Why so much deference to the PAP?

I quote this comment from Low Thia Khiang from the Statestimes Review, ‘“I have seen how the PAP works. And of course the rejection is because we don’t allow political parties to use common areas. You use the PA – the People’s Association, you use grassroots advisers – come on, let’s be honest about that.

…We understand the political reality. We understand that the struggle for functional democracy by a loyal opposition must be fought from within the existing system, under the law legislated by Parliament, even though we disagree with them.”

says Workers’ Party Low Thia Kiang, who lamented about the state of Singapore politics in Parliament today (Jan 29).’

I am not sure if this was the exact words of Low Thia Khiang quoted verbatim. I find the phrase ‘loyal opposition’ so creepy. What is there to be loyal or not loyal to be in the opposition? Opposition parties should only be loyal to Singaporeans, and that includes the PAP.  There is no need to be loyal to a ruling party. What does Low Thia Khiang meant by calling himself ‘loyal opposition’? What if he is not a ‘loyal opposition’? Should the opposition parties by ‘loyal opposition’ ie loyal to the ruling party or loyal to the state?

Is this phrase superfluous, unnecessary, a sign of weakness, meek? An opposition is an opposition and should disagree when it disagrees with the ruling party. The disagreement should be based on the national good, national interest and the people’s interest. It could be just a different way of looking at things and wanting to do things differently, no one knows which is the right way or wrong way except to look at it from the interest of the people as first principle.

So, when oppose just oppose lah. There is no necessity to claim to be ‘loyal opposition’.  What do you think? Tiok boh? No need to be ‘khek kee’ mah, as long as one is not saying or doing anything wrong to the country and citizens.


Anonymous said...

"No need to be ‘khek kee’ mah, as long as one is not saying or doing anything wrong to the country and citizens."

Hahahahahaha. If Teochew Ah Hia is not ‘khek kee’, u think he and his party will be where they are today?

Don't believe, just look at Aung Juan Soon Chee. There are good reasons why he and his party are where they are today, and after so long some more.

Anonymous said...

Origins of the phrase " Loyal Opposition"
The phrase is derived from John Hobhouse's use in 1826 in a debate in the British parliament of the term His Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

It is intended to illustrate that Members of Parliament in a country's legislature may oppose the policies of the incumbent government—typically comprising parliamentarians from the party with the most seats in the elected legislative chamber—while maintaining deference to the higher authority of the state and the larger framework within which democracy operates.

The concept thus permits the dissent necessary for a functioning democracy without fear of being accused of treason.

As Michael Ignatieff, a former leader of the loyal opposition in the Canadian House of Commons, said in a 2012 address at Stanford University:

"The opposition performs an adversarial function critical to democracy itself... Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of the same sovereign, servants of the same law."


JayF said...

In the Westminster system where there is an official Leader of the Opposition that MP is officially addressed as Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. In country's without the Queen as official Head of State the majesty part is removed.

After all a disloyal Opposition is more commonly known nowadays as insurgents or terrorists. Loyal opposition wants to replace the ruling Gov. Disloyal ones wants to remove the State entirely.

The more you know.

Anonymous said...

it is very very simple if you want to join ANY political party.......

the only skill that you must have is.......

wayang..wayang..more wayang.......


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, the Chinese culture has no such concept of a "Loyal Opposition".

The Chinese Emperor is the Son of Heaven.
To oppose the Emperor is to oppose the will of Heaven.
Under Chinese culture, democracy have very little chance to flourish.

The Chinese culture is a slave culture.
Unfortunately, only bananas can see this.

Our Opposition parties will make far more progress if they will consider spending more time educating the public about the functioning of a modern democracy.

Anonymous said...

The more we know, the more we realise how difficult it is to be in the opposition camp in the context of red dot.

The ideals of a democracy can be twisted to suit the ruling party and with their control of all the resources, both financial and administrative, the opposition is always at a terrible disadvantage. If they are to be loyal opposition, they risk being branded ineffective by their supporters. If they are disloyal they could be branded, as Anon 9.35 said, as communalist, terrorist or insurgents out to topple the Government.

Heads the Government wins, tails the opposition loses. Democracy is a fallacy, just like communism. Just look at what is happening with our northern neighbours and you will understand better. At least they have semblance of an effective opposition with a little voice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46, what are you implying, there is an emperor in this country?

Anonymous said...

@ February 04, 2016 9:53 am

In my view, Opposition politicians are probably the most loyal and self-sacrificing Singaporean citizens we have.
- the abuse they suffer from daft Singaporeans is unbelievable.
- who else, except the most loyal and self sacrificing people would work under these sets of circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Meet The World Leader Who Stole His Citizens' Gold


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.53

You are absolutely right!!

That's why Ms Lee Li Lian did the Honorable and wise decision not at accept the NMP position.

KNN, I served Full Time as MP for you. You vote the other side for a Part Time MP.

Why should I served as NMP??

Made me lose my water face is it??

You made your choice, For the better or worse, live with it.

You daft sinkies most ungrateful and chow kars to choose the MP for your selfish reasons and does not think of the bigger picture for them to represent not only your constituency but the whole of Singapore and fellow Singaporeans.

Lan lan at your beck and call as secondary role to your new MP.

Stupid sinkies.

Anonymous said...

You are reading Low's statement out of context. Loyal opposition simply taken from the British Parliamentary system which ours is based on. The opposition is loyal to the Parliament which is supreme and perhaps to the Govt which is derives its power from the electorate, ie you and me.
But of course , ours have metarmorphised into an authoritarian dictatorship doing anything want with their overwhelming majoirty. Like tweaking the electoral system to their advantage and using govt bodies like the PA as if they belong to their political party.
Ultimately, its the electorate's fault and the they deserve the Govt they voted in.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to keep confirming that one is loyal opposition. There is nothing disloyal to oppose the policies of a ruling govt if done objectively and for the good of the people and country.

Anonymous said...

LKY would never thought of quoting...unless your righteousness EXCEED the righteousness of book smart people, you will always be rocked and rolled

Sounds right doesn't mean right.

He was book smart material, how could he see?

Anonymous said...

Loyal is a positive....

Opposing is a negative ...

Loyal + opposition = flat tyre

jjgg said...

Never saw a more subdued opposition bunch than what we have now. Don't even see them pushing back. Really can't fathom why. The duty of a loyal opposition is to oppose!! To provide alternatives n to tell the government where they gone wrong. If they had done their job, look at all the backtracking which the government did, they would have scored immensely...we really need the likes of csj..by the next election,if WP can not appear to be the alternate voice..then it will surely be archived

Anonymous said...

It is a dead system...some takes longer to sink but eventually all who are entrenched will sink with it...history never fails to repeat itself
We still honor the great leaders of the past responsible though..

Anonymous said...

Flip flop, flip flop, flip, flop..........

Anonymous said...

70% more right than the 30%but then ..something is amiss, right? Then you play merry go round and Mary had a little lamb

Anonymous said...

Oppositions are great American comedians
Incumbent great British comedians
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"There is no need to keep confirming that one is loyal opposition. There is nothing disloyal to oppose the policies of a ruling govt if done objectively and for the good of the people and country."
February 04, 2016 11:56 am

70% of the daft Sinkies think or believe that Opposition politicians are not loyal Singaporeans.
They have the mindset of the Chinese culture of Emperor worship.
If they don't blindly support the Emperor, then it's going against the Mandate of Heaven.

Anonymous said...

You know how the 70% voted?

right on the mighty dollar...checked

must be clean...baptized in holy waters...blinding white...no chow lj or chow cb...checked

no idiots....must got decreed....work in tokkong companies..comes from oxfart even better...checked

Lastly...must not have humjinpan face...like lily neo..kind smiley type....checked

Simple right? Can or not like that?

Anonymous said...

must add give free toast box bread crumbs

Anonymous said...

Even with chow lj, chow cb, idiotic, no oxfart and with humjinpan face, still can do if they have coat-tails to hide under to get voted in.

Of course the bread crumbs, chicken bones and feathers also helps. Voters fed on 'sai chwee' are easy to deal with. After years of weaning on shit-water, they just jump into the shit-hole upon smelling shit.

Anonymous said...

Rb, can i ask you

what had happen to this article - "On the question of Malay Indigeneity — Chinese Privilege" - cant load the website anymore.

why the author keep bashing Chinese singaporean for discrimination? "Chinese privilege"

To my surprise, she is an indian .

Indian people are doing very well in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Low Thia Kang is no simple man and he is wise for not contesting more than 50% of the Wards available in the G E 2015.
No Alternative Political Party in Sin will be able to clean up the Shits accumulated over the Last 50 Years. In fact more shits are piling up as day goes. It is wise to play the Role of Checking diplomatically and avoid getting checkmate by the All Powerful Regime for whatever the Power can make out. Sin is a minefield for Alternative Parties Politicians.

It shall be good if all alternative political parties deregister themselves and let the Citizenry deals with the Rulers themselves.
This will make the People more responsible for their own wellbeings.

But if there are those who wish to be alternative party politicians, they better be loyal oppositions and not get into trouble like JBJ, Fancis Seow, Tang Liang Hong etc.

Anonymous said...

Of course...some very particular about coat tails but they still have to meet the humjinpan face criteria etc etc etc lol

Anonymous said...


The moment some credible person shows his intention to enter the political arena, as an opposition candidate, you can be sure they will immediately start to dig for bones in his back garden, skeletons in his cupboard, go through his tax department records with a microscope, interviewed his best friends and colleagues, and even check out his previous work places to see if he had used official stationery or pasted a few dollars of office postage stamps on his personal mails.

These will be extremely useful and tendered in the event he gets elected 'accidentally' into Parliament and they want him out.

Welcome to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:33pm

No matter what dirty little secrets is dug up on an Opposition politician.
It still requires Singaporeans to collaborate with PAP and not vote for them.
Let's face it.
70% of Singaporeans are pro PAP.

Before I start mourning for Benjamin;
I want to see a public declaration from his parents.
Are they PAP voters?

Anonymous said...

They don't say welcome to the dark side for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew's Opposition to Trial by Jury

George P. Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University; Distinguished Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore, 1998-1999

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation, March 5, 1977, which his biographers include in full, the man who has done more than anyone else to create Singapore explains why he rejected Anglo-American system of trial by jury for his country despite the fact he trained as a lawyer at Cambridge. In his first case he was "was assigned to defend four murderers." Fleeing the Japanese, a Dutch woman had entrusted her daughter to a Malay muslim.

She came back after the war, reclaimed the daughter. The Chief Justice, then an Englishman, pending hearing of the case, sent the girl who had been converted into Islam to a convent to be looked after, and hell broke loose. The police force mutinied. Malays and Muslims took out their knives and a lot of white men, just because they were white, nothing to do with the case, were killed. These four men were accused of killing a Royal Air Force officer and his wife and child. They were travelling on a bus from RAF Changi down to town.

Lee Kuan Yew, who had been assigned the case, explains that he did what any advocate does: He "worked on the weaknesses of the jury -- their biases, their prejudices, their reluctance really to find four Mussulmen [Muslims] guilty of killing in cold blood or in a heat of great passion, religious passion, an RAF officer, his wife and child." And he employed "the simple tricks of advocacy -- contradictions between one witness and another, contradiction between a witness and his previous statement to the police and the preliminary enquiry."

When the jury acquitted the murderers, Lee Kuan Kew reports, "The judge was thoroughly disgusted. I went home feeling quite sick because I knew I'd discharged my duty as required of me, but I knew I had done wrong." He thereupon concluded that no government in which he had a say would employ this foreign, "foolish, completely incongruous system." Pointing out that the French and other Latin nations do not use trial by jury, Lee Kuan Kew argues that it is too "alien" to the basic social attitudes of many other cultures, including those of Asia.$$$

If he can have his way, no electorates. Since he can't have his way, he worked on their weaknesses. Many still don't get it. He was a very persuasive lawyer. Best of the scribes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lee was in the Tunku’s office, admiring a beautiful leather-bound green-covered volume – the Pakistani Constitution – presented to the Tunku by Ayub Khan who was at one time President of Pakistan. Mr Lee admired the book and the Tunku told Mr Lee: “You know, Kuan Yew, they make very good constitutions. They have many brilliant lawyers. With every leader, they have to make a new one.”

Anonymous said...

People that YOU look up to

Anonymous said...

Jokers are building on your...weaknesses or stupidity? :)

Anonymous said...

They are "right"...righteous in fact...so nobody suspect anything...ordinarily, most don't have the capacity to suspect anything so...the verdict at the poll is obvious

Anonymous said...

Popcorn pls....lol

Anonymous said...

Normally Peple suffer if not destined emperor...

Leaders will fall sick if not suit to the seat...

denk said...

when the p8a came to sg, one mp [forget who] said *dont get too exicted, this is no big deal*

nw the sob practically own our sky, suka suka cruising overhead 24x7 like nobody business.
never imagine that in my life time to see sg turn into okinawa2.

currently okinawa have to suffer much worse , those screaming jet fighters taking off and landing 24x7, 3/4 of school schools molested , raped by the murcunts.
sg is catching up fast, with these murcunt planes rumbling overhead 24x7, locals beaten up by wtf, girls molested, raped by wailao.

u aint seen nuthin yet, the murcunts are gonna raise hell in scs soon.