell me who wins or lose? whether militarily or economically or politically?

Any different from other US wars?

Anonymous said...

Duterte better watch out for Drug Lords whose business is in shamble after he started arresting/killing their men on the streets. Think Americans will not lift a finger but just sit tight and watch the game plays.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:33pm
I put figures to show and u said one company funded the protest, care to name the company?

The protest was brought by associations: tour bus proprietors, hotels down to handicraft shops owners.

I dont understand your kind of confused mind. Leave to other to talk to u. I now confirm that u do not rely on real sources to write your previous post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:48pm
US suffers constant defeat in war against small countries. Latest was Iraq pulled out without victory.

Look at Isis, US needed so many countries to bomb yet still seeing it grow. US only dare to send in small number of troops as instructors in middle east. It is again a proof of defeat.
Where is the Bush s promise of model of democracy for Iraq?
Its aim was never achieved.

US want to fight with NK?
US japan SK combined may not win as Japan is a weak force and SK may not want to kill same koreans while the North soldiers are like wild animals due to training. US marines are scared to die.
I bet my money on NK win if the war goes on for few years.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:33

What rubbish figures or home made coo coo you concocted?

What i am saying is facts and common sense?

They are one big fat maggot which become cry baby like you when someone stop their nonsense.

Taiwan tourism was already quite established in the region prior China open up days....

Now what they are facing is the same situation like us when from 2 million population inflated to 5 million causing a huge raise of property price, mrt, hospital overload and so on. China airlines, local tour operators and local population are now being punished.

Right now Sg govt curbing loans and guess who is the biggest protestor .... it is the property developer and construction companies.

And i telling the reason how were they able to do it by bringing in too much low valued tourist...

So if i tell you the name of the company? so what are you going to do about it. There are no law to stop this thing from happening which is also happening to HK? Can dont be so lazy and start looking up yourself?

Dun be stupid and see the light.....

Anonymous said...

Also data has shown that tourists from Asean and other countries has grown in taiwan. They spent more and as a result there is no need for huge volume of tourist to make up tour groups
Those are backpacker and independent travelers who often dont spent much on vacation.

They dont bought those unique Taiwanese handicraft .

The rise of tourists from Asean cant replace the purchasing power of mainland tourists - big spender.

If there was not problem, why would these tours operators and employee come out on working day and hold a big protest.

Too free?

Anonymous said...

Only those pro US nationalist would concur that USA can beat NK easily.

Even if US , SK and Japan combined their troops to invade NK, they would pay huge prices for such military operation

Basically, it is a suicide mission for those invading force.

NK have heavy weapon to inflict heavy casualties on those invading troops.

Look at the war in Yemen vs Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

@ The Americans believe in might is right, talk peace but start wars.

You mean you work in a company everything okay but your manager or director wont shit stir something with the other department to gain promotion or power struggle ?

You mean last time all the triads in SG or HK or anywhere if you talk peace with them and never pay protection fees, they leave you alone in peace ?

You mean China want to develop some land but people living on it refuse to move for whatever reasons but the officials just give in and don't force them to leave or dismantle their house forcefully.

Anonymous said...

@ This young Korean Leader and his People are sensible folks.

No commenting anything just sharing , kindly read this piece first.


Anonymous said...

It is true that it will not be a walk in the park for the US/Japan to put down NK. I am not a war strategist, but looking at the past, especially in Vietnam and Afghanistan, the US and Soviet Union have much better weapons than their opponents, but they could not win the war.

We always think of victory in the context of a conventional war and superiority weaponry, but sometimes physical, geographical and weather conditions also play a big part in battles. Hitler and Napoleon were defeated by the Soviet winter, not the Soviet army. and home ground advantage. So, trying to overtake NK may seem easy meat, but a prolong war is not going to favour the invading forces.

Of course, humans never learn from past lessons and presume that newer weapons will ensure history will not repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have achieved what they set out to do in Iraq. Destroy the country and let them fight forever. Israel is safe as long as the Arabs are fighting and killing each other and the American war merchants are rich when they have to buy weapons to kill each other. Disorder is what the Americans want in every corner of the globe.

b said...

Hitler, Mao, Stalin have one thing in common. They are all lefists just like Obama. Leftists love wars and unrest. Americans must learn who to vote to save the world.

b said...

NK has not invaded any country. All they are doing is to protect themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. How to justify invading a country that wants to protect herself? Only UAS can do that.

Anonymous said...

Tell that SK and if they are happy about it.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been using this farking logic to interfere in all corners of the world by claiming they have an interest in the area and thus have a right to interfere.

Anonymous said...

Well said. But human not learned from the past might not be agreeable with u.

My opinion to bet on NK win in my previous post is based on the cold fact that the Kim in NK are good learner on history.

Kim s father almost made mistake by joining the 6 parties talk and he blew off a building or site for testing mass destruction weapon. If i grasped the timeline correctly, that was before Bush invaded Iraq.

Kims father was cool. He changed his course and not to have direct talk with US. Signs were pointing towards that Kims father was trying to accept US as partner.

Why i said Kim s father was cool and smart?

Look at the fate of Sadam and Gadafi. Sadam admitted UN inspection and destruction of his weapon. Gadafi tried to partner with the west. I remembered he visited London and put up his tent at some park.

At the end, both led their countries into demise and their own death.

History is cold fact in my view. If US wants to attack china, i would pray that will be the end of it. If US wants to attack NK, i would bet NK will win. All because this fact: the people know if they are off guard against the west, both china and NK will habis in history. U believe it? I believe this fact. The west especially US will never give china a chance and certainly not NK a chance to survive.

If NK does not have nukes and missiles to fly the miniaturized nuke war heads, US and the West will not be scared.

China should know this fact. If US win the NK war, china will be the next target.

Anonymous said...

Big exposure- WADA allow US athletes to take banned drug to compete in Olympics

Western media had largely ignore the news. - Great censorship!!!

Bombshell leak reveals Williams tennis sisters and Rio Olympics gymnast heroine have been doping for years, with WADA's approval

The documents the group says it hacked from the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) files contain information that Serena Williams, one of the world's greatest ever tennis players, was taking a number of banned substances.

Williams was allowed to take oxycodone, hydromorphone, prednisone and methylprednisolone in 2010, 2014 and 2015, despite the substances being placed on WADA's list of banned substances.

American gymnast Simone Biles, who won four golden medals in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, tested positive for methylphenidate after giving a urine sample. However, like the Williams sisters, she was given special dispensation to take the drug.

Anonymous said...

History will repeat.

Same like day n nite.

Anonymous said...

There are so many factors coming into play when the US attack NK.

Sure a nuclear strike will take them out. Then they can go for China. Simple logic, but at what price? Can China land a few nuclear bombs on the US too? Remember, nuclear missles can come from all sources, land sites and from submarines. Can the US take all these out before China can retaliate?

What about the Russians? Are they going to stand iddly by and watch and wait for the US to come to their doorstep and take them out next? In Europe, even NATO is perceived as a threat by the Russians. So, will the Russians tolerate a US in NK and China? Fat hope! And remember that the Russians are no pushover. They have as much sophisticated weapons as the US, on land and at sea. Now, who is going to fire the first shot and take out the other at one blow. None can do that and that means total destruction for the US and the rest of the world.

And if the US cannot take out the N. Koreans, China and Russia at one go, we may yet see another version of Middle East 'ISIS' fermenting in East Asia, who will really bring the war home for the US and its allies. Also remember that China is well known in the art of unconventional war. Is that what they want. And in a total nuclear war, no one is going to win and will result in the extinction of mankind.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One thing for sure, the North Korean rockets can fly. They are brand new and tested. Can the American rockets fly? All their new launches ended in flames immediately after lift off, killing many of their astronauts. Now no American astronauts dare to go on space mission.

Their ICBMs are antiques, aged and probably with rats running inside them and all the circuits eaten up.

Can American rockets fly? This is a big question. And next, can their nuclear warheads detonate?

Anonymous said...

I am just as puzzled that despite their advancement in military hardware, some of their software were reported to be still stuck on 'floppy disketes'.

And remember they were relying on outdated maps despite their advanced satelite technology snooping on everybody and everything around the whole world. Their targeting of the Chinese embassy in Europe was said to be based on a outdated map, or so they claimed. Maybe just a wayang, we cannot tell.

Anonymous said...

The Belgrade bombing of the Chinese Embassy was intentional. Wait for it, one day China will do the same to one their embassies. They would have to repay this blood debt. The day China is stronger and more powerful than the Americans, it will be China to call the shot. China will also use an old map of the Qin Dynasty to bomb one of the American Embassies.

b said...

Of cos uas wants to start a war in asia, mid east and everywhere. Thats where they can earn a lot of monies. All the suppliers for weapons, medicals supplies, building materials, talkshow, uniforms, vehicles made big monies this way. All wars are all motivated by wealth.

Anonymous said...

But they did not foresee that the result of the war in the Middle East is the beginning of terrorism reaching their homeland.

During the second world war, the USA actually did not want to be involved in the Pacific region, because they thought that they are too far away and isolated to be affected, until the Japs attacked Pearl Harbour.

In this age and time, anything can reach their homeland, however much they tried to keep out. So, starting wars all over the world is easy, but Americans citizens will suffer the consquences, eg the soldiers conscripted, the disruption from the home attacks by the enemies within, not just from the outside. And of course their interest all over the world will also suffer the more enemies they make.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure from above.

Arab countries was bent on eliminating Israel since old days. US has been supporting Israel since its creation and Israel wars.

The ironic part now is there is no more threat on Israel territory now. very strange....???

On the contrary, Iraq, syria is out. Egypt govt has changed hands. Saudi and gulf states become US allies and also buys lots of US weapons. Iran just got sanctions lifted and become quiet.

So i cannot but have to believe US has indeed achieved its objective.

And Russia together with France now is entangled in Syria (helping in defending Israel against ISIS) while Iraq has given huge contracts (including defense contracts) to US.

So who is the stupid one? So many blind ones down here who still believe US got defeated in Iraq. The enemy is very sinister and has huge resources to play around.

Anonymous said...

Some people are so outdated and should be kept with lock in closet.

For US to inflict nuclear strike on NK, there is even no need for silo based ICBM.

Submarine launched Trident III and even simple B2/B52 or B1(newly deployed) bomber with tactical nuclear bombs can take out NK.

That is what US has been threatening NK all along. It has 24/7 operational bombers armed with nukes in patrol in the region from Nippon and guam bases. People wake up lah...

F35 with new B61 ground penetrating nukes has been designed for targets like Mr Fatty kim hiding in his bunker by inducing earth quake. This type of B61 has been tested operational with F15......

Anonymous said...

anonymous 539

If US are indeed so powerful, what is stopping them to follow Israel way to bomb NK arsenal, factory and nuclear sites in NK soil?

Israel has fly into syria and blow up their nuclear site. Whole nuclear plan in Syria has been halted.

Anonymous said...

Anon 112


Beat dog need to see the master. And beat you no need though.....

Syria nowadays got no big brother unlike soviet era where it can intervene to stop israel to cross over to Damacus by negotiating with US.

NK got China as its back up. And this has already been proven in history. Look at the infrastructure built in NK and Dan Dong and you will understand the relationship between China and NK.

US no doubt is still the most powerful now whether militarily or politically.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is a RED Communist stealth conspirator. He should be staying put in Communist China and not infiltrate our peaceful existence here.

Anonymous said...

Dont humiliate the word communist and the spirit or pioneers where they 1st started it.

Now China where got communist and communism, everywhere is 2 head snake and capitalism.

China no different from any place on earth need $$$$.

RB is no different from them. If you cant be patriot to your own country, you are worse than a dog.

Anonymous said...

Wah, you so angry with RB. He stealthed into your mummy's room at night and you found out right? But you so scare, only watch and do nothing so come here to tekan him? Or your mummy ask you to go to bed and switched off the light.

Anonymous said...

No lah,

He is so angry (actually sibei siok) with you that he stealth into your room at night and made many babies with your darling that you gong gong dont know (snoring away ) and help to raise them.

One fine day, you found out the truth and your wife actually left you (literally nothing) and you kana stroke and forever become half death now only able to pen a few keystrokes to raise donation funds on a lucky day.

Your kids call you uncle instead of daddy after knowing the truth.