A storm is brewing between Singapore and China

The Global Times, a China media, lashed out at Singapore for raising the South China Sea Dispute at the Non Aligned Movement in Venezuela. The hard hitting piece by Global Times pointed out Singapore as the agitator behind the move to include Asean’s view on the Dispute into 17th NAM Final Document. The Global Times were cocksure who was the culprit behind the Asean proposal.

Singapore’s Ambassador in Beijing, Stanley Loh, protested with an official letter to the Global Times denying Singapore’s role in the last minute fiasco at the NAM. It was all an Asean’s joint stand on the South China Dispute. Singapore is absolutely innocent. Singapore had no part in pushing the Asean proposal. You can see the halo over Singapore’s representatives.

Is this a case of no smoke without fire? All the jockeying around behind closed doors among the Asean members, who said what, who wanted what, who was trying to fix China, were open secrets. Every Asean state must know that China had its Trojan Horses in Asean. And it is pure stupidity and dumb arrogance to take an anti China position behind closed doors and to think China would not know what was going on.

Stanley Loh is quoted in the media today to say, ‘We are disappointed that an established newspaper published this irresponsible report replete with fabrications and unfounded allegations with no regard for the facts’. This is a very strong comment that demands an explanation and a reply. If Global Times could not support its allegations against Singapore, it must apologise to Singapore. It must response and proves itself. Let’s hope Singapore is really innocent or else dirty linens would be aired in the open. The ball is now in the court of Global Times.

What I am sure is that both sides know the truth. Whether Singapore was the main culprit behind the Asean proposal must be crystal clear to both sides. There is no place to hide. The truth will be out. With the main protagonist, the Philippines refusing to pursue the matter, who is behind the drive to want to incite more attention in the South China Sea, to keep the flame burning? To whose advantage would the inclusion of the Asean proposal in the NAM statement be? Who has an agenda for this to happen?

Would Singapore be vindicated and clear of the smear put up by the Global Times? It better be or the consequences would be very ugly and very embarrassing. From the vehement retort by the Singapore Ambassador, Singapore must be innocent. It must be or his whole credential would be at stake and so is Singapore’s credibility in the eyes of the Chinese leadership.

On the other hand the Global Times would not go shooting at Singapore only to have to retract its statement and even to apologise to Singapore by publishing fabrications. The Global Times would not be shooting from the hips if they did not have concrete evidence to justify the attack. This was no error and not a rash act that could fall flat as falsehood, or would it be so?

Which truth is the truth? It is so funny. It is like two persons inside a lift accusing each other of farting.

Would there be a sequel to this storm?


Hermit said...

Indonesia gives us haze, China gives us storm.

Anonymous said...

"It is like two persons inside a lift accusing each other of farting. Would there be a sequel to this storm? "

Aiya, after lift door open, get out and that's the end of it lah, tio bo? What sequel? Fight over farting? Fight PAP? Fight China? Worth it or not, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

'China's Global Times has attributed actions and words to Singapore that are false and unfounded'.

This is the front page headline of the Today paper today.

Global Times must explain. Sorry also not enough.

Anonymous said...

dont play play with china lah......

very very easy to be sitting on the fence.......

but we must be armed with the world-class communication skills......

and be smarter a bit.......

that is......."见人说人话......见鬼说鬼话"!.......


Anonymous said...

A singapore position is that the tribunal on scs is a UN tribunal so China must accept the ruling. Thoughts said that the tribunal is not a UN one. But USA and Japan said it is. Alamak Singapore must be right hence China must concede . Knn Tio bo?

patriot said...

Sgp is punching too much above its'
The Consequence is likely that it
will be crushed by its' own conceit.


virgo49 said...

Which politician or for that matter human bean always tells the TRUTHS.???

See all the bloopers of the politicians who said "I did not said that, I did not said this" and fully exposed the next instant by concrete evidence that they said so.

Sometimes I wonder why these jokers sweared in Court to tell the TRUTHS and nothing but the TRUTHS and yet they gave false evidences.

Why need liars,oops lawyers when everybody in Court tells the TRUTHS. ???

It makes the Jobs of the Judges easier.

So human beans will denied all the happenings or incidents that are not favourable to them

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I wouldn't worry too much about what "editorial" comes out of the likes of The Global Times. 😂 It is probably staffed by a slew of small-dick-penis-envy angry orientals, all with bad-attitudes toward anything non China-Chinese.

If you or your cuntry hasn't been insulted by The Global Times then you or your cuntry is probably unimportant and unimpressive.

There's no storm brewing lah. It is obvious the global times just wants to poke trouble, because no one has the BALLS to directly criticise Singapore for being a US ally and partner

Inside the Global Times, and its small-dick editors😂🤓

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Reply by Hu Xilin, Editor of G;obal Times in ST today. Its report was based on 'real situation' and from serious and reliable sources. 'Singapore has gone too far on the South China Seas issue and has consciously or sub consciously taken sides', being among the very small number of Asean nations that have actively promoted the South China Sea arbitration...Singapore is siding more openly with the US and Japan on the South China Sea issue...

Global Times is the source for China to show its displeasure without making it an official position. When this happened, it is China saying it is unhappy with Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. We have Japan and USA supporting us . The PM has been honored with a State Dinner and in Japan

The Emperor has also to meet our little emperor with a lunch? Which Head in ASEAN has it. we must be special.

Our relation with the Nips dates back back to WW2 where our ex president and ex pm are Japan's good friends.

The nips certainly know something about them so better better keep good relation others all secrets will

Discreetly leak out. Do you think this is true?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just posted on our good relations with Japan. Japan can come to out aid if we fight with China. Not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Take out the popcorn.
Let's see if anymore Millionaires will suffer a stroke.

Stroke ah!

Anonymous said...

Global Times.
Global means "world".

Straits Times.
Straits means the Malacca Straits.

One is a very small and tiny penis.
The other is a big, swinging dick.

Which is which ... do you know?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"punching above its weight"
is this the same meaning as a tiny penis fucking a big vagina?

what do you call incompetent people who are working in high level positions?

Anonymous said...

what do you call incompetent people who are working in high level positions?
September 28, 2016 11:04 am

These people are called "turtle on a post" or a "post turtle"
- just google it

Here is an example.


Any Singapore example?

Anonymous said...

Any Singapore example?
September 28, 2016 11:17 am

Desmond who?

Anonymous said...

Global Times is speaking the truth. Ambassador is obfuscating the fact.

Otherwise, why would US and Japan give such high profile reception and state dinner for Singapore PM, a tiny red dot in Southeast Asia?

Philippine leader, Duterte dont enjoy such privilige.

Anonymous said...

Singapore kept their silence

when Australia had withdraw itself from compulsory arbitration procedure
When Australia said that those decision is not legally binding on them regardless of the outcome.
Australia is bullying East Timor nation ( much smaller than philippine)
Australia behave increasingly assertive on their claim against East Timor in violation of UNCLOS.

Anonymous said...

Global times in offense carry China top people balls. Trying to score points.

Ambassador in defense and on the other side also carry balls.

b said...

SCSea is not a threat but an opportunity for concerned countries to work together and share prosperity. Countries must not be so easily manipulated by malicious countries who want to stir tensions and sell more weapons.

Anonymous said...

The debate between Singapore ambassador and the editor of Global Times is more far entertaining than US presidential debate.

Anonymous said...

What is in Singapore's interest to weigh in on the SCS issue? Even big nations like Indonesia are keeping quiet and Philippines under Duterte is trying to mend fences with China.
Now you understand why US only gave LHL a State welcome and dinner and not the other Asean leaders and he also gets an audience with the Nippon Emperor
he earlier the Leeders come to their senses the better it will be for all of us

Anonymous said...

If Singapore leaders want to die, let them go to the front line and die fighting China in the South China Sea. They have no right to involve all innocent Singaporeans in their siding with USA and Japan against China. What's the use of Stanley Loh denying when all actions and utterances by Singapore politicians both past and present have always been clearly anti China and pro USA and Japanese. Even Singapore henchmen the so called political analysts and strategic studies intellectuals have always toed thee leader's line to always demand that China must accept the fake , illicit and bogus South China Sea tribunal ruling. They also openly support the thieving of Chinese lands and islands by Vietnam and the Philippines. Singapore politicians and its stooges and henchmen are a disgusting lot. Chinese citizens in China are very angry with Singapore for allowing USA to operate its military in Singapore to target against China. They are asking if Singapore wants to offer itself as a target for a Chinese nuclear bomb. If Singapore leaders want to die, let them go and die themselves. They have no right to drag ordinary innocent Singaporeans along.

Anonymous said...

/// If Singapore leaders want to die, let them go to the front line and die fighting China in the South China Sea. They have no right to involve all innocent Singaporeans in their siding with USA and Japan against China. ///

Didn't 70% of Singaporeans voted to die for PAP ... I mean ... Singapore???

Anonymous said...

East Timor brought ICJ against Australia back then in 2014.

You can watch those trial video on youtube.

However, you cant find any video about Philippine arbitration proceeding.

So much transparency according to US standard?

Many people still living in denial that Angmoh are very racist against Asian people.

Western media make loud voice about racist message in Air China magazine or racist detergent advert in China TV.

Western media kept total silence and refuse to call those MV as racists
- Meet with Flocker MV

The MV incite Hatred against Chinese community. It encourage people to Rob Rich Chinese Communities

Youtube refuse to take down the MV video.

Chinese American community went to FBI and Attorney General to lodge a report about such Hate Crime.

These Racist Angmoh ask them to respect Freedom of expression.

Anonymous said...

What is China to Sin when the American
military base is here.
US is number one superpower,
what is China ?

Anonymous said...

What if the Global times editors are supporters of the Old Jiang regime (promoted then) who is trying to stir shit within the new Xi era?

What good does China people gain by pushing another SEA member and vital member of the malacca straits to be 100% ally of US, Japan etc and to turn against China. Last thing Xi want is another fuck diplomatic problem after SK and Pinoy. Xi's 1B1R is futher and further away from objective.

So sometimes people need to know how China politics works and what is the current situation in Xi's political scene. But have to ask, Xi's anti corruption drive is really good or no good for china?

Anonymous said...

Time is moving fast and Xi is in "power" for some time.

The longer he takes to exterminate all his internal enemy, there will be more problems surfacing.

Sad to say, his job is a shitty one and he needs to be ruthless and cannot be half hearted.

Throughout China history and history worldwide, People in his shoes either killed all his enemies and their families roots or he himself and family stands to be eliminated.

Hu Jintao taking over Jiang then was a puppet then and does not have control over PLA. He and his family were in danger if they oppose Jiang faction. There is no such thing as No.2.
Either you are on the boat or you are not. If you are obedient, you will be given bones.

What Xi is doing now is to tear the face of harmony and wage anti corruption war on this people. It is all about money.

For eg, under the old group of PLA procurement officers in charge. The rise in military budget on the theme of modernizing PLA hardware in fact bring more opportunities for corrupt officers to share. Leading the China people in believing that all their money are well spent.

This Global times Chief editor Hu Xiling was formely a PLA officer......

Anonymous said...

If you read the main media, you would think Singapore has all the facts sewn up and the reasonings are absolutely unquestionable.

This kind of things applied only within the little red dot. It would easily be torn to pieces outside the island, like inside the centre is not within 200 metres of the centre.

Anonymous said...

Singapore solely miss the wisdom of the LKY era in its foreign relations . . .

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3.46

Maybe China should learn some lesson from Tsai, a democratically elected leader.

Popularity of Tsai is so "High."

There are no corruption within US military procurement and US generals?

Trillion dollar just went missing without any accountability. 911 attack happen afterward.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:52 pm

Learn or no learn any lesson from Tsai.

You got to respect the Taiwanese People's choice whether you like it or not.

This popularity thing is a democracy product which is telling the leader he or she is still under the system (will of the people - who is still the boss at the end of the day) even after getting elected. He or She is still accountable to the people and system (rules).

Can the same thing be said for China leader or system?

Whether any trillion dollar is missing the US system will be subjected to the accountability under the system. The people will get the chance to vote whether they accept the explanation or do not accept.

In US, even a simple presidential party candidate nominee need to be elected?

Can the same thing be said for China system?

The point here is who should be the one making the choice?

This is the reason why the small Shit in HK (occupy central) and Taiwan election (Not only the presidential one but rather fight between DPP & KMT) become a MEGA shit.

A lot of people (like you) including China leaders do not understand the real reason behind why the shit is happening and snowballed to become a giant one. And thus cannot address the problem and the tide.