Singaporean Chinese are racist?

If one is to follow the political narrative in the main media the last few days, on air or in print, one cannot but go away with the idea that the majority Chinese are racist. And extrapolating this kind of silly thinking and talks, as this island moves forward, there is a high likelihood that apartheid is on the card if the govt does not do anything about it. The racial issues are getting so bad that several politicians are giving out warnings that things would get worse if nothing is done today, now. Singapore is going to face racial strife and riots in the future.

The statestimesreview posted an article with this title 'Minister Chan Chun Sing and Sam Tan: Singaporeans, especially Chinese, are racist'. The statestimesreview is an alternative voice in the social media and understandably would have a different slant to the official view. Did Chan Chun Sing and Sam Tan said that, one would have to read what the two actually said and decide for oneself. One thing for sure, this is the impression that the statestimereview had from their political dialogue to convince the people why there is an urgent need for the drastic changes to the Elected Presidency.

Actually there is now a massive govt campaign going on led by ministers to talk on this topic and how racist the majority Chinese population is. One joker even said if nothing is done, in the future there will be no more minority MPs, implying that the Chinese would only vote for Chinese MPs. Is this kind of utterance backed up by empirical data of the past voting patterns?

In the latest by election at Bukit Batok, Ah Mu won hands down by beating Chee Soon Juan. What did it say of the racist Chinese voters? Nothing much really as Ah Mu is likely to be Chinese as Ah Mu sounded like a Chinese name. And I heard he could speak Chinese as well. He may look darker in complexion but to the simple minded Chinese voters he must be Chinese and that was why they gave him a resounding victory against another Chinese.

What about Tharman? Is he also Chinese? His name sounds Chinese as well. And he got the highest percentage of votes in the last GE, higher than the PM. I think the racist Chinese voted for him because they thought he is Chinese. It must be, racist Chinese majority would only vote for Chinese MPs/Minsiters. If you believe the current narrative this must be the case.

What about the past, did any minority politicians got elected by the racist Chinese that would vote only for the same race? Who was David Marshall, Devan Nair, Rahim Ishak, Othman Wok, JBJ, etc etc, were they not voted into office by the racist Chinese? And they stood as single constituency candidates, not lompang and got in by GRC, hanging on to the coat tails of a Chinese ministers.

After so many years of national education and national pledges, is the promotion of a multi racial country a complete failure and the govt now have to resort to legislation to protect the minorities or else they would not be voted into political office? You believe in that?

And what is the wonder solution to ensure that the racist Chinese would vote for the minorities? Have a minority president! Wow, this is really a magical formula that can solve a 50 year racial problem. So simple, so brilliant! And after this is built into the Constitution the racist Chinese majority would no longer be racist or cannot be racist?

What do you think?

PS:  Happy Hari Raya Haji to our Malay and Muslim fellow citizens.


patriot said...

The Fulkerson are again barking up the Wrong Tree after doing one with the Presidency.

The Rulers can do and change Sin anyway they like, the QUESTION IS;

And if they CANNOT, what makes them feel that Sin is safe from Racial Issues?


Anonymous said...

Which is closer to the truth?

Chinese Singaporeans are racists OR
PAP politicians are anti-Singaporeans?

What do you think?

patriot said...

Sin Aristocrats are so conceited that they can change and control
the People AS they wish.

Well, with the Ultimate Power in
their hands, they can manipulate
and exploit the People.


The Resident Geomancers has
a forecast of things to come
which sound ominous.
Me an atheist with little or
no knowledge of the Divine
somehow concurs with his/her
However, my reading is base
on the Deeds and Proprietors
of the Rulers.

Sin has a pack of avaricious
leaders that can NEVER be good
for the State and Its' People.


patriot said...

to be corrected to

My apology


Anonymous said...

Huh? After 50 years, our pledge of 'regardless of race , language or religion ' actually went down to the drain? Chinese majority won't vote a minority race into Presidency? Or is the locally born Chinese outnumbered by newly minted PRC Chinese ( PRC Chinese even more racists as most can't speak Singlish ) or is the ruling party preparing the population to recruit in more PRC Chinese to be new citizens? Whatever it is there is a propaganda or ulterior motives by the ruling party to crave out a racist presidency election..

patriot said...

they CANNOT control Destiny'.

Apology again.
Very sorry!


Anonymous said...

Uncle (Patriot),

Your intended term is "geomancer" or "geomancers"?

How many resident "geomancer(s)" is(are) there in MSN?

Also, (in your acknowledgement) no flattering "cum budding poet & experienced economic analyst" (no need others like historian, political analyst etc) added to "geomancy" forecast contributions?

Oh dun forget "cum (accomplished) bilingualist" as well?

Ha ha ha

Just kidding!

Just (need yew to) verify the term "geomancer" is singular or plural can liao!

Thank Yew (In Advance)!

Anonymous said...

If it suits PAP's agenda, PAP will not hesitate to call Sinkie Chinese racist or to even sell out the interest of Sinkies to foreigners.

All this is made possible simply because although majority Sinkies may think PAP govt is bad, the opposition is even worse. True or not, u say lah?

Veritas said...

This is encourage in some extend by PAP to suppress Chinese culture. And also minorities use racist Singaporean Chinese to hide that they are loser and to gain cosmic self worth for engaging in jihad.

Lets say for example, if Malay and Chinese both migrate to USA. Eventually who will get end up in Harvard and good job and who will be janitor?

Of course Chinese will end up wealthy and now to the point that Jews are limiting Chinese into Harvard.

Our fucking minorities have no chance against us.

patriot said...

Hi Fren;

Indeed my mistake.
My bad.
Hope You accept my
Admission of Mistake.

There is a All Rounder
here that's well versed
with much under the
Sky, on the Ground and
above It.

Folks here get to know
much of the Past, what's
current and also into the Future.
This makes the Folks here
very lucky to have enlighten
Blog Owner and farsighted
Participant to keep us informed and educated.

Kudos to the Good Jobs.


Anonymous said...

...majority Sinkies may think PAP govt is bad, the opposition is even worse. True or not, u say lah?".
10:40 am

True. And it is not for no good reason that even till the last GE, RB, just like many other smart Sinkies, did not even want to join the Sinkie opposition, let alone contest elections under the opposition.

Veritas said...

Our fucking minorities cannot create Huawei, Tencent, Ali, Y-20, J-10, foxconn, Mediatek and all institution that challenge white man.

Besides, they gloat the mis-fortunate of Chinese for too long. For a long time, China was the spearhead against white man and Japanese imperialism. We never surrender. So we take a lot of damage, wrecking our economy, suffering disasters and massive human dealth.

Our minorities core state surrender without a fight. Even Chinese cousin, the Sino-Tibetan Myanmmese bankrupt British for their 3 Ango Burmese war compared to all our fucking minorities.

For Malaya in particular, the economy is relatively intact, and their give these kepala buki head to look down on Chinese.

Now Chinese is coming back and their white man masters, their Al Saud dog is losing. They cannot adjust to that. They will jihad Chinese.

Same for indians..

They can do better by studying Math 24x7. Malay better open something like Foxconn or Mediatek, prove they are talent then come and talk Chinese discriminate them.

Anonymous said...

The little dot leeder ruled out Indian as pm saying singaporeans are not ready for Indian pm. That was the time when msm asking if one of the deputy pm could take over pm job.

Who decided that pm job was based on outside skin color? Who ignored the inside of someone who scored the highest votes counts in GE2011?

If the pm job is to be elected by total vote counts similar to HK, will one of the deputy pm becomes the real pm? I really think so, based on his vote counts during GE.

The story of singaporean chinese voters are voting along racial line is a false allegation. There was no proof of it. No real research and test.

I would want singapore to put pm job for voting similar to the EP job. No skin color should restrict both jobs.

The reason against racist is like hiring a staff: a employer cannot hire based on what he see outside, as a jobs needs inside the body to do it well, not the skin color.

Whoever say singaporean chinese voters are racist is not telling the truth about singaporean chinese. RB correctly pointed out, Bukit Batok BE proved that the majority chinese voters actually voted an Indian as mp.

Jurong GRC also proved that an Indian mp scored the highest votes in singapore higher than the pm who said that Indian mp cannot be the pm.

Who is racist? The pap chinese members are, based on above arguement.

patriot said...

Another Ominous Sign here.

'PAP is bad, the opposition is
even worse.
Bad + Worse = gone case or
'badder' and 'worser' and even
superlative 'worsetest'?

Sin beyond salvation huh?


Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

It really is not minority fault, its our own people stabbing us in the back. I think the reason why they do this is to pander for the minority vote. It is using the democrat party of USA strategy.

If they do this we ought to organise along racial lines because we will still be a majority (greater then 70 percent) till the next century if current demographics hold steady.

Anonymous said...

Malay also like to brag how moral they are but in Malaysia, they are champion incest doer.
Verita 10:47 am

Ex Malaysian PM Abdullah married his brother in law's ex wife.

There was also a report of a ex Menteri besar (state chief minister) who quit due to revelations of his incestuous sexual scandals.

Veritas said...

Actually the Malay follows the burka-hijab head from the most barbaric Nadj desert, even far hinterland than the a little more civilized place like Hejazian Mecca.

The Nadj desert is famous for produce sex pervert, illiterate, wicked mercenary, exemplified by the Al Saud family. The father Ibn Al Saud fuck a woman call sudairi, then dump her to one of his brothers. They continue fucking and until a point Ibn al saud cannot stand his horney, ask his brother to divorce Sudairi.

This is one of the sex paradize story of Ibn Saud, father of modern Islam.

And Ibn Saud get his orgasm by fucking his enemies' widow.

All these are officially documented. The unofficial one are far worse.

Malay spiritual guidance is from this man, and thats why their morals sucks.

Anonymous said...

//Indeed my mistake.
My bad.
Hope You accept my
Admission of Mistake.//

Aiyo .....

Yew make me feel very bad.

At most it's a typo error only lor or "smartphone" over auto-corrected inherent error/ "bug" .......

Anonymous said...

//There is a All Rounder
here that's well versed
with much under the
Sky, on the Ground and
above It.//

Pls do not say that cos heaven will PUNISH mee for being "arrogant" or seen to be "arrogant" (and that is a cardinal sin and mistake to make) and take everything away! Such a hat would be FAR TOO BIG for anybolee and (needs) a gargantuan amount of (head) swelling to fit in and not ended up (with this GIANT hat) covering not only the face and neck but the shoulder, body and lower part as well? Ai guess the most apt description largely agreed (by all, ai hope?) at most is an interesting, amusing, witty, knowledgeable cum half-past 6 bilingual non-practising self-trained (MSN) non-resident (or at most part-time resident) geomancer (through (thousands of years of empirical) observations lah) cum contributor

Anonymous said...

//Folks here get to know
much of the Past, what's
current and also into the Future.
This makes the Folks here
very lucky to have enlighten
Blog Owner and farsighted
Participant to keep us informed and educated.//

The part about MSN owner is 101% correct. The part about a blogger is at most, unfortunately, 1% correct. The folks here are enlightened by many including the blog owner foremost, the highly esteemed Patriot, knowledgeable yet streetsmart Virgo and many, many others (impossible to list them all including many countless anons),AND NOT just one! Any cause worthy endeavour is never by (just) One and about (just) One! Collective efforts, even if by ants, can move mountains (albeit bit by bit)? Over flattery can damage (or destroy) a person (internally and externally)?


Let say a person came with a gift.

He gave $1,000 as an appreciation.

As a token, $1 is taken from the gift and $999 returned.

The $999 was never the intended reward (and/ or glory) sought.

The pleasure, the leisure, the well-being (of the folks), the support, the encouragement, the common and shared joy and pain etc among folks in MSN are the ultimate goals.

To see through that life at the end is a heap of white bones is some form of enlightenment all human beans should seek to understand eventually.

All glories, titles, riches (in the end) are ephemeral. Over emphasis and over valuing of transient tangible materials on earth lead to much strifes, unhappiness, miseries, sufferings etc among human beans.

Simple principles but hard to be understood especially for many.

Truly understanding the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns by politicians (worldwide) and putting it into practice could minimise a lot more problems among human beans and make for a happier mankind, all sharing and transiting through this place call Earth.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! Here we go again.
PAP Ministers saying bad things about Singaporeans again.

If these PAP Ministers think Singaporeans are so lousy ... why do they want to represent us in parliament?
And why does 70% of daft Singaporeans want to vote for these people who keep insulting us ... and replacing us with foreigners?

I think these PAP Ministers should emigrate and leave Singapore

patriot said...

No PAP Minister should lraves Sin, not even their Offsprings.
Nor should any of them invest in any assets oversea.
The Rulers and their Offsprings shall swear allegiance to Sin and they shall be examples to the People.

We pledge since the Day of Independence and new citizens do the Same on receiving their Citizenships to be patriotic to Sin regardless of Race and may l add, Circumstances.

lf the Rulers have the Freedom to migrate, few will remain in Sin, for
they are loaded and if they migrate,
they will take their fortunes along.

Can Sinkies imagine how much poorer
Sin will be, if the Rulets migrate with their fortunes ???


patriot said...

Like to add that all Rulers of any nations shall behave like ship and Airline Captains.


patriot said...

Like to add that all Rulers of any nations shall behave like ship and Airline Captains.


Anonymous said...

Little dot pm said in US weeks back that China should follow the "strong and powerful" judgment and follow "international laws", meaning: follow the judgment, give up the "illegal 9 dashlines".
This was leeder s stand, all published on msm.
Followed days after, Obama at Loas told Asean heads of state, the judgment was binding to china. This was also in msm.

In the same Loas meeting, Duterte met Obama. Du pulled out a picture of US army massacred pinoys anti colonial army and civilians. Du showed the picture to Obama about human rights.
Du also told reporters:
US gave Philippines 2 FA50. He was grateful. What he added below made me laugh: Du continued: But US never gave Philippines missiles, bombs, or rounds to use on the FA50.
That was the great joke. Got the jets to fly for fun.

Little dot s anti chinese stand was clear. The white skin are better one. But the white skins never have never given little dot the market for exporting. The anti chinese stand also brought down the buying mood in china.

Little dot leeders now want a guaranteed malay EP to divert attention for the poor handling of economy? or to please the Indonesian Jokowi or Najib or both? Or was forced to do it due to the mass immigrants are Indians in majority.
Should little do start to call for a pm job to be rotated to Indians and chinese without malay? Will a white new citizen get the pm job?

Little dot is in trouble, if the leeders are looking at skin as the first criterion for pm job. As the Indian population increases, the demand for an indian pm will become apparent.
Will US help leeder by deciding a system to select EP and PM?
I will hope so, as little dot s leeders are lost in the jungle of politics. Wrong in Scs issue, wrong in EP, and more.

patriot said...

we are missing the Wisdoms of
Matilah Singapura.

Hope he is not
abandoning Sin.

Or has he been invited
to limkopi?
He deserves Tequila and
the Best Chicken.


Anonymous said...

Patriot, matilar passed away peacefully several weeks back in the arm of a whore in the whore house. That is the way he wanted to go as this pevert only have sex in his mind. His Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters are liberated. Be thankful. I was told that they spit at his coffin as it was lowered to the ground! This motherfucker deserved what they done to him.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, matilar passed away peacefully several weeks back in the arm of a whore in the whore house. That is the way he wanted to go as this pevert only have sex in his mind. His Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters are liberated. Be thankful. I was told that they spit at his coffin as it was lowered to the ground! This motherfucker deserved what they done to him.

He died in Brazil during the game.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, deleted two of your posts. Your posts are getting way beyond acceptable for consumption.

As for the suggestion of voting for a PM, I believe the very 'racist' Chinese majority would vote Tharman as the PM with eyes closed against any Chinese candidate the PAP put up. That is how 'racist' the Chinese majority is.

I smell a rat.

Veritas said...


What I said is true.

b said...

Everyone is guilty of being a racist. The difference is the intensity. Some are very racist and some are only little bit racist. Otherwise, come out with a race that is never racist and never kill other race before. There is none unless that race lives in a mountain up there where no other race ever been.

b said...

However, white skin are less racist than brown or black skin. Otherwise there will not be so many chinese singaporeans. Our ancestors came when white men ruled this island and were given jobs. They were not perfect but still better than the emperors back home.

Veritas said...

There are 56 race in China and no one other than Tibetan and Uighur have problem with Han Chinese. USA cannot even handle their black and for Malaysia, all her minorities hate Malay. For India, genocide are conducted regularly so that Brahmin blood become pure.

If today, Mongol, Manchu or Tibetan appears in large number in Malaysia, malay will hate them as well. But in China they have no problem.

Anonymous said...

@ patriot September 12, 2016 12:49 pm
we are missing the Wisdoms of
Matilah Singapura.

Hope he is not
abandoning Sin.

Or has he been invited
to limkopi?
He deserves Tequila and
the Best Chicken.


"Latimah Rapugasing" has "reincarnated" with another (totally messed up and screwed up) "moniker" that "sounded" like a born "bastard of bastards"?

Anonymous said...

Is this typical PAP hypocrisy?

Do they make it more difficult for non-PAP related people to be President?
Do they make it easier for Singaporeans to be hawkers?


Anonymous said...

Is this another example of PAP hypocrisy?



Anonymous said...

Only these type of racism exist among Singapore Chinese communities.

1)English speaking Singaporean Chinese vs Chinese speaking Singaporean Chinese.
2)Christian Singaporean Chinese vs Buddhist Singaporean Chinese.
3)Pro gay marriage Singaporean Chinese vs Anti Gay marriage Singaporean Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why US media spin the stories and defame Duterte for insulting Obama as son of XXX?

It is a big news.

Two week ago, Duterte accidentally touched the nerve of American .- he raised the sensitive issues

Why Are You Killing Black People? Filipino President Blast US For Human Rights Violations Of Killing Black Americans

Go to Youtube and watch his speech.

It got huge response from Black American communities.

There are no mention of such speech in western media . USA media generally censored the news.

Anonymous said...

In a free cuntry, people are free in their choice of beliefs (and adulation)?

Even in "devils"?

Even in "beans engaged in incest" (and publicly declared so)?

People take drugs?

People drink themselves silly?

It's the choices they made and have to live with (the consequences or implications, for good or bad)?

Modern economics assumes human beans make rational decisions but many do not?

That's why modern economics solves probably up to 70% problems but the balance up to 30% unsolved problems are enough to paralyse mankind and wrought havoc to the capitalist system as we know it today?

The problems of the society in the 18th century threw up ideas such as capitalism (a term coined by Karl Marx, by the way).

It has been about a quarter millenium since Adam Smith published his magnum opus "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" in 1776?

Will the problems of the 21st century see another game-changing master piece or work descending on earth to take mankind or human bean civilisation forward for another quarter millenium?

Our dear Patriot gives the idea he thinks his idol has the "wisdoms" (to do so)?

Genius and madness are sometimes delineated by a fine thin line?

Before a big downfall, strange things often taken place?

In ancient Qin, the mule is being insisted to be a horse?

Those who (dare to) diagree are known to be persecuted (and beheaded) during those times?

To declare madness as genius (if it happens) could be a (an ominous) sign of (the) time?

Veritas said...

When I was in Primary school, speaking Hokkien, my mother tongue is deemed as vulgarity and liable to be punished.Yet, I did not try to jihad Singaporeans, or try to kill many of them.

At least Malayu and Tamil can speak their mother tongue in school.

Our fucking race will remain fuck up because they have a screw up mind

Anonymous said...

/// When I was in Primary school, speaking Hokkien, my mother tongue is deemed as vulgarity and liable to be punished. ///

Who made speaking Hokkien a vulgarity?
Singaporeans? OR
PAP government?

You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

@ September 12, 2016 4:28 pm

But who gave PAP government the power to make speaking Hokkien language a vulgarity?
Singaporeans right?

So who should Veritas fuck?
Singaporeans or PAP?

Veritas said...

The PAP anchor a culture that make people despise our mother tongue. For example, our sinitic language Hokkien is denounce as dialect and till now still ban in TV.

You can have Germanic dialect, aka dutch, Indonesian dialect, aka Malay, or lect like Japanese, Korean broadcast, but not Hokkien and Cantonese.

The MOE teacher catch the cue and they are hard when they see children speaking chinese vernacular mother tongue.

If Taiwan DPP style government come to power, Hokkien will be enshrined and teach as curriculum.

MOE should know what is going on at the ground. They are NOT stupid. PAP is not stupid either.

Anonymous said...

Veritas can kpkb about Hokkien.
But I bet he cannot get 100 Chinese Singaporeans to go to Hong Lim Park to protest.
Poor Veritas.
It's tough fighting for the rights of Singaporean slaves.

Because Singaporeans do not see themselves as slaves.
Singaporeans believe they are elite.
Better than other Asians.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there is a race here who will commit terror in Singapore?
Do you think they are jihad-crazy enough to assault a teenage boy on his way to court?
Do you think this jihad-crazy race has the support of at least 60% of Singaporeans?

Veritas said...

There are many who tried to bomb and kill a lot of us in Yishun and far more joining JI. And many more going jihad in Syria to kill their fellow muslims.

Then who knows how the rest of the "moderates" are thinking. But I know 62% of Malaysian Malay want to murder apostasy, while brandishing Malays are the most moderate in the world.

Anonymous said...

AhLee Uh Akbar.

Anonymous said...

Bankrupt the infidels in Aljunied and Hougang.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted one of your posts again.

Anonymous said...


What is your view on Indonesia confrontation period?

What is your view on British involvement in the massacre of PKI and Chinese indonesia as the scapegoat to end Sukarno regime which created by black ops propaganda?

What is your view on LKY need to pay respect (kowtow) to two dead marine Indonesia in order to resume bilateral relationship with Indonesia?

it is like asking Australia PM to pay respect (kowtow) to those Bali bombers

What do you think?

Veritas said...

Actually PAP has offered CIA a base against socialist sukarno. And one of the weapon CIA use against socialist and Indon Chinese is Islam. In this aspect, we have blood in our hands.

When Indon Islam kill Chinese they are very proud. I have seen this in documentary. But once the journalist probe further and reason with the Islamist, you see them crying.

After Suharto took over, the Indon stop their terror act here.

These are the fucking history and dirty linen.

But in short, the white man is ALWAYS against Chinese hegemony in SE Asia. UMNO the Islmo is their dog. Stupid Malay due to their hatred against Chinese being played out.

We serve our white man master and profit handsomely. What I see is the tragedy that SE Asian Chinese are played out by white and China, against our own interest.

Veritas said...

Sukarno want to create Nussantara and so he want to attack malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia UMNO are traitors who stick on to the Anglo Dutch Treaty started by Raffles, and his Malay traitor, now father of Johor Sultanate, fucking tememgong.

Sukarno is not all wrong but today he got vilified.

At that time many Malay elites want a pan Malayland, call Malphlindo, Malaysia, philipines and Indon. But Islam is so shit that pinoy do not want to be a part of it. So Malay elites go for plan B which is Nussantara, aka Malaysia + Indon.

The ex Malaysia vice Premier Gaffar Baba is one of their gang, call Kesatuan Melayu Muda, KMM.

How Malay got this race awakening. The story goes. It was the Japan who wake up their fucking idea.

and the story is long long long....etc...

Very few people actually know what is going on. We are not taught the real history.

Anonymous said...

We serve our white man master and profit handsomely. What I see is the tragedy that SE Asian Chinese are played out by white and China, against our own interest.
September 12, 2016 8:12 pm

I'm so glad you don't see PAP playing out the Chinese Singaporeans.
I'm sure the Nantah graduates will all agree with you.

Veritas said...

PAP did play out Singaporean Chinese. Basically PAP are acultural peranakan who suck white man cock.

Basically I am more comfortable with Thai culture than Singaporean Chinese culture. Thai culture is more eastern.

As for Nantah she is the premier Chinese university in SE Asia. The SAP schools precursor, the Chinese schools, are the among best schools in Singapore.

Then in one stroke PAP close Nantah, close Chinese school and convert 9 of them into SAP schools to damage Chinese. Then fucking Malay and India here who want Chinese dead, KPKB, open their CB mouth and say Chinese have SAP schools, that is racist.

Bare in mind, PAP still allow Malay keep their fucking low standard Madrassah who cannot make it.

Our minorities know only how to stir shit. And not just Malay clown like Alfian Saat but elites like Lily Zubaidah Rahim, from Yusof Ishak family. She is an elite close to power and she should know what fucking SAP is all about.

In her book she choose to lie and stir shit. That shows how much Malay hate Chinese and how much they like to lie.

Veritas said...

I cannot stand the shit and minorities lie anymore. I cannot stand ST writing fake history. That is why I try my best to awake Singaporeans the true colors of peranakan, PAP, Malay and Indians and white man.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Wow, this is really a magical formula that can solve a 50 year racial problem. So simple, so brilliant! //

In BC 208, 2 years after the demise of the 1st Emperor of united China, Qin SH (BC 210), and 2 years before the collapse of the Qin Empire, many things were turned "upside down", logic "subverted" and ramped down the subjects throats .......

One of the most (in)famous examples was the insistence that everybolee should believe that the DEER (some said it was MULE) be taken as a HORSE

Many of those who spoke openly against such distortion of truth were thrown into jail or even executed

Anonymous said...

A mule is a mule.

A deer is a deer.

A horse is a horse.

Anonymous said...

The Qin Imperial Court in BC 208 insisted and decreed that everybolee must call the mule a horse, else they will be severely dealt with

When things developed to such extent, there were much disquiet on the ground

Some predicted the end and collpase of the Sin regime ..... oops ...... Qin regime was imminent for things to unravel and spiral downwards to such preposterous and inane level

Anonymous said...

In BC 206, 2 years after the mule/ deer/ horse decree issued by the Sin Select Committee .... oops .... Qin Select Committee of the Imperial Court, the regime collapsed amidst unprecedented chaos throughout the country

When logic is (blatantly) turned on its head, history has shown that it might not be tenable

Hopefully, human beans learned from history and not let history keep repeating leeself (over and over again)

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas @ September 12, 2016 8:48 pm

But in this 3 minute video at the Singapore American School.


LKY say Singaporeans got no initiative.
LKY say Singaporeans don't know how to set up their own schools.
Unlike Americans who can ownself help ownself.

How come LKY never say Chinese Singaporeans set up our own Chinese schools?
How come LKY never say his PAP government was responsible for shutting down Nantah?

Who is lying?
LKY or Veritas?

Anonymous said...

@ September 12, 2016 10:34 pm

at the 2 minute mark of this LKY video.


Do you see LKY and the Americans laughing at Singaporeans?
Do you think LKY and the Americans are making fun of Singaporeans ... saying that we don't know how to ownself set up our own Chinese schools?

Why is our Founding Father and the Americans laughing at Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

PAP did play out Singaporean Chinese. Basically PAP are acultural peranakan who suck white man cock.
Veritas, you are very smart!!!

That would explain why LKY could gain the trust and make close alliance with US and UK

Unfortunately, it is not good enough to become part of Five Eye nations ( their club)

Australia, Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...


Shouldn't US or UK back then help Singapore (LKY) to become the leader of Southeast Asian. - the hegemony.

UK and US could have gave away those British colonies or Dutch colonies to Singapore.

US give free island to Japan
UK give free island to Australia

Anonymous said...

Veritas, can you offer some perspective on these issue?

Why didnt LKY ask British or US to cede those islands( Batam,Bintan, Karimum etc... ) to Singapore instead?

It is quite reasonable for Singapore to annex those island as their territory back then.

British needs helps from Singapore to protect their interest in the region.
USA need a strong ally, Singapore in the region.

Anonymous said...

In this world, there are many human beans psychologically imbalance inside?

So some need do sthg through deeds or words so to make themselves feel "more balance" inside?

"Greed", "jealousy", "insecure" ..... etc could be symptoms of such emotional anomaly?

Anonymous said...

So must "spike" others?

Some try "Hurt" others through their words?

Some even Put on "knuckle dusters"?

Anonymous said...

Yew see the older generation like pre-war and baby boomers ......?

At foodcourts sometimes can see them very harsh to each other?

Hopefully, when Gen X take over from them over the next 10 to 20 years, the world becomes less mean, less strifeful, less spiteful, less politiking, less selfish/ self-centred without consideration for others?

Anonymous said...

Gen X are too young in the past 26 years to cause property prices to spiral to such stratospheric levels?

Who caused it?

For the younger or future generations' benefits?

Anonymous said...

Many oldies bought properties, even pte ones, some in locations that are so prime many aspiring owners will not even dream about it?

Apts along River Valley Rd were bought by oldies in the early 1970s for like a fraction of the prices of cars nowadays?

Then come LoaGoa-nomics in the 1990s to monetise many things in the island?

Anonymous said...

So the $30k to $40k River Valley apts became many millions.

The oldies can retire in their golden years?

The future generations will work till their butts chao tar also just barely enough pay finish one tiny hdb pigeon holes and no $$$ left in cpf for retirement?

Anonymous said...

What LaoGoa-nomics is that?

Transferring wealth of future generations to oldies generations to retire lavishly?

Yew think Gen X, Y/ millennial Gen stupid izzit?

Anonymous said...

People from Lao Goa cohort like TCB, Mobodo Tan, and countless others sitting on tens of millions, some even hundreds of millions of properties?

Did they bought them with hundreds of millions?

No! They got it dirt cheap and inflate through selfish and greedy LaoGoa-nomics monetisation policies in the 1990s

Anonymous said...

So outwardly younger post indepedent generations may be respectful?

But YEW think they stupid?

They did not know what the oldies generations like Lao Goa did to their future?

Anonymous said...

This following classic (in)famous words by Mobodo Tan in the 2000s said it all?

Pricing land lower for public housing is raiding the reserves?

Or was it not RAIDING the future generations to fill the coffers (for ghost know what purpose?)?

Anonymous said...

Turning logic on its head will have its reckoning day?

Just like Botak said GST is to help the poor?

Or recent (in)famous words that will go down the anal of history for posterity?

Anonymous said...

Other (in)famous words from the pre-war and baby boomers generations:?

"Ownself check ownself"? (But younger generation kena audit like no tmr)?

"What's wrong collecting more $$$?" (For oldies to live in opulence and decadence in retirement but in the process impoverish and even bankrupt the younger ones for many generations to come?)

Anonymous said...

So many tintong politicians accusing Chinese of being racist.
Wait till a racist regime takes over the govt then they would know what racism is.
All these tintongs would cry for help, but help would not come.

Anonymous said...

The last 2 times in the whole of 5,000 years of recorded Chinese history, when za bor became HOS, the regime collapsed?

The last one was in the early 20th century when an old slut became the power behind the throne and the Empire went through a whole strings of national humiliation (including the annihilation of the 4th most powerful naval power in the world then at the hands of a much weaker Japenis cuntry) and inevitable collapse precipitated by a poorly armed make shift militia led by Sun Yat Sen?

There is an old belief that men is Sun (Yang) and women is Moon (Yin) in ancient China?

The sun must rule bcos all life emanate from the sun?

The light from the moon is bounced off from sunlight?

The moon itself is darkness?

When moon rules, darkness (and misfortune) ensues?

Anonymous said...

Another trend is from Jun 2017 onwards, the number of babies born might fall below 2k or even 1.5k per mth?

Then in 18 years time by 2035, the number of available NS is less than 10,000?

How to defend 7+ million population by then?

Means may need hire professional mercenaries by then?

This type of future dark or bright, YEW say lah?

Anonymous said...

Oldies now Qing Ming is go ancestors grave clean up and give offering and prayer?

When current batch oldies go heaven, what could be left for their descendants to offer their respect during future Qing Ming?

80% oldies who voted in the past 50 years might pass on with no one to clean their graves next time during Qing Ming cos their descendants cannot survive here le?

If migrate Canada, how to take aeroplane 48 hours to and fro to pray during Qing Ming?

Not mentioning Ghost Month, Eve of CNY, go heaven anniversary etc?

The future might be bleak even for oldies spirits after they passed on?

Does the world in hade have those "blood bank or sperm bank" kind of scheme?

If have, ownself burn ownself hell $$$ now to "bank in" first so next time bye bye liao children no burn offering still can "survive" on pre-deposit?

Beside hell $$$, also burn shark fins, bird nest etc in advance, for those rich oldies like Lao Goa, TCB who now live in BIG bungalows and opulence?

Anonymous said...

Where got Chinese in Sin?
Peranakan got lah.
At most, there are pseudo
Chineses of many shades.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot and others---especially the ones who think I've died and fucked off to get judged by jesus and allahπŸ˜‚

There are conversations which need to be had: Roy Duterte and his burning of the Singapore flag (pure symbolism, nothing to worry), the case for elected presidential powers (a definite step in the wrong direction---toward tyranny and possible dictatorship)....and the idea that Chinese Singaporeans are a "privileged class" and are "racists" (anytime you lump people into a group and hang labels on them, you know that shit ain't true...why? Because people are individuals and there is a lot of "variety" even in groups who have been arbitrarily hung with the SAME LABEL.

Patriot, you make the potentially fatal error of assuming that I have "wisdom". I state categorically that I don't. I am a flawed human, I make loads of mistakes, but yet I enjoy everyday of my life---especially when my cock is wet and pungent with pussy slime. πŸ’¦πŸŒ

Singapore and individual Singaporeans]] are searching fr their identities---as ethnic groups, as individuals and as a nation of ok-lah-boleh-tahan "united" people. It's like a large dysfunctional family (which is all families to varying degrees) trying to sort themselves out with family members screaming the most cruel things at one another, or engaging in heated less-hostile discussions or finding that rare moment to actually sit down and talk to each other with respect as is to be expected in RATIONAL adult conversions.

But "rational" is boring. You need the oomph negative emotions and hurt feelings bring to the table. This is how dysfunctional families thrash out their differences in typical HUMAN STYLE, using egos, and force of will, and empathy and compassion and cruelty and hostility...the whole fucking gamut of our wonderful spectrum of emotions.

These are emotional issues: race, identity, being insulted by a tin-pot Pinoy tribal chief adn whether or ot the motherfucking president should be allowed to become a cuntry-fucking tyrant.

I've got a full plate for the next few months (I'm still on the road), so I'll just be a spectator in these shit-fights, and it is my hope that you find the darkness and the light to put on a fucking good entertaining show for me to enjoy whilst getting stoned, or to keep my spirits uplifted so I can make more dough and bang more ass.

Perhaps it would be good to escalate such "divisiveness" into civil war? WOW! That would be spectacular. As far as that Pinoy asshole goes, let's pay someone to cut off his cock and shove it in his cunt mouth. πŸ”ͺπŸŒπŸ—‘ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, ghost month not over already meh?

The "Gui Men" opened again?

Or escaped out one?

Anonymous said...

"Latimah Rapugasing" keblaganpusing ......?


Maciam computer game?

"Game over (die liao)" can reset one?

Patriot's version of wisdom?


Can anything be more berserk than this?

Idol some more?


What is the difference worshipping or idolising a cockroach?

What to make of it if somebolee proclaim publicly they idolise leeches or termites or some parasites?

Anonymous said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️September 13, 2016 2:40 pm
//@ patriot and others---especially the ones who think I've died and fucked off to get judged by jesus and allah��//

"GUI" lai lo ........

Mee getting out of here liao

(Bu Yao) "Zai Jian"!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sigh of relief. I thought he is really gone. Nice to know that he is still the same insanity.

Stay healthy, you punk. Or else I would have to write an eulogy here.

patriot said...

With him(MS) staying away from My Singapore News takes away some fun from here.
And oso like he can't take the Challenges and Snubs from the Others here.

with him staying away from Sin makes one feels like he is running away from some calamities or avoids getting infected by diseases.

My Idol;
which is which?

Like Rb aka Chin Leng; feel comforted to hear from You.
Stay in touch here.
Eulogies are nice to hear
but not nice to deliver.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@uncle RB

One thing you can rest assured: I will be healthy. When your mind and body are happening, you can be the most effective asshole imaginable to kachau most people who are emotionally and physically under-par, and don't look after themselves properly.

I make my living manipulating people, so I have to be on most of the time in awake.

But alas, one day it will all end as no man lives nor can be "game on" forever. So to save you the effort and time for authoring my eulogy, let me help you out:

Matilah has died. He was a cunt. We're happy to know that Jesus and Allah have damned him to hell and that Satan is fucking him with a red hot flaming cock. Although he's getting what he deserves, we shall miss him, even though mankind can now advance a little bit in the positive direction.


Anonymous said...

//My Idol;
which is which?//


Anonymous said...

So Lo(ooo)ng, everybolee!

Worshipping parasites is sthg mee will not go near even with a gazillion-foot pole.

Neither those worshipping or idolising parasites.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ok, to you squeamish "politically correct" /"safe-space/ "trigger-warning" / "SJW" motherfuckers who would love to hunt alleged racists down and kill them, thus in your own fanciful minds believe this world would be a "better place" (cue shitty sentimental music), here's some SCIENCE for all you bitchez:


OK, so go ahead kill babies. Like how that Semetic god does in the bible/ torah/ koran.

[quote]Hunger and World Poverty. About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every four seconds, as you can see on this display. Sadly, it is children who die most often.[/quote] Source

Good job Jehovah/ Yahweh / Allah...whatever the fuck your name is. Keep killing them kids, racist little shits that they are...πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

Anonymous said...

From experience, the Indians are more racist and think themselves as culturally supreme that all other racial groups. I can bet the Indian voters in BB and they are higher in proportion than in most other wards, 99.9% voted for the Indian PAP candidate while the majority Chinese are split between Murali and Chee.
Look at Indian FB comments when Tharman was proposed as a successor to LHL. You can hardly find a single of them disagreeing while I don't think Tharman isn't any special than other MIWs, just alot more tactful.
If the narratives suit their interest, MIWs would say anything.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia media like KTM ,7,8 have been showing tons of hokkien minnan and cantonese dramas on the daily basis since time immemorial. Our friends there can speak 3 languages without problem.In fact you would realise that their mandarin newscaster are ALL locals.

It has not affected their command of their mother tongue when come to speaking HUA YU.

Ironically from our living rooms in Singapore we can received the Malaysia TV programs in dialects which is banned on Spore state- controlled tv (UNLESS for propaganda purpose like some netizens commented).

Anonymous said...

Majority of the Chinese consider Kelingkia a better minister than pinkie. They all know he is where he is because mama said so

Anonymous said...

Presient Duterte said 'we keep ourselves there(referring to the 12 nauctical miles) I don't want want to join patrols with with any army because I don't want any trouble...I don't want to go gung-ho with China or America'