Asia must stop Japan from resurrecting its evil Imperial Military Armed Forces

                                                                        Asia must prevent Japan from resurrecting its criminal Imperial Military Army     

The writing is on the wall Japan is aggressively pursuing a confrontation course against China. It thinks it has the backing of USA and it is now time to have a showdown with China. Japan's evil thinking cannot be more wrong. The Chinese people and China and for that matter the whole of Asia have yet to settle the account for Japanese atrocities and war crimes from 1885 to  end of the Second World War in 1945. What makes the evil sub-human Japanese think that with American backing it can create another war in East Asia. In the Second World War USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This time round China should not be so kind but compliments Japan's wish for its doomsday  by taking  Japan off the map once and for all with a hundred or more atomic or hydrogen bombs on all Japanese cities. This is not what the Chinese want to do but it is what the Japanese are asking for .

Japan is  using USA to take on China hoping that the clash of the two titans will destroy both and provide an opening for Japanese military resurrection and imperial aggression again. On the other hand USA is goading Japan to fight China using it as a proxy to destabilise China and contain Chinese peaceful development. What ever it is China must always be well prepared to take on both despicable ruffians and destroy them simultaneously.There are good reasons why China must take the upper hand now to destroy Japan once and for all.

Under the Showa Era of that criminal monster Hirohito from late 19th Century  until 1945 ,the Japanese military forces, the Army, Navy and imperial Japanese family were responsible for crimes killing millions of Chinese civillians and prisoners of war.

Today Japanese leaders show no remorse or repentance for their brutal atrocities and unpardonable war crimes against the Chinese people. They pray at the Yasukuni Shrine which include convicted Class A war criminals in its honoured war dead. The short despicable Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party openly denied Japan had committed those atrocities and the case of forcing women as sex slaves - " Comfort Women."

In 1885 Japan attacked China and took Sakhalin Island to the north of Hokkaido and the Liu Chiu Islands ( which they renamed Okinawa ) from China and in 1910 it took away Taiwan and the Pescadore Islands. In 1895 Japan seized Manchuria. In the course of these wars from 1885 to 1945 Japanese military killed more than 15 million Chinese civillians and prisoners of war.

The number one war criminal was Emperor Hirohito who personally instituted the Three Alls Policy of taking no prisoners - Kill All,Burn All and Loot All. This scorched earth policy of Hirohito not only killed millions of Chinese but also caused untold misery and great suffering to many more millions.

Hirohito personally directed his military forces to carry out mass killings . In the Nanking Massacre of 1937-1938 , more than 300, 000 Chinese civillians and prisoners of war were either shot, decapitated or buried alive.Other mass killings were carried out in other parts of China under Japanese occupation. Hundreds were killed or buried alive in Gaocheng county in Hepei and in Mengcun village also of Hupei more than 1500 were killed or buried alive.

The Japanese pursuit of killing of Chinese extended to South East Asia. In Singapore about 100,000 Chinese were killed or buried alive in 1942 under the code Sook Ching. In Malaya many more hundreds of thousands of Chinese were slaughtered in countless villages. Thousands of Chinese were also killed by the Japs in various parts of Indonesia.

What is even more gruesome and intolerable is that they would bayonet young children alive or tossed Chinese babies in the air and then bayoneted them. The Japanese are really beasts and inhuman.

One of the Japs horrible war crimes was "Human experimentation and Biological warfare under Unit 731 which was established by order of Hirohito himself. The commander of Unit 731 was Shiro Ishii. Victims were subjected to experiments like vivisection, amputation and others without anesthetics. Other victims were subjected to testing of biological weapons. Victims were used for plague and pathogens experiments. According to the 2002 International Symposium on the crimes of Bacteriological Warfare , the number of people killed by the Imperial Japanese Army germ warfare and human experiments was around 600,000. More than 400,000 Chinese died of bubonic plague, cholera, anthrax and other diseases resulting from the use of biological warfare.

However it is shameful and despicable for USA not to prosecute top officers of Unit 731 for war crimes  after the war in exchange for the criminals in turning over the results of their research to USA. These war criminals of Unit 731 were also given responsible positions in Japan's and America's pharmaceutical industries, in medical schools and health ministry. In doing so USA  is guilty of complicity in the war crimes against humanity especially against the Chinese .

Besides the wicked Hirohito also signed orders specifying the use of chemical weapons in China.Thus in 1937 tear gas was used against the Chinese army. In 1938 the Imperial Japanese Army began full scale use of many different kinds of poisonous gases against the Kuomintang and communist troops. The gases used were phosgene, chlorine, lewisite, , nausea gas ( red ) and mustard gas ( yellow )

In the Battle of Wuhan , August to October 1938, Hirohito perfsonally authorized the use of toxic gas on about four hundred occasions resulting in tens of  thousands of death and lingering suffering. In the Battle of Yichang October 1941 , the Jap Imperial Army launched more than a thousand mustard gas shells and 1500 red gas shells at Chinese forces in which thousands of soldiers and civillians died. Later in 1944 the Japs started to use cyanide gas which killed even more Chinese soldiers and civillians.
Finally the Japs used widespread gruesome torture to gather military intelligence quickly. After interrogation and torturing, the prisoners were executed or buried alive. The Jap officers claimed they acted on orders from their senior officers and they were convinced that they were doing so in honour of their country. As one Jap officer said, " We carried out our duty as instructed by our masters. We did it for the sake of our country. From our filial obligation to our ancestors. On the battlefield we never really considered the Chinese humans. When you are winning, the losers look really miserable. We concluded that the Yamato race - the Japanese were superior."

From the above it can be seen that the Japanese will never change their beastly  behaviour, their penchant for aggression and conquest. They still think they are superior to the Chinese yet they have to adopt many things from Chinese such as Chinese writing, tea culture, the kimono was a Tang Dynasty dress for cultured ladies of nobility and even martial arts. Since the Japanese elites think so highly of themselves and are itching for a fight and since their crimes can never be forgiven, China should take them on and present them with a hundred atomic or hydrogen bombs to make sure Japan  will never be  a menace to the Chinese and others again.

China should seek a modus vi-ven-di with USA before launching a full scale attack on Japan.

As an aside information, my father was tortured by the Japanese in Singapore Fortunately he was saved by a Taiwanese senior officer of the same surname, My mother too was kicked and slapped by the Jap soldiers for not bowing to them. The Japs also confiscated all the money and jewellery from my parents and up to now our family has not been compensated.


Thursday, 22nd September, 2016


Anonymous said...

I thought Japan also set up a lot of factories in China or in joint ventures to make Japanese goods and of course so as to make more money than they can do it in Japan.

In fact the China made MRT trains which SMRT bought are made in a joint venture between China and Japan.

So if Japan can make money, why do they want to make war?

If Sinkies can make money, why do they want to join the Sinkie opposition to make war with PAP?

Anonymous said...

Southernglory, there are no more Chinese in Singapore. Only Singaporeans. So they would not feel anything about the torture and gruesome murders of Chinese. They cannot understand or appreciate what you are writing. They would tell the Abe Japanese to fight and kill more Chinese. And they will clap and cheer.

You want more bananas?

Anonymous said...

"In the Nanking Massacre of 1937-1938 , more than 300, 000 Chinese civillians and prisoners of war were either shot, decapitated or buried alive.

This was also because the corrupt ruling Kuomintang Army then was very weak and cannot defend and protect their own people.

And because of this, the Chinese Communist Party Red Army under Mao Tse Tung rose to power and kick them out of mainland China in 1949.

Now which country dare to attack or fight with China? Even USA dare not even attack North Korea, which they know is under China's protection if attacked.

virgo49 said...

Bro, the BiGGest Banana now in SINKIE land
Guess Who? ?

You can have free smoke and bak kut teh soup from the taps in China and mee siam Mai hum from Nonya and Babas.

Big nose and families and even KFC man.

That's why they are so adamant in having a minority President.

You Nantah peasants are different from us USA potatoes trained elites.

Anonymous said...

Also got chap cheng bananas.

Anonymous said...

Its too late for Abe to want to be the leader in East Asia. The Imperial Japanese army can carry their same sun raising flags. But the Japanese factories cannot make a real good fighter jet yet. China is exporting jets. Thailand is considering to buy China s yuen9 transport plane in comparison with US s c130j.
China s factories are building 056 destroyers every week one unit.

I look forward to the day when US 7th fleets gains enough confidence to go to war with China. Some report said, Japan will be the deciding factor when US goes to war with China in year 2020. May be the report did not take into account of Russia s war ships are also sailing in this region. At war, i hope to see 7th fleets goes into the oceans once and for all to provide the answer in my mind. Who will be the winner.

I also think the Kim in NK will take SK when 7th fleet is fighting with China. China will have hard time, for sure, to take care of wars.

However, China leaders are the fools as they are the new bleeds. They still keep so much US bonds about USD 20 trillions if not wrong. When at war, US president will declare all bonds bought by china will not be paid with interest and repayments.
Good luck to china.
What is the role of little dot? Its pilots will fly F35 over China to check their own investments building in Chongching see if got damages, and sue the chinese govt for not taking care of the buildings.

How about Japan? My guess is: kena another nuclear bomb this time by the Kim. Abe will be tried as war criminal by chinese judges lah. US will go back to America wearing japanese shoes, americaya, keeping quiet once for all. Why? No armo, not enough jets parts, no budget to fight wars liao. The world will be under F35 rule, driven by singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Singapore just approve the extradition of two Singaporean who involved in US navy scandal

Singapore dont have power to say NO to USA , the superpower.

while LKY portray rising China as threat because Singapore cant say No to them because it might offend them. China might punish them . China see other as tributary states.

What happen if Singapore say No to USA.

b said...

They are only playing games so they can make others buy more weapons in the name of national security. Japanese will soon extinct. No need to war.

Anonymous said...

It is the same thinking of the Japanese during the 2nd World War.

Then, they were down and going out, so starting a war was the only alternative in securing resources and land. Had they not attacked Pearl Harbour by stealth, got nuked in the process, SEA would be different today.

Red Dot would be different. And the two Japanese war heroes of Sinkieland would have been interned in the shrine in Tokyo by now (lol).

Anonymous said...

Forget about the japs for now.

Latest news in Taiwan where its air force is conducting live firing in the middle line. 1st one ever since Miss Cai come into power and which Mr. Ma avoided.

12- Sep incident shows that PRC air force are easily detected upon launched from Guangdong district from Taiwan defense network and the immediate response from US air force based in Naba - Excellent data sharing and coordination between 2 air forces.

China to take on Taiwan or Japan?

Does it matter?

If i am Russia, I will join India and Japan (altogether with US) in this Taiwan conflict to secure as much "China" land and resources as possible. What do i (Russia) gain by helping China but only to secure military sales during peace times???

Same old story back 100 or more years ago?

Anonymous said...

Does it matter to the Russians, that if China is taken by the US, and the latter will then be just be at their doorstep, like NATO in the West?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6.35,

The truth is that Taiwan and Japan does not like each other.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.11

The Japs are kinder to the Taiwanese during WWII. Taiwanese milder in nature than the PRCs that the Japs did not slaughter them unlike China and SEA Asian Chinese.

They had praises for the Japs thinking they build their Enconmy.

Only the Tribes people fought the Japs as Taiwan is their Motherland.

In fact they had quite a number of Japanese songs and cultures.

Just like some traitorous Sinkies, the Taiwanese had the same traits unlike the PRC.Chinese.

So do not be surprised if they lean towards Japan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:35pm
Your story is not precise.
12th there were 10 china jets passing Bashi channel near Taiwan on their way to west pacific for practice. Taiwan was mounting its Tienkong 3 missile to prepare for living firing from 19th to 14th Oct. At Bashi, there happened to pass the US destroyer Spruance. On detecting the 10 china jets, Spruance called for protection cover. US sent 10 jets to the vicinity.

Taiwan was scared as 2 groups of jet were rushing towards Bashi at Taiwan direction. Taiwan sent out 16 jets to observe. At the end it was one US F15 competing in speed and skill with a china su30. And they parted professionally without any incidence.

China has completed a joint exercise using live rounds at Scs with Russian. Chinese exercise are real rounds and has done quite frequently at Scs. I do not think US and Japan combined can challenge China Russia combination. Indian weapons are far out. A UK report said, China J15 jet has changed to bound off for taking off. The carrier deck the report said was changed to smooth material. My interpretation is the new J jets will be more efficient as indicated from the "bound off" take off.

The should be a regional war between US and Japan vs China and Russia some days. I love to see how US s old carriers can take the china and russians new technology. Most important thing is US must trigger the war. US is always talk tough at Shangrila each year. But it never dare to start war like bombing the chinese ships or shooting at the jets. US needs to do that in order for the PLA to go ahead for a real war. I doubt India has the money to play the game. Japan will be happy too. I like to see the outcomes how PLA missiles, subs, and destroyers conducting war against their known targets at Scs. Hoot ah. US dont chicken out after shouting at shangrila. PLA want war to get promotions. They are waiting. That what i learned from reports.

Anonymous said...

Don't be mad lar. If China nuke Japan and USA, it will be global mutual destruction. Not as simple as China nuke Japan and USA will not react ur China nuke Japan and USA and USA just be sitting duck. Can the writer be more realistic or not? Is he asking for end of humanity? He really need to get his head examined!

Anonymous said...

When they nuke each other, Sin city, oops SGP city will surely inhale secondary nuclear dust fallout as well, so we are also sleeping duck leh.

Anonymous said...

@ September 22, 2016 10:08 pm

What rubbish you are talking about?

I am talking about technical facts.

The point and fact of this incident is to highlight that PLA forces using this route/method will be detected and tracked irregardless upon launch. The point where any component can call for immediate US air support at nearby base illustrates US can have the option to help if required. Taiwanese also demonstrated it has the option to shoot it down with airforce or missiles. The China PLA air force team comprises of electronic airplane and K6 bombers.
The chinese electronic plane cannot jam any tracking sources unlike the EA-18 Growler who claims to jam whole of taiwan radar when one is in operation.

This is why China hates US for deploying Thaad X band Radar.

On vice versa, China can always 24hrs expose US 7th fleet carrier positions live on internet to tell people worldwide that these carriers are always on track for Dong Feng missiles tracking.

All it is trying to say is to tell Taiwanese they have much greater protection than they initially worry. This in turn also tell China people that retaking Taiwan is not as simple what they think, it also signals that US WILL support Taiwan DPP if China do something silly.

Russia Navy is so weak nowadays that it is seeking other countries to build its ship. Russia Navy in Asia Theater is worse. It only can provide at best 1 cruiser, several destroyers and subs at best. There is NO air support at all in this region. Somemore they will be challenge by US 7th Fleet not including the Jap Navy. It is no longer in the former soviet glory days.

So why this Taiwan incident is so useful for serious folk to understand the meaning behind whereas China always cannot provide solid evidence for all their technological claims.

Think deeper
Suppose F15 were replaced by F22 at Naba airbase during wartime, China jets flying so far out will be sitting ducks as they are easily detected and destroyed before they know what hit them. This is what it means by 1st island chain.

On top of this,
Even a simple taiwan made missile can be easily fired by a corporal whereas the chinese Indonesia missiles only fires 5 min later after button pressed in front of Indo president. Such a complicated missile???

What do you think? Hahahaha.......

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35pm
What rubbish you are talking about?

U are not focusing on the facts that US avoided direct conflict with China navy in Scs and asked why?

U talked like u are the stupid Tw defense minister who gave himself 100 marks for his shallow work. Do u know how many destroyers taiwan has?

You analyze the situations as if you condemn china, and PLA will fail in missions. If u know that i said about u? I said u are like that stupid Tw defense minister because he behaved like Ah Q.

U are like the exact Ha Q in chinese stories. Too bad, i dont insult people, u are just too shallow for me to talk to.

Anonymous said...

@ September 23, 2016 1:54 pm

Hahaa, this is why i said you are talking rubbish?

Who is avoiding the conflict?

This is a propaganda war whereby someone is using it to analyse the status quote.

This incident illustrates clearly the tight and realistic situation which PLA airforce face if go to the war (attempting to cross the 1st island chain) against the alliance which is already formed up and scenarios (contingency plans) clearly set up and exercised.

And so coincidence for a US destroyer to be there and so coincidence that a nearby airbase launch US fighters. So coincidence for taiwan airforce and missiles to be "readied".

In this scenario, it also clearly reflects the flaw of the PLA airforce strategy/tactic and the low grade electronic hardware it has on hand.
On the other hand, it demonstrates that Taiwan surveilance capabilities and the strong cooperation and training it has been having with US for several decades.

In any case, you still dont get the bigger picture. Dumb ass, By having more of such incidents, do you think Asia growth engine will still continue? So who will win or lose irregardless of the outcome of any kinds of small or big wars in this region and in the backyard of China? 1B1R will become coffin road.

If China is weakened, India and Russia will want to reclaim its territory. Japs will try to be funny. US and the west, will claim all the sea routes in the whole region.

Wonder what vietnam and other SEA countries will try to do to SCS rocks?

The conclusion : China wants to flex its muscles to calm its own people but cannot afford to have war in its backyard and thus will avoid any conflict. 1.4 billion population ..... How to be responsible for them if there is no stability?

Anonymous said...

Yes they never sorry and never apologise.

And did the mongolian ever ? 南宋末年蒙古人屠杀四川汉人


As with the Manchurian ever ? 清初屠城事件


Be patient ! Just wait for karma and comeuppance . Although we may not see it.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.20

It does not expose any flaw in PLA
it does not demonstrate any surveillance capability of Taiwan
It does not prove that there are strong co operation between US and Taiwan.

You made those illogical assumption that US have upper advantages over PLA in naval warfare or air superiority.

The truth is that US cant even defeat Taliban and ISIS.

Anonymous said...

USA cant provide any helpful information about MH370 despite its claim that they have global spying network and strong surveillance capability across the globe.

Anonymous said...

@ September 22, 2016 11:40 am

You failed to mention


Anonymous said...

I already write to prove all the points.

While you are simply in denial? Exactly the same uneducated response from China to bluff children by shouting factless slogans.

Then you let us all know what illogical assumptions are made since you seem to know more about PLA capabilities which the China chinese they themselves dont know. The other hurtful true is US is not concerned about the capabilities of China J-11 or whatever service aircraft it has in operation which is why they only deploy F15. Very soon, we will see what is new in US arsenal......

The truth is US already achieved all its objective in Afgan and whole of middle east and pass the bulk to Russia when oil price fall (coincidence?). Destabilizing Middle east made US and the west much in control of the oil supply and oil price shot sky way benefiting a lot of the west oil and service coys. Most important of all, Israel is now sibei safe in particular Jerusalem Old City and the gong gong countries (force to buy similar to what asia countries are doing now even not happy to do so) continue to pump oil cash to purchase western weaponary to aid in US objective.

Why should US care about MH370 as it is not affected? It is not US flagged aircraft and not carry US citizens. Most important of all, you all still need to buy airbus or boeing irregardless. China is so useless and clueless about the whole episode even though a lot of its citizen died for unknown reason. So many affected china families cry in vain same like the Three Gorges cruise capsize incident. The only thing China govt did is to cover up the incident and censored the media especially the western and HK media. If China is strong enough, it would have ground all boeing 777 jets and banned further purchases with Boeing if they did not give any answer. By the Way, did China authorities lead in the investigation similar like the FAA in US to conduct one if such accident would happen?

Enemy rape your wife and you still buy the morning pill from enemy for your wife to use? You know the consequences of not buying the morning pill, in fact your enemy dont care whether you want to buy or not and even asking for Sky rocket prices.

Your calculator for earth USE?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6.38

What are you talking about? Living in denial!!!

There are no censorship on the missing plane MH370 or capsized cruise ship.

USA cant provide any helpful information about MH370. It destroy the myth about their military superiority. Those plane are made in American. USA govt have a duty on such matters.

It also harm the reputation of US plane makers.

The only censorship happening right now is Wada leak .

Western media and HK media downplayed such leak.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20pm
U mentioned India. I tell u. India Modi warned Pakis in UN assembly on 18 Sept that India would take action against Pakis for killing Indian troops at its border. Indian generals followed up and said it Pm s words meant it.
Today is 23 Sept, what did India do to Pakis?

Russia want to claim what territory i dont bother, but i know these 2 countries have settled their border disputes. Only you have problem with china. You must join the white shirt in order to fight china. I can tell u white shirts see china men, they siam and not fight lah.

Carter on 19th said in US, that US s troops in S Korea have words passing around : "fight tonight". Wanno fight with NK. If US dare to fight, NK would have gone decades ago. Wanna fight now? Go lah.

When US fought Sadam, US use some UN nuclear agency to monitor iraq. Demanded Sadam to destroy its own weapons watched by the UN. Then, US invaded Iraq.

NK Kims are not timid like Sadam, that why US scared of them.

If Kims cannot be handled, wanna handled PLA? Slogan fight tonight was said before the 3 carriers were sailed to SCS.

I was hoping to see Harris repeat as command "fight tonight" and pull the triggers. But the US simply quietly went away from the assembled PLA navy.

U are unable to interpret US s cowardice. I can. That is the difference. I welcome what u said here. Please continue. If i have time, i will read all of your writings. Please dont stop.

Anonymous said...

Harris thought the Americans were stupid to give him full control of the Pacific Command and wanted to do a Pearl Harbour on China, starting a war between the US and China to benefit the Japanese.

The white Americans are not that stupid. They zipped his mouth and quietly put him under close scrutiny to prevent him from starting a war that would destroy the bulk of the American people and its military.

Hear anything gungho from Harris any more?