Singapore’s philosopher king?

In the Republic, Plato talked about an ideal situation when a state is ruled by a philosopher king, a wise man king, a ‘knows all’ that is supposed to be good, virtuous, and with unquestionable wisdom. After more than 6,000 years of civilization, this ideal philosopher king has yet to be born. No kings, emperors, presidents, dictators or whatever heads of state has come near to such an unusual human bean.

Presumably under the rule of such an ideal philosopher king, he is the one that knows best and would do best for the people, and the people need not doubt his thoughts, his ideas and his actions and decisions. He is right all the time and will rule for the good of the people.

We have heard it all over the media what Hsien Loong has said about the need to have a minority Elected President and all the stringent criteria that came along. We heard him saying that this is something he has to do and he would not let others down the road to do it. He is taking responsibility for this idea. This is the idea of one man and the decision of one man, and a very good one for the people and country. And the people got to believe in him, that it is for their own good and to be grateful. Get it right, it has nothing to do with CB.

We are now going to change the Constitution all because of one man and his idea and wants his idea to be implemented as the one good thing for the people. I just hope that Hsien Loong is the philosopher king that Aristotle was talking about, and that his idea is good, virtuous, benevolent and wise, must be wise, and is the right thing for the country. For the people they have no choice but to go along with it. There is no option for the people to say no to this idea and all the changes that are going to take place.

Forget about the deliberation and voting in Parliament. The MPs are not going to ask the people what they think and how they want the MPs to vote for or against the issue. The vote is as good as done even before it is started. At best someone might sneak into the toilet when voting is called. Why, because it is the best idea for the good of country and people. The MPs and ministers know this and therefore would support it wholly with no objection. The ideas of a philosopher king are usually this way, unquestionable, unchallenged and undisputed. No one is up to it to challenge such a wholesome idea, not in this cabinet or Parliament.

Singapore will be blessed if Hsien Loong is the philosopher king and his idea is the undisputed way to go. This minority president idea is looking like the best thing to have happened to Singapore. So far it looks that way. All the wise men and wise women in Parliament, in the academia, in the elite circle, in the legal fraternity, in the medical profession, agree with it. No one thinks it should be questioned, doubting it or saying that it is flawed.

See how powerful and supreme this idea is! It is like the unquestionable truth. If it is not, all the great minds and thinkers in the island would have spoken up. The 8 wise men and one wise woman agreed, must be, or else they would have mentioned it in their report.
The political thinkers in the academia, both local and foreign, also did not say anything to dispute its goodness. Remember, they are foreign talents, the best foreign talents money can buy and also great believers of freedom of speech and expression. If they did not comment about this great idea, it must be their way of saying it is good.

This is the first time in the history of mankind that an idea is not questioned or disputed by the wise men of the time, of an era. Kpkb in social media not counted, just noises in the wilderness, from the daft and mindless peasants.

Singapore's future can only be better going forward with this great idea. This is the closest one can get to a philosopher king.

Jonathan Eyal, ST Europe Correspondence, wrote this yesterday in his article ‘Is this the era of post truth politics?’, ‘Politicians may be strident in misleading voters but professionals must stand up to expose the lies’. This is only true if politicians are just politicians. It does not apply to philosopher king.


Anonymous said...

In the past, dynasties come and go. Almost all started with passions and care for the citizens. The first emperor will implement policies that are good for the people. The first Emperor and people are one. As the seat of power is transferred from one emperor to another, things began to change. Subsequent emperors began to distance themselves from the people. They began to suspect them for fear of their own safety. Truth about the aspiration of the people were hard to come by as reports were altered by officials. No bad news, all good. Sooner or later, dynasty will fall and another will rise. The Animal Farm story recycle yet again.

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, just listen to Donald Trump point blank but not blank shots at Hillary Clinton.

Just the same shots at the PAP government for the last fifty one years.

What a MESS you created.

Singaporeans out of jobs, bring back the sovereign wealth funds been dumped into the drains and know how many jobs that can be created by these monies for Singaporeans.

Unfair trade pacts that caused unemployment to Singaporeans.

This in reference to what happening in AMERICA and also in Singapore.

Still on going

Anonymous said...

"Singapore will be blessed if Hsien Loong is the philosopher king and his idea is the undisputed way to go."

Philosopher or not, Hsien Loong is king because he is leader of a party which won 93% seats in an election with a whopping 70% of the votes!

Anyone, RB included, who is in Hsien Loong' shoes can also become king, I mean king of Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Most important is to be king, doesn't matter philosopher or not.

After one become king, one can even call oneself whatever type of king one wants.

But most important is to become king first. The rest can decide after that.

patriot said...

An emoperor is an emperor
whether naked or robed.

An emperor, benevolent or
otherwise is an emperor.

Philosophical King CANT even
win in a Ward Election.
Dont believe?
Ask George Yeo the Deemed
Philosopher of Sin.


Anonymous said...

The son has surpassed the father. Father only an astute politician extraordinaire. Son a philosopher king!

Anonymous said...

The king ? RB made people outside laugh, inside cry. What so significant about a little city state? Its export is declining for years. Its citizens jobs are losing to foreigners. Its external debts reported to be usd 1.76 trillions. The entire usa external debt has usd 17 trillions, a tiny city has 11% of a super power s debt. What deserving king is that?

The biggest export market in china will face difficult time as kings diplomats are small kings too when doing their jobs. Reported by ST, relayed a report of global times, the little kings tried to delay the non alliance movement reso insisting to include south china sea issue into it. And these little kings diplomats there were said to be "sarcastic", "exasperated" to push for their wills. What was the objectives of pushing an issue in Scs? The very country Duterte refused to continue. What can be a gain for this little place depending on trade? While its debts is piling up. Are hospitals, transports, water and electricity expenses depend on trades or on selling lands? How they get funds for public spending? GST. No jobs, no buying can get lots of gst?

The EP was a check on public spending, and the new EP lacks independence in affiliation. Can the EP to check? Practically, the new EP entry level is set to block free election of independent parties to check on public spending, agree?

Be prepared to face the bigger mess debts in future. The indication of declining export, losing jobs for citizens, and external debts of usd by trillions dollars are BAD, not good ok. No bail out if money runs out. When the unexpected events happen such as those strikes by bus drivers, riots by indian workers, or worst something else, this place will be tensed up and depressed, jobs are harder to come by as no one will invest more money to start businesses.

The state foreign policies to favor foreigners in Scs against local exports and local jobs given by E S passes in favor of foreign applicants, will hurt household finances further and deeper creating higher debts in private sectors. Blame your fellow voters if u are citizens, no one else should take the responsibility. Be ready to face crisis.

Anonymous said...

Philosopher King = Mental Masturbation King = Ownself Check Ownself

True or not?

Anonymous said...

/// For the people they have no choice but to go along with it. There is no option for the people to say no to this idea and all the changes that are going to take place. ///

Do you think I better vote Opposition?
Before I lose my right to vote later on?

Anonymous said...

You have such a philosopher king already. Singapore is so blessed to have LHL and his team.

Anonymous said...

Great democracy in USA!!!

The police escorted third party nominee, green party, jill away from the debate. CNN defend police action.

Jill can't even enter into hall and listen to those debate as an ordinary American voter.

It just tell u that american people dont have a right to know that there are other candidates for them to vote besides Trump and Hillary.

Anonymous said...

@ September 27, 2016 12:10 pm

So what's your point?
PAP's Singapore is more democratic than USA is it?

Anonymous said...

Be ready to face crisis.
11:36 am

I thot already face crisis, I mean for Sinkies, even before 11 Sep 15? But didn't PAP even got 70% votes on 11 Sep 15?

And where got riots since the last one in Dec 2013? And HDB pigeonholes even selling for more than $1 million, u know.

So for PAP where got crisis, even though Sinkies, actually only some maybe 30%, are facing crisis due to money no enough?

Anonymous said...

Rb, please write an article about Singapore envoy bashing Global times over his "irresponsible" report and false allegation.

However, in his rebuttal against Global Times,
i cant see any lies or fabrication been directly quoted by Singapore envoy against Global Times.

From my understanding, Global Times only describe the situation in a different perspective from Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Written oredy lah. Post tomorrow.

b said...

Maybe everyone suffers from the "I Know Best" problem. But whether EP minority or not is not important. Most important is whether he will do his job properly.

Anonymous said...

Today ST said the new investment by an MNC would generate 500 jobs. Question is how many would go to Singaporeans? This ST dare not mention.

Anonymous said...

But whether EP minority or not is not important.
b 3:13 pm

Once race is included as a criteria, there is already a compromise on whether able to do job properly.

But the EP job, being what it is, PAP think is OK to compromise. And I think so too.

That's why for the PM job, PAP never talk about race like the EP, do they? This one cannot be compromised by race criteria. Of course for PAP, better to keep quiet then to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Question is how many would go to Singaporeans?
4:18 pm

Doesn't matter because it will not affect PAP winning next election anyway.

Majority of Singaporeans, including new citizens, have jobs and prefer PAP to be govt.

Or else PAP would not have got 70% votes in last election, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Rb //9/27/2016
Singapore’s philosopher king?//


Anonymous said...

September 27, 2016 6:29 pm

Isn't it more like Cunt-fucius ???

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....?

Anonymous said...

Rb //In the Republic, Aristotle talked about an ideal situation when a state is ruled by a philosopher king, a wise man king, a ‘knows all’ that is supposed to be good, virtuous, and with unquestionable wisdom.//

Aristotle might faint if he heard of the deeds of Saddam Hussein,...... ooops ...... Emperor Sin ........ oops ..... should be Emperor Qin?

Anonymous said...

Wells Fargo Bank May Claw Back Millions From Carrie Toldstedt, John Stumpf (CEO) As Soon As Today


Is it true?
In USA but not in Singapore.
When you get pay for performance ... you also get salary deductions or clawbacks for NOT performing.

What are the high paying jobs that Singaporean citizens are paying millions of dollars for?
But we are not getting value for our money?

Sports Hub?
Youth Olympics?
MRT trains?

Anonymous said...

Rb //The political thinkers in the academia, both local and foreign, also did not say anything to dispute its goodness.//


Can yew paraphrase your writing or naught (next time)?

Perhaps, your above quoted sentence could be more "PRECISE" if paraphrased as below:

"The political(LEE unthinkLEE) thinkers in the academia, both (disproportionateLEE overpaid?) local and foreign, also did not say anything (CON-tra-LEE) to dispute the (irresistabLEE) goodness of $$$ (they are ("handsomeLEE & undeservedLEE"?) paid ("at the expense of taxpayers to remain docile and obedientLEE subservient to them like domesticated pets and dogs"?) and "their wives will stop them at all costs to do otherwise")"? Pun(k) intended

Just a suggestion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yew can disregard it if deemed inappropriate(LEE too direct)?

Anonymous said...

Rb //For the people they have no choice but to go along with it. //

Not really lah?

About 300,000 to 500,000 sinkies out of a critizen population of abt 3m have (over the years) sorted out greener (and much larger) pastures (than a tiny miniscule 3-digit sq km land size nano-state)?

Anonymous said...

Rb //At best someone might sneak into the toilet when voting is called.//

Aiyo uncle,

Yew lao hero or lao teeko?

CB "erection" go toilet?

Cannot wait until get home?

Their hm CB "unerectable"?

Anonymous said...

The word ideal only in bad or negative

Present situation.hoping that the real

Thing will come true.cannot anyhow ues

The word ideal.

Anonymous said...

Rb // Singapore's future can only be better going forward with this great idea. //

What's Wrong
Check Ownselves,
Goal Posts一移

Anonymous said...

Google translate:

"Frenzied madness is no more than,
Future speech or stool,
Always called the people difficult to distinguish,
People have been disappointed heart cool,
Mirror broken broken make difficult to reunite!
Goal Posts a shift
Second shift and then move again and again,
Retirement pension coffin this,
To the old dying can not see,
Feet kick a head is not Ming!"

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

"Insane has no margin,
Speech or defecate in the future,
Always makes people difficult to differentiate,
People hearts gone cold,
Mirrors broken broken cracked!
Move the Goal Posts
Move and move the second wing moved again,
Retirement savings,
Can't see old dying,
Two foot kick Pluto-not!"

Anonymous said...

Rb //At best someone might sneak into the toilet//


Anonymous said...

Toilet exercise ......?

Wash the toilet bowl?

With their AHs?

Anonymous said...

RB talking about Inderjit Singh's toilet disappearing act lah. What you thinking?

b said...

When it comes to minority race, it is better to have an eurasian rather than other. The reason is simply the darker skin has problem with thinking skills. Their DNA are more equipped with physical rather than mental skills. Not all skins are made equal, some more equal than others depending on location, time and era.

Virgo49 said...

Now our loony PM said RACE no problem in appointment of PM.

Why Race only problem in appointment President???

Just to shut out TCB for this coming one??

Many skeletons in Cupboards??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Google translate:

"When the moon has a friend,
Heaven Palace palace is cold,
Finland Wing scattered in the twinkling of an eye,
Home moon is no longer round.
I hope thousands of miles total moon,
Only to be with the moon and Jun,
Moon is not the night cry,
Joys and sorrows do not last long.
Ask the youth today and evening,
Empty Gui Shou-month in the cream,
Autumn leaves fall tree dead,
Beautiful night is more dead!"

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

" When will the moon be friends,
The Palace very cold,
Fen Rong scattered at the moment,
Home moon no longer round.
Life wish,
Only the Moon and June,
Moon is not in the night singing,
Sorrow and joy did not last long.
Extreme case of ask the sky what year
Boudoir alone months cream
Autumn leaf fall trees withered,
View late night people!"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, your views are outdated. The new reality, the Indians are running many of the big corporations in the US and Europe and also Singapore. And soon Europe would be taken over with Muslim majority.

And don't forget, India is the next super power to reckon with. And don't be surprised the next PM of Singapore is Tharman.