China’s nightmare gone to passé

China was lucky to have Cambodia and Laos as the Chair of Asean in the last two summits. Without these two allies, China would be dragged into the mud by pro American Asean members with the US and Japan cheering them on. Those two years were really treacherous for China. Asean could have been manipulated by the Americans and Japanese to go head on against China precipitating in a war or high tension in the South China Sea. With the Philippines and Vietnam and a couple of little USAs conspiring against China, China should count itself lucky to get away unscathed.

But this could not last long as the Chair of Asean is in rotation and China’s nightmare was about to begin with the Number One Asean protagonist taking over the Chair in the Philippines. The Chinese must have had sleepless nights trying to walk out of this Gordian knot. The Philippines under the Aquino regime was the point man for the American and Japanese aggressive war machine, and a very willing one, supported by a few even more zealous and eager little USAs.

And now the Chair of Asean is in the Philippines. What the plotters and schemers did not bargain for, while they kept plotting and scheming against China, is that the mighty One up there would not let them have their evil ways. No, the Philippines must not be allowed to spoil the day and the rise of China. It must be stopped. The only way to stop this farce and to keep Asean on an even keel is for the Philippines to change course, to be at least neutral if not pro China.

And He did it by bringing in Duterte to replace Aquino and the whole picture changed. The damages planned for China in Laos was a washout, down the sewers when Duterte refused to be the point man to do the dirty work for the American Empire and Japanese conspiracy. It is unimaginable for China if the Philippines is still under Aquino and taking over the Chair of Asean.

Now, instead of stern faces and bracing for the worst, China is smiling while the hapless Americans and Japanese and their little USAs straggled into darkness, into oblivion. Without a willing point man, without the Philippines doing the dirty work for them, even the little USAs could not do anything.

China is safe for another year with the Chair of Asean in Manila. The nightmare did not come true and the day is bright and chirpy for China until the next little USA takes over the Chair of Asean. And the Philippines would be the Chair or Asean China relations for the next 3 years. This is a bonus that China did not expect. From the verge of being dragged into the arena to be bashed around, the new Philippines would just do the opposite to the chagrin of the American camp.

Man proposed, Heaven disposed, how true, how true. The rise of China is unstoppable with the mandate of heaven. When heaven is on the side of China, there is nothing the Dark Side can do to overturn the apple cart.


patriot said...

The Conclusion to this Article is not short of superstition whence heaven is given credit for the Works of two great leaders.
Both President Xi and President Duterte are Righteous Leaders that risk and work very hard to rid and free their Nations of Crime and Corruption within their National/Local Running. They are also playing their International Roles within the Political Dynamics
regionally and internationally with integrity.

There had been much abuses of political powers and many countries in S E Asia are currently mired in them.

To cut it short, it is indeed a great blessing to have enlighten leaders in China and the Philippines.
May the Other Countries around the Region be as lucky.


Anonymous said...

RB seemed to suggest in po that China was heng ah. Did not kena asean s trap set by US and Japan. The obvious words indicated from white house was from a guest there saying China had to follow the strong and powerful judgment which had become international laws. China Xi reply to this asean spokes man was China respect asean s position. How dare u not following white house s words. Respect so what. Obama personally there: wanted asean heads discuss Scs issue at asean head meeting. But it was never done. Obama quietly left asea meeting without any firework.

This was real. Watch the tv screen. Hillary was the main planner for US to dominate asean 8yrs ago. In such important meeting to seize control of Scs issue, Obama was UNable to put it on main agenda. It was china that set the agenda for asean head meeting.
China pm talked about Meikong river project, speed rail linking to loas, myannma power station, etc.
Asean heads are not US fans except 1. Obama was there to control? When PLA laid out the war ships and missiles ready to take US carriers, it was silent. I think this was the consequence. Asean heads want development: infra structure, rails across rivers, modern nuclear power stations for affordable green electricity. Without these, there is no progress for their people living at rural areas.

What can US and Japan and also the rich asean state do? They must give money and give these project almost free to the asean countries. China can do it, why these so rich countries cannot do? Readers can answer better.

US stands NO chance to influence Cambodia, Loas, may be Myannma without fighting with china. US must include the other attack dogs those following US, to scare asean heads. But US dare not to try.

China is very provocative to US and Japan after the Shangrila shouting this year. The PLA every month has live firing at Scs. One is still going on now. Day ago, 40 China jets flew passed Miyako strait to west pacific. Miyako strait is Okinawa, these islands were formerly belonged to china before Ww2. What did Japan do?

In other words, US is not showing as a recognized super power, after Carter and Harris claimed "fight tonight". They never do what they shouted. Duterte claimed he would want to visit china in Oct next month. All these pointers told us some aseans countries are splitting in paths.

There is no reason Cambodia want to follow US. The latter never give Cambodia benefits except war torn lands and death. Loas is the same. Myannma is the same. Japan did the same to them earlier. Duterte told pinoys audience with picture how US ruined and killed pinoys at Philippines.

All these point to $$$. US has dollars, Japan hs yen, and some aseans has solid currencies. Can they spare some for these war torn countries to rebuild? This is the question after watching the show.
Akandatang. China will have to carry out development to make Scarborough Shoals as it third leg in Scs. Must be a military base. I think this biggest island is a "must have" for PLA to have full control of over US navy and Japanese war ships using pinoys port 200 miles away. Carter said US will "act" if China develop that island. Is there choice for PLA? Will PLA fear US and leave it to US to tear their Scs already set up positions at Scs? I guess US will dare not to challenge using force. PLA is likely to challenge US on this spot. Got F35? Can go ahead? Japan also have 9 now. Some asean state is buying alot to help US, hey hey.

b said...

If China is so good, why people of china still running away from china to angmo countries just like sg ancestors? It is better that china is not powerful. Chinese elites are too greedy. They only want themselves to be ultra rich with assets and the ordinary people poor with zero assets. Communism and socialism are scams to enrich those power elites and legally tax or confiscate ordinary people hard savings and wealth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08pm
U are right. Many chinese ran to Canada. This is a place which had a case called LaiChanxin. Did u see Lai s Red Chamber in Xiamen? If u know china in business, u know why Canada is the right place to go. The govt in canada will protect chinese. China chinese are 90% of a club whose members must drive Lamborghini. Canadians have no money lah.
Sgp are so poor, cannot afford to drive Merc, how to run away? To run away, must be rich lah. China has many run away families, u can explain by concluding china chinese are rich lah.

Anonymous said...

You people still living in 1960s? Today the Chinese are the new middle class, 200m of them. They travelled around the world as tourists and investors.

Those that migrated are likely to be criminals with dirty money to hide.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by Google s sense of humor.

Very well done. I google 9 om ET, guess the answer:

"9:00 PM Monday, Eastern Time (ET) is
9:00 AM Tuesday, in Geylang "

GEYLANG is the marking for Singapore time.

Anonymous said...

Various kind of censorship exist in the Western media.

Do you ever realize that India is one of largest trade partner and aid provider for NK regime?

Western media never once blame India for supporting NK regime.

India has become increasingly assertive and aggressive against their smaller neighbor nations, namely Nepal, Bhutan, and Pakistan

USA continue to praise India as good role model.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua , how about an elaboration article on China's hot speculation on property ?


Anonymous said...

Another side effect of Media censorship imposed by the West

Many people does not know that East Timor brought ICJ case against Australia over spying allegation.

ICJ ordered Australia to stop spying on East Timor.

Watch the video on youtube.- ICJ Australia vs East Timor 2014

Till today, i cant find any video about Philippine arbitration case against China in SCS . It was because US and Philippine were manipulating the whole trial.

Anonymous said...

China need to depend on Laos and Cambodia support on SCS matters?

Last time under Mao and Deng times when it is so poor also no need such support? China is getting so weak nowadays? How comes it becomes even weaker internationally especially when it is economically and militarily stronger? Somemore attracted so much enemies at all borders.

What if the claimant countries are no weak countries, How will China react?

China is no match for US as it now stirs shit in India. In the end, the 1st round of prize goes to France in return for selling 36 pcs of Nuclear capable strike Rafales. Whether these planes works or not is not important. $$$ is key.

Where is the 1B1R project now? - Abortion stage? Kra canal becomes Kra Drainage project? The fast rail or China train project proposed to run in SEA all run into obstacles.

The key is no one will dare to invest money if US says otherwise. China prosper because US allow money to flow into china last 30-40 years. Region was then damned stable with US/China relations at peak. Now it is totally different situation. Look at the mess in Middle East. Russia is sucked into the mess further with latest US fire "accident". US is hoping China to get involved so the mess can spread into Xinjiang.

Anonymous said...

My friend attached to Cambodia for 5 months came back and told me that actually Cambodian people can speak English and Chinese. I was taken by surprise!
What's more surprisingly is what he said subsequently.
Majority of the Cambodian people actually dislike China. They really feel that the China chinese cocky and stingy plus their bad dirty unhygienic habits. Anyhow dirty their place and even sacred temples, no respect to no ones.

After listening , i also blurred as never expected. Jialat, China really not welcome.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just think about your papa and mama and your grand papa and grand mama 40 or 50 years ago. They were like the Chinese you so despised for their unhygienic traits and were poor and just as uncouth. All poor peasants.

How come today you are not like them?

In another generation, the rich Communists will have acquired all the good habits, mannerism and hygiene that they would be sneering at daft and rude poor Sinkies who ended up as security guards and taxi drivers.

The Europeans and Americans are so sophisticated! Remember that they were the hoards of pirates and invaders that conquered the natives of the world, murdering the natives, looted their wealth and made themselves rich, and then became civilised by the ill gotten wealth, while the rest of the natives remained poor and ugly and unhygienic and unsophisticated.

Know your history, how it all started.

Anonymous said...

It is not only about Cambodia.

It is about the whole world.

No doubt some China people do behave but many still brings a lot of their habits when going overseas.

The key issue is not about them being cocky and stingy plus their bad dirty unhygienic habits. It is about their barbarian altitude and often refuse to admit their mistake when they are wrong.
This is due to the system back home where law has been absent for a long time. They believe that who ever can raise their highest voice will win the argument and most times you need to fight for your own survival. Exactly the same way on how their govt handles foreign affair issues.

Nothing to do with history, but they just need to be taught civil manners and awareness.

Just like a child who grew up without proper parents guidance.