Elected President - Pandora box or a can of worms?

The minority President issue is now the top agenda of Hsien Loong. From what he said and the publicity given to the issue, the amount of effort and resources poured into this black hole, he is adamant to see it through and there is no stopping it, come what may…unless.

Raising this racial issue of protecting minority representation, and the likely outcome of race being enshrined in the Constitution, is a very dangerous precedent to set. All the works of LKY and the first generation of leaders to make this a multi racial society where everyone is equal regardless of race or religion would go kaput.  Race would become a national issue and be institutionalized and embedded in the Constitution that the pioneer leaders fear to tread and did all they could to keep it out of national politics.

Some may see this as the opening of the Pandora box. Some would see it as the opening of a can of worms.  The big question in everyone’s mind is why now when the PAP had all the time and opportunity to put in a Malay President in the last 50 years after Yusof Ishak? After Yusof Ishak there were Sheares, Nair, Wee, all appointed by the PAP and PAP could appoint any Malay leaders if it wanted to. It was so simple!

Then the next 3 elected presidents with Nathan taking two 6 year terms, why didn’t the PAP deem it fit all these years not to put up a Malay president candidate? Never think of it, it only happened yesterday and now they are thinking how important and urgent this is that it must be done today like a do or die matter?  Is it just an after thought or there is more to it than just a minority president, specifically a Malay president?

The biggest worm crawling out from the can is the argument and the call for a Malay PM.  This has never been talk about before. Why not a Malay PM? And the newspaper’s list of 6 Chinese candidates as the possible PM after Hsien Loong makes the story more uncomfortable and out of sync at this moment. Tokenism or seriousness to want the Malay to play a vital role in the country’s leadership? If the role of Malay is so important in political leadership, to be the EP, why not the premiership? There are voices asking for his PM seat now. More shit is being stirred up in the process. Here is a comment from TRE.

‘PM Lee has hinted that next Elected President will be a Malay.
So why don’t he insist that next Prime Minister be a Malay.
Possible candidates – Yacoub Ibrahim, Zulkifli Masagos, Halimah Yacoob
.’ (Spelling error inherent in the quote)

This call for a Malay PM is becoming very uncomfortable and growing louder. This is something the PAP did not expect. It is only heard in the social media but not the main media. What is the excuse of not putting up a Malay PM or a minority PM?  Meritocracy?  Is meritocracy the issue or should race also be an issue? Would it not be better to have a Malay PM in charge to make it really representative?

The more this EP is being discussed and kicked around using race as the raison d’tre, more worms would start to crawl out from the can. And like the Pandora box, there is no way to close the box or seal the can again.  Heed the old wisdom, do not open the Pandora box, or the can of worms. The founding fathers with all their wisdom have worked diligently to seal the can of worms for good.  No race politics!

What is happening today would make them turn in their graves.

What would happen when it is the turn of a Malay President? Would he be rolled out as the best Malay candidate for the Presidency? Or would he be rolled out as the best Singaporean for the Presidency? Next, this is the best Malay President to represent all races? This is the most meritorious candidate, chosen and elected based on merit, or based on race? Meritocracy is not compromised?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

"....more worms would start to crawl out from the can. And like the Pandora box, there is no way to close the box or seal the can again."

Tiok. But you must also not forget that PAP is very strong and so should be able to handle the worms crawling out or even close and seal the Pandora box.

And this is the easier part. The harder part is when Tan Cheng Bock become EP. That will be worse and more difficult for PAP to handle.

So just like the 70% who voted for PAP, PAP is basically choosing between the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with Tan Cheng Bock lah. He is looking after the minority interest lah.

Anonymous said...

Now the Malay minority is asking for the post of PM. Would he be generous enough to offer the PM to the minority Malay?

Anonymous said...

Listen up you dumb fuck Singaporean slaves.

You stand where I tell you to stand.
You pay what I tell you to pay.
And you will vote for my preferred Presidential candidate, okay.
Because you are only good for doing what I tell you to do.

Dumb fuck slaves. Pui.

Anonymous said...

And what I said is the truth. Believe in what I said. Do not question my sincerity and honesty.

Anonymous said...

Goal posts keep shifting. This is not good for Singapore. Race issue should not be the deciding factor in meritocracy. If it is, then please tell us meritocracy is dead.

Veritas said...

In China, out of 56 race, only 2(Tibetan and Uighur) shout being "oppressed". Note, the focus is oppressed and not so much discriminated.

There are 54 others including the Muslims like Kazak, Hui, Salar, Tartar, Tajik and why no one shout discrimination? Why we have 3 race and 2 shout discrimination?

The reason is PAP banana hate Chinese culture and try put Chinese down. On a very frequent basis ST keep pushing out shit that Chinese are racist.

They ignore fact Malays are trying bomb and kill Singaporeans.

They ignore fact that Indians, including former minister Rajaratnam family are trying very hard to impose caste system in Singapore.

Being good to Malay actually harm them.

Now Malay is cry baby.

But the Sinicized Southern Chinese which is closer in gene to Malay than Northern Chinese have such high IQ that Fujian Chinese actually produce a lot of imperial scholar compared to North.

So should Malay keep being loser and shout discrimination until the day Allah descend to the earth.

Or should Malay learn from their cousin, the Southern Chinese, produce more imperial scholar than the Northern Chinese.

PAP always think her racial policy is good. But we are extremely shitty in handling race compared to China. Every single minorities in SG complain discriminated. Only 2 out of 55 minorities in China complain discriminated.

Anonymous said...

2 out of 55 complain discriminated. But the two large Chinese communities outside mainland China, HK and Taiwan don't want to be part of China. Go figure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted another of your comment.

You got to discuss this race thing sensitively or you will get me into trouble.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Same as malaysia dont want to be part of Nussantara. USA dont want to be part of UK. Which tribe can solve minorities problem better than Chinese? Go figure.

Malay even have their problem with their Shia. Malay Sunni hate their Shia like mad dog. Singaporean Chinese do not even have problem with Shia.

High caste Indians today still genocide their dalits and made them sex slave devdasi.

USA cannot assimilate their blacks despite trying for centuries.

Only Chinese have not much racial problem.

Too many Singaporean Chinese buy into lies of our minorities. For example Malay feign victim and Chinese believe Chinese are racist. Malay laugh themselves to their own mosque praying that whenChinese are gone, they will man handle their shia.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, how come you didn't get into trouble with your postings so far?

Is it because, unlike Chee Soon Juan or Roy, PAP think you are no big deal?

If so, then RB's fears of you getting him into trouble are unfounded.

Anonymous said...

11.49, wah you want to sabo RB or what? Nobody complain so no action lah. You want people to complain ah? Sabo king.

Veritas said...

Saudi Grand Mufti's fuckwa Arabian Peninsula Churches 'Must Be Destroyed'. Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh is the de facto most powerful person in Sunni Islam and the scion of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, father of mad salafi.

Meanwhile de facto most prestigious Sunni is rector of Al Azhar, which is curb in power due to Egypt being a poor country.

The MOST powerful Islam people can say such fucking thing. So many Sunni acting like a mad dog is not surprising. When Sunni is minorities they feign victim. Even in Singapore, a minority of Sunni try to bomb us, to destroy our economy, to frighten investors, to make SG a shit hole, in order for Sunni to be happy.

Today to speak the truth will be labelled racist Chinese. Meanwhile Mr Wahab can preach all sorts of perversion. BTW even Al Azhar today preach rape and sex slave.

PAP ISA should go after Mr Wahab and professor de Al Azhar.

Anonymous said...

PAP ISA should go after Mr Wahab and professor de Al Azhar.
Veritas 12:32 pm

Veritas, PAP ISA got invite you lim kopi or not?

If got, don't mind share the experience here leh. RB sure Ok with it one.

jjgg said...

It is wise of the government not to engage in a fight they cannot win. All their power n control of media cannot fight the onslaught of 1 man. Where is TCB's barrage of supporters that frighten the MIW? Why despite their 70% support in the previous election do they suddenly appear underseiged...who of the minority race willingly become president knowing that the population didn't choose him because he's better..$4.5 million a year will probably thicken his skin. If the Govt retreats because of 1 man...I don't really expect them to be around when confronted by invading forces.

b said...

I think the best is to chose the most wise person. To do this, those interested must all take a rigorous test in public view similar to the imperial exams, irregardless of race. The one with the best results will be the EP. This is the best way. This will ensure that is no bias and prejudice and only the best and willing will be the chosen one.

Anonymous said...

@ September 07, 2016 2:52 pm

Good idea.
I think it's called "free and fair democratic elections".
Anybody can run for President.

In USA, there were 12 candidates for the Republican nomination for Presidency before Trump won.
Nothing wrong with that.
Only Emperors and slaves have problems with democracy and freedom.

Virgo49 said...

Before I can commented that TCB as an Independent Director would not able be qualified for the PE, it is out in their scheme to nail him out.

So Nathan aa a journalist is fully qualified??

What a joke???

Anonymous said...

@ September 07, 2016 6:52 pm

Nathan is qualified because my father say so.
You are a slave.
Shut up, kiss my ass and say thank you for the privilege.

Anonymous said...

The Commission's recommendations are making everyone looking like a clown.

Anonymous said...

The Commission's recommendations - Who will not qualify?

1. Barrack Obama
2. Hilary Clinton
3. Donald Trump

4. Nelson Mandela
5. Pope Francis
6. SR Nathan

True or not? You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Rb //What is happening today would make them turn in their graves.//

The Chinese called it "因果"?

"Cause and Effect"?


Who caused it?


Asked yourselves?

Yew (老骨头) shitted and expect Gen X & Gen Y/ Millennial Gen to clean up?

Stop dreaming?

Before yall disappear, pls clean up the shit?

(And NO) Thank yew?

Anonymous said...

Oops ....... Chinese "square characters" "SPELLING TYPO" .......

"解玲还须系玲人"? Should be


Anonymous said...

I think the same logic applies for minority PM. Should also rotate among minority like Malay, Indian, durian, Pinoy, Bangla etc to be fair if the logic is sound.

Anonymous said...

Eurasian not durian lar haha

Veritas said...

mohamad and Jesus should re-incarnate as Chinese, German, Malay, Indians, Japanese, Dalits, Thai..etc

Not fair...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. This is all part of the master plan.

With every new rule and/or change to the constitution, Sinkapore is taking another step closer towards making it a monarchy, or should I say the Lee dynasty.

Wait and see, and very soon the dictator will also scrap the general election in the name of security/better future/(Fill in the blanks)......

Banzai to Emperor Lee. Long live the son of Mee Siam Mai Hum........

Anonymous said...

Many oldies had supported the (deserving) old guards, the ($$$-faced, far from deserving?) Marbodo Tan, Yeo Jiat Hong, Goa Ting Tong and cohort; and the looking to be "2nd Emperor of the modern qin"?

So no need to FRET ANYMORE?

Cos the writings are all OVER the WALLS?

The stones are CAST?


Accept 因果 BA?



Anonymous said...

Looks like 99.99999999999% old man going to lose to Samuel Huntington le?

Huntington going have his last laugh in the under world and said to old man:?

"See, TOLD YEW SO!"?

But "what's wrong collecting more (hell) $$$$$ too"?

"Pay up"?

Yew lost the bet?

To Huntington! ?

Anonymous said...

What did yew say?

Anonymous said...

Yew Ting Tong?

No understand Ingrish?