Blood Hounds in Washington Crying Wolf Over South China Sea Issue.

It is ridiculous for the bloods hounds of Washington which had destroyed many countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and badly destabilized the whole of the Middle East and some Latin American countries to tell China to abide by the illicit terms and rulings of the fake and bogus South China Sea tribunal . The latest in the line of these blood hounds like the Clintons, the two Bushes, Senior and Junior Bush is the black hound Obama who during the G-20 meeting in Hangzhou was telling President Xi Jinping to abide by the illegal rulings of the illicit American sponsored bogus South China Sea tribunal. They together with countless numbers of other anti China warmongers and Neo-conservatives in the White House, CIA, Pentagon and in the Congress and Senate like to speak with fork tongues. They talk peace but are always making wars to subjugate other countries. They talk about Human Rights but are the greatest perverts of Human Rights and always run rough shot against other countries to make sure they toe the USA line or policy.
Obama is pushing China to abide by the South China Sea obligations. Why should it be when China's long standing historical rights and sovereignty are being subverted and supplanted by USA and its lackeys Japan, Vietnam and the Pinoys. Under the treaty rights and obligations of the Cairo Conferenced, Potsdam Treaty and the San Francisco Treaty , all the Paracel Islands the Spratly Islands together with many other islands, shoals and reefs in the South China Sea were legally handed back to China by Japan after the Second World War and they were solemnly recognized by USA, Japan Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries prior to the mid 1970s.
Somehow in the 1970s when China was still military weak and with the discovery of oil and gas under the sea bed of the South China Sea, USA cunningly encouraged and urged Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia to stealthily steal many of the Chinese islands in which Vietnam stole 25 Chinese islands, Philippines 9 and Malaysia 7 and they all claim under the false facade  of the UNCLOS Treaty of 1982 basing on the new rule of continental shelf economic rights. USA and its lackeys the Vietnamese and Pinoys wrongly used the 1982 ruling on continental shelf to subvert China's traditional rule and sovereign rights over her own territorial islands and surrounding seas. All of a sudden USA made phoney use of the 1982 ruling to whisk away China's long traditional historical rights and sovereignty.
The world especially USA and its lackeys have an obligation and responsibility to abide by the treaties of Cairo, Potsdam and San Francisco to make good China's ownership and sovereignty over all these South China Sea islands. China should stand firm to her rights and sovereignty and should not yield or concede even one centimetre of her territory. China should and must eventually recover all the islands stolen from her by Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia and should not be afraid of the intimidation by the Evil Empire's show of might.
Tuesday, 6th September, 2016


Anonymous said...

The Americans are very successful in their Middle East policies. They have ravaged the ME and turned it into a war zone, infested with ISIS and the likes to fight and fight till eternity.

And the Arabs would be buying and buying American and European weapons to kill each other instead of rebuilding their economies.

Well done America. You have succeeded in destroying the Middle East and the Arab Civilisation.

Anonymous said...

If you see the map with the China nine dash claim line.

Any country leader see this map will faint. Who will recognize it?

There is 100% no chance for any kind of negotiation. Which leader (especially elected one) will even want to talk for fearing political backlash back home. The Claim is way too much over the limit.

So you can guess what is next course of action which is to station troops/weapons in these islands.

Nothing left to be done.

Anonymous said...

Australia's claims a big chunk of Timor seas after helping them to fight the Indonesia to secede.

Timor Lester wants to go arbitration but Australis refuse. Plenty of oil there.

Is Timor an ASEAN member or observer. How come Uncle Sam and ASEAN keep quiet.

Poor Timer, with only 800000!population most of them farmers sure Makan by the Aussies.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2016,

British claim Falkland island.

British claim Antartica continent

Do you know the distance between those island and British isles?

European claim Australia. Do you know the distance between Australia and Europe?

Anonymous said...

When there is a daft Sinkie around, you can't miss him. : )

Anonymous said...

Somehow in the 1970s when China was still military weak and with the discovery of oil and gas under the sea bed of the South China Sea, USA cunningly encouraged and urged Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia to stealthily steal

This southern glory1 writer is talking rubbish and a blatant liar.

During 1970s, the whole region is fighting communist. Singapore was like brand new blur sotong.. US blood enemy is vietnam. In the chinese community, it is all about anti capitalist talk...

US in both korea and Vietnam war did not go full scale (cross Yalu river or bomb hanoi directly) for fear of China million troops cross over. China militarily was the strongest then (in numerical terms) on earth.

In the 70s, most oil were from Arab source and the 1973 Israel war have a serious supply impact. Oil price peak to 40 dollars and subsided to 10 dollars in the 80s. So who will be interested in oil then??????????? I remembered wells were shut as it means cost overrun if in production.
As for Asia shallow water oil field in the 70s, we do not even have anything to install any infrastructure in the sea yet (pipelay barge or hook up barge) like wise any commercial seismic equipment available. Sembcorp and Keppel still wearing diapers .....

Please lah, go and do proper research.

Even in the 80s, Platforms for SCS need to be build in Batam by the west and be transported and installed by Angmos at site. Those pipes install by Angmo still functioning ok nowadays compared to the china installed ones....

Another young punk...