Elected Presidency - Outrageous and untenable circular logic

The Person Sitting in Darkness is almost sure to say: "There is something curious about this – curious and unaccountable. There must be two Americas: one that sets the captive free, and one that takes a once-captive’s new freedom away from him, and picks a quarrel with him with nothing to found it on; then kills him to get his land."
The above was penned by Mark Twain in 1901 and below was a comment by Duterte blasting at the Americans who thought the Philippines is still their colony and they have the right to meddle with the political affairs of the country.
."I am a president of a sovereign state. And we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master but the Filipino people."
How could these two statements have any relevance to the controversies over the changes to the criteria and qualifications for the Elected President of Singapore, albeit a practically non executive post, paid in the millions while most of the jobs would be about attending charity events and claiming to be the one that raised the millions for charity, or visiting sporting events and cheering the athletes to give moral support? How important and demanding could such a job be to require so extraordinary feat and expertise but with nothing said about moral righteousness, honour, humility, human kindness, compassion, nobility of not the monetary kind, and the desire to serve the people and country?
The thought that a non executive president must possess all the stringent qualities but nothing is needed to be the most powerful man in the country, the PM, is simply nonsensical. Period.
But this nonsense does not stop there. This man, after passing through the stringent criteria, needs to be elected to have the moral authority to make decisions on two functions, ie say yes to use the national reserves and the appointments of top civil servants. It would not be ridiculous if things stop here. But no, there is a non elected Presidential Advisory Council to overrule the elected President. What nonsense! The men in the Advisory Council are not elected by the people, what moral or legal authority would they have over a President elected by the people? And in most cases, these men may not even be more qualified than the EP.
And there is this presumption that in the event of a rogue govt, the President, a one man show, could rule over a rogue govt? What audacious thinking is that? A rogue govt may be rogue but not stupid, and it is the easiest thing for them to get rid of the EP if they intend to do so. They could even disband the Parliament and rule like rogues, abusing all the powers at their disposal, changing the Constitution, appointing all their lackeys and cronies to high offices and take control of everything. There is nothing to stop a rogue govt.
And what is the point of a highly qualified EP, elected by the people, with moral authority, to check on the govt, when Parliament could simply overrule him with a 2/3 majority? Heard of LPPL?
And it is the fault of the system that we don't have a minority Malay President for four decades! Oops, it is not the system, it is the racist Chinese population that would not vote for a non Chinese President. What proof? Who said that? Has it ever been proven that it would be the case? Utter nonsense, rubbish. Oh, the surveys said so. Really? What worth are the surveys?


Anonymous said...

A party, by being strong and ready to be govt, will win majority votes in elections, and not what kind of logic they have.

If the opposition parties are disunited and weak, no amount of good logic will make them win elections, where majority Sinkies are concerned.

Anonymous said...


What EP are we talking about?

Just back with my regular breakfast kakis.

I had a cup of thick kopi O and a bowl of "law mee".


Anonymous said...

That sounds like situations in history which prelude a momentous collapse down the road .......


It's not a good sign when a groom have no choice other than to choose among many (heavily used) prostitutes as bride?

Anonymous said...

What future is there?

When the groom has to HOLD his nose to go walk down the aisle with a ex-prostitute bride?

And wear N95 mask on the wedding bed every nite for the rest of his life?

Anonymous said...

Will such a setup be tenable or sustainable in the long run?

virgo49 said...

Nya Tan not Indian, not minioriy meh??

President for two terms not counted as minority meh??

In the bus heard a swear word : Tew! !

Some more by an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Will such a setup be tenable or sustainable in the long run?
9:17 am

They can have a Malay President for just one term (6 years) and after that ask him/her to fxxk off.

After that they can afford to wait for 30 years to have another Malay President. So where got not tenable or sustainable in the long run? 30 years not long meh?

Anonymous said...

Actually Singaporeans are not interested in EP. They only like to have an extra holiday because of voting. It is the government that makes a mountain out of a mole hill. For Singaporeans, they all know President is just a Figure Head and is required since it is part of Singapore Constitution. Appointed or elected, no difference. He will continue to kiss babies, host State guests, attend charity, enjoy the Istana air and give a pre-prepared speech in parliament.

Anonymous said...

if your friends from overseas asked what Singapore future.......

what is our answer......

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 9:33 am
//Actually Singaporeans are not interested in EP. //

(Cesspool) Balls to YEW?

The daft not concern abt their (ponzi?) $$$?

Not interested how much $$$ (left) in the "(PA)Piggies Bank"?

patriot said...

A Party that is so insecure and unsure of its own integrity and
got to reward their members to
prevent them from corruptions as well as to create an appointment
of a puppet President to check on
the Puppeteers, is just simply laughable.

However, 70% of Sinkies enjoy laughing.
One day they shall laugh with
tears raining from their lids.

Lol aka Lots of laughs.


Anonymous said...

Blind izzit?

Cannot see Written all over the walls ?

The overseas pple jiat sai izzit?

Cannot read ingrish, ceenese, ahnehlish, .....?

Or purposely asked izzit?

To rub salt and chilli paddies, sze xhuan chilli peppers into the fresh wounds, izzit?

Anonymous said...

patriotSeptember 13, 2016 9:55 am

//A Party that is so insecure .....//


Anonymous said...

Any oldie know the the name of the "old way" of raising kapital (privately) through some form of "biding" in the older days?

Think start with a "T"?

Anonymous said...

With the set aside election provision for minority president, they can set aside for a minority president forever, claiming no one is good enough.

Anonymous said...

No oldie knows?

All dementia liao?

Anonymous said...

"Appointed or elected, no difference. He will continue to kiss babies, host State guests, attend charity, enjoy the Istana air and give a pre-prepared speech in parliament."
September 13, 2016 9:33 am

This comment definitely from a Sinkie.
The "lan, lan, boh pian lor" attitude.

Do you think PAP deliberately cultivates this type of attitude to stay in power?

Anonymous said...

More like definitely from an (PLP) IB (who not scare his descendants no kc?)

Anonymous said...

U don't even give time
to old timers.
So very impatient young.

What so difficult about
yr question ?

It was known as Tontine
which the Tintongs used
as loans.
Many ended fleeced after
the operators chabuted
with their monies.

One day Sinkies will
suffer the same fate as
the Tontine Players. lt
will happen soon.

Indonesians are reported
to be snapping up high-end
properties in Sin.
The Younger Sinkies shall
have to live at markets, seek shelters at multi storey car parks, shopping
complexes and anywhere else's there are shelters.

Anonymous said...

Luck runs out for the arrogant pap chinese leeders. Now the Malay members compel them to make sure EP is malay in constitution.

Remember years back, the arrogant pap men said malay are risk to be in army senior positions, as enemies of same race will put them in conflict of interest.

Appoint a malay EP can contradict the pap men s fear. Why are they so good to do it?

Luck runs out for pap chinese leeders. In future, malay and indians will tell these leeders what they want and they better do. Its all started by the dear leeder s mass immigration policy.

Native citizens 3.3million, foreigners 2.4 millions that makes up the present 5.7millions.
All the jobs useful to earn good income are given to indians in banks and financial firms. The malay cannot get so much high income good jobs. Even the leeders put up a malay EP, the stomachs are still hungry.

Even the malay set up shops, the buying power is so low as most of the indians do not spend their earned income in singapore.

Singapore is waiting to sink deep into the water under the leeders. Just look at the South China sea issue. The singapore leeders said china must follow the "strong and powerful" judgment to give up "9 dashlines". That was weeks ago,

What happen? Philippines want to talk to china, Vietnam sign agreement to settle Scs peacefully with China in Beijing.

Singapore leeders s words are like hot air in this world. Not close to the reality. Mis judge the reality so much. For this reason, i have the same doubt on the judgment: EP must be malay. I think it can be a problem for the future if the malay EP is not following the leeders wishes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.14

Not impatient lah?

Sometimes must "pressurise" a bit mah?

Must read in between the lines lo?

Yes lah, Tontine is the word!

One (IB) anon said the 70% daft not concern abt their $$$, what if as YEW said:


" Many ended fleeced after
the operators chabuted
with their monies."


Will that happen?

Btw, (kind hearted) uncle or auntie anon 11.14am, thank you for your timely reply.

Hope yew understand y ai use some "pressure tactics" and dun take it too hard?

Ai oso do for the "greater good" sacrificing mindself to be "scolded or even worst" by some oldies who might not realise mind (good) intentions?

They say, "extraordinary times" need "extraordinary measures"?

If got big problems still use scholar book method slow slow war over liao?

Some things said here no "bad intention" lah to oldies but must read between lines lor otherwise limp kopi liao cannot tawk liao (in MSN)?

MEE ceena ed lah so how can dunno respect elders?

If elders oso no respect then can burn all the books read liao cos no use le?

Mee only no respect those who fleeced and leave others to die their own business lah?

And also those who think it is alright to collect more, more, more $$$ lah, indiscriminateLEE and LEEgally lah, YEW die YEWR business old farts lah .......

These type how to be patient with them or have respect?

If old fart and lao goa are good and not horrible, why many young dun have much hope (& confidence)?

What is in store in the future?

Why the fainted guy need do this tinkie?

Why should the younger respect all these old farts when what they did and doing could be leaving the younger generations to a pack of wolves and wee need think for our own (future) right?

Especially those who have young children now?

Worst those with special needs children?

How these disadvantaged kids going fend for themselves against packs of (invading) wolves, hyenas, etc?

Mee soon also need abandon ship ..... oops ..... sampan?

But now while can do little bit lor?

So next time won't regret never do anything while inhaling the last few breaths?

Though mee know whatever mee can do is far from adequate but just do sthg lah, within my logic and action/ words?

Mee not like TKL lor?

Full of excuse about what get into trouble?

This fellow from beginning till end typical Papig selfishness?

The lemon brothers minibuns saga in hong lim which he organised in 2009/ 2010 got his own agendas lah?

Remember Ah Neo's movie?

"Xiao Hai Bu Beng"?

Anonymous said...

Rb, I shared your frustration but bo Bian live goes on!

Anonymous said...

For how lo(ooooooo)ng (more)?

Anonymous said...

That's the crux of the "bo bian" matter?

Anonymous said...

What if it is an "incurable" frustration?

Anonymous said...

Wei Yu Chou Mo Ba?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile just live the future by the hours bah?

If need be by the mins?

Or even seconds?

Anonymous said...

A spade is a spade?

Bleak is bleak?

Bad is bad?

No hope is no hope?

Apocalypse is apocalypse?

A second is a second?

Anonymous said...

Life goes on?

What worth?

If life is only measurable and certain in (the next few) seconds?

Anonymous said...

Hamlet (once) asked:

"To be or not to be?"

(Mee Siam Mai) Hum-lets need to ask?

"To Lee (离) or not to Lee (离)"?

Before ah女马girldon hits?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.14am,

Got one more not "difficult" for YEW oldies:

Anonymous said...

Why in ancient time, the Chinese chose the word "female horse" (女马) to represent "mother"?

Why "mother" was not written by the ancient Chinese as say "女虎"?

Why ancient Chinese use "femalehorse" (女马) and not "femaletiger" (女虎) to represent the word "mother" in Chinese character?

Anonymous said...

Majority 70% do not mind, so really bo Bian. What can u do if u wanted to remain here unless u packed and go

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 1:46 pm
// ...... so really bo Bian. //

Not really lah?

If some "clue" can be "found", then makes it "more palatable"?

Can YEW see the "Chinese character" of the word "mother" in the above post/ comment?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 1:46
//...... unless u packed and go//

Why YEW so impatient?

Can give oldies some time or not?

Property (market) so lousy need time mah to get good prices/ buyers?

Anonymous said...

There are lift landing, common corridor, cofi shop and eatery for shelters not forgetting the void deck.
Maybe they will be cordoned off or added with obstacles to
prevent the destitutes from using them. However, when the homeless increases in huge numbers, the only way
is to let them dies of helplessness and frustration.
There is nothing an incompetent government can
do when that happens. The most is abdication and the worst could be like the tontine operators that chabut with all the participants monies.
Unlike the old days, now one can chabuts but cannot hide.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 1:46 pm
//Majority 70% do not mind, so really bo Bian. What can u do if u wanted to remain here unless u packed and go//

You sound abnormalLEE excessiveLEE zealous?

Are you a (paid) IB?

Where (which mystery) you work in?

Anonymous said...

2.39 pm anon, Knn what IB or JB I opposition sinkie lar. I don't intent to leave Singapore as this is my country. Just because I don't agree with the 70% does not mean I have to leave, correct or not u motherfucker. But bo Bian what, majority win. U have to respect that decision mah, Knn correct or not.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are not trustworthy. Politicians that support Hillary are the worst with doubt on honesty.

Hillary fainted on 9.11 gathering. After she was sent into her daughter s home, hours later, a younger Hillary came out of the house on sunglasses.

My 6th sense when viewing the video was: how come it was a younger Hillary? It applied also to a photo on other press, she was not Hillary. It was proven.

The photo was that of Teresa Barnwell. Barnwell impersonated Hillary to come out from the daughter s home to show that Hillary was well.

Barnwell s hairs are thinner than Hillary. By careful comparison, the differences can be checked.

Hillary is a cunning character, hardly people know when she would tell the truth. One old man was well connected to her when she was in position. No one in politics are to be trusted beyond doubt. Never be a fool. Vote for the opposition will help to turn the balance as opposition will check on the ruling elite scholars. The stronger the opposition, the bigger the balancing force.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 3:03 pm
// ...... motherfucker .....//

That sounds like somebolee such as YEWself may have the "sickness" Sigmund Fred said?

Not mee said one!

Sigmund Fred diagnosed it as "Oedipus Complex" ......

Means such patients might commit incest too and sometimez fight with their fathers over their "femalehorses"?

Go read about "Oedipus Complex" by Sigmund Fred not Ai said one .....

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo

Should be Sigmund Freud

b said...

Chinese are better off under white rulers. Under white rulers, easy to have houses and cars so long as one works hard. Under chinese rulers, no houses only pigeon holes, no cars only legs even if one works hard. Grandparents migrated to this white men ruled island to escape chinese rulers now grandchildren have to migrate to white men ruled country to escape chinese rulers again. When can chinese rulers learn? Why always made the subjects (same race or not) suffered? Why not learn from white men rulers?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:03pm
"I don't agree with the 70% does not mean I have to leave"

This is nonsense. U have choice: to stay or to leave, all solely are your personal choice.

U have choice: to vote for pap like the 61% or not to. All are your personal choice.

People ask you to leave is as good a reason you ask these IB to leave.
Do not leave here. The biggest joy is to see opposition form new government, all out of your very efforts, voting for them.

The biggest joy is when Singapore is in charged by citizens, and IT jobs, finance jobs, industrial jobs, engineering jobs, are returned back to citizens.

That can only happen, when opposition takes over the government.

b said...

Whether malay or indian also no difference from chinese rulers. They all like to keep their subjects very poor and dim so they can rule forever. White men rulers are best among the rest thats why so many colored race want to migrate to white men land. They only keep them moderately poor and dim. May Trump win the next election. Putting a brown guy in white house just cannot make it. Brown still darker than yellow. No wonder china gets the upper hand.

b said...

When opposition takes over, they will want to rule forever and will continue to put migrants in charge so their subjects are kept very poor and dim and there is no way that can takeover. Famous quote: Give them bread and circus (or Make them stay poor and dim) so they will not revolt, still applies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.03pm,

Yew yewself bring up this "mother" f word hah, not mee!

If any "worms" crawl out, IT'S yew yewself opened one hah as yew the one bring up the mother "f" word:

///// >>>>>>Anonymous September 13, 2016 3:03 pm <<<<<<<
>>>>>///...........motherfucker ........///<<<<<

(Already photoshot liao as evidence) Yew started it!


Anonymous said...

Rb, you should write an article about collusion between US media and Hillary

Hillary went to visit 911 site. Few minutes later,she call off her visit.

No single US journalists and media org feel weird or curious enough to follow/stalk her to demand an answer.

Generally, the reporters would follow the target till they have left the site.

Not to mention that US media give live coverage to whole commemoration of 911 .

However, no journalists give a live coverage on Hillary situation. No reporters stand nearby Hillary as if they had been warned not to cover Hillary.

No image/pictures been published /released by reporters when Hillary was waiting for her SUV. It looks very weird.

As if someone must have warn the media not to release those damaging picture about Hillary, especially her front face when she need someone to hold her up.

We can only see the footage video about Hillary( trip down) captured by the Citizen,not from the media.

It sounds like very weird that no media follow her after she ended her visit without any reason.

None of media there want to give live coverage on situation of Hillary. - the part where She was waiting for SUV.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:49pm
I agree with u. The news black out seemed like bad news to Hillary.
BBC is trying to cover up for her. The picture showing "Hillary" where sunglasses on bbc was a impersonated woman of her called Teresa Bernwell.

I saw sources compare these 2 woman. The bbc picture woman was younger. Her hairs style looked shorter, and more silky that the older Hillary.

Most important feature difference: Hillary s index finger on the left was longer than that of Teresa Bernwell.

Teresa s index finger is far shorter when comparing to her middle finger. Old Hillary s index finger is almost the same length of her middle finger. This evidence was concrete.

I guess Hillary should be in Hospital as pneumonia can be risky for elderly when she is weak. Hillary s movement has been far slower when comparing to her campaigning earlier. Hillary is likely be suffering from illness, but undisclosed, as she has had hardly tell the truth to public.

After 13th, she must show up. Or things are not getting well for Hillary, Wish her luck.

Anonymous said...

anonymous ,9.26

You are right. There are two Hillary. The one we saw later are Fake.

The real Hillary probably has passed away.

watch the youtube - ABC

Wtf? ABC News reports on "Hillary Clinton's death"!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece, Redbean.
Superb even...
It makes killer points.
I particularly like this bit:
"How important and demanding could such a job be to require so extraordinary feat and expertise but with nothing said about moral righteousness, honour, humility, human kindness, compassion, nobility of not the monetary kind, and the desire to serve the people and country?"

Red-Herring Exposed said...

No matter how the PM and the PAP are trying their utmost to "explain off" this new development in the Elected Presidency Review Project, it is but a very unprofessional flimsy veil.

Anyone with some common sense, and a little bit of grey matter, can easily see through the whole Shake-spear-ian Opera. At least the Indonesian Wayang Kulit is ten-fold better than this amateurish "wayang".

The whole saga of wasting millions of dollars of tax-payers' money is an Exercise-in-Futility of inexpressible proportion.

The decision has already been made long ago, at least two Presidential Elections ago. As is so very clearly demonstrated and displayed for all to see, the whole purpose of this exercise is to impose LIMITATIONS, RESTRICTIONS and OBSTRUCTIONS to the Appointment of the "Erected- Elected", Multi-Million Dollar Money-Enticed, Good-For-Nothing-Except-To-Be-An-Obedient-Yes-Man-To-The-PM Figure-Head, and a Pretentious-President-of-the-"People"(meaning Peoples Action Party, not ALL Singaporeans). Nothing to do with Minority Representation. Because it is TOTALLY ABSURD to talk about One Singapore Elected President, irrespective of whatever Race, Tribe or Creed, to represent a Minority.

The Elected President has to REPRESENT ALL SINGAPOREANS. Full Stop. If he represents the Malay Only, then who represents the Chinese, Indians, Others during his tenure of six years? If he represents the Indians, then who represents the Chinese, Malays, Others .... and so on???

So, this talk about Minority Representation is nothing but a Red-Herring to cover something sinister to the People but beneficial to the Ruling PAP which has the ambition, aspiration and determination the rule forever and ever.

The Elected President Review Committee is just a red-herring and a scrape-goat frontage to give some semblance of legitimacy and take the rap if necessary.

It is already a forgone conclusion when Dr Tan Cheng Bock nearly became our Elected President, and Tan Jee Say also managed to garner substantive votes, in the last Presidential Election, that the PAP Leadership had already decided to ensure that the Elected President is an Erected President ALWAYS in favour and in support of the PAP's selected PM.

It is never never never for the sake of the People (All Singaporeans).

Red-Herring Exposed 2016

Anonymous said...

The MIWs and the parroting Ministers MPs make me puke.
70% already gave you mandate to do whatever you like, so just so whatever you like.
So stop throwing all these BS about the merits of the recommendations of the changes to
the EP and treat your citizens as idiots.

Anonymous said...