Cheng Bock qualifies

Of course this is just my view and does not matter. But I have my reasons for it and they are logical and took into account the new recommendations by the Constitution Commission.  And I swear I am not under the influence of drugs or smoking some grass to come out with such a conclusion. The two grounds that were quoted to disqualify Cheng Bock, to me, tak pakai, boh tiok.  Why?

From $100m to $500m change should not affect Cheng Bock’s qualification. He qualified the last time based on $100m and should qualify based on the current inflated value of $500m. The current value took into account inflation. So Cheng Bock’s $100m needs to be inflated as well. Just like someone living in a $1m bungalow 20 years ago, the bungalow is now $30m at today’s inflated price. The guy still lives in the same bungalow. His $1m bungalow is now $30m. Sama sama bungalow. You cannot say he is still worth only $1m. The same principle of inflation must apply both ways to be fair and logical. You can’t inflate only those you choose to inflate. You must be consistent or your arguments become like kangaroo talk.

The second point, 5 terms or 30 years would at first glance disqualify Cheng Bock. The question is when should this period start to count?

There are two phases to our Presidency. The first 4 presidents were under a system of appointment by the ruling party. Just because the ruling party did not want to appoint a Malay president cannot be the fault of the system. Any Malay candidate can be appointed by the ruling party to be the president under the old system. So this period cannot be counted under the new ruling as that system did not disadvantage a minority candidate. Want to blame, blame the ruling party for not appointing a Malay president. It was within their right and power to do so.

The counting for the said period of no minority president to give special rights to a minority candidate should start from the Elected President regime, ie from Ong Teng Cheong onwards. So, till now, only 4 terms have passed, and only 20 years have lapsed. There is no need to fill in a minority president yet. Tiok boh, logical or not?  No bluff one. If you still cannot grasp this simple and logical reason, then either you are a hopeless case or insincere or insane.

So there is no need even to consider which minority shall be first on the line as the commencement period starts from Ong Teng Cheong’s term, there was Nathan, 2 terms with both Teng Cheong and Tony Tan one term each. The next president could then either be a Malay or Others since both groups were missing if this continues for another 10 year or one more term.

See, my reasoning quite logical right? Under the new changes, Cheng Bock should still be eligible right? But no, because what I said tak pakai also.  There is a higher logic to apply to rule out Cheng Bok from the race. And the higher logic always win, always right, always rule. You interpret the law to your advantage, suka suka, to what you want the law to be. Are my spellings right or wrong?

Many Singaporeans would just read the main media, and if the main media says right they would simply agree, without bothering to engage the head above their neck to ask if they have been conned. Do not simply believe in the main media. They have their own agenda and want you to believe what they said. You must think for yourself and reason for yourself if you think you are a living thing. Don’t ever let other people think for you and tell you what is right or wrong, what is good or bad.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your thinking or logic is not the same as the government. So, CB is still out of the ring.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 09, 2016 8:42 am //CB is still out of the ring.//

Anon 8.42pm,

Pls be "careful" of YEWR choice of words (in the same sentence)

Anonymous said...

For some, it may make them "lau ciap"?

The word "CB" should not be in the same sentence, especially a very short one, with another ...... word ...... "ring"?

For such a serious topic except yew writing about some "xxxxxxx"?

Anonymous said...

Examples of words to substitute "ring" could be:

1) Contest;

2) Husting;

3) PE;

4) Running;

5) Erection;

6) Criteria;

....... etc etc

Anonymous said...

Yew seem "horny" early on a Fri morning?

Putting "CB" in a short sentence with "ring" may bring "wild fantasies" especially some stressed up "OLs" working at places like where RB works?


Especially today is TGIF?

Many might be thinking of after work hours already?

Why distract them?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo for item (5) ..... pai seh ........

"5) Erection"

Should be "5) Election"


Oso kena affected (subconsciously) by (horny) anon 8.42 am and type "wrongly"?

Anonymous said...

"Tiok boh, logical or not?"

Tiok. Logical. But sorry lah, u are just a blogger, not even a opposition party member, let alone contest elections. So tiok or no tiok, logical or not, also no use lor, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Oops ...... another spelling typo ....

"lau ciap" should be

"Lau Chiap"

Anonymous said...

Bor Teok!

Your logic worst than a fishing net that cannot hold water?

Cos many journalists also not opposition members let alone election candidates but they also .....?

Anonymous said...

Rb//The two grounds that were quoted to disqualify Cheng Bock, to me, tak pakai, boh tiok. Why?//

Technically if much lower level jobs like insurance sales, remisier, property brokers need assessment and pre qualifications, then MPs and Min, SMOS, MOS, PS all also need pass certain (relevant) Criteria?

Like if appoint an ignoramus be cum SMOS in charge economy but cannot even pass "O" level economics then .......

Making "mockery" of entire human bean mankind?

Anonymous said...

The 2016 Cambridge winter exam around the corner in Oct and Nov .....

Why not send some of the SMOS, MOS etc in charge of some relevant min to take say the "A" Level econs papers?

If cannot even answer simple questions at 18-yo exam level, how to manage a near half trillions economy?

Anonymous said...

To announce 30 years is to make the proposal looks more acceptable but unfortunately it is going to count from first president so tcb is out

Anonymous said...

Must take this year immediately in case they take intensive tuition at those ("pian chiat"?) super centre in 2017?

Cos already in job so should know in the head?

How can SMOS, MOS etc jobs in heavy weight min dunno about their subject matter?

Then (ceremonial) EP needs 500 billions criteria?

Gazillion std, izzit?

Anonymous said...

To discuss this matter as if "there is a discussion" in the first place is to "be a ting ting like some ah siao"?

Anonymous said...

What is the PE s real function? It was reported to check reserves. One ex president asked where was the reserves, how much? The reply was unknown. It would take 50 over years to print out the total reserves. That reply meant they are still working out the total reserves figures, may be burong kaka s homes on trees, public toilets, long kang, are also included as reserves with price.

PE can protect reserves or spend on more reserves? i think no one know lah. The strange thing is PE must be from the kakinan and cannot be tcb, formerly kakinan. That is further a doubt in mind, is there really something called reserves so deep that need someone to take care? Its like taking care of singapore s air. Air needs someone to take care.

One shipping company sold at loss, bought prce at $2.8 sold price at $1.3, and sovereign funds that lost billions dollars some said 24 billions loss. Those managing such companies should have learned how to lose billions dollars. They should be qualified. PE means spending billions dollars from reserves to govt budgets. These people will not brink the eyes as they had handled billions losses til company close or sold. They should be the right men or women.
Race must not be the criteria. One can claim he manages a bank as new citizen as ceo. But the real operations of the bank might be run or should be run by the coo. One can claim he runs as ceo of mrt, but the real person is not him running the daily operations lah, otherwise, he could not make statements that conflict with facts on an accident case.

In other words, those who have had complete experience losing a big company by at least billions dollars, they are the most suitable candidate to be pe, to manage the unknown reserves, as they will not worry if billions are lost. They are experienced and can sleep in peace.

For minority race to be pe, is that a suitable arrangement? Can they sleep in peace when every now and then, they might be asked to endorse many many billions to transfer to budget. But they do not see the real reserves, how much is the balance?
They cannot sleep in peace lah. Agree?

Anonymous said...

Listen up you fucking Singaporean slaves.
More than 60% of you fuckers want me to be your Emperor.
So stop complaining
Get on your knees
Do as you are told.
And kiss my ass on your way out.

The above is satire
And I believe I am the Emperor of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Interpreting the law, the constitution or religious books are all the same. It depends on who is interpreting and what is his agenda and interpret accordingly. Of course there will be idiots interpreting them for the bigger idiots that are too lazy to interpret and allow fools to interpret for them.

The biggest joke is in today's news when images of eagle or any animal also cannot be accepted. Now only an idiot would interpret it that way and many bigger idiots would just follow the idiot interpreter without asking questions.

Anonymous said...

@ September 09, 2016 11:32 am

Obviously your parents did not teach you very well.
In an Emperor system, everything the Emperor say is the law.
The law is the Emperor and the Emperor is the law.

Fucking daft slaves.
The British give you the legacy of democracy.
But being the slaves that your culture trains you to be,
You change something good back into slavery again.

Anonymous said...

Politicians, ministers and MPs
Become shameless Clowns
And shameless Clowns become politicians
Only this type of thing can happen here
Not anywhere else in the world.
When can the people wake up
From their intoxicated slumber
To realise they have been tricked
And led by the nose
All the time, all the time
Slumber on, slumber on
Slumber into oblivion
Not too soon
We are no more
No more even for fools
And clowns to buffoon around.
That's the final verdict
For fools like clowns
Who prank around.

patriot said...

The Discussion is
meaningful if it
the Premiership
which is the Seat
of Power.

As for the Presidency,
it is just a piece of
super expensive
For the Owners to place
and use as they like.


patriot said...

Wasting precious time on the Presidency
is a

Because there are many more
pressing Health and Infrastructure
Issue which the Cabinet Members
have the responsibility to deal
with. Issues that really matters
to the Livelihoods of the People


Anonymous said...

Stop complaining.
Just admit the truth and accept it.
You are a Singaporean.
You come from a slave culture dating back thousands of years.

Slavery is all you know, understand and accept.
Freedom and democracy is wasted on you.
You will only vote for more slavery for yourself and your children.

Accept your fate and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

Who are the freedom fighters in Singapore?
A teenage boy and a few homosexuals.

Where are the rest of the Singaporeans?
Fucking slaves.
Too scared to even vote Opposition.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Should slaves be competing for Olympic Gold or serving National Service?
What do you think?

Swimming legend Ang Peng Siong breaks down talking about Schooling’s Olympic Gold win


Anonymous said...

Mystery person leaving bottles of insect repellent for Bishan residents is the hero we need


This is the only type of Zika Prevention Program that slaves need or understand.
There is no need to spend anymore money on Zika prevention for slaves.

Anonymous said...

有Buffoon, 八月十五的月亮也不圆了!
有Clown, 九月的秋天象腊月的寒冬!
有Shameless, 赤道红点的暖气更结了冰!
有Fools, 红点一切的亲情不存在了!
有HoLeeshit, 人民一切的希望永破灭了!
有HsienTao, 红点步上回不了的不归路!

Anonymous said...

//Because there are many more
pressing Health and Infrastructure

U sound like a 3-yo?

Hu dunno what is wayang goolick?

Even 4-yo already know the beetle in the cowdung deserves more respect?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousSeptember 09, 2016 12:25 pm
//Politicians, ministers and MPs
Become shameless Clowns
And shameless Clowns become politicians//

They say their hide below their head so thicccccckkkkkkkkkk ........

"Cheng Ji Pak Baey Zeep"?

Aka "Mint Puay Cunt Si Lang Kao"?

Anonymous said...

@ patriotSeptember 09, 2016 12:54 pm
//As for the Presidency,
it is just a piece of
super expensive
For the Owners to place
and use as they like.


Like that if have him as fren also "sia suay" liao, much less his "........."?

Anonymous said...

@ // patriotSeptember 09, 2016 1:20 pm

Wasting precious time on the Presidency
is a

But better than exercising on the ...... with a fish ball stick owner making "fish ball" (manually) right?

Anonymous said...

Since 2011 DE, the fish ball stick owner walkjng leg more and more "cannot close" (properly)?

Anonymous said...

They use GRCs and race in GE 1988 to make it difficult for opposition to contest elections, after the late JBJ won again his Anson seat and CST won Potong Pasir in GE 1984.

Now they change criteria and use race to make it impossible for no more crony TCB to contest Presidential elections, after TCB nearly won the last last one.

So you see, race is a convenient tool whenever PAP feel threatened by election results.

Anonymous said...

The "counter-party" who made it ..... must be verlee proud of lis "prowess"?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the Zika virus spreading into the Millionaires' Housing Area.
- Huat ah!
- Zika ah!

Anonymous said...

Probably 85% (2.9 million) HDB heartlanders oso?

Anonymous said...

virgo49September 08, 2016 3:53 pm

//Hi bro, way to abandon Sampan into Ocean Liner??

Just look for greener pastures.

Right next door. Penang, a good destination.

Economy ok unlike sleepy town Malacca etc.

Many Sinkie working as expats there.

Not recognized in own homeland but valued away.

Incomes affordable for terrace house, a car and less stressful cost of surviving.

There a saying, without destruction, there is no construction. //

Halo Uncle,

The more yew think about it, the more yew are convinced staying put will be a "下Che"?

The longer yew stay, yew will become more "呆" in this nepotistic (hopeless) cb cuntry?

Can we meet up in matland malaca or genting for kopi when yew free?

Anonymous said...

North Korea test successfully a nuke bomb causing 5.5 scale earthquake. S Korean called Abe, and little dot "concerned".
China said NK cannot do this and must stop.

I wander whether these countries bother to ask this question?
Who will assure NK people s safety if they give up the nuke and missiles tests?

Japan US SK and also US attack dogs are not giving NK s own safety a thought, if the North kneel down to US and these attack dogs. This is the same principle applied to the minority s insistence to get EP to check. The population policy will change the demographic composition with the current politicians in charge. There has been no official figures to publish the demographic composition. Something not commonly practiced in civil societies. Is each race number confidential to a nation? Can anyone name examples, and why confidential? Is transparent numbers under mass immigration important to all citizens? All citizens will be curious to know their own race number in a nation. agree?

Anonymous said...

Song: "Xiao Wei" rehash ...... sinkieland version

有一个, 笨拙的laoahpek
他有双, 阿斗的眼睛,
他悄悄, 带走你的钱,

Hsiao虫阿, 你可知人们多恨你,
他们要把你, 丢进海里去

Anonymous said...

There is a spectre of "cynicism haunting a Fist Whore Cuntry", the spectre of "farted farce"? ......

(Daff) Slaves "UNITE"!

You have nothing to lose except the shackles (labelled "DAFF").

Anonymous said...

It is true that an underaged teenage openly decried that one deceased man is a horrible person?

And now we are seeing why?

This underaged teenage is smarter than the rest of (daft) sinkies made dumb by one deceased old fart?

Anonymous said...

If a person is so well respected and so called “great”, why would youngsters, who tend more to speak from their hearts without inhibitions, utter such open “unflattering lambast”?

Are there some truths in the “diatribes”?

The system built seems devoid of “the human soul”, is it not?

And well unveiled by recent events?

Stop the hypocrisy and call a spade a spade?

Was it not (lis stand)?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia boleh and it is overtaking
Singapore according to the Media.
Duterte visits Indonesia and they are inviting Malaysia to work out a tripartite arrangement to deal with
the sea routes. Singapore is not being mentioned.
Uncle Virgo is wise to move North.
South of where he is, is sinking fast and the safety of the people
maybe in jeopardy as survival becomes a challenge to most living in the Sinking Sampan.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 09, 2016 12:25 pm
//Politicians, ministers and MPs
Become shameless Clowns
And shameless Clowns become politicians
Only this type of thing can happen here
Not anywhere else in the world.
When can the people wake up
From their intoxicated slumber
To realise they have been tricked
And led by the nose
All the time, all the time
Slumber on, slumber on
Slumber into oblivion
Not too soon
We are no more
No more even for fools
And clowns to buffoon around.
That's the final verdict
For fools like clowns
Who prank around.//


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Google translate:

" A lie over and over again ,
He fell into a pit sub- network channeling ;
After spraying continue to fly before Caesar ,
Finally called Sunward change feces Tam

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

"A fool a series and again,
Falling into the pit of a network channeling;
Until sprayed continuously fly,
Dung Tan called mountains and rivers! ”

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 10, 2016 1:39 am


Layman translation:
Title: "A Lot of Holee Shit"

"Snakeoil Salesman In His Sales Pitch All Over Again,
The Sales Pitch Like Endless Shit Good For The Sewers,
Holee Shit They Hit The Fan And Swirl Front, Back, Everywhere,
Goodness, The Powerhouse Ultimately Turns Cesspool-like."

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:

"White chicken turtle public right to dominate,
Heartless White Devil,
People die,
People all day long.
If tears have tears,
Earthquake city of wrath,
Only ren Xu drop away,
Heaven except white Chong. "

Anonymous said...

Wimps and Pimps,
That's What They Are,
By (Their) Name,
In Their Roles,
As First Officers and Chief Pilots,
Leeching on Taxpayers Every Month,
But (done) nothing that matters and of worth,
Since 1991, All The While The Land Sliding Nearer Abyss,
Gone Are The Days of Glory,
Of Hopes and (Grand) Dreams,
Beans Are Distraught and Disheartened,
Sensing a Land Soon No More,
Wrenching Hearts That's How It Feels,
To See Their Lifetime Work of Tolls, Blood, Sweat and Tears,
Disintegrating Right In Front of Their Eyes,
In Their Last Days and Twilight Years,
Eventually Departing,
With Heavy Hearts, Unfulfilled Wishes and Some With Tears Flowing from Unclosed Eyes,
Standing At The Edge of A Clift,
Looking Up The Sky With Open Arms and A (Big) Sign,
The Sight of A Soaring Eagle Appearing in The Sky,
Alas, A Sight Reminiscent of The (Glorious) Past,
The Moments of Time In The Present Land,
No (Majestic) Soaring Eagles,
Only Wimps and Pimps,
Happily Gnawing Away The Remaining Glory,
Fading Away .......

Anonymous said...

What have they done,
The oldies asked (themselves) "innocently",
They got what they want,
Doctors, nurses, attendants, pharmacists, specialists,
A pound for a penny,
A dollar for a dime,
That's the deal,
A blatant deal,
The deal oldies snatch with no blink of the eyes,
The penny deal paid with a pound (by their kids),
The dime deal paid with a dollar (by their grand kids),
Looking at the oldies,
The (grown up) kids are (fully) aware,
But not even a mutter,
If that's the way,
So be it,
If that's what they want,
So be it,
Deep in the hearts,
The kids know Heaven knows,
And Heaven shall judge.

Anonymous said...

Heaven spoken?
For one man's glory,
All must be done,
At all costs,
No stone unturned,
No opposition undemolished,
Alas, whose will count?
Heaven or (mortal) men?
Heaven strikes, in 2008,
Not once but twice,
Heaven spoketh,
Who dares,
The Tower of Babel shall be the fate,
Memories are short,
Nobolee remembers,
Nobolee learns,
Nobolee fears,
Till Heaven wrath pulls their ears,
And wrought their twilight years,
Bedridden for years ......

Anonymous said...

One Patriot said,
Geomancers are cheats,
But he also asked,
What shall geomancers say,
He who said dun believe believes,
Who to believe?
Patriot or the (Part-Time Non-Resident) Geomancer?
Here's the reading,
For posterity hearing,
But at your own gearing,
NAIRU is been breached,
No way inflation won't reach,
1970s Bretton Woods dismantled,
1980s stagflation mattered,
Volcker hiked rates,
2010s QEs avalanche,
Bretton Woods II it is,
The lead time it was,
Money is not real,
Hardwork production is,
Short run yew see output growth,
Long run yew see prices increased,
The law of gravity is a law,
Everything goes up comes down (eventually),
Even a (jumbo jet) plane,
Yew cannot get sthg for nothing,
Botak-nomics is short-term economics,
But long-term diseconomics?
No one practises economics better,
Than Guru-nomics?
What is Guru-nomics?
Patriot (may) asked (in his hearts),
But why asked?
When yew said many are cheats?
For one like Patriot,
Yew will get this answer:

patriot said...

Haha.. ..

patriot likes to say


Geomancy and Geomancers or not.

70% of Sinkies have gotten
themselves the DAY OF RECKONING.

70% care not the INTEGRITY OF


patriot said...

Like to oso tell Sinkies
that Rb aka Sir Chua Chin Leng, Virgo49, feedmetothefish, Matilah Singapura, Robert Teh, Chia Thye Poh, Lim Hockley Siew and many Others were/are Oldies
who did/do not believe
in much of the Pappies

So, please do not blame the Woes on the Oldies.
Look at the Sin KY Lady folks in the Grassloots and the Youngs Volunteers at the Meet the People Sessions.
These are the Folks responsible for the Problems in Sin.