Year of the Monkey for Asia and SE Asia

The Year of the Monkey is not even into its second week and big things are happening and developing in Asia and SE Asia. War is coming, if not in the South China Sea it would be in the Korean Peninsula. It could have started earlier in the South China Sea if the Chinese did not restrain themselves in the face of intimidations and provocations by the Americans. The Chinese are squeezing their balls real tight and tolerating the aggressive acts by the Americans.  Any reaction or miscalculation would have blown up into full scale wars. The Chinese are trying very hard to avoid a war with the Americans in the South China Sea. China would have nothing to gain and a lot to lose should a war break out with the Americans.

This is not the case between the two Koreans. The South Koreans are really very happy to go to war with the North Koreans. They could not stomach the North Koreans sending up their own satellites to space and chose to call it provocation, developing its missile and nuclear technology and capability. Can North Korea, a sovereign state develop its own weapon system to defend itself? This kind of thinking is like an Asean state crying for war because its neighbouring state bought better weapons of war, better aircraft or naval ship or submarine. All these acts, in the eyes of a bully, can be used as an excuse to condemn and start a war.

What is going to happen in the Korean Peninsula and to the two Korean people? War is inevitable with the South Koreans thinking war is a tea party. They are so eager to go to war. And with the Americans and Japanese waiting to push them into it, a false flag incident is so easy to create. So you will have war coming very soon in East Asia.

Who would be the first to die and their countries destroyed? No reward for the correct answers. The two Koreans would soon be killing each other and bombing their country to pieces. And the Americans and Japanese would only be too happy to help in a big way, to kill more Koreans and destroy that country.

Then the Chinese and Russians would have no choice but to come in to help the North Koreans, and more Koreans on both sides would be killed, and some Americans and Japanese would also be killed together with some Chinese and Russians.

Who would next to send their boys to be killed in Korea? The eager beavers of course, The Philippines, Australians and some SE Asian states would also be drawn in to fight for the Americans and to die for the Americans.  I just hope that Asian countries are smart enough not to go to war for the Americans. But with so many eager beavers wanting to prove themselves, with some silly American blue eye boys that would do anything the Americans asked them to do, SE Asian countries would be involved for sure.

And there will be many dead heroes and people with no arms and no legs returning to SE Asia to be celebrated by their people. There will be war memorial to honour them, there will be dead heroes day, a lot to cry about and a lot to celebrate.

Who is the real winner? When everyone is made a monkey of by the merchants of war, by the evil Empire, 2016 is indeed a Year of the Monkeys. And many monkeys will be from Asia and SE Asia. Stupid Asians would be going to war like monkeys not knowing why they become monkeys in a deadly circus.


Anonymous said...

In Singapore it's been a very long 10 years of the Monkey.
Millionaire Monkeys.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> 2016 is indeed a Year of the Monkeys. <<

A silly cultural artifact: the idea that an ANIMAL can determine the fate of humanity in a particular year...that autonomous human beings have no control on their destiny! Just accredit the animal: Dragon year ==> auspicious, fuck a lot and have lots of babies.

As for partnerships: Rat + Ox = OK. But Rat + Horse = DISASTER! Rooster + Rooster = Epic Failure, but Rooster + Dragon = complimentary...what crap!

Fuck all you subscribers to outdated ethnic-cultural NONSENSE lah. This is outright superstition with no basis in objective reality.

πŸ˜‚ dumb fuckwits!

Anonymous said...

Monkeys in Parliament
Meet-the-Monkey Session

Anonymous said...

Can the monkey creates WWIII?

It will be wonderful if it does. And if indeed WWIII happens, it's time for
Indonesia to take over Australia.
It shall be a golden monkey opportunity
for the Indons. Success is high and the
Indonesians shall own obe of the largest landmass on Earth.

Can the monkey god make WWIII ?

Anonymous said...

"Highly Dangerous" Radioactive Material Stolen In Iraq, "Could Be Used For ISIS Dirty Bomb"

Some Monkeys can't even catch a limping terrorist who just escaped from their high security prison.
But these same Monkeys think they can safely operate a nuclear power plant.

Fucking Monkeys.

Anonymous said...

‘The Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver’ help explain why China has a really unique 1% problem


If we are smart, we better get out of Singapore soon.
before the Monkeys turn Singapore into another province of China.

Anybody want to create a new reality TV Show?
- the ultra rich politicians of Singapore

Anonymous said...

The rocket that sent the North Korean satellite to space are equivalent to long range missiles that can target Japan and the USA, not South Korea. The North Koreans already have enough short and medium range missiles to hit every part of the South.

So what is the big fuss by the South Koreans all about?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1105:

>> we better get out of Singapore soon.
before the Monkeys turn Singapore into another province of China. <<

I think you need remedial help in English comprehension.

The EXACT OPPOSITE is happening: these rich kids are all ESCAPING from provincial China. They have eschewed the Communist Party's attempts to "police citizen's thoughts" and prefer to live in westernised societies because they can be who they want to be, not who they are TOLD to be.

They're smart, they're rich and they speak English (and French and German and Japanese...), they present well and fit perfectly into modern westernised society.

I say invite more in. More clients for me :-)

agongkia said...

Bluff who?Dun be shallow minded lah.Korea will be reunited one day and only monkey minded will hope and think they will fight one another.

Anonymous said...


You better stick to groping mei meis and topics about mei meis. What people are talking is out of your depth.

Anonymous said...

Korea war has not ended technically. Is US military complex needing another long protracted war to boost its arms sales? maybe or maybe not war will happen in Korean peninsula but as far as it is not on US soils then why not? be it in middle east, north east or south east Asia, all of which kena bombed by yankee before, as far as it is not anywhere beyond Guam US military controlled island, why would the Americans citizens care ?

Anonymous said...

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agongkia said...

Who cares whats being discuss by old uncles who know peanut about Korea but talk like they stayed in the peninsula before. Continue with your imagination and entertainment.
What can you contribute?
Korean agassi are the best.
Northern one are betterer,but you no chance to meet.Sweet ,gentle ,secretive and super tight tight, possibly secret agent deployed oversea in other position.
Cannot boast how or whether I grope them else they will be in trouble with Tua Pui Kia.
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Anonymous said...



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agongkia said...

This khongcum Jolavan never go find out how many maid are made pregnant because of him.
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ silly suggestion, anon 634:

>> go hong lim park and fight for the maids' right to fuck their brains out on their off day <<

No thanks. Only deluded losers go to Hong Lim to fight for (so-called) "rights".

If you're not fucking your brains out---at least occasionally---you probably are a boring twat who has too much stress and are unhappy most of the time.

Being a hardcore atheist and thus impervious to stupid religious-based "morality", I consider that having sex is fundamentally the act of having a basic biological need addressed. Yes, it's like eating or shitting or sleeping---all necessary for life to be good and "balanced".

Humans bring all their religious or cultural based BULLSHIT---which lead to psychological HANGUPS into sex...oooh taboo...ooh only bang the opposite sex....ooh if you pay for sex you're a bad person. Fuck all that nonsense lah. If you're horny, find someone else who is horny and agree (consenting ADULTS) to bang each other until satiated...or pay a professional for it.

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As a collective, I consider Korean women (agassi) to be the most gorgeous of all the East Asian cuntrees. I know, plastic surgery is very popular there, but hey...my eyes and my dick don't care!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@220---typically lousy suggestion from a non-business minded Singaporean asshole:

>> Matilar, u should not publish your Daughter video on this site lar <<

What for? So you can par chui cheng for free? If I'm going to publish porn, as a materialistic Singaporean, I make sure I can make money lah. ζœ‰εˆ©ε―ε›Ύηš„η”Ÿζ„

Got business plan?

>> What a disgusting pig u are! <<

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