The Asean Summit in Laos

The two day Asean Summit came and gone minus the high tension of the last few summits when the Americans and the little Americas were working hand in glove to pressure China with unreasonable demands on the South China Sea island dispute. The Americans thought they could reenact the play like they did before, with the Philippines as the point man, and with greater influence with Obama and Abe to lend weight to the little Americas.

Obama repeated the same call that China must accept the ridiculous rulings of The Hague as binding and to respect them as international law. The big question is whether the Americans would abide by such a ruling when the procedures and composition of the court members and their biased agenda were no different from a kangaroo court? For that matter, would any of the American allies accept such a ruling as binding when the whole process and protocol was anything but fair and just?

The outcome of the Summit would have been the same, with the heads of states politicking and wasting their time on the South China Sea dispute, raising tension and temperature but with no solution or progress on the matter. What the Americans and their allies did not bargain for, did not plan for, was that this time the Philippines have called out, did not want to participate in an American farce and using the Philippines as a political pawn.

In President Duterte was a man that could see through the intrigue and conspiracy of the Americans and their allies and most importantly the hypocrisy of the scam. Once Duterte called out, there was nothing else that the Americans and their allies could do to continue with their political game. The Summit returned to its normal self, to discuss issues that would unite and project Asean interests than the interest of foreign powers, to discuss on more important issues and challenges facing Asean instead of dramatising to raise tension and disunity in the group.

Asean concluded the Meeting with positive pledges to work by peaceful negotiation with interested countries, particularly China, to settle their differences. Obama and Abe returned empty handed, unable to stoke fire in the South China Sea dispute and must be very disappointed for failing to do so, to divide Asean and raise tension in the South China Sea. Normalcy has returned to the region and it is business as usual. The threats of military confrontation and the use of force manipulated by extra regional powers is passé.

After several years of highly tense and unproductive summits, this is perhaps the best Summit for Asean with Asean setting the agenda and not be influenced and dictated by big powers. Asean has taken charge and would henceforth be in control of future meetings and chart its own destiny.


Anonymous said...

Well done Duterte. USA has no business in this region anyway. Abe must be greatly disappointed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Will ISIS crash the party?

I hope so. 😂

Anonymous said...

Party is over. Yet, Abe insist to carry out Joint patrol in SCS with USA.

Philippine refuse to take part in such exercise.

Western media get so excited again with SCS coverage.
They had downplay WADA leak which exposed the corruption and collusion between US govt and sport authorities.

Western medias give little or zero coverage to such news on the ground that it touched on morality of hacking and invasion of privacy.

These hypocrite Western medias published tons of confidential files in Panama leak to shame those individuals.

Anonymous said...

I think Loas Asean summit was the final round of arsenal vs extinguisher. The arsenals are us, japan, singapore, and the extinguishers are china cambodia and loas.

Before the meeting started, Obama was supposed to be the leader but his timing was wrong, as china pm came earlier than obama.

When meeting was asean vs china alone, the control was in china. The asean coordinator singapore pm did not openly asked china to follow the "strong and powerful" judgment and china is to follow "international laws" to SURRENDER the 9 dash lines stated in the judgement.

The judgement in short is: 9 dash lines is illegal. as the laws recognized by US and Singapore and Japan is NO 9 dash lines exist in South China Sea.

But China PM Li was in control. Instead he went on to propose Meikong rival projects and the high speed rail to Loas etc. To the delight of Indochina countries, the arsenals had no business that day.

Asean summit can be summed up here: US has no money. Japan has no money. China has money.

US want to fight with China, go ahead. But US backed down by itself in South China sea.

US Japan and probably singapore wanted Philippines to fight with China. Will Philippines want?
Duterte s frank reply: US gave Philippines two FA50 jets. Not missiles, no bombs. no rounds.

The catch is here: Obama allowed singapore to buy F35A, after giving a dinner. The key word is "buy" from US.
Will philippines want to spend billions after spending US33millions to offend china?

Singapore and Philippines are different. Singapore is rich with US1.76 trillions debts, Philippines cannot borrow so much money to buy F35A to fight with China. So we must pity Duterte, who lost 33millions to Obama.

Loas and Cambodia are getting free gifts or almost free from China. Duterte is a patriotic man, different from the previous one who licked ass, Duterte should be right to ask Obama to get loss: boh lui, mai char sioa lah. Got the message?

Anonymous said...

"Asean has taken charge and would henceforth be in control of future meetings and chart its own destiny."

Tiok. So when will Sinkies take charge and henceforth be in control of future policies and decisions affecting them and chart their own destiny? This is even more important than Asean destiny, tio bo?

Cannot always depend on Aung Juan Soon Chee, Teochew Hia, son of JBJ, frogs Goh Meng Seng and loser PE candidate Tan or Ah Chiam's wife, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The ASEAN summit is a gathering of friends.
So let us put it to the test:

10 Signs of a Toxic Friend that You’ve Probably Never Realised


Anonymous said...

PAP Ministers are supposed to represent Singaporeans' interest.
So let us put it to the test:

10 Signs of a Toxic Friend that You’ve Probably Never Realised


Anonymous said...

10 Signs of a Toxic Friend (Toxic Minister) that You’ve Probably Never Realised

1. They always seem to be focusing on the negative side of things
2. They never listen to any of your problems
3. They are quick to point out your flaws
4. They get mad at you easily
5. They aren’t happy for your success

6. They always want to talk about themselves
7. They don’t care enough to keep in touch
8. They never consider your feelings
9. They pressure you to do things you don’t want to do
10. They aren’t willing to change

Does LKY and LHL pass the test?
Do PAP Ministers pass the test?

Anonymous said...

Does LKY and LHL pass the test?
Do PAP Ministers pass the test?
11:45 am

They only need to pass one test, and only one, every 5 years. And they passed the last one with flying colours, scoring 70/100. Distinction.

Once they pass this test, they can afford to fail and forget about all the other tests.

Anonymous said...

US democracy is so great!!!

-How Third Parties Are Kept Out Of Presidential Debates

BBC: Third-party candidates Johnson and Stein excluded from debate

Anonymous said...

@ September 17, 2016 12:51 pm

Very true.
PAP keeps passing the test.
Singaporeans keep failing.

Anonymous said...

The chapter on SCS and hague court show has ended as the verdict is out.

This is forever recorded in history (eg. wiki) and ball is in China court.

Generations will pass away but new generations will learn from internet that China is the culprit and aggressor who reclaimed disputed territories without negotiations and armed these reclaimed reefs.

Now it is the next show on who is the new US president and how is the new leaders able to screw pinoy president, and close the lid with Burma and India.

US where got time now on what is happening on this side of the globe.... and that includes NK affairs. Even the korea issue has been concluded with deployment of Thaad.

The more pinoy or any countries struggle, the more unstable this region will be which will pull back investment back to the west.

It is like a check list.

Anonymous said...

US waning le .......?

World order may lapse or have already lapsed into late 19th/ early 20th century situation where the existing hegemon (like Pax Britannica in late 19th century) is declining ......

A more drastic scenario is like the inter-wars years between 1918 to 1939 where world political and economic order plunged into a hegemon-less vacuum

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.52.

New generation will learn from internet that China is the victim of Western imperialism 2.0 via fake arbitration.

USA and Japan military coercion and bullying in SCS.

Anonymous said...

If china is a victim of west imperalism in 2016.

Then what you say will only justify that even with no.1 money, no.1 population, no.1 lies and propaganda machines, it still cannot beat the west.

The end result will be no different from ancient days which could mean that chinese people are stupid??

I hope you choke on your stupidity. Whether what is fake or not is all recorded in history...

Eg. After so many years of japanese cruel acts where chinese world wide kana brutally treated especially in china. Now China tourist flooding there to buy japanese brand toilet seats that are made in china.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Russia also not china friend ... pathetic ...

If war , many china soldiers will probably defect .

Anonymous said...

Fight for what?
Are you paid million dollar salary to fight and die for your country?
Isn't it better to welcome the enemy?
Won't the enemy create good jobs for China?

Isn't it better for the PRC soldiers to be translators and work for the invading American and Russian armies?

Anonymous said...

>>>>> AnonymousSeptember 15, 2016 1:57 pm
// patriot September 15, 2016 9:50
the Haze Control Measures does show that the Indonesian Authority is doing it's .....//

Based on Economics, peak high prices are when things are both scarce and desired?

Mb when after full moon tonite to drive home a point, the sky turns dark again?

Cos when world watching, the demand for clear sky is at the highest price and then Coase Theorem applied to squeeze max mileage?

Daft tend to believe too early and fall into the cesspools countless times ......?

HoLee shit is too overwhelmingly ubiquitous not to hit the faces of daft for long periods?

Especially some (JS) HLS lovers?

It is known dogs take to shit what some take to durians?

Daftness knows no bound (in taking to HLS, everytime)? <<<<<

Anonymous said...

China has a lot to do in many aspects to transform its economy from exports-led to consumption-led.

As the world drifts from a strong hegemon to an unstable declining hegemon world order, rising protectionism implies an evolving economic world order toward certain extent of economic world disorded?

China has to protect its economy through entrenching its consumers' confidence, enlarging its healthcare umbrella, outward ingestion of its over-capacity through AIIB initiatives and coorperation and 1B1R.

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo

Should be "..... economic world disorder?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WW3 had just started !!!

US deliberate airstrike in Syria and killed over 80 Syria military just after US and Russia reach a ceasefire deal few days ago.

USA military complex industry are so in love with WAR and Chaos.

Russia demand Emergency UNSC meeting.

USA slammed Russia and call those Emergency UNSC as stunt.LOL
USA blame Russia for those US airstrikes.