Elected President - My last post on this issue?

I thought I have written enough on this thing with my last post yesterday but someone prompted me to look at it from another angle. And this view is an answer to what Shanmugam said about our EP becoming a laughing stock. Shanmugam was quoted in the media to have said, ‘The scenario of an individual who steps forward to run for the position but does not get a majority vote could make Singapore a "laughing stock"…’

What would this statement make of the 35% votes for Tony Tan? Did he get a majority vote or the best among the candidates with less than the 51% majority? Would the proposed changes to the EP ensure that a minority candidate gets a majority vote when put on the vote?

This is the catch. Remember the official mantra that the Chinese majority are ‘racist’ and would vote for Chinese candidate? How true is this? If this is true, a few scenarios could happen during the reserved election for a minority president. One, because they are ‘racist’, they would boycott the election since they did not want to vote for a minority candidate. Two, they may cast blank votes since there is no Chinese candidate for them to vote. Three, they would cast spoilt votes to register their protest or they simply did not want to vote for a minority candidate.

So, guess how many percent of the popular votes would a minority candidate get in a reserved election? With the Chinese population at 70-75%, the max for a minority president to get is 30%. Or say 20% of the Chinese are not racists, he would get another 15% to make up a total of 45%, still less than 50%. He does not have a majority vote, and he will become a laughing stock.

See how this potential is being created by the false assumptions and the contrived logic to make this minority president a reality? What is worse is that the minority will deem this as an insult, a racist thing, and it will become a racial issue. With this new brew of minority representation, is it a recipe for disaster, for more racial tension and unhappiness instead of the professed aim of building a more cohesive multi racial society? Would it end up dividing the races rather than bringing them together as one people regardless of race? Are the wise men and women up to it to foresee what they are cooking for the future?

If this is a good solution, the wise men and women of the past would have thought of it. The Oracle would have thought of it. When the Oracle feared to tread, who dares to defy the past wisdom of not having this in the Constitution?


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, I had posted earlier. If they put two minority candidates of the sane race in the election seventy percent spoilt votes would be a laughing stock to the world.

If they put two or more candidates of the different minority races and only gets ten or eleven percent each. It would be a worse laughing stock.

If one particular race won more then twenty percent, then the other losing candidate of another race will shout racists of the other race. Chinese majority been neural with spoilt votes.

So they are creating race divisions.

The worse is when the counting girls were shocked by vulgarities remarks on the voting slips.

Sweet innocent school leavers girls would bring the slips with great four letters words on them to their supervisors and asked whether valid or not and what is the meanings.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

UNITED = We Stand

DIVIDED = We fall

Simple as ABC!


patriot said...

Elected Presidency

as implemented in


is a Sham.


Anonymous said...


DIVIDED = Singaporeans win

Anonymous said...

"With this new brew of minority representation, is it a recipe for disaster, for more racial tension and unhappiness instead of the professed aim of building a more cohesive multi racial society?"

As long as PAP is elected as the govt, there will be no disaster. I mean disaster in terms of protests and riots in the streets and the opposition become govt. More racial tension and unhappiness? Maybe, but disaster, no.

So PAP can go ahead with this new brew of minority representation with confidence and without fear. And Hsien Loong knows what he is doing because he knows himself, PAP and Sinkies very well. If not, how can PAP still win big every election?

Anonymous said...

Majority Sinkies can be unhappy and not satisfied with PAP but will still die die vote PAP if the opposition is not strong, united and ready to be govt like now.

And PAP knows this, that's why they capitalise on it by trying to be funny, illogical and even outrageous sometimes, just to suit their agenda.

Anonymous said...

RB s scenario is one possibility. Spoiled votes like drawings on the ticket can be common.

Hey count me out please. I am a serious voter. I vote for the future of a nation whose reserves of unknown height and depth. I need the so called custodian for reserves to jaga the door for the whatever inside the store room, from old newspapers, diamonds, to sports cars, they said worth trillions dollars.

Hey I am a serious voter given the rights to vote. U know that? It is exchanged by my service to a so called nation as army adult. Hey hey, now I must vote for someone wearing songkok or hijab. But they hardly wear sarong. They say these 2 are the best I must vote for them. Why are they not wearing sarong all the time? How can i know they are the best malay?

That is the catch right? Are these 2 are the best recommended by the malay community itself? I dont know them certainly because i m not in the community.

Hey what can an outsider of the community do in voting for someone looks like malay?

I can only do this: both i will vote yes i want them. Tick both if there are 2, tick 3 if there are 3 of them. Anyway, all are pap malay leeders, may not be the community malay leadears. Vote sincerely, that is the way to go for such system. What do u think?

virgo49 said...

Blur block sotong Sinkies would still vote PAP nominated candidates whether they are black, yellow or green.

Whether parrots, donkeys or monkeys

For more ghosts,oops Good years of GST credits, PG benefits, Babies bonuses, Lifts upgrading, Parks etc.

Like one old uncle told me: Ah Kong gave monies so must vote Ah Kong party.

Now deficient lifts by HDB and Law Lan Wong offered ungrading.

Sinkies are grateful.

So whichever policy they put up must be good for more good years.

You be surprised that now with no choice of candidate of what they want,,they would just vote for anyone and they might get 90 %.

So LHL will smile with glee.

Anonymous said...

If the PE candidate is reserved for Malay, for sure he/she will be the one and only candidate. Just like the late Nathan.

So Sinkies no need to vote lah. After all, since they already voted for PAP to be govt, so why need to vote again for PAP endorsed President?

Anonymous said...

Surely its gonna be a
one candidate presidential
election, unless 2 Malay
Ministers are put up to vie
for the Appointment.

jjgg said...

Can see it coming...it will be a capital offence to cast a spoiled vote...can also see it coming.. Election campaign by oppos to spoil the votes...Rename the MIWs...monkeys in white ( would that be insulting the monkeys?)

patriot said...

So long as the Absolute Power is in the Hand of the Prime Minister; whoever the Elected President is
The Latter is only a SYMBOL and NOTHING ELSE.


Anonymous said...

"Paid Parrot"?

Anonymous said...

I think Shamugan knew people are laughing at our EP that is why he makes sure the next EP should get a majority. Sometime I wondered why such outcome cannot be predicted earlier. Only now? The should be a run-off election when both TCB and TT could not reach a simple majority.

Anonymous said...

Lauging cocks or not, if names were not attached to some of the statements in MSN, they might have been taken to be uttered by those ownselves laugh with ownselves nut cases in wood(y)bridge?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Previously one Roy was Davinsicked?

Now sinkies kena "Sham-ed"?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies kena Gestapo-ed.

Anonymous said...

The word sinkies alone is enough laughing stock (to last many centuries)?

Cos many kena brain damaged and only way to outsmart smarter opponent often is to shift goal posts?

But the zika mozzies are laughing silly cos the knuckle duster doesn't work on them?

Anonymous said...

When the (idiotic brainless) zika mozzies are smarter and no laws work on the mozzies, some are made tonlook real silLEE?

Now that's (a real) laughing stock?


Anonymous said...

Minister Lawrence Wong: HDB residents to pay S$50 million to “modernise” HDB lifts


The lifts belong to HDB
The HDB flats belong to HDB.
Why are Singaporean citizens being asked to pay for the lifts which belong to the HDB landlord?

If you rent your private condo to a tenant.
Can you ask your tenant to pay to upgrade your lift?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Office of the President is reserved for PAP linked individuals only?
Salary paid by Singaporeans.
But whose interest is the President serving?

Are these fair questions to ask?

Anonymous said...

What a sham!

Anonymous said...

What a sham!
September 20, 2016 1:09 pm

Do not take your Lord God's name in vain.

patriot said...

All the Pompous much ado about the
Elected Presidency is just a farce.

if the Criterias are applied to the
Election of the Prime Minister, then
it matters.


Anonymous said...

Rb //Elected President - My last post on this issue?//


Ha ha ha

Cos Lao Hero Uncle RB ended with a question?

Anonymous said...

Aiya ......

With many numbers eveLEEmonth heading south, need "prop up" the sampan mah?

Just like ancient time, (the eunuch) asked the (powerless) Emperor(ress) to stamp then won't kena OTC "doing his duties" lah?

Anonymous said...

Yea, sounds like a "Paid Patriot"?

Anonymous said...

Oops, should be

"... sounds like a "Paid Parrot"?"

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.20am // ......songkok ......//

Many sinkies no understand such terms lah ....... especially the younger ones ......

What this word means?

Some buddies say its the male version of the cap worn on the head?

Thought they were kidding

But they said that's what it is

Can any oldies explain what "songkok" means?

Really a male version cap worn on the head?

Brightness said...

The CON-stitution Review Committee has been set up as a SET-UP to CON the Public. Full Stop.

The whole saga is a waste of tax-payers' money, time and efforts, as well as an insult to the Intelligence of the Voters.

The Chief Dictator has already indicated very clearly, without any uncertainty, that HE is going to see "THIS" go through during his watch. This tells a million words. So no matter what committee is setup, what public feed-back is gathered, what the other ministerial minions may say, how many Parliament sittings are sat, etc., etc,. etc.

This is actually another move by the PAP Dictatorship to entrench itself deeper and to prolong their Powers by erecting more obstacles to any would-be Opposition and Commoner who may aspire to the Highest Office in our Country.

The bottom line is that it is not in the interest of the country nor the people. But it is definitely in the interests of the Power-that-be.

Anonymous said...

//virgo49September 20, 2016 10:36 am
So whichever policy they put up must be good for more good years.//

Ha ha ha

Run manz ....... run fast ......

When snakeoil salesmen said they going do sthg good for yew, that could be the best thing to do (for yewr own good)?

Scram fast like those images shown on cartoon such as the road runner with some smoke behind it ......?

Sounds cool?

Anonymous said...

//This tells a million words. //

That's where the crux lie?

Laws and kunckle dusters worked on sinkies especially the smarter ones?

But when it comes to zika mozzies who do not give a damn what knuckle dusters or what ("sham") laws used against them, they could not gain an upper hand against smarter beans, in this case, the zika mozzies?

The zika mozzies had proven that some (dirty) beans use laws and knuckle duster to muffle smarter opponents LEEgally but now they are "helpless" against the smarter mozzie beans cos they dont work on them?

Are the mozzie beans "tougher" than the (wimpy) 70% sinkies?

Despite the relentless "assaults" (so far), it is 10-0 to the zika mozzies?

Anonymous said...

When paper generals cannot (even) win against mozzies, do yew think they have any chance against those muddle-eastern type?

Or in a real confluct, they might hide inside the vehicle like during the 2013 Little India Riot and after that run for their lives when the "enemies" close in?

During (masturbated) "wargames" they can tawk (cawk) & sin song (only)?

Anonymous said...

//The bottom line is that it is not in the interest of the country nor the people. //

Bottomline not abt $$$ mare?

Anonymous said...

Is it true? Nothing will change until the dragon dies?

patriot said...

Sinkies are helpless
and powerless.

Nature will make the
Change on their behalf.

But, it shall inflict
heavy damages on the
Sinkies themselves.

Did the Sinkies hope
for Karma?

Karma it shall be.


Anonymous said...


Spelling typo, should be:

"....some DUST behind it .....?"

Anonymous said...

@ Sun And Moon = Brightness 5.11pm

//Dictatorship to entrench itself deeper and to prolong their Powers by erecting more obstacles..... //

How lo(oooo)ng more?

Emperor Qin erected more barriers and obstacles, physical and adminstrative, than anybolee else in history?

But his dynasty ironically was the shortest (in history) and collapsed momentousLEE 3 years after he went heaven

Anonymous said...

National Day Rally.
I was so hopeful for about 10 minutes.

b said...

Whoever EP also no use. Sinkies still cannot own house or car. Only rich ones can whether sinkies or not.

Chinese are not racists. They worked hard and paid a lot of tax but still cannot own house or car not even one in their lifespan. They are better off living under angmo regime than chinese rulers.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

Yew never notice one "BIG FREUDIAN SLIP" after restart?

Anonymous said...

@ 5.11pm

//The Chief Dictator has already indicated very clearly, without any uncertainty ......//

Aiyo ........

That is the problem with the education system?

Is not "no uncertainty" under a lot of "uncertainty" still lppl?

Scholars are (only book) smart (and their minds think like a book), & (thus) not easy to "tuition" them "basic logic & human (bean) common senses"?

Any "mentor" will likely "vomit" blood?

Anonymous said...

//The whole saga is a waste of tax-payers' money, time and efforts, as well as an insult to the Intelligence of the Voters.//

Again several assumptions in the statement?

1st allegation quite obvious?

Since when otherwise?

Anonymous said...

But the 2nd part ......?

FirstLEE: It is without (any) remorse that from observation, "many voters are quite dumb"?

SecondLEE: From the zika mozzies (conceit), it is quite obvious who are the smarter beans in the encounter (& duel)?

Therefore, does it realLEE matter if 1 kongcum insults the "stupidity" of another idiot bean (70%)?

Statements by scholars may appear ok but often are not?

Cos (majority if not all ) scholars are actually "NOT scholars"?

Anonymous said...

The (zika) mozzies "had spoken" in a language the paper generals (would) understand?

Netizens have kpkb in countless languages over countless years but to no avail?

So another (to kpkb) in basic English may sound like sweet kongcum to some oldies but, alas, won't cause a scratch to the hair of the "of the Power-that-be."?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo ....

Shoot be:

" ...won't cause a scratch to the hair "of the Power-that-be."?

Anonymous said...

The "zika" mozzies may have found another "occupation"?

How to "tuition" daft 70% sinkies how to tawk in a language that matters?

Goodness, even (zika) mozzies have found a way to solve their "structural unemployment" problem?

But many sinkies retrenched PMETS remained retrenched?

What is happening?

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 6:34 pm

Sinkies are helpless
and powerless.

Nature will make the
Change on their behalf//

Are u cursing someboLEE?

Anonymous said...

See Huang Di

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 6:34 pm

Did the Sinkies hope
for Karma?//

ObviousLEE lah?

At least for the 30%?

One commentator


// AnonymousSeptember 20, 2016 7:27 pm
National Day Rally.
I was so hopeful for about 10 minutes.//


mentioned he was hopeful for 10 mins ......

Hopeful for what?


Proof right?

At least 30% sinkies hope for karma .......?

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 6:34 pm
Karma it shall be.//

Be what?

Got happen meh?

Pls pray tell?

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 6:34 pm
But, it shall inflict
heavy damages on the
Sinkies themselves.//

This one true?

Ask the thousands and thousands of retrenched PMETs ......

The (endless) agony and (mental) torture .....

Anonymous said...

Also the mothers-to-be ......?

Especially those kena ones ......?

EveLEEnite, eveLEEday, eveLEE min, hour, second are "heavy damage on the Sinkies themselves"?

Anonymous said...

One fren first baby .....

In the stomach .....

Waited so long finally got married and pregnant at quite old age already (in terms of child birth)

Anonymous said...

EDD before Xmas 2016 ......

Now those frens she knows said will avoid pregnancy liao?

So think the gynae biz after 2016 may fall by more than 50%?

Anonymous said...

Why take so loong to die?

Anonymous said...

So it is uncertain times ahead, just caused by 1 single domestic factor?

Havent account for countless external factors yet?

The many high overhead childcare centres likely kena first in late 2017, then the countless enrichment centres, babies clothing store, pediatric clinic, childcare centres, then the landlords ...... domino effect lah

Also Keynesian Multiplier effect working through the Eco-nomy?

So this @ Brightness 5.11pm "no uncertainty" become LPPL when under a lot of "uncertainties" just from 1 single domestic factor alone?

If account for all others uncertain domestic and external factors, the "certainty" mentioned by Brightness 5.11pm still got use for how lo(ooooo)ng?


Scholars brains tak jalan lah?

Anonymous said...

Dun mention this "D" verb lah?

Many reach & powderful beans very scared?

They cannot let go lah?

Did so many (xxxxxxx) things to get to where they are now?

How to let go (so easiLEE)?

Easier said than done?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a shorter life is better?

Anonymous said...

But some things women prefer "lo(oooo)ng lo(oooo)ng" lah?

In time?

And space?

patriot said...

@ b;

What You say is true.

There is a Malaysian MP who used to say the Same Thing. Although he is an MP, he kept repeating that he prefers the British Rule.

My Parents were alloted a piece of one and half Acre of land for 60 years by the British, so were many of our neighbours before the Village was taken by the Local Government sometime in the Mid 80s.

If memory serves me right, my parents paid $5(five) annually for the Land which was used for farming.

Those good old days in the Village were unforgettable. That was when and where the Joy of living existed.

Healthcare and Education during those good old days were comprehensive with maternity clinics in every districts with maternity nurses visiting expectant mothers no matter where they resided, even the Islanders at Blakang Mati, Ubin, Tekong and other Islands attended to.
Poor villagers had plenty of children averaging around five per couple.

Within my Village in the 50s at Koh Sek Lim, there at least 6 to 8 schools within a 3 kilometre distance.

Villagers were caring for each other and doors were not locked or left opened in the night with no worry of safety and security problems. lt is the Reason why we the Older Folks missed the Spontaneous Kampong Spirit(Camaraderie) that is now frequently being campaigned with no success.

Fresh air, camaraderie, safety and security are all missing now.
What is the Future?
lt is scary to think about it.

We are having no conscience or conscience lacking Rulers preaching good heart leadership, me wonders how they are capabable to do so.


patriot said...

My apology.

Mid 80s to be corrected
to Mid 70s, in my Above


Anonymous said...

//What is the Future?

Aiyo ......

Ask ah Heng and Tua Lan lah?

Are they not (co-) heading the CON-mati for Future Yi-Kong-Nor-Mi?

Anonymous said...

//Those good old days in the Village were unforgettable .....//

Dun worry?

Cuming bk soon?

When the next crisis hit?

Anonymous said...

Pap = problemx2

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 9:20 pm
That was when and where the Joy of living existed.//

Fret not?

When the sampan revert from 1st world to fishing village, yewr wish will be fulfilled?

And who knows when since the Sin Empire ....... oops ...... Qin Empire collapsed 3 yrs after the founding father went to heaven

Anonymous said...

Qin Empire collapsed 3 yrs after the founding father went to heaven
September 20, 2016 10:25 pm

Two more years to go?

Anonymous said...


Qin Empire founding father went heaven in BC 210.

His son who succeeded him lost the entire empire 3 years later in BC 207

Anonymous said...

Actually his son died first in BC 207.

Killed by one of his father old trusted personal aides, a eunuch called Zhao Gao who served the Qin First Emperor for abt 40 years

Then in BC 206 the entire Qin army 200,000 elite troops led by the legendary invincible General Zhang Han who helped the first Qin Emperor united China between BC 231 and BC 221, capitulated suddenly to the much smaller 80,000 men Chu army led by the young 20+ yo Xiang Yu who took over after his uncle Xiang Liang died in an ambush.

Anonymous said...

In the end, some of the best men in that era didn't ascend to the new dragon throne but a lowly ranked ex-Qin Empire official once in charge of a small township.

He was Liu Bang, the founding father of the famous Han Dynasty, who neither was a good warrior general, nor a good strategist or even a good administrator of a country.

In uncertain times in history, often the most unexpected heroes appeared and created new empires and glories.

From the brutal Qin Totalitarian Dictatorship that brought about unaccountable sufferings and miseries, Liu Bang established arguably the most successful and longest united Empire under one central authority.

It brought the first so called Golden Era in China and 400+ years of glorious history, about 180 years longer than the current reign of Pax Americana which may not be what it is by end of this century.

Where the Qin Emperor used harshed brutality to extract obedience, the Han Emperor Liu Bang used benevolence to win the hearts and minds of the Han people, not unlike what GKS and TCC did in the early days in the 1960s and 1970s.

Anonymous said...

//patriotSeptember 20, 2016 9:20 pm
My Parents were alloted a piece of one and half Acre of land for 60 years by the British, so were many of our neighbours before the Village was taken by the Local Government sometime in the ......//

This sounded like the policy of the great reformer Shang Yang in BC 350 who transformed the old Qin state into a war machine?

Many subjects in the Qin state were given land under generous tax holidays, not unlike the supply side policy used by GKS in the early 1970s?

Actually many of the supply side policies thought in modern economics were already quite prevalent in BC 350 Qin state as chronicled in the historical book "Duke of Shang".

Anonymous said...

Actually many of the supply side policies thought in modern economics were already quite prevalent in BC 350 Qin state as chronicled in the historical book "Duke of Shang".
September 21, 2016 4:52 am

What about all the social policies chronicled in the historical book "Hard Truths"?