Anti China rantings by obsequious pro American running dogs

The self appointed American running dogs are putting a show again of their most anti China rantings every time when the topic of ASEAN and South China Issues crop up. They behave as little USAs and the dangerous thing is that they could be planted USA's fifth columns to undermind and sour ASEAN and China relationship so as to destabilize the whole of the South China Sea region to the intent and benefit of the imperial world hegemony, the Evil Empire, USA.
Each of these American lackeys try to outdo each other in condemning China for the wrong reasons in their savagery remarks and derogatory statements about China. They are even more vociferous than their American masters in wanting to defame and condemn China and putting China in a bad light. They behave as if they are eager to pick a fight with China as proxies on behalf of their American masters.
These shameless American running dogs who could possibly be paid American fifth columns in ASEAN countries are playing with fire in trying to stir up muddy waters in the South China Sea issue and create animosity between China and some greedy ASEAN countries who on the behest of the evil Americans had stolen some Chinese islands in the South China Sea corridor. Also these faceless traitors to ASEAN- China relationship are by their insidious actions and behaviour working to the detriment of ASEAN-China friendship and to the benefit of the underlying American interest of securing full control and hegemony of the whole South China Sea and East China Sea, the ultimate aim of which is the American plan to contain China and prevent her from peaceful development.
These Amertican lackeys and running dogs who work as strategic research writers as well as lecturers in many of ASEAN and Singapore institutes of higher studies in the universities and in the institutes of international political and strategic studies could post a danger to Singapore and ASEAN countries. They could in their lectures poison young minds who are under their lectureship with wrong and bias views and attitudes toward China and this will not bode well for the future of ASEAN-China relationship when these young people grow up to inherit their countries' leadership.
These American running dogs who eat and grow fat at the expense of tax payers' money with very high salaries should be removed and despatched forthwith into oblivion for the safety of Singapore and Asean countries and for the peace and stability of Asia.

Tuesday, 6th September,2016


Anonymous said...

Son Of China's "Grand General" Reveals Reason Behind China's Capital Flight"


How safe are Singapore's investments in China?

Anonymous said...

A Chinese Mystery: Who Owns a Firm on a Global Shopping Spree?


Anonymous said...

Voice of America (VOA) interviewed, a former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Colonel working at the PLA General Staff Department who left China in late 1989 after the PLA’s Tiananmen Square Massacre.


Luo Yu pointed out that there is strong political in-fighting going on within the CCP. Therefore, Xi has had to collect power under himself and use the anti-corruption campaign to cleanse disloyal officials. He suggested that Xi has taken on political reform to lead China to democracy.

“His anti-corruption [campaign] was actually against a political coup [that had formed against him]. If he were truly against corruption, then the Communist Party would be gone because the whole Party is corrupt. So his anti-corruption was [just] against the political coup.”

Veritas said...

Fortunately for Malays, their leaders are not so stupid. Malaysia is one of the most anti USA and pro China country in SE Asia, while Singapore is the most pro USA country.

Malay elites like Marina mahathir, and most of their sultanah and Tunku dont hijab, because they themselves sold hijab snake oil to people, and they know hijab are toxic.

Stupid Malay women hijab like nobody business. They should look at their fucking Sultanah dress code.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted one of your posts. Please be sensitive.

Anonymous said...

AhLee uh Akbar.
Long Live PAP!

Anonymous said...

Veritas, since you are an expert on history, may i ask you on some issues

1. Why did British come back to establish their military rule over Malaya and Singapore after WW2 had ended?

British blame Nazi for imperialism and fascism.

2. Why did local people rise up and fight against British as they did in Vietnam and Indonesia?

Dutch try to do so but it fail miserably.
France try to do so but it fail miserably

Only British had successfully re establish their rule over Malaya and Singapore after Japan occupation.

Veritas said...

The British never really establish itself after WW2, as trouble maker such as Onn Jaffar, Tunku, Razak who are former lapdog of Japs, now put on nationalistic, Islamic mantle, and turn against British as well.

British quickly realized that they cannot effectively rule Malaya and on very early signal independence will be GIVEN to Malays. But they also want to make sure former anti Jap hero MCP are not given a share of power.

But Malay fucking traitors got their power too easily and that, from today hindsight may not be entirely good thing.

For example Sukarno and gangs though a traitor himself can claim credit to lead the nation for being a fighter against Dutch. That give a lot of confidence to sukarno and Indon elites. At very beginning Sukarno is very anti Islam, knowing they are piece of shit.

Suharto use Islam to murder Chinese and commie at the start, and then ditch them like toilet paper. He dont like them as he seen them as a road block to modernization.

malayia fuckers cannot.

To legitimate their rule, they embark on Islamofascism, and anti Chinese nationalism.

That is the reason Malay hate Chinese. And this is not Chinese fault. The problem lies in malay.

denk said...

sob !



b said...

They are on show so the little ones will be deceived to buy more toys. Behind the curtains, they are partying together.