Japan in control of the biggest naval fleet in the Pacific Ocean

WW2, Japan commanded the biggest naval fleet in the Pacific Ocean and promptly sailed to Hawaii to knock out the American Pacific fleet with great honour and bravado.  The Japanese were so proud of that sneaky victory over the Americans. The Americans were no match when caught in their pyjamas and paid a very heavy price for it. But it was all water under the bridge.  The Americans respected the Japanese code of honour and the sneaked attacked in Hawaii was soon forgotten.

The Americans have embraced the Japanese as honourable warriors of the same kind, and kissing each other everyday. The internment of anything looking like a Japanese in the WW2 days too were forgotten. The bombing of Japanese cities, including Tokyo and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki too were forgotten. The Americans and the Japanese have squared their positions and all is well.

Japan today is in command of the most powerful naval force in the Pacific Ocean. Admiral Harry Harris is the Commander of the US Pacific Command with authority over the 3rd and 7th Fleet and all the American land and air forces in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, with many nuclear bombs at his command and disposal and with fire and destructive power thousands of time that of the two bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And the Japanese are also in possession of a so called Self Defence Force that is the most powerful in East Asia after China. Combing the Self Defence Force and the US Pacific Command, the Japanese are now thousands of time more powerful than their heydays in WW2. And Harry Harris is adding the Indian Navy into his charge soon to control the Indian Ocean as well.

This combined force is formidable enough to attack any nation in Asia, including China and Russia and come up triumphant. It can overrun the whole of Asia and Southeast Asia more swiftly and effectively than the Japanese Imperial Army of WW2. And this naval force is for peace, really, no bluff.

While Japan failed in WW2 to be the Number One military power, it is now the de facto Number One military power with the appointment of Japanese Harry Harris as the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet. Japan is now in a position to do many Hawaiis at one go, including launching an all out war with China and Russia. The Japanese are now ruling all the countries in the Indo Pacific region.

Harry Harris is even more powerful than General MacCarthur or any American Commander ever lived.


Anonymous said...

A man in uniform no matter how powerful can be removed by a man in civvy clothes.

Anonymous said...

A few nuclear strike will see Japan disappear from the surface of the earth. Russia is too huge to disappear and will of course strike back, even after getting nuked, from their subs, underground silos and widespread bases all over the Russian landscape. Russia can be attacked, bombed but not overrun by any aggressor. Hitler thought Russia was a piece of cake and paid the ultimate price.

Anonymous said...

The reckless Japanese thought so in WW2 when they attacked Pearl Harbour and thought that success would be the end of the Americans and the end of the game.

They still think so and think they can take on China and Russia like in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Anonymous said...

Napoleon invaded Russia with 300,000 men. Only 30,000 returned alive.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China and Russia have the best hackers in the world. Everything---including entire navies---run on computer systems and networks.

Hackers can make the hardware go haywire...like causing allies to fire on each other. 😂

Anonymous said...

The BIG question is if CHINA and USA goes to war what will happen to Singapore ?

Republic of Singapore government on which side ?

CAN Neutral ? how can ?protection needed for 700kmq

Side SG military side USA military? quite likely given the legacy of British colonial history in SG ? SG jets fighters, missiles, systems all USA one !

SG military side China ? difficult lah with USA P8 spy plane and littoral vessels deploying from here to S China seas AND some diplomat also pointed out on China being 1/4 of all one-party states in Asia. Will SG be a target of attack then ?

So HOW now ??

Anonymous said...

is this a strategic conundrum basically because Singapore government underestimated China military rise, the speed and growth of its power projection ability and wrongly focused on what 'keep low profile,bide your time ' strategy of China and GOT

misled instead because PAP just focused on China economic growth and opportunities and did see the strategic problem arising for Singapore.

Dan Yong said...

Its concerning that the commander for PACOM is Jap. I wonder where is loyalities lie. Anyhow, RedBean I recommend you read the book: Gold Warriors by Sterling Seagrave. It documents, yes documents (it's non-fiction) how Japan looted all the countries it conquered of gold and valuables, buried a lot of gold in the Philippines, which after the war the Amerikans secretly recovered (the gold) and used to rebuild Japan and wage secret wars post-WW2. So what Japan failed to achieve in the war, it obtained when it lost the war. Ironic.

And all that gold belonged to China, and all the SEA countries Japan looted. Even today, in the vaults of the Imperial palace in Japan are hidden treasures taken from China. e.g. Shang dynasty artifacts. The Japs refuse to acknowledge the stolen loot.

It's an amazing account. It also documents how the an intelligence organization grew to become the CIA and how lawless and out of control it actually is. This is what you wouldn't read in the papers. It also shows how Macros was involved with the US in wide spread corruption until the CIA had enough of him. It gives you an understanding of the evil that is in the US govt and by extension, what's happening today in the South China Sea is only what we see on the surface. The book is available on Amazon Kindle. Just download the free app on your PC or Mac or iPad or Kindle and buy the book for a few dollars. It will change the way you see the world.

The authors were threatened with death a number of times and had to go into hiding. But I guess they've lived on this earth long enough so that telling the truth to the world is more important than living a comfortable life. Must read!

Anonymous said...

If China and US go to war and Singapore take the side of either one, there is no need to worry, because it will disappear.

'So how' will just become 'how come'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Dan. I am going to repost your post on the proof of South China Sea islands belonging to China in a post with credit due to you tomorrow. The information you posted are factual and educational.

Need to open the eyes of the bananas.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ March 01, 2016 2:20 pm

Looks like the bananas must study Mandarin.
Learn how to be translators for the invading PRC army.
But if Americans invade first.
Then already operationally ready to be translate for the invading US army.

Why not Singapore become a hub for language translation of all South East Asian languages?
Then we can be translators for any foreign invaders.
Kind of like a high class prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Japan is a dying nation.

Japan need to create a war to rejuvenate their nation again.

Japan is trying to spark conflict in the region.