Why would China want to play ball with the Empire?

John Kerry visited Beijing last week with an edict from the Emperor that China must deal with the North Koreans or else. Behind the smile of the special envoy was a big stick. China must comply with the wishes of the Emperor or faced consequences. China on the other hand put up a brave front and pretended that relations with the Americans were good. Chinese media claimed that China US relations are improving.  Foreign Minister Wang Yi showed a big smile while he shook the hand of John Kerry. Kerry was also granted a meeting with Xi Jinping and the media were invited. The photo session gave an impression that it was a friendly visit, but nothing of that sort.

China has been trying to appease the pressure from the Empire to act as dictated by the Emperor. But China quietly refused to comply. China is not going to make an enemy out of North Korea. The envoy left Beijing still smiling. Over the weekend the Empire acted. It sailed two warships to within the 12 nm territorial limits of a Chinese island in the South China Sea.  This was the gravest provocation to date, an act of aggression that the Americans coded as an exercise on ‘freedom of navigation’. The Americans sailed across the Pacific Ocean to violate the territorial sovereignty of China and expect the Chinese to take it quietly with heads bent.

The Empire has been setting many conditions to tie the hands of China in trade and other peaceful enterprises and forcing China to take hostile actions against its allies. China is not allowed to sell fighter aircraft to Iran and weapons to many of its allies while the Americans are even selling to Taiwan, a renegade island that broke away after a civil war. The empire also signed a defence treaty to intervene in the civil war, to come to the defence of Taiwan.

Why would China want to play ball and be on the losing side of the Empire? Why would China allow the Empire to dictate terms and curb its peaceful activities with countries of the world? Why would China be forced to take responsibility when North Korea acted independently?  North Korea is an independent country unlike South Korea, a semi colony of the USA. China has no right to interfere with the actions of an independent country.

The latest provocation in the South China must be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It is about time China stands up to the bullying of the Empire. China does not need to cooperate with the hostile and aggressive Empire. China should conduct its diplomacy in its own interest and in the way it likes. China should no longer cooperate with the Empire in the interest of the Empire.

It is about time China exerts itself as an independent country and a super power that would look straight in the eyes of the Empire. No more cooperation. The Empire can do as it pleases. China would do as it pleases. China must build up its military forces in the South China to avoid being attacked by the Empire.

The message of the Empire is simple and clear. China must come under the influence of the Empire to obey the dictates of the Empire. Refusal to do so would lead to war.  And it would be China’s fault for provoking a war with the ‘good’ Empire.  China must be prepared for war with the Empire. The Empire is banging at China’s door. China cannot hide behind the door and pretend everything is fine.  China must step out of the house to face the Empire squarely. Not doing so would encourage the Empire to misbehave and act wildly and war becomes a certainty.


Virgo49 said...

Patience Mr RB, patience.

China do not want to whack the Americunts chia lat chia lat at this junction.

The Americunts at your doorstep and taunt you to fight. Your house will be destroyed even you wins the battle.

So now main consideration is to built up first line of defence at the frontier.

The military installations at the Islands where they can fight them before they reached the mainland.

Same time build up their Fleet Carriers and bring the confrontation to their doorsteps.

Tried to secure some bases near the Americunts. Bring your gangs also to their doorsteps.

You hit we also hit. Our people can tahan famines and wars. Your people can stand one day without the burgers???

Also, your Blacks also will take this opportunity to take revenge. Even the yellow bananas join them to bully our blacks.

Know yourself know the enemy.

Veritas said...

Actually more and more people wake up to the fact that USA is the world biggest trouble maker, in ally with is Sunni dog, doing all sorts of anti-humanity shit.

When Jihadist get slaughtered, everyone is happy other USA, Israel and some Sunni dog (not all).

USA has now lost moral compass to lead the world and more and more people know that. The next big guy is China, who is a positive power in the world.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wishful thinking, RB:

>> China exerts itself as an independent country and a super power that would look straight in the eyes of the Empire. No more cooperation. <<

Good luck on that idea. China hold a huge amount of US debt and other assets. US buys a shit-load of manufactured goods from China.

In a world of increasing globalization, there is no such thing as a totally "independent cuntry" any more.

China and the USA will probably never be "friends", and that is a GOOD THING. As long as they are rivals, the world is quite safe. If they become too friendly and decide to "join forces", the rest of us will be ROYALLY FUCKED. Imagine a "joint venture"---politically, socially and economically---of the USA and China.

The USA has the ability to print and withdraw it's "reserve currency" from the world's markets, and China the ability to make stuff really cheaply. The last thing any wage-earning/ fixed income person (the vast majority of people) would want is to be under the thumb of one cuntry determining the people's purchasing power by changing the value of their earnings, and another cuntry keeping workers' earnings suppressed due to "competition".

China and USA as rivals? Be thankful!

Anonymous said...

USA and the West have no moral voice in telling China what to and what not to do with N Korea. They always use double standards in every move and fail to realise that the whole world is watching their folly, misteps and provocative actions. As a superpower with the biggest military might, they think it is alright to trample on everybody, mostly wrongfully, because no one have the means to hit back.

Chinese people are no pushovers and have survived and lived through centuries of stife, civil wars, natural disasters and bullying by the West. The US and the West know this trait and are trying to bring China down by subterfuge, isolation from neighbouring countries and forcing its hand on political issues.

Bigger empires have fallen over the centuries and nothing is perpetual. Napoleon, Hitler, the British Empire were all thought of as unassailable at one time, but they fail eventually.

Anonymous said...

Chinko dog veritas is at it again.

Anonymous said...

This article is biased.

The issue here is prior this issue, there was this NK official "pop" band ejected themselves from Beijing. Those that know the background story will know more.

From all perspectives, it had shown that NK does not want to listen to China despite China supported NK during the korean war and still want China to provide aid to them. This is perceived as a backstab to the overall China foreign relations strategy as demonstrated in the recent China's closer relationship with South Korea over recent years..

Irregardless of any scenario, there is nothing US can do if eg. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan or even Singapore wants US out of the region. The reality is exactly the opposite.
On the Contrary, it is now seem that more and more countries at least on the surface does not want China to grow its influence beyond the 1st island chain and start to rally by having more joint exercise. Arms purchase is this region has been growing.

With the China economy starting to slow down, things are not looking too good for China if it does not innovate fast enough (restructuring of it economic structure) and its 1 child policy start to shows its after effects. Clock has already started clicking.

US is not bothered by these peanut airbases/ports/bases (forward resupply base) built by the China in the South China Seas. Most likely these will be easily destroyed or put out of action within hours once war with US is declared.
US is worried on the nuclear deterrance of China/NK that can be put across to bring the warfront back to USA homefront. There is currently still no 100% guarantee interception of ballistic missiles technologies from any countries.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Chinko dog veritas is at it again.
February 15, 2016 12:27 pm

Tell us what dog are you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45, what crap you toking? Spore and US struggling to make 2% growth, China 6.8% growth, who is in deeper trouble? Whose economy is slowing down? Things looking very good for Spore and the US with near zero growth?

Anonymous said...


It seems that there are many China Experts here who are oso well verse in International Politics and Relations. This intellectual knowledges of International Politics is very desirable, however, must say that China knows how to survive and extend their more than 5000 years of existence than anyone outside it.
With near 1.4 billion within itself and probably another billion spread around the Globe, the Chinese shall be the Last to be extinct.

For Sinland, the About 3 Million Locals preferably should focus and confine themselves to care about tgeir own survivals. Their livelihoods are not oni greatly challenge by the naturally endowed neighbouring nations, their very own individual existence is gravely threaten by their very own rulers out to manipulate and exploit tgem to the max. Many are enslaved and more shall fall victims without recourse. Their fates are like puppets on strings, absolutely in tge Hands of the Rulers. New generations are born straight to live like their parents, who are trapped in the Cage like domesticated birds.

Now that Sinkies know how much cheaper costs of living are outside Sin, they should seek ways to liberate themselves from the Cage. Freedom or at least breathing space, is much more out of Sin and the Spaces outside have lot more fresh air and nature to enjoy.

No Sinkie should aspires to inherit the Shit name Sin as sin is never good for anybody, not even to those who sin to make themselves rich and powerful.

The Day of Reckoning is not too far away. Stay away from Sin as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:38 pm

You are so gullible on the figures reported by China. Cant blame you as most are not there to see for yourself and also this problem is created by Singapore education system where people cannot think out of the box and just swallow all the information without digesting.

To give you a hint, what were the reforms highlighted by this "new" president when he came up. He put up a strong fight against corruption where many are still around, if corruption is rampant, figures cant be correct to begin with. 2 child policy also came into effect, why do they need to do all this, explain?. Also why is there a need to change the economy to a consumption based? In addition why did he want to restructure the military?

So you tell me, if China is growing at the 6.8% official figures, why is there a need to reform. The 2% growth country should be the ones instead making vast changes.

To compare further, Singapore relies on trade to survive so if any of the superpower catches cold, we would for sure catch the cold. For many years, we are heavily involved with trade with China. How come we are facing the same problem like US/Japan/Europe (growing 2% or less) while China is growing at 6.8% instead. Even HK and Taiwan is also having the same problem.

The common sense logic is just not there.

FYI, this year a lot "more" of money will flow out of China unlike 20 yrs ago, money is going in. I thought initially that China govt and reserves are strong enough to play the game, however it seems the 1st round a lot of money was lost.

Veritas said...

In all evidence, China GDP has already surpass USA, and the low GDP of China vs USA is just an historical anomaly that both countries are unwilling to correct.

For China, a correction will mean losing jobs to USA, amidst current painful economic restructuring. This will also slow China down.

While USA certainly want their job back, a readjustment of GDP vs China would mean that USA lost her prestige of the biggest economy in the world, which is unpalatable to USA elites.

The adjustment is quite easy. Just revalue Yuan vs dollar base on BIG MAC Index, and overnight. Today BIG MAC index of USA stand at around 70% more than China. This is almost equivalent of USA GDP vs China.

After revaluation, CHina and USA will be almost on par with China slightly higher.

The age of China has come even without people notice.

b said...

Just put on a show. USA is bankrupt and goldless.

Anonymous said...

Revalue Yuan.

Hello? Everyone in the market wants USD now.

If yuan rises, more jobs would be lost and China products will be more expensive. US and rest of the world ( especially Japan) will clap hands.

The reason why China is able to grow for last 20-30 yrs is because it is cheap whether it is land, labour or MM entertainment. Now things have changed, even the MM entertainment is much more expensive. A lot of money is flowing in then.

If Yuan falls, everybody will sell and dump this and use USD as trade currency. It is like keeping ringgit against SGD. Ask those who brought the iskandar property on how they feel now? not stable and not really know what will happen tomo.

So this is why president Xi is pressing its economy to change shape..... If not successful, the country will go into turmoil....Sigh...which is why he needs to put his own people in charge of his army.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02

So you are not gullible. You believe the figures put up by Singapore and USA are real and China's number are fake?

You need to get a check up at IMH for naivety.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:22pm


Thanks for coming to your senses and i think you are starting to get it. I also dun trust the Singapore figures as the govt do not provide official channels to challenge or even clarify this information.

What i am trying to say is nvr trust these figures without digesting especially when there is such a great difference.

The Singapore figures are already challenged by some people in Singapore especially on the jobs and migrant statistics.

Read more and travel more lah....even IMH alone cannot solve your problem....

Anonymous said...


Sinkies just trust the Government figures or at least 70% do. There is no way of succeeding in challenging the figures, because 70% will only believe in the Government. 50 years of brainwashing, propragating and feeding with pork from barrels plus drinking of nu-water have dulled their braincells and blinded their views. They just depend on the Government to think for them, and if they do not wake up, they will end up in the sewers. Not that there is much of a chance that they will ever wake up going by the looks of the last GE.

Anonymous said...

"Tell us what dog are you?"

Tell us, are you the pedo doc?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Revalue Yuan" @ 416:

>> If yuan rises, more jobs would be lost and China products will be more expensive. <<

Already happening. The CNY is pegged to the USD. USD has been rising relative to most other currencies. That's made the CNY more expensive, and China less competitive.

Last month, the Chinese govt let the CNY fall freely during the "correction"---they didn't defend it. However, it has recovered, and today it is very strong.

...there's also the matter of the possibility of a banking crisis is China. Of course there is alot of "China bashing" going on. My suggestion: find out for yourself. Take a short trip and get drunk with the local guys (and gals), live it, see it...FEEL it.

Alot of "smart money" has left and is leaving China...for e.g. choice Aussie real estate is being bought by the Chinese...it's about the only thing propping up the dismal and shaky Aussie real estate market. Many are breaking the LAW (for foreign ownership) and some are getting caught...like a 21yr old on a student visa buying a AUD 5 million waterfront property.

Anonymous said...

@ atilah

I think there is no need to go and find out for oneself.

I think unless there is new innovation,technology advancement or significant productivity gain method. The path is set and China will be no different from rest of the economic model which relies heavily on labour per manhour basis (just like Sg) to boost the economy. Once this method is no longer the cheapest (as wages are constantly rising), jobs will not be lost but just shifted.

After so much lessons learnt, US/Japan are now more focus on protection of IP. This will be unlike the past 20 years and China need to really put in serious effort to grow their "real" economy.

Whether Yuan rise or fall, the trap is set.

Singapore also tried this manhour cheap labour boost to stimulate the economy. The solution was temporary and in fact brought in more infrastructure problem and inflated the property price and now declared that it has exhausted all the easy way. This Singapore productivity drive campaign seems to be a on and off thing. Singapore (and almost all countries) has seen so much difficulty to push up even 0.1% of productivity, i wonder how China will be able to do it. 人多好办事 may be a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

So you think China's development and transformation over the last 40 years from a bankrupt agrarian society to what it is today is fake, not real? China is the Number Two economic power, maybe Number One, the top trading partners of more than 30 countries, all the new cities in China are all fakes?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37 am

Please go and read again.

What i am saying this is a cycle. What has it got to do with last 40 years or what.
Singapore has its glorious days in manufacturing, then to casino (service) + foreign labour injection and then "no more easy way".

Tang dynasty also have its glorious days and then so what? does it mean it is fake?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1122:

The era of cheap labour is almost over. However China offers alot more "goodies" tha cheap labour to sweeten the pot...especially when it comes to manufacturing.

Healthcare for workers is a significant cost to 1st world employers. China's healthcare costs are a fraction of what it costs to ensure a worker in the developed world. Then there are other things like low-interest govt. secured loans, a more "business friendly" environmental protection regime (cough cough from the pollution),and so on.

It may come as a surprise that a low-cost labour nation like China would embrace ROBOTICS, but smart Chinese entrepreneurs have been doing just that. In fact, China is upcoming when it comes to "fabbing" or "desktop manufacturing---i.e. you design something on your computer, say an small brushless electric motor. All you do---from your desktop and browser--- is go to the manufacturers site and upload your design specs, fill in shipping details and make payment (they take PayPal). The Chinese industrial robots go to work, and in a short time, you have your motors in your possession.

Before the minimum order used to be 50,000...and you had to physically visit China and meet with potential producers, many of them who will give you the run-around. Now, no need for that time wasting shit anymore. You can do small run (say 500), so you won't have to shell out for 50,000 units if you didn't have use for such large inventory. With a workforce of humans, the manufacturer can only take a minimum sum or he will lose money. By using robots, small runs are not a problem. Yes, per unit cost is higher, but not prohibitively so.

>> 人多好办事 may be a thing of the past. <<

Robotics. Both China and India are embracing it like you wouldn't believe. They will catch up with Japan, the EU and the USA, and they will make robotics CHEAPER.

Anonymous said...

@ atilah

What you written is 10:31am is correct.

However even assuming that China is the forefront in Robotics or somekind of advance automation technology manufacturing.

But you forgot 1 major issue. China has 1.4 billion population and now most are 1 child family.

How do you distribute this kind of new wealth when robots replace human? Who is going to pay for any kind of min welfare or healthcare? Through skills retraining or skills credit scheme? At certain point, most will be at retiring age (depending on how you define the cutting line) where less young "productive" worker are supporting.

For Singapore and its size, it seems they still cannot come up with effective solutions to counter this. And you need to sell back the HDB lease to support one's retirement. For China and its size, the problem is mega proportion. One wrong move will make spark riot as there is no social safety net.

Moreover, US and its allies already have important lessons learnt during the era of free trade. What US is now talking is fair trade.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes, intelligent automation (robotics) poses an employment challenge not only for China, but for the ENTIRE human race.

Before human vs human competition relied on skills, training, wage rates and the competitive use of intellect (brain power). Intelligent robots are beginning to perform BETTER than humans. For e.g.: the majority of news copy you read now is written by machines. The US$25k teachable Baxter Robot can replace a low-skilled low-wage worker (USD 30k per annum plus healthcare, works 8 hr day, extra pay for overtime and weekends)

Next year, from around USD17k, you will be able to have a Robot Kitchen in your home. (gone lah, the cheap maid industry). To compete with the "home cookers", restaurants will have several of these on site---fire the expensive chefs and kitchen staff. Newly built homes will probably have robot kitchens built in as part of the package.

The popular idea floating around is the idea of the Universal Basic Income (UBI). As there is really no more "competition"---robots can already out perform humans in many workflow tasks---there is really no more "free labour market".

UBI is popular even with libertarians and the free-market types. Robots are producing the wealth, for who? For HUMANKIND, that's who.

WOW! No need to "work". Free money :-). What you will then see is a few more bums bumming around, and a WHOLE LOT of explosive creativity...all that pent-up energy released by 'free' people who don't have to go to work in jobs they hate...

I like robots :-)

Anonymous said...

As a result of the rocket launch by NK, US is very fast in pressuring the SK for the powerful THAAD / x-wave anti-missile/radar system to be installed. China has reportedly been resisting the installation on the Korean peninsula, viewing it as a security threat to its missile defence.

Anonymous said...

Agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers.[1] China ranks first in worldwide farm output, primarily producing rice, wheat, potatoes, tomato, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, barley, cotton, oilseed and soybeans. Although accounting for only 10 percent of arable land worldwide, it produces food for 20 percent of the world's population. Wikipedia

Virgo 49 said...

Latest news even as Obama talks, China is moving heavy equipment and missiles to the islands.

Next step, in collaboration with North Korea, Russia, Iran, a pact to activate Plan A and Plan B in case the Americans come close again with their B52s.

Here we down their planes, North Korea mobilised their troops. Aimed missiles at Japan. Russia full scaled attack Syria.

The Irainians mobilised their armies for Israel. The Americans with the Brits panicked helter shelter where to start action.

Shits out their pants.

Welcome to New World Order.

Anonymous said...

1) Moving heavy/expensive equipment/missiles to an island (cut off from mainland) is a stupid move when you are fighting with the world's best airforce with stealth technology. Check out on how stealth technology works? All this are just diplomatic showdowns.

2) If US would to fight a war nowadays, unlikely they will send B52 as 1st wave. It is most commonly deem as a diplomatic gesture to send certain message or warning. B52 is vietnam war era product....

3) Russia economy is now really in a weakened state and desperately needs the oil price to go up. Iran on the other hand refuse to cooperate to lower production, how to see eye to eye?

4) Su 24 fencer, the equivalent of the US F111 which was retired, was shot down by Turkey F16. SU 24 replacement was SU 34. This shows that Russia inventory has not been entirely modernised probably due to cash flow problems.

5) So many idiots sung praise of Putin when he decided to move into Syria. Till now, nothing changes significantly. Unless he moves in ground units, nothing will change. Cash is another issue.

6) NK and Iran military were considered one of the better trained and better equipped in the in yester years etc. Because of embargo, both countries cannot import and export. But most importantly they dun have cash or cannot be allowed to upgrade/purchase their equipment. However on the other hand, SK and Israel even have plans now to buy F35. There is a huge gap. SK and Israel with the support of the West will fight and win their own war.

7) SK and US is only worried about the nuclear warheads (facilities) mounted on ballistic missiles and the missiles range. All these need to be taken out during 1st strike.

8) US has 11 carriers + approx 8 helicopter carriers (that can carry STVOL aircraft). Not to mentioned that it has 3 marine expeditionary unit among other normal divisions. This is not adding to the 2 new UK carriers coming up flying the F35B.

Who should be shitting their pants?

Virgo 49 said...

Whether suoerior fighting equipments or whatsoever also depends on the fighting courage and superiority of their trained fighting forces.

Americunts surrender at the sight of ten year old Vietcong girl with marked 4 rifles for NCCC cadets.

Not so sophisticated aurcraft also can sink the mighty aircrafts carriers.

PRC pilots are zombies like the kamikaze japs. Can always nose dived and go to Hell together.

Economy no good best excuse for starting wars.

That's what the Americunts are doing to write off their massive debts.

Do not just based on quantities of so called superior weapons.

Anonymous said...

Now is 2016 and there is no more MS DOS. It is time to update your OS.

FYI, I would not open fire at a ten yr old girl. I am not sure whether now it is a war crime even especially if the girl is armed. Nowadays is different from old days.

I hope the Chinese would not adhere to what you wrote otherwise it is pure suicide for them. Just like the qing soldier with a "勇" word in front and charge at rifles, thinking they are bullet proof with 白莲教 protection.

Carriers nowadays have so many water doors. Do you know how many sophisticated missiles are needed to hit a US carrier with a direct hit in order to sink it. This is not to mentioned it needs to engage the Carrier Battle Group and penetrate it aegis long range missile system, RAM missle network, CIWS and the latest laser defense system.

PRC pilots like kamikaze pilots dived into carriers and go to hell together. Reality is enemy planes are engaged at beyond visual range with AESA radar and the E-2C AWACs. Most likely at this point, the ships radar is still not turn on. Even if it does penetrate this 1st layer, there will be 2nd layer of defense with close in dog fight. The missiles and the laser system will provide 3rd and 4th layer defense.

In future, there will not even be pilots in the planes as it will be piloted by someone in a office doing shift work. Drones has already landed and take off on Ford Class carrier with electro magnetic catapult.

I dun care what excuse whoever is using to wage war. Point is who will the winner cos it will be real ugly for the loser.

Speak with engineering facts and not based on emotions.

virgo49 said...

You talk as though you are a military general.

Kill or be killed. Bullets got no eyes if not a barrel of mark 4.

Ever seen a grown man cowering for mercy staring at the barrel of a pistol.

Whats a six footer hunk bare chest can stop a rusty 10 cts bullet.

Must be belonged to the 70 % daft PAP supporters who weighed too much pros and cons that they will remain as slaves.

Take a look at the military parades of the PRC and the NKoreans.

If the Americunts cannot defeat the rag tag Vietcong in ground combat. They can defeat the PRC and the Nkoreans??

Moderb weapons alone cannot defeat your enemies in wars.

See the Americans in Middle East.
Do they send their ground troops.

They be slaughteted wholesale.

Now they can only sleep in comfy cushion bags eating their chocolates instead of in trenches.

virgo49 said...

Wars can be won by superior weaponery, no need to train what commandos, frogmen, Special forces.
And Rambo adventures in the reels

Also no need National Service.

Anonymous said...


Even bullets in the future will be guided.

Do your math again and analyse the situation. You do not need a general to understand all these. Just dun be emotional and learn more and be updated. Embrace new technology and dun be resistant to changes. Old dogs cant learn new tricks.

In all wars you mentioned, It is not fought in US home ground. So US lost nothing compared to the country being "invaded". If you do check, the casualty rate for both sides are one sided with the Chinese, vietnamese, iraqis, Afgans etc extremely high. China is investing so much now in modernization of military all in the hope of bridging the gap or surpass.

The Americans have already kill Saddam, Osama, Gadaffi, kick Iraq out of Kuwait, destabilized Iraq, Libya, Syria, control the gulf states and Saudi, intimidated Iran, looted oil, gold and probably summerian and Babylonian artifacts. What else do you want them to do by sending ground troops and spend more money? What more do you want them to achieve?

NK and PRC military parades --- oh dear.....they are just parades. Dun be lazy and do proper research... You should see our parades, we also acted like we are no 1.

Mentioning about chocolate. Before you make a fool of yourself, check around on those who have experience with US combat rations. Otherwise it shows that you have not served NS or have served in combat vocations.

Again i believed you do not understand what is 3G, i think 4G is probably coming up.....sigh... thanks for your time.

Virgo 49 said...

You think PRC and North Korea like Iraq.

Bomb bomb till they surrendeed.

Even China at war, many of their provinces would not be affected.

PRC at war defending their homeland unlike the Americunts and their allies just fight as imagery policemen of the world. Wah Rambos already not in fashion after beaten by 10 year old vietcong girl.

How about the Black Hawaks down? Superior armoury and aircrafts.

How many Missiles they can bombed China????

PRC just send you the Big One.

Memories of their past humiliations at the hands of ths barbarians would not hold them back to erase the humiliations.

Anonymous said...

Whether PRC or North Korea will be like Iraq. We will find out eventually.

It is not about bomb bomb but combination of air,sea, land tactics/equipment + F117 stealth, cruise missiles + smart bombs (not just bombs)+ Electronic warfare + Early warning + inflight refueling, GPS (satellite) technology + anti radiation technology (wild weasel) etc that shock the Iraqis.

Hello, who is talking about invading China mainland? We are talking about south china sea islands/reefs + control of sea where there is massive oil/gas/minerals deposits. Defending island reefs is a nightmare. Easy to capture but difficult to defend, you also need to take into account the distances away from mainland and the logistical nightmare to resupply.

There is incentive for US to control this area and contain the "dragon" and no incentive for invading mainland.

You watch too much movie as i say you need to research more. Black hawk down the movie is based on a UN peace keeping mission and US did not deploy much of its heavy weaponary. You find out for yourself on how it started and why they were there. There were no aircraft deployed but MD500 light chopper + UH-60 transport choppers.

But for NK and China, it is a totally different situation here. F22 is now in South korea, i assumed this is at the invitation of SK.

As many missiles and strikes will be needed and as it takes to paralyse the silos, mobile launchers (a bit difficult), radar stations, AA sites, cut off the command structure, ports and airfields and power grid. There may even be star wars to take out each others satellite to render GPS useless.

Otherwise why do US need to redesign the B61 tactical nuclear bomb to be fitted onto F35 and why this "nuclear" bomb needs to drill and penetrate the ground. Not to mention the rod of god weapon (which may be fictional).

PRC sending the big one. I assume that you are talking about nuclear deterrant. FYI, russian analyst mentioned that China would not last out 1 hr if they engage US in nuclear terms. The reason being the ratio is about 1:11. This would meant the total destruction of the chinese race in mainland.

I agree that China was humiliated but whose fault was this. Now with more money, China should really focus on engineering ( i see they are realizing this) and be strong themselves and not rely. Def the way to move forward is not the way like you talking big and making empty assumptions.

Again talk with facts. The day China will be strong will be the day they have roll out their own 100% C919 commercial aircraft with its own home made parts (100% designed and 100% manufactured) including engines and avionics. China also need to brush up its foreign policy, they need to get support from its neighbour including ASEAN, SK and India. Russian cannot be trusted and offended as they are selling advance weaponary to India and Vietnam and also they have past records of invading Ukarine and annexing Crimmea. Only then, US and the west will vomit blood. On the Contrary, now everybody is ganging up against China.
SK now is in negotiations with US for deployment of THAAD missile despite strong objections from China. What is the use of SK president being invited to China to see the so called parade from you, now i see it as a holiday.

virgo49 said...

China do not invite SK presidentnt to their Memorial of WWII Parade.

Only the Russian and some other allies that defied the USA.

China do not need to show the world of the mockery of the USA/SK military exercises.

The PRC Parade of their never ending columns upon columns of fighting men and women plus their hardware is enough to have USA and their allies peep and shits in their pants.

The Americans will be returned in black zipper body bags if they dared try to attack china.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... US is not going to attack China.

It will get the proxy to start the war or raise friction. Then will step in as a policeman /peaceman either at a stage that will benefit them in either way.

They will not shit or peep but smile as it means money making time.

Even if war starts and only US soldiers dies, South China sea closed. US will still win as China export will be zero. They got it all covered....

You still dun get it??

Anonymous said...

SK President did attend the parade and was beside putin.
You can google it easily. She was invited to go together with NK.