More LKY legacies falling

I wrote about the meritocracy legacy of LKY at the verge of being dumped by including race as a key factor in the election of the EP. Under the present criteria, though very, actually extremely elitist, it still has the hallmark of LKY in it, ie meritocracy. The EP will be chosen on merit and elected by the people. No tokenism. The likely proposed changes to the criteria to include race as a key element soundly denounced the ideal of meritocracy, that does not need to be elected base on merit but on race. Several minority bloggers have spoken up against this compromising change that would not look good when a minority candidate is elected under a different and unmeritocratic rule. They expressed their objections to such a patronising move. How strong is this view from the minorities against or in support of the changes has yet to be determined but it sure irks the minority elites as was seen in a CNA programme.


What is certain is that this meritocracy legacy of LKY will be the first to fall and not the last. In last week's ST there was an article by Kor Kian Beng on how Singapore walked the tight rope in a balancing act between the two super powers, China and the USA. In the article he quoted LKY saying that Singapore must not choose between the two super powers. Singapore should be neutral in their conflict. And Singapore might host Chinese military facilities as well after offering such facilities to the Americans. That was another hallmark and legacy of LKY. A wisdom only fools should disregard.


Vivian Balakrishnan and Chan Chun Sing have both been quoted that Singapore's position between the two powers was and is neutral, Singapore does not take sides. This was the position of Singapore in the past. Has this been changed recently over the South China Sea dispute?


Hsien Loong took pains to explain Singapore's position at the National Day Rally not for no reasons. China is fuming and has lodged protests to the govt on Singapore's pro American stand, read as anti China, after several govt officials made statements that were obviously unfriendly to China. Singapore's role within Asean on this issue, the favourable comments on The Hague ruling, freedom of navigation, etc etc mirrored the American positions to the chagrin of China. And the Americans are using military facilities in Singapore to conduct provocative manoeuvres in the South China that further put to question about Singapore's neutral position between the two super powers.


The big question, is Singapore really neutral or has Singapore taken side with the Americans, abandoning its policy of neutrality? It is not just what the Singapore govt and its officials were saying but what Singapore has been doing in recent times that would be judged. And only China and the USA know and matters whether Singapore has taken sides.


If Singapore has taken side, then another legacy of LKY is going down the drain. The next question to ask, are these legacies obsolete, outlived their usefulness, or they were wrong in the first place and have to be dumped, LKY legacies or whatever? How many more of LKY's legacies or wisdom would be ignored, challenged and buried away? How many people have the audacity to think they are wiser than LKY and dare to show disrespect to his legacies, to put them away, barely one year after his demise?


Was there a call to protect and preserve his legacies?


PS. I understand there are people that would pui when LKY’s name is mentioned. Let’s be objective about this. Not all his legacies are bad and some are critical to the continued existence and well being of this little Red Dot. Abandoning the good stuff indiscriminately would be an unforgiveable sin, an injustice to the future of Singapore and the millenials.


Hermit said...

Singapore has been America's ally (or lackey depending on how you want to see it) since Day One of our independence. What's new?

virgo49 said...

Seeing Donald Trump's speech on Immigration Policy now on Fox 702 and you will see what's happening in the USA would be Sinkieland's problem years to come.

What you expect from the current leaders of duds who are not streetwise like the Pioneer leaders.

Now mostly bananas too westernized and already boh lean chor.
Now they wanted a bastaridised society promoting interracial marriages in all media channels.

Thinking that this is the way to solve racial problems.

What daft and dumb leaders.

Anonymous said...

I think tcb should pull out of the race

patriot said...

What's destined cannot escape.

We know much of the Maladies affecting Sin, are due much to
greed, incompetence, negligence, lapse, oversight, stupidity, even pure irresponsibility and maybe
evil intent.
There are allegations of election frauds and victimization of dissidents etc.

To cut it short, the Result of
all the Above has been caused by
the DAFT Sinkies themselves who
have blindly followed and are following the Pipe Piper to the

Like to say here that harping on
the Race Issue about the Presidency
is much ado about absolutely nothing.
The President of Sin is NOTHING MORE

I urge Sinkies to desist dwelling
Please do not get deflected away
from many pressing issues affecting
the Health and Wellbeing of the

To dwell on the Presidency is to
get manipulated to bark up a tree
that is not even useful to provide
Worse is to miss the Forest altogether.


Anonymous said...

Rb //More LKY legacies falling//

Are YEW "cursing" his descendants?

Are they not his legacy?

Or your "falling" description is a metaphorical reference to the "fainting " episode?

Anonymous said...

Is HSK also not a LKY legacy?

A handpicked 4th G member?

He also collapse (and fell to the floor?) in a cabinet meeting in May this year during a cabinet meeting?

Are yew also referring to that incident?

And going by your post heading, "more (of his legacies) to fall"?

Anonymous said...

NOL (another of his iconic legacy) already fell liao?

An one of his proteges (having the same last name somemore) "fell" before Sept 2015 GE?

There are many (legacies) in the MSN too like "Chua Mui Mui", 汗负廣 。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

LKY's greatest legacy was our National Pledge which unified us as a nation.
Dictionaries define a Pledge as a solemn oath

But LKY indicated that he does not have much faith in our National Pledge ... calling it an "aspiration" in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ....

"He also collapse (and fell to the floor?) in a cabinet meeting in May this year during a cabinet meeting?"

Should be:

"He also collapsed (and fell to the floor?) in May this year during a cabinet meeting after kena aneurysm stroke"

Anonymous said...

/// Not all his legacies are bad and some are critical to the continued existence and well being of this little Red Dot. /// redbean

Did Singaporeans lose faith with LKY and PAP first?
Or did LKY and PAP lose faith in Singaporeans by mass importation of Foreign Talents?

Anonymous said...

There was NO implementation of meritocracy in putting capable candidates as national administrators. The judging criteria on selection was bias towards relationship and picking on something the rich can achieve well: namely the examination As.

The old fart s method was simple. He had in mind who is to be designed to be the national administrators. No prince link, no chance. The prince link could serve NS by doing research. The prince link can have shorten basic military training to cadets commissioning training. At the end, the results produced by the administrators are not passable in world competition, as currently revealed in competitiveness. It took a few decades to put in the people to take charge and let the people to do the damages to the previously set up good systems. It takes a life time to confirm the old fart was not the contributor to the success of Singapore.

The real success of Singapore that old fart claimed he made it on his only merits was over rated, and RB is a believer. Policies that implemented by old fart were failure and affecting the current administrators. The stop at 2 ended up as stop at 1 as the implementation was too long at old fart s own poor control. The population mass influx was old fart and son s failed policy after the stop at 2.

Looking back, the only success policy was GKS s economic and financial policies. The people at that generation was benefited with jobs as middle class to pay CPF, for GKS to use the money to build HDB flats, re sold back to the people, who paid by installments. The pricing was right to create a roof while the people build their families. But the population was damaged by old fart s extreme intervention, making families failed to have more than 2 children as norm.

The whole successful housing policy was turned into property speculation policy by last phase years of old fart. HDB was priced on location based, and higher than inflation rate price increase, while the mass influx immigration is used as resistance to salary increases. The results are forcing people to buy properties and sell own homes as a way to keep cash growing. While working to earn at less than $2000pm is impossible to sustain a family. However, the scholars administrators being put into positions based on "meritocracy" based on shorten paths are unable to create jobs for the mass beyond $2000pm. The majority are paying less than $2000pm, ended up employers have to hire from India and Philippines and under educated Malaysians. The situation was stuck now by the old fart s own definition of meritocracy.
End results are stagnant salary, low creativity on businesses, manual jobs are created linearly in work place. Look at the construction work place, readers can know what kind of meritocracy had created in singapore.
Now the same meritocracy is implemented in all industries, they only want to have hiring of more Indians, pay them $3100pm, and want the employees to return by cash $1600pm (as per court case). Meritocracy is a failure. Stop talking about it.

The PE is designed to pacify certain minority group demanding power redistribution due to population policy of giving citizenship to certain group of national. Why there is no reported figures on races in singapore? In the past, figures were published. Now cannot publish. U know why. So the PE is a mistake, and will make further mistakes along the time line.

It is not a rational correction. It is a further route to more problems caused by the population policy. So PE, ZIKA TB MRT all are results of old fart s "meritocracy claims". Bluff: when Brexit time, the UK Finance minister said 3.1billions would be needed when UK opted out. Retrenching 800000 jobs was predicted by him. Was it a bluff? Politicians are capable of bluffing as they have lots of reporters to write for them.
Citizens must see the real situations unfold. The facts are real: Singapore is not doing well now, yet it wants to damage relationships with China to cut exports to this huge market.
This is meritocracy singapore style.

Anonymous said...

@ September 01, 2016 11:18 am

The word is "princeling" NOT prince link.

Anonymous said...

@ September 01, 2016 11:18 am

Do you think it was LKY that first abandoned his own legacies?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22am
Creativity is need blog to save time. Prince link means link prince.

Anon 11:23am
I agree with your observation. His mistake of judgment was clear when the Mickey mouse company wanted land to start its D'land, he went for casino with a Studio. In my view, Mickey mouse type of business will bring in more tourists and stimulate creativity among the young than casinos.
If Mickey mouse kind of business is not benefiting a country, ask yourself why Shanghai start a same kind of Dland?
The old fart had turned brain damaged in my view. He should not get involved but he should defend his good principles when he started young. He was against gambling "not over my dead body". He did the opposite when at old age.
HDB policy was good one when priced at cost. He turned HDB into a speculation for wealth. Many people thinking they can earn money buying properties, selling homes. No need to work.

Anonymous said...

Even if PAP now is bad, but they can still win elections, and win big some more.

So RB and all liked minded can kpkb for all they want but in the end PAP will still win, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

@ "redhot 4D #" 11.18 am

//The real success of Singapore that old fart claimed he made it on his only merits was over rated, and RB is a believer. Policies that implemented by old fart were failure and affecting the current administrators.//

Are YEW not stating the obvious?

Frankly till now has anybolee come across any lawyer, SC or not, who are good in economics?

Also so far (come across) any good in I T skills, computer network skills, basic software skills, even math etc

No have, right?

So after "stripping down" (minus all these skills), what are they good at?

If some lawyer come running to yew to teach yew economics or mathematics or I T skills or basic computer software skills etc etc (aka "snake oil in disguise"?), yew better run, and run much faster than the lawyer chasing after yew (who wants yew to believe him/ her)?

Anonymous said...

Now listen up, all you LKY worshippers and haters. Firstly, LKY was not the guy solely responsible for Singapore's success. It was a team effort made up of first gen leaders, civil servants and what not, including the very undermentioned Goh Keng Swee.

The above noted, we started off well when we took the opportunity to open our doors to US while others were stuck worrying how to contain the communists from expanding into S Viet and Laos. US, seeing the opportunity to expand into SE Asia of course invested heavily in Sg. We became the gem of SE Asia and years later, one of the four Asian Tigers. The other three being HK, Taiwan and S Korea.

But somehow, greed took over the old man and his new team. After LKY got rid of Toh Chin Chye, Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam and other oldies, the new team decided to enrich themselves at the expense of citizens. The biggest culprit being Mad Bow Tan with his great idea of costing land into HDB price to justify the mad increase so that government can bleed citizens. That one move cost price of land and rental of be up. Others then followed in domino effect. Since bz cost up, goods cost up. Workers pay also must up in their cpf to cover the mad hdb price. Everything spiralled since then.

All this mad spiralling started from that mad incident - Mad Bow Tan's mad move to include cost of land in HDB. Before that, everything was priced reasonable. Your hdb, your transport fee, your healthcare fee, your education fee, your everything fee.

Mad Bow Tan was handpicked personally by LKY. After he got rid of the very team that helped Sg prospered.

Anonymous said...

@ September 01, 2016 12:05 pm

Thanks for reminding us.
And that is how we should all remember LKY.
The man who replaced the old guards that made Singapore great.
And left us with this 4G PAP team with his son in charge as Prime Minister.

Other legacies include:
- 6.9 million population
- Tuberculosis
- Zika
- MRT breakdowns
- incompetent Millionaires as Cabinet Ministers

I seem to have a sudden urge to urinate on LKY's books in my toilet.
I flush a page a day down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

//I flush a page a day down the toilet.//

After using it for what?

Anonymous said...

//Other legacies include:
- 6.9 million population
- Tuberculosis
- Zika
- MRT breakdowns
- incompetent Millionaires as Cabinet Ministers//

How about "ownselves check ownselves"?

Anonymous said...

//And that is how we should all remember LKY.
The man who replaced the old guards that made Singapore great.//

With ...... ?


And Botak-nomics?

And made red dot exports down 10%?

Property prices 10 times higher than 25 yeas ago?

But real wage of fresh grad starting pay abt 1/4 of those in 1990 (in terms of COL)?

Anonymous said...

Zika is like haze: scary to malaysia or not?
"Following this, the M MOH have received report of a patient suspected with Zika virus infection on the 31st August, 2016. This patient is a 58 years-old woman residing in Bandar Botanic, Klang, Selangor and is the mother of a female confirmed with Zika infection in Singapore. The patient, together with her husband had visited their daughter in Singapore on 19th August 2016 and returned to Malaysia on 21st August 2016."

virgo49 said...

Anon 12.15

After laying them for the doggy to poo or after using them picking up the poo.

I always choose the choice faces of the PAP duds to lay them for my beloved doggy to poo.

Now you see Ting Pee Ling and that Amy Khor squatting to trace the mozzies after sitting on their fat arses whilst these happenings.

Hope the Zika sting them first wearing skirts some more.

Mozzies said aiyo 4D numbers all jumped liao.

Anonymous said...

But real wage of fresh grad starting pay abt 1/4 of those in 1990 (in terms of COL)?
12.26 pm

Tiok. So the fresh grad will be unhappy and not vote for PAP, tio bo?

But not enough (less than 30%) of them to vote PAP out or even to deny PAP 2/3 majority seats leh, so how?

Anonymous said...

More LKY legacies falling?

So? But did PAP govt fall? No, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Creative destruction. ......? .......

Nepotic cycle .......?......

Self-renewal cycle .....? .......

Anonymous said...

Bcos otherwise is "power vacuum"??

Another legacy?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok guys, I must say you people have put up a convincing case and I have to agree with you guys esp 11.18, 11.41 and 12.05.

I pasted stamps on my eyes.

Anonymous said...

1205 //All this mad spiralling started from that mad incident - Mad Bow Tan's mad move to include cost of land in HDB. Before that, everything was priced reasonable.//

In 1990, the record showed 4-rm resale average abt $60k?

After 6 yrs of LaoGoa-nomics (read asset enhancement aka asset inflation / "rampant monetization" policies), by 1996 the resale price of 4-rm multiplied by about 600% at average abt 360k?

Did salary went up by 600% between 1990 to 1996?

Anonymous said...

//I pasted stamps on my eyes.//

Yew 1 person realised will have negligible consequence?

Many still never realise?

Especially the dementia generation?

Anonymous said...

John Kerry reported to say this, 'America supports diplomacy, not military actions.'

Haha hhahah hahah hahahhh, we believe you John. Asians and the whole world believe you because they are all so naïve and stupid. They also believe the Americans are angels that came from heaven, sent by God to save the world. The Americans are so peace loving people.

Would this make you happy John, that you are so honest and so honourable? You don't even look like you are lying when you said that.

patriot said...

Nature is exacting punishments

on Sin.

However and unfortunately, it is
still the Poor Singaporeans that
will suffer.

The Rich and Powerful will chabut(reach run away to) with their families and fortunes to live lives of luxury and plenty. They maybe celebrating the Calamities be falling Sin.

So, scold,swear and curse, it wont gonna get You any consolation.

Justice is never part of Sin.

Who is going to punish the
Evil that is causing all the Harms?


patriot said...

My apology

please note that 'reach' to be corrected to read and be falling to


b said...

Sg is a good stopover. I have indicated that many times. It is too small to withstand any midsized disease, disaster, attacks. Sg must expand beyond its bounadaries by sending sg into different countries like muslims. Then, LKY legacies will live on. Dual citizenship should be promoted to ensure the sg stock and LKY legacies will not become extinct.

Anonymous said...

The root cause of all these disasters, diseases is still the dafts 70% Sinkies who voted these pimps & prostitutes party to rule...therefore Sinkies KpKB olso no use Liao...heaven is watching but can't protect all Sinkies..

Anonymous said...

There is one legacy that might stay for a while or forever?

Anonymous said...

Moon blocking part of the sun, sun eclipse now, plus rain, haze, indicating the mood that life is hard. voters must vote for new political teams to brighten the future.

Think about 24billions loss by some state funds, shipping company sold, marines companies making losses, banks having more bad loans, and one bank helped to wash black money warned by mas, also indonesian hatarwan who stole 650 millions from indonesia sent back to indonesia last year: bad banking policies that created conflicts with big country esp the neighbor, and damaging singapore s reputation as banking hub.

high household debts and increasing is more voters s immediate concern: never before and will last life long time if jobs are still given to foreigners and foreigners are still helping to curb salaries increase, so repayments are so small and impossible for refinancing prospects.

There are limited options. if the voted in team is running the declining forever exports and limiting the citizens jobs market using foreigners as shields to help employers to cut costs, and raising the S$ to curb inflation due to population increases, where is our future?

The future is very hard if voters do not vote for others and sideline the current teams. What ways can voters have? Bother to reply me?

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong collecting more $$$$$$$$$?"

A legacy of LE-Economics as much as LaoGoa-nomics?

NTD narrated previously those words were said in the 1990s when LaoGoa-nomics was "In Vogue"?

Anonymous said...

@ "Mao Show Tong Party supporter" 5.47pm
// What ways can voters have?//

One way?

To "repent, ruminate and live in remorse"?

For the 70%, they deserve what they voted?

Anonymous said...

After a while, it is not easily to kick a habit?

Especially one that is "very addictive"?

"Like LEEches sucking victims' blood?"

Anonymous said...

Typo ....

"After a while, it is not easily to kick a habit?"

Should be .....

"After a while, it is NOT EZ to kick a habit?

Anonymous said...


virgo49 said...

Now MAS Said debt financing can go up lah

Fed rates this Yellen hinted time is ripe.

So if no increase, many, many fires sakes.

This just hendar kaki. Marked time.

If economy goes sour down the road, fires sales inevitable.

Anonymous said...

@ Tg Pgr GRC Resident 6.39pm

//If economy goes sour down the road, fires sales inevitable.//

Ha ha ha

Just go for it?

Why so "polite"?

Kar kar REPLACE "if" with "when" (in your above quoted statement)?

Cos it is already not "if" but "when"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To recount an "episode" last year ..........

Some time back (2015) was commenting on TRE about "many "symptoms indicating troubles ahead" and the likely pitfalls and there was this PAPig "trying" to self-assured by alluding to the many "PILLARS" holding up the sin city and also "trying" to elicit further analysis (from mee)?

Ha ha ha

Din even bother to answer him but gave him an oblique "crab" reply to "show" him the (CLASSIC) "monkey pic with the MIDDLE ......" (implied) ......

What is the main POINT?

Anonymous said...

Can anybolee point out NOW which PILLAR is (still) holding up the "(leaking?) sampan"?

Anonymous said...

Way back since 2011, (when) YEW look around (the landscape of) the city of sin, what do YEW see?

Hope YEWR eyes NEVER paste STAMPS?

Cranes, CRANES, and more cranes ....... almost endless cranes .......

Anonymous said...

When the NIKKEI hit about 40,000 points way back in 1990 and if YEW happen to be in Tokyo, was the sight not similar?

Since the 1900s, every economy that manifested such (construction crazy manic) facade "ended up in tears and tatters")?

Now, can anybolee name one part of the economy that is on "solid foundation" and not on "shaky ground" (or "some in loose sand and yet some even in "quicksand"?)?

Anonymous said...

Why do YEW think no respect botak?

Cos Botak-nomics probably brought (......) to the brink?

How can an (OVERHEATING) economy "booming" at almost 15% back in 2010 let "oil be added to the fire" and "slower than the tortoise and snail (to act)"?

Anonymous said...

In history it has to be the most "hilarious" macroeconomic mgt?

An economy overheating at 15% with almost zero interest rate and one botak in charge of the economic policy twiddling his thumbs?

Now what happened?

Anonymous said...


He "won" best FM (2014) "(empty) global title" (after "donating" almost US$1 billion of sin taxpayer $$$)?

What do yew think Lagarde and her then chief economist Prof Olivier Blanchard (formerly from MIT) were thinking in their head?

Anonymous said...

Prof Blanchard authored several Macroeconomics textbooks and made several (proven right) calls during his 7 over years as IMF chief economist. ......

One of his classics was on the role of money ...... to be exact ..... "The Neutrality of Money" .......

Yew want to be making decisions that affect millions (livelihoods) and future generations well beings and past generations old guards and PG painstaking built success, YEW better think as far ahead (in the horizon) as possible?

Did Botak think until x,y,z; aa, BB, cc ...... xx, yy, zz ...... aa1, bb1, cc1, xx1, yy1, zz1 ..... or?

He just "calculated" until a, b, c?

As a policy maker in charge of sin economy?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, what are all the well paid dr this dr that economists working in the think tank doing?

What will be the (major) moves on the US side?

Yew (botak in particular as a major policy maker) wait until the fire burn till the door then yew (especially botak) then jump up from the potato couch?

Anonymous said...

In several ways, someboLEE might have subjected the economy over the coming few years, walking on "TIGHT ROPES" balancing act (and probably no safety net below?)?

For those hoping to go back to the era of GKS and prosperity and hope, better not dream?

If Sampan can stay safe (over the next few likely "treacherous and tumultuous" years), must be very thankful LIAO?

Good luck and good nite!

Not going blog (or comment anymore) liao ......


Anonymous said...

The close relative of pap (making tiny brain)

Is paying pap a visit.

Anonymous said...



"What's wrong with collecting more money?"
- Is this another LKY legacy (Leegacy)?

b said...

Ministers should pay for the zika test. Their millions salaries year after year are not worth it. Cannot even control simple mosquitoes.

patriot said...

Lee Kuan Yew's Legacies
could include:
Ownself pays ownself.
Ownself praises ownself.
Ownself rewards ownself
with praises, titles, appointments
Of course most well-known is 'What's
wrong with collecting money.
The Founding Father of Sin shall be long remembered for his Legacies.


patriot said...

Apology for missing out MORE

in What's wrong with collecting
......... money?